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Todd Kilgore

2 years ago

Very thorough review process. This organization is clearly well run and focused on the wellbeing of the dogs in their care

Karen Andre

2 years ago

They care , but it they made it less expensive , these needy dogs , especially the older and "older" young could be adopted . They need to be competitive to community pounds ... This would encourage those who wish to surrender to know they might better and more frequently he adopted out ... It seems many rescues operate for profit or to make others support their mission with higher prices than what is right . Many don't want an older dog with issues but some would give them a good home . I'd suggest they make is appealing with a lower , competitive and more considerate price But glad someone is helping this over bred and over sold wonderful breed . They mature slowly and many one to two year olds find them selves in need of a home ! And many don't want to care for a loving dog who is older ... Kudos to them for helping .. just suggestions to find them individual loving homes .

Scott Williams

3 years ago

I will be brutally honest. Some parts of registering, being accepted were almost enough for us to withdraw. As another review states if you dont have your heartworm ducks in a row, you are treated quite poorly and yes just short of being called a liar and I would agree 100%. On to the positive. Our match was with Shanna and I have to say the foster mom took the time to truly match us up. She was immediately adopted into the pack by our other rescues. The follow up, concern and love all the volunteers share around the labs they provide homes to is very heartwarming.

Kaylen Blankenship

3 years ago

We just adopted our sweet Ringo from DFWLRR. Highly recommend them

Angi Morgan

3 years ago

I love this organization and its dedication to rescuing dogs.


3 years ago

Doesn't allow anyone outside of DFW to help rescue, adopt, or foster. You would think with Covid they would have transitioned to virtual home tours to secure homes for these dogs. Also, if someone wanted to adopt and are out of the area or were denied for any reason-you should refund their money. This was a horrible experience, and all I wanted to do was help adopt a Lab from you guys. I'd suggest petfinder.com, which is what they told me to do since I don't live in DFW and would not do a virtual home tour with me since I live in Austin area. Thanks anyway. Cheers

Robert Teagarden

3 years ago

Love our furbaby, Fletch. Got him from DFW LAB RESCUE, 3 yrs ago.

Molly McGinnis

3 years ago

Great rescue ran by amazing volunteers for the best pups!

Lauren Mervine Stephenson

3 years ago

Terrible people. Keep your receipts of purchasing heart worm prevention or you are not an adequate provider of care for your animal. If your family member has given you an old prescription or if you’ve accumulated a stash by accidentally buying too early the. You are out of luck and they will call you a liar and imply you are a bad dog owner. I misunderstood the first email I got and listed all of my veterinarian’s my animal had ever had and the person who is supposed to call my vet, instead of clarifying anything told me to get my own records to send to them AND INSTEAD OF TALKING TO ME, they denied my application unless they heard from me. Rude and lazy. For the prices they charge you can buy a puppy, they give you no incentive to rescue plus you have to deal with their insolence.

Kathy Erickson

3 years ago

We were so ready to rescue a puppy for my son. We had never rescued before this. We had a lab for 14 yrs that passed away 2 years ago and a Beagle for 12 years that passed away aound 4 years ago. We adopted a 2 month old puppy from a different rescue place that we were told was a Retriever mix. We loved him and trained him and everything was going great. At about 7 months old something happened that to this day we are unaware of what that was, that made him growl and lunge at my daughter and actually bite her arm. He did not break the skin but did bruise her. Confused we tried to carry on but the event did affect my daughter to be scared of him so we decided to find him a new home. It was a decision we did not make lightly. We tried several places for 2 weeks but due to Covid, nobody would take him even though I offered to keep him until a new home was found. We did find him a new home finally. Also, around 4 months old we found out he wasn't a Retriever, he was actually a Rottweiler mix. And although we were surprised he wasn't a Retriever, it did not change anything. He was already very well trained and loved at this point. I say all this because this is why we were denied adopting from DFW Lab Rescue. They told us because we rehomed a puppy, we would not be able to adopt from them. So because I worried about the safety of my kids, I would not be acceptable to rescue one of their labs. We WILL find us a lab puppy to love and give a good home...it just won't be through this place.

joe offill

3 years ago

My wife and I adopted a Lab puppy (Gus/Cain) June of 2013. The lady we spoke with was very professional and helped us with our adoption. Sadly our Cain had cancer and passed away two months ago. We pulled up DFW Rescue and found several pups we would love to give a forever home. We filled out the application and paid our fee. Someone from DFWLR called our vet and emailed us our youngest pup didn’t have heartworm prevention. That was my bad because of what’s been going on for the last 8 months. After several emails back and forth I got a call from the executive director. This woman started questioning me about the heartworm prevention for Ollie (our puppy). She said we can’t go forward with the adoption. I told her I was behind on that and some things. Ollie does have heartworm prevention now. I felt like I was a bad dog parent. I don’t know why this woman has the right to judge me. She doesn’t even know me. I won’t be donating to DFWLR again.

James Orman

3 years ago

Great organization doing great work!

Honey Bunny

3 years ago

Very poor rescue! They never returned my emails and there is no way to reach them by phone unless you are a foster. ???? Very, very disappointed with this rescue!!! They need better ways to communicate for interested people wanting in adopting one of their furbabies. Also, charging an application fee is just ridiculous when you add it to the high cost of adopting one of their dogs and then add sales tax on to that. Especially when you can go to the pound/kill shelter and adopt a beautiful dog there for less than $100 with shots and labs and pit bulls are always being put down. There are so many of them being put down. Its sad to see such high fees when they get these dogs from a kill shelter. They need to change some of their pricing.

