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2 years ago

Staff very friendly and genuinely cared about our puppy well-being ????.

Michele Tripp

2 years ago

If you value your time, money and want good quality service do not come to this vet office. We have spent well over $1,000 here in the last few months (two dogs and two cats) for yearly check ups. You would think for the amount of money spent here they would care to return calls you make asking for a call back but they never will. We had an appointment for my dog to get a shot, never got a call that they did not have it. My husband took off work wasted two hours for nothing. They even had the nerve to charge him for the shot then act like they did not know how to void the transaction. I have never spent so much money at a vet and get the worst service. After a few months of this complete disregard for anyone's time or money I am done with this location. I warn anyone that values their money spent and time to avoid this location at all costs. I have had pets for decades and many vet locations due to moves. Believe me I know a high priced, low quality, zero customer service when I see it and this is it. The ONLY good quality at this location is the vets themselves, if you get the right one. Response to 12/23 You can provide any excuses you would like to for not contacting us regarding the medicine being out of stock but that does not fix the issue. Paying $53 per pet every visit is expensive. Paying over $1000 for just two dogs yearly check up, shots with heart worm prevention is ridiculous. When my cat was seen for rear leg injury, I was charged $78 for the vet fee and $20 for THREE ASPRIN that did NOTHING FOR MY CAT. I can buy over 100 joint supplements online for the same price! When I called back a week later I was told the vet was out. I left my information and waited until he was back the following Monday. I waited until 2pm Monday for a call to be placed to me and it never was so I called you again instead. I was told that was the only thing they could do but the vet offered to take X-Rays and charge me the stupid vet fee AGAIN. X-Rays DO NOT SHOW SOFT TISSUE Injuries. So trying to scam me into wasting more money is not acceptable. When I refused to have X-Rays and told the vet the same thing he told me I would have to go a specialist there was nothing else he could do. I called Yesterday and asked for a manager to call me regarding the scheduling/no notice issue. I received no call, I called back TODAY asking for the same, no response. So you can sit there and claim all the silly excuses you would like but my review is valid. Thanks for the records and wasting my time and money. I hope others see your pitiful excuses that just verifies my decision. If you had ANY Care at all to keep customers you would return calls the first time and not charge ridiculous amounts of money.

Blake Moore

2 years ago

We came from another vet after moving and I looked in our neighborhood group and saw a lot of people saying good things about this location. We just got back from our very first visit and can guarantee they will be our new vet. They were amazing with our dog and the cost was very reasonable and much less than our last vet.

Brent Wilks

2 years ago

Dr. Whitworth is amazing! Great care, staff, experience every time...

Julie Heinze

2 years ago

We love Total Care Animal Hospital! It always feels like going to a trusted friend when we take our pets in! They are fabulous about getting us in same day when one of the pets has an issue!!


2 years ago

The staff here is great. Or animals are always taken care of very well. They care about the animals.

Kenny B

2 years ago

Amazing Vet. We have been seeing Dr J for several years, before he moved into this no building. We recently saw Dr Kline, 2 times in the same month (Different animals) and he is also just awesome. Tough to find one amazing Vet, much less 2.... In the same office.

Michelle Humann

2 years ago

Very convenient spot for us and really quick. Great at making last minute appointments too. A little pricey though compared to others in the area. Very good with my pups though.

Patrick Metallo

2 years ago

Great people and great service

Dan Judge

2 years ago

Completely rude on the phone. Almost as if I were bothering them.

Brad Kinsman

2 years ago

These people truly care and Dr. Whitworth is always great about explaining his thought process and what to expect. If you have bulldogs, you won't find better in this area.

Tony Virili

2 years ago

We recently took our cat to this office and we were very pleased with the entire experience. They came highly recommended by others in our community, so we went with high expectations and weren't disappointed. Our cat was showing signs that he was suddenly not well. Called in the morning, had an appointment in the afternoon. Dr. Stephen Kline was fantastic. Very thorough and gave excellent explanations. I highly recommend Total Care Animal Hospital.

David Hawkins

2 years ago

The most caring and compassionate people during a very stressful time in our lives. Had to say goodbye to an 18 year old friend. The treatment we received yesterday was way above what I expected during this process! Can’t say Thank You enough for how comfortable the doctor and staff made my pet and family members were while saying goodbye to Pepper (our cat).

