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Marissa Avery

2 years ago

Dr Bronstad and staff took great care of my baby Bella for 2 days after she was hospitalized with extremely high liver enzymes. He called me several times to update me on her progress and she came home yesterday a completely different dog! I can’t thank them enough.

Jeff Robertson

2 years ago

Can’t thank Dr David Rolf and his team enough for their level of service and care for our Morkie. She was taken in only 8 weeks with glucose level issues. Dr. Rolf and the team were so compassionate, communicated with us multiple times daily, and made sure our little puppy was nursed back to health. They were truly amazing and we can’t thank them enough! Outstanding service and professional in every single way. I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed by a team of Vets in 40 years of owning pets. Thank you!!

Melissa Bonser

2 years ago

Unfortunately we were not able to save my kitty, but the Vet and staff were very knowledgeable, explained everything to us. Even thought euthanasia was the kindest choice, they made this last step as kind and loving as possible! We were able to hold our kitty in our arms during the final moments. Highly recommend!

Jax W

3 years ago

Just thought I would bash this place once again as I was at dinner the other night with 2 friends who also had terrible experiences with this place. In an odd way, I felt comforted knowing I wasn’t the only one. The entire clinical staff believes they know everything and can do no harm when in fact their outright lack of action and refusal to listen to you as the owner costs your pet. They do not listen to what you ask for, are careless and they blame every mishap on the Emergency side of the clinic. Stay away.

Jeri Jessee

3 years ago

Dr. Bronstad and the entire team at the Animal Diagnostic Clinic were wonderful! Very kind and compassionate during a scary time! Upon meeting Dr. Bronstad, I was completely confident that he could advise me on the right course of action. Due to his skill and swift action, he was able to remove a foreign body from my dog's stomach via a minimally invasive procedure thus avoiding a more serious surgery. I cannot thank all of them enough for taking care of my boy!

Aline Lage

4 years ago

They are wonderful! They really care for your pet!

Bangles Lily

4 years ago

They have helped us in a time when our kitties needed help to be healthy happy and back at home.

Jax Wo

4 years ago

If I could leave less than 1 Star I would. This place accepts absolutely zero responsibility for the way they treat or do not treat your animal. Do yourself a favor and go a few more miles up the road to the Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care on La Vista in Lewisville. It started when one of the techs ransacked my paperwork file that I brought in for my dogs records and then never returned my records. (The director later emailed them back) When I phoned the clinic a few days later to retrieve them, initially I was told they returned them and I needed to call my original clinic to get the records back. Um, what? I brought you the records. Then I was told that the records were located but it was the neighboring clinic who had them in their file and did not give them back to me. I’m sorry, but it was your staff who took them from me. (this clinic shares space with Colin Co Emergency Clinic)- and conveniently throws them under the bus for dang near EVERYTHING. Also, one of the doctors ordered lab work and radiographs that according to the emergency staff were not visible to them because this clinic does not share access to their systems. But when I talk to you, you say they are lying. You say the emergency staff has access to your records. How is my dog to receive continuity of care in the hospital when those on the emergency side are not able to view prior tests? Everyone on your side seems to think that is perfectly acceptable. No one on the emergency side agrees. The entire reason I even consulted internal medicine on your side was to start a very specific medication which was not started. When I questioned your practice manager about why it wasn’t started, she replied “the doctor didn’t think it was worth the money” Again, what?! I had to ask for my dog to be placed on antibiotics despite sharing my many experiences of infections with my dog. When she wasn’t responding to antibiotics I insisted and asked staff to consider something fungal or viral. Nothing further was investigated. Now granted emergency folks were caring for the dog at this point, but I was informed your side was still “leading the care” However, when I later explained my scenario to you you all stated well it was the emergency staff who cared for her over the weekend. (Again it felt like shirking responsibility) I continued to be told her white count was “normal” even though it was not. She lay in that hospital with the same unchanged treatment for 4 days and not one person but a physician on the emergency side listened to me. I was told my dog was giving up. I was told my dog had horrific arthritis. It was NOT her arthritis that was keeping her from walking. It was the infection that you guys made no effort to find that was causing weakness in her body just as I suggested at intake. I finally got her out of there and took her up the road to the Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care where she was diagnosed with a fungal UTI. She remained hospitalized for 2 nights there, the medication I wanted to start was started and her sugars were never a problem afterward which interestingly you guys had her maintained on a glucose drip running higher than necessary sugars for her disease which only stimulates an insulin release. She got home and was weak for maybe another day or 2 but then regained her strength and was walking about my acreage on her own and eating again the following week. I have tried speaking to you but have gotten no where. Interesting, I’ve only been told I need to the emergency side which comes as no shock. Pet owners— Save yourself and your pet the headache of this place and keep driving!!! UPDATE 2/8 Response to your response: Who is the hospital manager in your email? I was never given that name before. I have spoken many times with no resolution to the practice manager Julie. I have also spoken to Dr. Rolfe and the clinic’s director Dr B. - who unlike Julie were at least empathetic. Interestingly no resolution was offered and both suggested I speak to the emergency clinic side of things.

Texas Gigi

4 years ago

Dr. Rolfe Is Wonderful! When our sweet dog, Jasper became really ill with an auto-immune disorder, we were referred to Dr. Rolfe. He had seen other dogs with this disease and knew just what to do! My dog just loves him. He went over and put his head in Dr. Rolfe’s lap, while we were talking!???? I am happy to report that Jasper is well again—THANK YOU, Dr. Rolfe!!!!

Lincoln Hirsch

5 years ago

Highly recommended; excellent, caring & professional staff.

Tracy Brokaw

6 years ago

I took my little 11 yr old female corgi in with concerns of elevated liver enzymes, from the front desk to the techs to Dr. Rolf, they are fantastic. I was worried sick about my corgi but so relieved to have answers and an action plan. I would highly recommend them.

Daniel Shaff

7 years ago

Went here on a Sunday night because there was no other choice for a 24hr vet. Our puppy had an allergic reaction to a booster shot. They took care of him but the experience with them was not great. Told us they wanted to monitor him for 20 …

Judy Canterbury

7 years ago

On December 13, 2016, we had to take our beloved Daisy to be checked out for possible bladder stones or cancer. The staff were fantastic with her and the ultrasouns showed that her whole bladder was full of cancer. The doctor was very caring and helped us with the hard decision of saying goodby to our girl. Thank you all for the peaceful departure of our belovesd dog.

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