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Kristin Edstrom

2 years ago

We love Dr. Sperry and the whole staff at Arapaho Road Animal Clinic. They are caring and patient with our dogs (one of our dogs is particularly difficult) and we trust the care they receive. Highly recommend!

Leonard Harris

2 years ago

Picked meds that I had called in to be picked up. The vet here is very knowledgeable and is very caring.

Elizabeth Virgil

2 years ago

Went here for the first time after my little guy got neutered at a different vet because I was concerned about his scab. From the moment I walked in, the staff was absolutely wonderful and so caring. They took care of the scab and told me that he would heal on his own and sure enough, he did 2 days later. I am so happy to be a new client here!

Aaron Good

2 years ago

Different ownership and you can tell. It has lost that family feeling and the prices have gone way up. Bad health practices. Any recommendations on another great vet in the Richardson area?

John Brand

2 years ago

They used to be a good clinic and now since the new owners took over they have become the worst clinic in the world. Any clinic owned by People, Pets, and Vets should be avoided at all costs. Look at all the reviews from long term customers. Everyone is leaving them as fast as they can get another clinic. They will go out of business, mark my words.


2 years ago

I have taken all my dogs here since 1997 (23 years). Their staff has become like extended family. Linda and Jean have been there since I first went there. It was a sad time when Dr. Perkins retired a few years back. I trusted his opinions and he never did any of my dogs wrong. The best part of the clinic was how low their prices were. Really amazing vet care for much less than other vets. Unfortunately, those days are gone. While I didn't want Dr Perkins to retire, I was happy to know that Dr. Sperry was taking over. I trust him with my dogs as much as I did with Perkins. Last week (June '21) I tried to take my dog in and was surprised to find they now require appointments and walk-in's are not an option as they have been for years. The frustration was clear in Linda's voice when I called. She is such an outstanding person and she has helped me a lot over the years when I faced having to put some of my dogs down. It takes a lot to rattle her and it was clear that she was not comfortable with the changes. I found out that Dr. Sperry sold the clinic more than a year ago. I don't know any details about why he sold the clinic but, the new ownership group has taken away the "family" feel that I have gotten very used to. When I arrived for the appointment, the sign on the door said to call them and someone will come out to your car and take the animal inside... Without me. That's crazy that the pet owners aren't allowed to go in to talk to the vet. The vet called with his treatment options and it felt impersonal as I have never even met that doctor. The big surprise came when the bill was discussed. For a minor skin infection that used to cost around $125 at most... Now cost a total of $193! That covered ointment an antibiotic and they shaved around the infection and cleaned it. That shave/clean area showed $53 on the invoice. So I will not likely be going back to that vet clinic. I will miss Linda and Jean as they have been great over the years looking after my dogs and any clinic would be lucky to have them on their staff. Outstanding people. Should the new owners see this review... It's easy to come in to an established vet practice and make adjustments to be more profitable but, what you have done is strip away the decades of heart and care that the previous owner took so many years to establish which resulted in very loyal, trusting clients... And left me with a bitter taste when I realize that the personal touch is now gone. I doubt one client leaving for another vet will make any difference to your bottom line but, I suspect there are a lot more pet owners that have been clients for years, who feel the same way. Update: (Nov. 6, 2021) I see the owner has responded to other reviews since I posted mine but they have not left a response. That's disappointing. Dr. Yvonne Hanks was at Arapaho Rd Animal Clinic years back and I liked her a lot. She is now in Plano so, I'll take my dog to her next. To the new owners at Arapaho: You don't take poor reviews seriously. Us longtime customers take you very seriously and we are leaving for other vets. Jim Watkins Garland, TX.

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2 years ago

Very friendly and attentive staff. Not pushy or too busy to provide best care. Also, by far the best prices in North Dallas. They have been in business for 50 plus years for a reason. Addendum 9/14/21- This is not the same practice anymore. The staff has changed. Dr. Sperry sold the business management side of the clinic to corporate management. Sperry remains an attending physician, and he is simply a wonderful person and even better DVM. The new management model has ruined the personal touch that set this place apart. Sure they have a nicer website, but it was the low prices, the honesty, the personal touch that made this place special. Word of mouth was all they needed. Regrettably, they are not the clinic they have been for 15 years I have known them. Lawrence answered the phone today and was a real piece of work. Within 30 seconds it became clear, the best little vet office in town was gone. My previous 5 star review was for the clinic that this place used to be. It is not the same clinic anymore. They are now essentially the same model as every other corporate model of city vet or any other VCA. It's a darn shame.

Darren Honeycutt

2 years ago

They messed up when neutering my cat. They let him lick the wound and open it up before I even picked him up. They didn't even notice the wound was open until I arrived, then the vet comes out with hands covered in blood saying he will need to stay the night. It took him weeks to recover, but he is doing better now. Was also quoted $180 over the phone. Total cost ended being $350. They also wanted to do an additional $300 test, but when I asked questions they determined it would probably end up doing more harm than good. There was another customer picking up their dog while I was there and she was also complaining about the level of service. The people that work there are nice and helpful, but a bad veterinarian and billing issues still deserve 1 star. I will not trust this place with my pets ever again.

Joselyn Harter

2 years ago

Best vet ever!! Treats both our Danes and they even love the staff!!????????❤❤????????

Luz Lopez

2 years ago

Always gentile people working with our little ones. ????????????