Elaine MacIntire

2 years ago

Left my two small dogs for 4 day stay for $45.00 each/day -- OK One dog was due a Bordetella Oral Vaccine and needed it to board. Both dogs were also given Leptospirosis Vaccination shots after I left. The cost of the vaccine meds were 60.30. I was also billed $84.00 --( $42.00 per dog) for two OFFICE VISITS ? Really! No one mentioned this pricing arrangement as I left my dogs. FINAL BILL for a 4 day total for boarding a bonded pair of dogs in same kennel with one oral treatment and two shots, $504.30 !!! Nice people - - over the top billing!

Red Baron

2 years ago

Known the Dr.Whitworth for many years. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Great parking, great staff, NO pushing for unnecessary testing or treatments and super reasonable pricing.

Melody Dennis

2 years ago

They are great. Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable

Kevin Barnett

2 years ago

I've been here a few times for my cats and dogs. Is almost always get the pitch that they can run tests to better help my pet. Even when my 15 yr old cat was obviously dying and I already held out too long. I don't think this place is unique in that push to get you to spend... But they are part of the problem. Count me in the group who is looking for an place I can take my animals to for reasonable care, not blood work and surgery so they can live another 6 months.

Gil Engelhardt

2 years ago

The entire staff here is friendly and considerate. The Docs are super knowledgeable and helpful.

Tim O'Connor

2 years ago

First time there, great staff and facility!

Kristi Smith

2 years ago

The doctor here is just incredible! So is her staff. Everyone has loved my Louie (recently passed away) and taken such wonderful care of him. Now we have a puppy and brought him in for his first checkup and everyone was AMAZING.

Teresa Edstrom

3 years ago

They were very thorough and caring with our dog.

Brian Howard

3 years ago

These guys are the best, both my Australian shepherds are ok with coming here. The staff is friendly, caring and professional.


3 years ago

They gave misinformation about lab results that I was insistent on them performing in the first place to later have them admit there was a irregular result. They push unnecessary drugs. they really don’t care about you or your pet. On to the next customer after 30 seconds of a “consultation” DONT COME HERE! They aren’t worthy of even 1 star.

Dave Young

3 years ago

If you want to wait forever, burn money and get few answers. Look no further. I get that they are busy but so are we. Waiting in the tiny room seemed to take forever. After spending 400 dollars they said to go to a specialist. I had some questions for the vet since the prognosis was inconclusive so they told us to wait longer. After another 45 minutes I finally walked out to the receptionist where we were told the vet had an emergency. We could wait or get a call back. Would have been nice to know that earlier! Also never got a call back. So 2+ hours and $400 and we still don’t have any answers. We did a follow up call just to price check since we don’t have the extra change to drop hundreds of dollars a visit and we were told they can’t give pricing over the phone. Done. Time to go to another vet.

Sarah Jean

3 years ago

Please choose another vet! We have been going to them for years and the service has really gone down hill. We had a dental surgery on our dog and they told us not to remove growth between our dog's teeth because it wasn't necessary it ended shifting all the teeth out of place and they are all crooked and he had to have several pulled. We had them remove a growth on his leg, and they removed the wrong thing, the vet berated me and then said he would charge me $100 to remove it, we just decided to leave the growth. The growth he did remove has since grown back. If you want a quality vet look elsewhere.

Crystal Fishel

3 years ago

The lady that answered the phone was rude and “huffed”her breath like she was annoyed One if these days , the bad customer services is going to catch up

Wendy Steiner

3 years ago

If you own a Bulldog then this is the place to take them! Dr. Whitworth and his staff are the BEST!

Jared Wright

3 years ago

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our dog is always excited to come for appointments here. Pricing is also reasonable for quality care.

Christina Navarro

3 years ago

Our boxer has been having trouble with her eye for 2 weeks. We needed someone to see her right away in case there was something serious going on. Every vet we called was booked, but Total Care took the time to work her in. The vet cleaned her eye, prescribed stronger drops and pain meds for comfort, and explained exactly what he was seeing. Very thorough!

Tonya McLouth

3 years ago

I’ve entrusted my pets to Dr. Whitworth and Dr. Klein for seven years now and have been very satisfied with the service and level of care our pets have received. When my Bullmastiff got sick and had to he euthanized, Dr. Whitworth and his staff were so caring and supportive—they allowed me to stay with her for as long as I wanted before getting her ready to be cremated. When my Australian shepherd was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, Dr. Whitworth was careful to explain all of my options for her and made several appointments with cancer specialists in advance for me. You won’t get a higher level of care from any other vet clinic in the area.

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