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Zaid Kharrat

2 years ago

We are so thrilled with Zeppelin! It almost feels like we have a remote control dog!

Meaghan Pulliam

2 years ago

This place turned our newly adopted, giant toddler into the amazing working boy we knew he could be! He did the 2 week training camp and has become confident, reliable and the best dog we've ever had! It even helped him with his aggression towards other big dogs just by giving him the tools to listen to us and be the best boy he can be. 10/10 recommend these guys.

JulieAnna Howes

2 years ago

I got a dog from the shelter and after battling some separation anxiety for a couple months and resolving to just not do anything if he couldn't come, I started looking for a board and train program that could help me regain my life outside of my furbaby. I immediately felt like many of the facilities I contacted were just trying to sell me a package deal, not necessarily resolve our issues. Some facilities even told me they couldn't help me. I took my pup into Cosmic Canine for an assessment with a trainer and right off the bat they told me a two-week program wouldn't do anything for me and it had to be a four-week program. Not what I wanted to hear, obviously, but I appreciated the honesty. We ultimately chose to use their services because I felt like they were extremely open and honest about what to expect and their pricing was extremely competitive. I didn't get as many updates as I was told I would (I was told weekly if not more), but it also was over Thanksgiving.. so I understood if it was a busier time to have him there. At the end of the day, this wasn't a deal breaker. Towards the end of the 4 weeks, they actually called and asked to keep him an extra week as they were seeing some progress that they wanted to give a little additional time to really get solidify. We ended up picking him up 5 weeks and a couple days into the program. While he was not completely "fixed" (they warned me it wouldn't be a one-stop, fix all type thing), he came home and life is ten times more enjoyable with him. We are continuing to work on the separation anxiety and kennel manners, but it has greatly improved. We have gone back for our first follow up and have one more that was included in our program. I do think we will probably schedule some in home sessions as well. Would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone with a pup that needs some training.

Laura Shaheen

2 years ago

Cosmic Canine has done wonders for my golden retriever. We sent him to the day school and he not only loves it, he comes home so we’ll behaved. The team there cares so much and our boy loves going. We are so lucky they spend the time to love on our boy and to teach him gently and firmly. Thank you so much!!!

Mauricia Sistrunk

2 years ago

I dropped my fur son off fully intact and picked him up like this. The lady in the front claimed he did it to himself, of course without valid proof of him doing so. Very disappointed!

Lily Comyn

2 years ago

Blunt. Dismissive. Unhelpful. Rude. Didn't even make it to the school as had THE most unprofessional man on the phone - asked him about the different options for puppy training - he didn't know what I was talking about so I pointed him to where I was on the website. Notified him our pup was 3 1/2 months and was worried he might be too old for the puppy classes. He then moved straight on to the $1,300 option of puppy daycare with little explanation as to why it was the better decision. When I asked for more details I could practically hear eye rolls through the phone. Not a good start and what a waste of an opportunity.

Kelly Coffman

2 years ago

We went to Woof Gang, Petsmart and Hollywood Feed today and everyone commented how well behaved my dog was being. I laughed. I explained that just about 3-4 weeks ago she was not this way at all. I couldn't take her any of those places because she was out of control and very reactive. None of this is my greet training. See I took my pup to Cosmic Canine and this better behaved dog is what I came home with. I highly recommend them. About 4 weeks ago I walked into Cosmic Canine and broke down crying over my puppy. It took very nice, but very firm people to help me see that I was anxious and enabling which was causing much of the problem w my dog's behaviour. It was humbling but necessary.. She's my beloved dog not a princess. I have a great puppy. Everyone always comments how sweet Pixie is but she was reactive and it was just getting worse and worse. I had no idea how to change it so I went looking for more help. Keri, Katy and every single person who has interacted w my puppy at Cosmic Canine has been great. Pixie loves to go play w Katy and she has learned SO much. I've learned too. I was totally against Board and train at first, but they convinced me to do it. Pixie needed it. And she thrived and still knew and wanted to come home w me after 2 weeks. I love everything about their training process. We are now in Day training and she is still thriving. Dogs at Cosmic Canine have to work for their food, and rewards. My dog has stopped lunging and barking and I can actually take her to the track to walk, w me in the car (we are working on that), and into dog friendly establishments. I could hardly do any of that, and didn't want to because of her reactive behavior before Cosmic Canine. I highly recommend them!

amber c

2 years ago

They're always amazing with our fur babies & they're always friendly and go above and beyond!

