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Ashton Goldman

2 years ago

I just recently moved to Plano and ended up having an emergency with my dog and just found the nearest vet near me. I am SO GLAD it was Park Mall Animal Clinic. The staff is absolutely fantastic and super helpful. This is the 4th vet's office I have been to and I plan on continuing to bring my dog here!


2 years ago

So far they've been great! Both of our cats go here!

Steve Litherland

2 years ago

very friendly to all and knowledgable!

Eric Newson

2 years ago

Very professional staff. Caring and sympathetic as well.

Melisa Darby Yoga

2 years ago

Excellent staff, thorough examination. I took my rescue cat in for fever. The doctor prescribed the perfect medications and now she is eating like a horse and bouncing around playfully, fever free! Very happy with Park Mall Animal Clinic!!

Jay Lee

2 years ago

We take our dog here. Dr. Kwon is very attentive and friendly. Staff explains everything in detail as well. Each time i came, i was very satisfied and didnt have any concern bout tests or services performed on my dog

Skyler Knight

2 years ago

Great clinic. The staff always pay special attention to your needs. They are very patient to explain everything and they are upfront about the cost. It’s also clean and well maintained. I highly recommend this place.


2 years ago

Park Mall Clinic is nothing special or fancy but they charge high prices. I was curious and found another Vet for glucose curve testing and paid much less. $94 at new place vs $202.75 at park mall, I know now what a ripoff this place is.

Carmen Mendez

2 years ago

Great attention to my pet's needs ! I was given full detail on every step of my dog's care and treatment. They make sure everything is itemized and made to your knowledge what it is you are paying for. I felt like my dog was getting the attention he deserves. I would highly recomend.

Ana Santana

2 years ago

I brought my baby here Tuesday to get a second opinion I had taken her to a 24hour ER on Monday. And they pretty much told me she wasn’t going to make it she was positive for parvo. Park Mall animal clinic they let me take her home and do the at home service. She woke up Wednesday feeling happy, she was starting to eat walk around. And that was just after one night of treatment! I highly recommend for everyone to bring their babies here.

Amy Park

2 years ago

Dr.Kwon kindly explained what to expect for my dog's soft tissue surgery and I received an itemized estimate before making a decision.

joel salazar

2 years ago

Excellent service the vet was very helpful looking at my dog and letting me know everything I needed to know without breaking the bank like other veterinary clinics top notch place!


2 years ago

My female dog's bladder developed many stones and there are two as big as a pingpong ball. She suffered from bleeding all the time. Dr Kwan has done a successful surgery for my dog. Thank the doctor for relieving her pain.

Ashley Wiltshire

2 years ago

Our puppy Ollie has been very nervous of people and did not have a great first experience at a different vet. Park Mall have been great with Ollie, taking it slow and being considerate of his nerves. During the latter part of covid we were allowed in and I like that they offer discount vaccines on certain days of the week. I feel that Park Mall don't 'add' things on unnecessarily, personalized care rather than the big chains. Thank you Park Mall!

Freddie Scruedher

2 years ago

The people here are really friendly. Excellent customer service and very gentle with your animals. So far we’re glad that we chose here.

Hoshke Gaa

2 years ago

They deny the service to walk in customers, they just attend appointment services, when supposed for ethics and professionalism as veterinarian they should give service to all customers!