B.K. Sloan

3 years ago

This organization is 100% volunteer and donation driven. The donors and volunteers have a love for labs that need a new forever home. These labs have been failed by humans through no fault of their own. I don't know where we would be without our precious labs. Millie and Hank filled a void we thought could never be filled. There is nothing like love from a lab! Please consider adopting one of these deserving labs, fostering, donating or volunteering. Help a homeless lab to a better life!

Martha Bass

4 years ago

Such an AWESOME organization! They do great work in taking care of their foster dogs and in matching them with families. The organization is entirely volunteer based and the volunteers really give their heart and soul to helping save labs!

Chip Kelley

4 years ago

I adopted the world's greatest lab from the DFW Lab Rescue Club. The fact they screen potential owners to ensure each dog gets a good home is terrific. The fact they take in labs, get them healthy (if needed), foster them with people that …

Christopher Gibson

4 years ago

Not good lab rescue they do not take a lab mixes when they have lab mixes all over the website posted so I would highly not recommend them to take your lab they are very bad Lab rescue

DFW Lab Rescue Home Study Coordinator

4 years ago

I love this organization! They rehome and rescue sweet Labs in need and are 100% volunteer based which means every dollar goes to the dogs. I have fostered, adopted and volunteered with these great people!

Elke “House of Dogs”

4 years ago

Dedicated people take care voluntarily of surrendered, abandoned & neglected Labradors Retriever. Medical care and the love of a foster home brings a new future to these amazing dogs! We adopted twice with DFWLABRESCUE and are so grateful for our two black lab boys, and all the rescue does!!! Adopt, don’t shop!!! ♥️????

erika butler

4 years ago

This is a great organization. Anyone who loves Labs should definitely check them out. You can volunteer, foster, or adopt. There's something for everyone.

Ines Kirkpatrick

4 years ago

This Rescue is a superlative organization in every way. It’s always about the care for the dogs, from their intake, to attending to their medical needs, some of which are heartbreaking. Each one is fostered for at least ten days to ascertain their personalities and special needs so they can be matched up best with their adoptive family. The volunteers are so friendly and hardworking. One of their most important qualities is the deeply felt sense of ethics that informs everything they do. My wonderful, goofy, loving chocolate lab found me via DFWLRR. I will always be so grateful to this organization. If you are considering adopting a Lab, I heartily recommend using them.

Karen Langley

4 years ago

This rescue was amazing. They were thorough through out the entire process. You can tell all the fosters were so well loved and cared for. Communication was on point the entire time! I would highly recommend DFWLRRC to anyone looking to adopt a Lab!

Kevin Rizer

4 years ago

We lost our 13 year-old Labrador in May, and were absolutely devastated. We knew we weren't ready to adopt, but wanted to do something to fill the void that was left in our home and our hearts. We had heard about DFW Lab Rescue, and reached out. We found a community of volunteers that welcomed us with open arms, and could understand and empathize with our grief. We decided to foster with the organization, having no idea how richly this decision would bless our lives. This is and INCREDIBLE organization that rescues and re-homes hundreds of Labs and Lab Mixes each year in the DFW Metroplex. We've fostered three dogs so far, and have been encouraged and supported throughout by the amazing volunteers, fosters, coordinators, donors and adopters throughout. One of our fosters had a medical condition that required extra care and thousands of dollars of medical care... DFW Lab Rescue did not hesitate to step up and provide everything that was needed. For them, it really is about helping the Labs. We've been so blessed to become involved with DFW Lab Rescue! The dogs have enriched us in ways we could have never imagined, and have showed us that it's possible to love again!

Lori Ellis

4 years ago

I've never encountered such a dedicated organization. Everything they do is for the good of the dogs they save. All dogs get excellent medical care, loving foster care, and all applicants are throughly vetted. The volunteers work very hard to make sure each dog is placed the best home for that dog. We love our senior adoptee!

Rose Galbreath

4 years ago

DFW LAB RESCUE is an amazing organization! This organization goes above and beyond for the fur babies as well as for adoptive families. They are so organized and their process for adopting a lab is top notch. We lost our lab in August and by September we knew we had to have another fur baby in our home. DFW Lab Rescue helped us all along the process from intake application to home visit to meet n greets to bringing our boy, Hunter to our forever home. The volunteers who foster these precious dogs are Angels on earth as well as the volunteers who run this organization. We will never adopt from anywhere else. It’s like one big family once you get involved or adopt.

Ronda Beinfeld

4 years ago

Excellent food and they do not cook with MSG which says a lot for their quality! .I loved it!!

Theresa Fortin

4 years ago

This is a caring and hardworking organization. In the year and a half ive been involved, I have met some of the best people. I adopted, foster and volunteer with them!!

Suzanne Ripple

4 years ago

I LOVE this park!!! VERY clean, SOO PRETTY!! It's my happy place!! I walk it almost 7 days a week...almost

Sabrina Dunham

4 years ago

LOVE this organization and the wonderful people who volunteer to make the magic happen. DFW Lab Rescue is all volunteer based and the wonderful people who devote their time to finding these precious Labs forever homes are angels.

Annie Tuggle Wilson

5 years ago

An awesome organization helping labs in need of good, safe homes. I adopted a lab 2 years ago & the detailed process it took to adopt was reassurance that they care for these animals. Highly recommend using if interested in adopting, fostering or volunteering!

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