Molly Schultz

2 years ago

I have an older rescue that we sent to Cosmic Canine for training and then for boarding. There’s probably no one else I would trust with my dog - it’s always tough to leave him, but they make you feel very secure. They definitely know what they’re doing!

Joseph Winwood

2 years ago

Cosmic Canine has great, knowledgeable and friendly staff that work with you and your dog for long term success.

Gwenne Pierce

2 years ago

Cosmic Canine is very clean and well organized. I think my dog will learn a good deal while she is here.

Rachel Kovac

2 years ago

I did the 4 week training with my dog and they were extremely helpful


2 years ago

My family drove from Oklahoma to have our dogs boarded. Our previous trainer Kara which trained our female works for this company. Carter was very nice and pleasant during drop off and pick up. Jordan was who checked us out and was also pleasant. The facility was clean and easy to get to. We highly recommend this place. ????????????

Jeanne May

2 years ago

Our Scottie went through a 4-week board and train at Cosmic Canine and the trainers did an excellent job in helping her to be calm and obey commands.

bridgette knight

2 years ago

We are new to Celina and have two perfect pups. We boarded them at Cosmic Canine's Prosper location in Jan 2021. Unfortunately this location in inoperable. The Plano location is a bit far from us...but they treated our boys so well that it was well worth the drive. They even let me pick up my boys on a Sunday ( when they are technically closed) They also offer a military discount...which this Marine Wife lives.

Carmen Nieto

2 years ago

Kara is an Amazing Person !! Joanne is very sweet and me & my family have hope that we will succeed in our dog. Both have thought me A lot of things in a few days ! Very thankful. I look forward for this Journey in training my baby !

Danielle Villalpando

2 years ago

We had sent out puppy there for the 2 week board and train. We did see a big difference in our mini aussie’s behavior such as sitting, down, place, settle.. and he did get better when it came to leash walking. But there are 2 things we are noticing: 1. He keeps going to the bathroom inside his kennel.. I am wondering if they leave dogs in the kennels after they are done training them from the evening until morning and never take them out to the bathroom cause our little pup seems to keep having accidents in his crate. I think he got used to going to the bathroom in his kennel. Before we had dropped him off there he never went to the bathroom inside his kennel. 2. I am noticing he is also very skittish now. Not sure why nor do I want to many accusations but he at times seems like he’s afraid of us. I wanted to love the 2 week board and while I appreciate the time trainers took with our pup I just am very unhappy with his potty training overall. Especially when it’s advertised that they do potty training on their website. I understand he’s a puppy still but his behavior was supposed to get better not worse, as I said before, he never had accidents in his crate before the board & training. I was going to pay for the 4 week board & training when he turns 6 months with cosmic canine but after careful consideration we will be going with another company.

Heather Cowan

2 years ago

My Harley was so scared and barking at everyone. The trainers came out and gave her treats and it calmed her down. I know she's in great hands and I'm excited for her to learn new things.


2 years ago

We boarded our black lab mix for the month long board and train, like many others he came back a changed dog. We can walk him and even let him off leash and he comes back! Cosmic gave us a dog we can enjoy, that’s priceless ???? …


2 years ago

Great company and great people!

Ruth Blackburn

2 years ago

I brought my dog Plum to Cosmic Canine to address her fear aggression. Prior to her training at Cosmic Canine, we could barely leave the house without her barking and lunging at strangers or completely shutting down and refusing to walk beyond our yard. She was originally set up for the 4 week program, but ended up staying a couple weeks longer so she could move at a more comfortable pace and build a trusting relationship with the trainers. I really appreciate that they didn’t rush her through the training process and showed a tremendous amount of patience working with her. Q was especially helpful during the follow up sessions by holding me accountable and helping me nail down the skills I need to keep Plum on the right path. It is very clear that everyone there really cares for the dogs they work with. Plum has come such a long way and is a happier and more confident dog thanks to the team at Cosmic Canine!

Christine Wolgast

2 years ago

Because of Cosmic Canine I am able to communicate with my dog in a way he can understand what I expect from him. I would recommend them to anyone who has a stubborn dog.

Harriet Hong

2 years ago

I've been with cosmic canine for about 3 - 4 years as of this post. We were googling for a place to board/train our stubborn shiba. She wasn't very good at listening. This is a great story we tell to our friends how Cosmic Canine disciplined Bao Bao, our shiba. Bao bao was notorious for not listening and ignoring us whenever we called her. She would also try running out of the door sometimes which scared us. So we dropped her off for a one month basic training which involved place, settle, free and better listening skills. When we came back from vacation, they told us they needed one more month (free of charge) or a full refund. Of course, we gave them one more month. Another month passed by and it was a success, they managed to break into her. If cosmic canine can break into a shiba, I believe they could train any dog! Bao bao is so much better, she doesn't run out of the door unless we tell her to. She's much better at listening and coming on command. We also found out she looooveeeeess cooked chicken. It has been two years since then, and we are forever grateful to cosmic canine and will always board with them. Thank you Maya and team!

Karla Grissom

2 years ago

Great experience for our 12-week-old GSD. While he is still a puppy and will do puppy things he is more attentive to us. We definitely recommend Cosmic Canine!

Lance Jacobs

2 years ago

Cosmic Canine has been great for Bailey. We had her trained there and use the bordering service they offer. While she is bordered, we alway use the refresher training, always a great experience. Lance & Bailey

Lyn D

2 years ago

This was our first time here and we loved it. We just moved to Plano. My fur babies were happy when I picked them up not stressed out. That tells me they were taken care of with love and patience. This is definitely our new go to place for grooming and boarding. ????❤️

Patrick Feddersen

2 years ago

Never answered my 2 calls I even left voice mail. No call back

Stephanie Godinez

2 years ago

This was my first experience leaving my Maggie Mae at Cosmic Canine. She is a very "special" dog regarding her behavoir. She can be a little on the nervous and honery side. They were very patient with her and always responded promptly when I called them. They put me ease about leaving her there for three days and took very good care of her! I received alot of pictures and report on her behavoir. They highly trained and skilled to take dogs that may have some aggression and other special needs. Kara was especially kind and understanding with me throughout this process. Thank you guys for taking such good care of my boo boo Maggie!

Jae Huff

2 years ago

Great grooming experience. It took some time to get an appointment, but they did a great job on trimming Sir Chasington III’s wintercoat. V pleased.

Glenn Williams

2 years ago

Cosmic Canine saved our dog! We adopted a 3-year old Doberman from a rescue group last summer. Initially she was very shy and affectionate, but the longer she was with us, the harder she was to control. After a few months, she began aggressively barking at anyone who came into our home and on 2 separate occasions, she nipped grandchildren who were offering her a treat. When we took her on a walk, she would respond aggressively to any person who within 10 feet of us and to any dog she saw at any distance. We tried everything with no success. Finally, we tried Cosmic Canine. After our dog completed their 4-week training program, she was the dog we hoped for. She still had her sweet personality that we fell in love with when we first met her, but had lost her reactive behavior that scared other people and dogs. Additionally, the follow-up training sessions we received helped us learn how to properly control our Doberman and how to help her cope with stressful situations. Now, we go for daily walks in the park where people and other dogs pass by her without incident. People are constantly complimenting us on her beautiful behavior. The staff was wonderful throughout the training process and continues to be very supportive. We now drive 20 miles out of our way to board her in their kennels as they seem to have a magical way with dogs. What a great place!

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