Echo Kubankin

2 years ago

I wish I could give 10 stars!! This Animal Clinic is the best one I have ever been to. My husband and I brought Kenai, our 2 year old Collie mix (54 lbs) here to get a 2nd opinion on an FHO surgery, as his femoral head was grinding against his hip and causing him a lot of pain and limited movement! Dr. Kwong was so incredibly honest and knowledgeable on what would be best for my baby. He was much more better in price for the surgery, so we went ahead and booked it! The day of the surgery, Dr.Kwong made sure I knew all the risks, pros, cons, and reminded me the goal for the surgery- to remove the pain, but the mobility would most likely not be restored. I understood everything he said, as he explained it all very well. We moved forward with the surgery, and the procedure itself was a success! He did an outstanding job with cutting the bone, and making sure Kenai was the most comfortable! There were also NO hidden fees!!! Dr.Kwong's price included everything! I paid once for everything and that was all I had to do! The first couple days after the surgery were rough, but with any surgery that is to be expected, and you never know how your baby might react. Dr.Kwong cares so much, he called almost every other day that first week to see how Kenai was doing, and even now with it being almost 5 weeks later, he still calls as often as he can. If you are reading this, and you are worried about surgery for your baby, I hope this review brings you confidence and trust in Dr.Kwong. Every dog is different, every surgery is different, and I came to Dr.Kwong feeling very scared and on a very tight budget. He really helped me and my husband feel so much better about all of it. I am blessed to have made the right choice by going with him on this journey towards the best life for Kenai. I am also very happy to say that Kenai is doing extremely well, and although mobility was not the goal, he has showed signs of him walking normally! He has yet to use his leg fully, but with a lot more time, rehabilitation, and Dr.Kwongs guidance, I truly believe that he will surpass all our predictions! I would also like to say that all of their vet techs are outstanding, caring, and very kind. They treated my Kenai with so much love and care as if he were their own. Even Kaitlyn at the front desk is amazing! She was so helpful to me and my husband through all of this. Thank you Park Mall Animal Clinic for your hard work and love! The only thing I could ever ask is to keep spreading the love <3 Blessings, Kenai, Gage & Echo Kubankin

Eun Jung Shin

2 years ago

By far the most caring and responsible staff/vet. The atmosphere makes us feel like family and I know I can put my full trust in everyone there. The staff’s teamwork is incredible. I can confidently recommend this vet to anyone. Thank you to all the staff and vet for loving our Aru and for getting him healthy again.

Eunyoung Shin

2 years ago

My dog ​​is 16 years old. I have been living in the US for 8 years. My dog ​​is old, so I went to the hospital a lot, but I haven't seen a teacher who calls after work to check the dog's condition. Thanks to the teacher, my dog ​​is so grateful that it can heal quickly. I felt that the teacher really loves animals. Thank you.

Josh T

2 years ago

I highly recommend Park Mall Animal Clinic! Dr. Kwon and his staff are amazing and extremely professional. He answered all my questions and my pup is already feeling better.

Toni Wright

2 years ago

We love the staff at PMAC! Dr. Kwon is so kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and great with animals and their humans. He was empathetic when it was time to say goodbye to our old Boxer and has been excellent with our old mutt and our new boxer puppy as well.

Jihyun Lee

3 years ago

Very kind and reasonable cost

Golf life Luke's

3 years ago

I am happy to leave a review. I have a five month old cavapoo. I met a really good doctor and staff. My puppy is a lot of pain I went to the hospital because they are too kindly for us.In particular, the kindly explain everything and they are really trying to help us.The really good doctors and staff recommend looking.

N. Kelly

3 years ago

They are very good place .

Bonnie Moore

3 years ago

Took care of our babies

Faith Draper

3 years ago

My family took our new Doberman puppy here to get his ears cropped! We know it’s not a popular surgery and this clinic was very detailed on all the risk and the steps to follow for a painless recovery. After the surgery I thought my dog would be sacred to come back for the weekly check ups to get his ears wrapped but no my chase loved coming back to see his friends. When I pulled up in the parking lot he whined and got all excited to go in. The staff treated him like family and he loved to see them! I felt so welcomed here and they answered and helped me through the whole process. I’m so happy with the results Dr. kwon did and my baby never showed signs of pain or unhappiness through the whole process! Thank you so much park mall!

devon 26

3 years ago

Went here my first time and it's a really quick easy place. Everyone is nice. Stephanie clipped my dogs nails that were way overdo and I don't think it was easy so thank you guys so much.

Daisy Kei

3 years ago

Will never go back. I came with my daughter and Dr. Kwon was so unprofessional. In a rush, didn’t completely exam her dog and didn’t consult with us very long. We had a few questions that we didn’t get to ask because Dr. Kwon was in and out so fast. The nurses and receptionist were so sweet but it didn’t make up for the poor quality of care we received from Dr. Kwon. I’m thankful my daughter’s dog only needed vaccines and wasn’t sick because I would not trust him with a sick pet.

Barbara Moffitt

3 years ago

Love the Team at Park Mall Animal Clinic! So caring and sweet with our new rescue and all the other animals they interact with. Glad we found this place!

Albert Ohler

3 years ago

The staff was amazing! Was referred by a friend and so glad I was!! Dr. Kwon was very helpful and explained things very well! The staff was calming and my usually wary of new people dog was completely at ease!

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