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Sherrie McDonald

2 years ago

Dr. Dean and his staff are amazing!! Our dog (age 6 or so) messed up her leg terribly bad in July 2021. Dr. Dean performed her surgery on July 19, 2021 and today November 11 2021, she has now been walking perfectly with ZERO limping for several weeks now. She had TPLO and Troclear Sulcoplasty. We carefully followed everything Dr. Dean told us to do and I am so happy she is doing awesome!! Dr. Dean and his staff are very caring and thorough!! We are 100% satisified with this outcome!! Thank you Dr. Dean and your staff!

Cyndi Poulter

3 years ago

We discovered our dog had to have ACL surgery. After visiting a local surgeon in McKinney, I left disheartened. Although I imagine the procedure would have been done correctly, I felt no connection to the surgeon and had no confidence that he really cared about my dog. He made no attempt to even speak to him and comfort him. It seemed he was just another case file. I came across Dr. Dean through a recommendation from an acquaintance. I decided to schedule an appointment. I drove from McKinney to Pilot Point because it was important that I felt a connection and my dog was considered more than a surgical fee. To my surprise, my wishes were granted. Dr. Dean took so much time explaining the procedure, answering my questions and concerns. His staff was friendly and caring and made me feel our baby was going to be in the best care. They contacted me with updates as he was in surgery and kept me updated through the entire process. The procedure was a great success and I didn't hesitate to make the drive again when it was time to do the second leg. They are a wonderful team and really love their patients.

randi wilson

3 years ago

My dog had torn both ACL’s, one after the other. During the first tear, we had no idea what the cause of his pain and lameness was. We went to three different vets and they all said it was simply mild arthritis. By the time we took him to Dr. Dean, he could hardly walk. He was able to immediately show us the tear in his leg on the X-ray and went over in detail how he could fix it. He also warned us that because he put so much weight on his other leg during this time, it would likely tear too. He was transparent with us about the entire process from surgery to recovery and we knew without a doubt that we could trust him with such an extensive surgery. We had both legs operated on at different times over the course of a year. He was seven just before his first surgery. His lameness was so bad we had to carry him outside just to go to the restroom. He’s eight now and can run and play and has the energy of a puppy again. I will be forever grateful for the years we gained back with our dog because of Dr. Dean. The professionalism and wisdom he carries will always be respected by me and my partner. I highly recommend him for anyone that might be in a similar situation that we were in.

Cassidee Bean

4 years ago

My Lab, Goose, broke his leg and needed to have surgery and a metal rod placed to save it. Dr. Dean got Goose in very quickly even though he was very busy. The office kept me updated by text during his surgery. Goose is healing and doing very well so far! Every time I have a question or concern about Goose they reply to my emails quickly and are very helpful and knowledgeable! I highly recommend this Vet if your fur baby is needing surgery.

Tammie Farris

4 years ago

Love Dr. Dean and his staff. They are amazing. My cocker spaniel broke her right front leg at the elbow. One of the hardest places to mend. She ended up with a pin and screw in the elbow to help it heal. After her recovery she was back to being the same girl she was before it broke. We have always been careful with her though as it is a common break in cocker spaniels and there was no guarantee it wouldn't break again with the screw and pin. Fast forward just over 3 years later, and she started limping again. We did X-Rays, and they showed that she broke the pin and it was moving around in her bone. We decided to remove the pin and screw and Her bone is healing and looks better than it has. With her age and the arthritis now in her elbow she will always has a little limp, but she is doing great. When ever I have any concerns with her, they are able to fit me in their schedule to check her out. Dr. Dean and his staff there are wonderful, thoughtful and always call to check on my girl after appointments or procedures. