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Nik Kragthorpe

2 years ago

Would give them ZERO stars if I could. Brought our dog in after eating a chicken bone and they refused to do X Rays, and suggested inducing vomiting which would have KILLED HIM. Their negligence would have KILLED OUR DOG. Do not go to this wanna be clinic full of fresh out of school vets.

Maria Godinez

2 years ago

They charged me to cut her nails.

Heather Henderson

2 years ago

Give false diagnoses. Try to get you to buy their insurance and then don't even let you use it. If your pet gets sick, forget it, they won't ever help you.

Damon King

3 years ago

My sweet girl Lucy had surgery and she was treated very kindly and with compassion. I have always had good experiences with this Vet hospital and clinic.

Barbara Sue Johnson

3 years ago

Best vet best staff EVER ALWAYS ALLEAUS!!

Tony Norman

3 years ago

Absolutely horrible customer service, apparently if you’re not paying for their “Wellness Plan” you get charged $45 as soon as you walk in the door..I was just there 3 days ago and spent $400 Including the exam and went back today for something completely different and they wanted to charge me for another exam. The “Wellness plan” would have waived it but without it that’s their way of making consistent monthly revenue from people that dont go but once or twice a year... I asked if they would at least work with me and meet me in the middle to meet an agreement but nope they didn’t even want to do that and told me “good luck” as she greeted the next person that walked in the door. That left a very sour taste in my mouth about the company and definitely ruined any chance of getting any more business from me, my family, and my friends.

Robert Urban

3 years ago

Great staff excellent doctors overall great place to take your in them


3 years ago

Great! Vanessa was very helpful and her supervisor. She helped a lot, great customer service !!!!

Marly Marie

3 years ago

I did take her to the vet. What was told to me in the exam room was not what was stated on my invoice. Like it was 2 totally different dogs, appts, everything.i was so completely blown away i was in shock looking around for a hidden camera thinking it had to be a prank meanwhile my dog has lost most of her hair I am flushing out ear mites like every other day I am spending a fortune constantly washing dog bedding daily. I have cursed that place everyday because I was really counting on their expertise and it ended up being a horrible joke and waste of money. I contacted Corp and yet to get a response that was 2 months ago. I would not take my pet rat to them for nothing if you love your pet don't go there they are a complete joke.


3 years ago

I have pretty much given up on Banfield at this point because I've had such bad experiences with so many different locations. This location is one of the good ones thanks to Dr. Yu (sp?) And Dr Voge. Dr. Yu is especially amazing. So thorough and professional. He is also very knowledgeable and took the time to really talk to me about the options for my terminally ill dog. Edit- took away 2 stars because of how unprofessional the front desk staff, Amanda, was during my recent visit. We are in the middle of COVID and she is eating McDonald's up there with her masking hanging OFF her face. I went to pick up pain meds for my dog and it seemed more expensive than last time. I asked how much it was last time. She just shrugged her shoulders with her mouth full of food, "I don't know." have the computer right in front of you. Is it really that hard to be professional?

kimberly ben

3 years ago

Our Furr baby had surgery from a torn ACL on his left leg that had been bothering him for several months. Banfield staff took care of Blu now he's on his way to a full recovery after a successful surgery! Kudos to Banfield Pet Hospital West Plano!!

jacob kruger

3 years ago

Called in the morning to ask for some advice as our vet was closed. I was told a vet/technician would call me back. It's been a week now. I don't think I'm getting that callback. (All is well; we went to our normal vet the following day.)

hunter webb

3 years ago

I took my my two dogs in for the checkups and have never had a worse experience at banfield. Both dogs were checked in at 8am and were not seen until after 4pm. When I went to pick up my dogs I was unable to get any updates on how their appointments went or whether the services I asked for were even completed. Now two months later when I called to get a refill on flea and tick medicine they won't do so as they claim they have never seen my dogs....which after how poorly their appointments went I'm not convinced they actually did the checkup and may have just let them sit in the cage for 8 hours before sending them home. I have used multiple banfields across 4 states and never had worse experiences than I have with this east plano location. Even the staff that answers the phone acts annoyed you would call and bother them. It's bad enough I will be cancelling my banfield wellness plan

Caroline Mostrom

3 years ago

I would give negative stars if possible. They don't even deserve a single star. They almost killed my dog on multiple occasions because of careless mistakes. Do NOT take your pet here!!! I've learned my lesson and will definitely never be back.

Alex Gallegos

3 years ago

Helped out my little one when she had a allergic reaction to one of her shots. Great customer service and amazing staff too!

Alejandra Servin

3 years ago

We've been bringing out pets to Banfield since I was a child. I've been bringing my pets for the past 6 yrs and I trust them 100% with them. Dr. Gomez is beyond amazing, she's knowledgeable, caring and very down to earth. My dad's dog was attacked last yr, we took him to a different vet's office and they did absolutely nothing for him. Dr. Gomez treated him and saved his life. My cats are high anxiety and they feel comfortable around her. We are very thankful to the staff and Dr. Gomez for caring for our pets like she does. Definitely recommend Banfield in Plano, you will not regret it!! ???? Thank you Dr. Gomez and staff for everything you guys do for my furry babies! Scribbles, Romeo, Simba and Ash!

V Morris

3 years ago

The staff is always friendly and knows me by name! They've been taking care of my 4-legged-kiddo Beau for over 3 years now and I'll never take him anywhere else. They're fantastic with him and always keep me in the loop of what's going on. Love these guys!

Alex Parry

4 years ago

Scheduled an appointment for a Sunday (my only day off) at 10:30am. To my surprise, I receive a call informing me that before noon it is drop off only. My dog is a rescue and has separation anxiety, which I don’t blame him. Would have been cool to let people know on the website that before noon it is drop off only and I would have scheduled a different time. The last time I came here the vet that gave him his shots was not very friendly either. I will be visiting elsewhere moving forward. Part of customer service is communication and that ball was dropped hard.

Babita Narinesingh

4 years ago

Horrible, always changing vets, got called about another animal instead of my own, never know what's going on with their clients, keep your pets locked up in a cage all day, i had to tell them what I think is wrong or causing something then they act like "oh yes that's what I was about to tell you" no you weren't, they tell you they think you should see another specialist/vet but won't ever guide you in the right direction verses the one in McKinney who took initiative to call around and get places for me to take my pet, I can go on but this location is just horrible.

Big Momma Caceres

4 years ago

Staff is great & the atmosphere is good. They take good care of my kitten & two dogs, with each visit!

brandon camarillo

4 years ago

Day after Christmas and our Cat was sick. Our normal McKinney Banfield was full we were able to get a late appointment at this location. Service was great Dr. Rhamen and Tran took their time to make sure that we got the best service possible. They were not rushing things even though it was almost time to close, they even ran tests again (at no additional cost) to make sure the results were accurate. Highly recommended this location. If my Banfield was not close to home I'd use this location more often.

Gerry Goldwin

4 years ago

The were not only thorough but very patient helping to coordinate wellness plan with pet insurance. Able to make an appointment and they remember us. They offered to better deals on medicationas and even price match.

Julie Anderson

4 years ago

I have been using Banfield for 7 years and so far they have been good to my dogs. My dogs are in the wellness plan and every time they need to see a vet they will take them the same day. One thing I don't like about Banfield, the vets are always different and I can't never keep up with their names. I wish my dogs had the same vet every time we go there. It does the job however.

Kevin Bullard

4 years ago

Stellar service. Went in to have our pet dog of 15 years euthanized - tragic. The Doc as well as assist were tremendous given the horrible circumstance. They did their job and were very empathetic. On top of all that, we got a signed condolence card from that same crew just this week...the whole family was touched by their thoughtfulness. A+ best in North Texas, period. They really love your pet/animals

Maura Jackson

4 years ago

I have an older, very ill-tempered calico. Dr Gomez is amazing with Tinkerbell and continues to give her the best care ever. She and her staff ROCK!!!

Naticka Orange

4 years ago

I am utterly disgusted with my experience at Banfield. I took my dog baby here for help with allergies. She was due for core vaccinations, so I okayed that service. Unbeknownst to me, she was also given a leptospirosis-4 way vaccine. This is NOT part of the core vaccine platform and should have been discussed with me before administering. Three hours after the appointment my dog began to vomit violently. An hour later she was covered in hives, fire engine red and her eyes began to swell shut. The look my dog gave me as she scratched herself bloody was heartbreaking. Thank goodness in my panic I had the wherewithal to take the Banfield documents with me when heading to the ER. The ER doctor took one look at the docs and instantly pointed to the leptospirosis vaccine. It is NOT required. It is NOT recommended unless your pet has a potential to come across wildlife like squirrels. It has in fact been linked to over 2,000 deaths in dogs. The Banfield doctor asked me if my dog was an inside or outside dog and I advised due to her environmental allergies she is an inside dog. He STILL took it upon himself to give her this unnecessary vaccine without speaking to me. This company is more concerned with pushing their packages than listening to their customers. When I called this morning to express my concerns, I never received an apology, no empathy was expressed. What I did get was placed on hold while I was speaking and dismissed as the "doctor isn't in until Friday". Thanks to Banfield, my fur baby suffered needlessly, I'm out of $650.00 and a vacation day to provide aftercare. Two thumbs down and some choice words to Banfield.

Regina Wallace

4 years ago

Called just now because our vet is already closed today to see if we could get in today. Explained that and what was going on to Carolyn who answered phone. She proceeded to ask if we had been there and reason for visit. DID YOU NOT JUST HEAR WHAT I SAID???? If they cant even listen from the beginning I hate to see what happens later. We will just pray for the best and call our normal vet on Monday.

Todd Montague

4 years ago

Beware the Wellness plan. As with all the other complaints so common with Banfield, my experience is the same. I had my dog on the plan for over 10 years and it was up for renewal. Banfield encouraged a renewal of their wellness plan on my pet that was ill. About 6 weeks later, my dog had to be put to sleep. During that time I paid almost $1000 in vet bills. I had expressed concern on renewal and was told that if my pet died, I could call corporate and they could cancel it. What was never told was that they consider you to be on the hook for the entire year so "canceling" means pay all now or just keep paying. I called corporate who told me to talk to the local manager. Left a note for local manager and no call back over a month. Followed up to go back to store, spoke to sympathetic employee who assured me it should be able to be taken care of, then got a call from someone not the manager who read me a script about why it is fair I keep on paying although my pet is dead. When I expressed I did not feel it was fair given the circumstances and history, the people on the phone either agree or have silence. The way they account for "services rendered" against the plan is corrupt -- it's how they make sure you have to keep paying. Overpriced and unnecessary services that they considered discounts paid against fake retail to be "money paid under the plan" -- even though it is the customer who paid it. The Manager Mr. Perez never called me back. They never provided the "contract" in advance. They sign you up at the counter kiosk. They NEVER put any FAQ up like, "What if my pet dies during the plan? Answer you have to keep paying until the term is out." Whether by ignorance or outright lie, I was not told the truth. I can not recommend Banfield.

Katia Gomez

5 years ago

We told them not to trim my cats nails. They sedated my cat and trimmed them anyway. Even tho we specifically told them not do when we made the appointment, when we dropped off the cat (the nurse even wrote it down) and when they called to ask permission to to sedate her.

Andrea Johnson

5 years ago

Good service and vet care, but it feels like they are always working an angle to sell you on the highest price option or treatment.

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