2 years ago

Love this clinic! Been coming here for 11+years. Very nice and professional. Well that was my review a year ago, now though things have changed and not for the better. I've been bringing my pets here for 12yrs now and about 3-4 weeks ago I came in on a Friday to have an infected sore spot on my dogs face checked out. When I arrived I was told they do appointments only now, this is a first in the years I've been coming and I never received a notice from them saying they had changed their policy which I think is wrong. So I was told I needed an appointment and I told the front desk lady (not Linda, someone else, can't remember her name) that it was a semi emergency and needed to be checked, she replied with "well we can refer you to an emergency clinic" (which we all know would have have been way more expensive. ) I declined saying it wasn't life or death but needed attention! I was told I could make an appointment, I said ok, what do you have tomorrow? She replied, "oh it'll be at least a week and a half before I can get her in"!!!! Are you kidding me??? Clearly this is beyond ridiculous and unprofessional. (I'd like to add that the clinic was utterly quiet and seemed as if no other patients were there at that moment, and still I was turned away.) To say I was shocked at the treatment and service I was receiving is an understatement. No matter how long I've been coming there no pet or owner should be turned away when the animal clearly needs medical attention. Dr Sperry, Linda, and other staff that have been there since 2009 were always amazing, I'm crushed that I felt it necessary to seek a new vet.

tommy stoddard

2 years ago

These people are the very best.

Becki Andrews

2 years ago

Best Vets in this area!!! Everything is 10 Stars plus!! The Vets know what they are doing.

Jevon Atkinson

2 years ago

Update: Jim Watkins June 2021 review they charged him $53 for a shave, now they are charging $54. Along with $4.95 Bio Hazardous Waste as seen in red. Helen & Jim thank you for your post, we should have listen to you then. Now we know, and we shared your post on next door, and will most likely be part of a mass exodus, unless things change. Arapaho Road Animal Clinic, thank you for the great service you provided in the past.

Helen Jaeckle

2 years ago

We gave this vet chance after chance because they came so highly recommended. Every visit we had went poorly with us leaving frustrated with the care our pets received. The final straw was when we brought our puppy in profusely bleeding after an injury and they said they can’t do anything because they’re about to close. I asked what I should do because I’m not a vet and needed advice on how to best care for her injury, all the vet said was “well if it were my dog I would just take him home but I know I can come up here in the middle of the night and treat it myself if I need to”. What kind of advice is that from a professional to a patient??? In the end they brought her out still profusely bleeding, didn’t even touch her along with a $50 bill. NOW our new vet we are switching to has been trying to call them to get our records transferred over and they won’t even bother to answer the phone to speak with them. UNPROFESSIONAL. Please take your pets to someone who cares, it is not this place.

Ron Bemis

2 years ago

They need to update their Facebook page to reflect the fact that they no longer take walk-ins. Appointments are needed, it's curbside drop-off and pick-up only. Yes, at a veterinarian.

Jocelyn Ellis

2 years ago

I had to put my cat down a couple of days ago and everyone was so kind and sweet. I will always appreciate that.

kim vieyra

2 years ago

Great place! Very friendly! Great with our babies!

Kris S

2 years ago

Reasonable prices, super convenient, caring, solid people

Marcus Wray

3 years ago

They herd you through like cattle. I do not like the fact that you have to wait in the car while they take your animal in to give the shots. I'd like to see where my 300 dollars is going.


3 years ago

Always very helpful, even during pandemic.


3 years ago

They are very fast, kind, and affordable!

Titia Green

3 years ago

The staff is great ????

Suzanne Jensen

3 years ago

They are practicing social distancing now so they are not letting anyone into the clinic. You have to call first then stay in your car and they will come out to you whether you are dropping off your pet, picking up your pet or even picking up medication. They have very reasonable prices for there services and I'm very happy with their treatment of my fur babies.

Richard Sconyers

3 years ago

Been going there for years always a great experience my dog Boss loves it there

Nic Riley

3 years ago

I started taking my two babies (cats) here when I first moved to the area and now even though I don't live super close anymore I still make my kitties do the 15 minute car ride to and from just to continue seeing this vet. The staff there are always super kind and professional and obvious animal lovers. They treat every animal as the special angel that it is and I always feel perfectly comfortable leaving my cats with them if necessary. They also are always happy to answer any and all questions you have and never make you feel like you're wasting their time or asking something "dumb." Not to mention you don't have to have an appointment to go which is ideal if you have a busy schedule or something randomly comes up with your animal. They're also not expensive (I'd say average pricing), and do not even charge for every little thing. For example, I took one of my cats to a different vet for an emergency (it was after hours for Arapaho Road Clinic) and a couple days later I took her here because I was worried it wasn't healing and was getting infected. The vet assured me it was part of the healing process and that she was fine and then they charged me nothing to even look at her, which was an act of kindness I won't soon forget. And for all these reasons and many more, as long as I'm within a reasonable distance from here, this is the only place I will trust for my babies care.

Lori Wiese

3 years ago

Though reception said to bring in my dog for nail trims by calling from the parking lot, she said they are not doing nail trims when I arrived. My friend’s cat was just trimmed two days ago. Receptionist was extremely rude. I will never depend on their services or recommend them. It is a pity about the rudeness and unreliability of the receptionist as the doctor is so sweet.

Itzy B

3 years ago

Friendly staff and have been helpful during the pandemic, come to the car and doc explains over the phone. Have taken my 5 yr old cat and new kitten here.

Jason Jennings

3 years ago

This place is fantastic! All of the staff are very helpful and caring toward me and my pets. Highle recommend these guys!

Jerry Hogan

3 years ago

Dr. Perkins has been our family veterinarian for many, many years. He has taken great care of many dogs and cats, and has held many of them (and our hands) as they were gently escorted to the end of their lives. We LOVE Dr. Perkins !!!

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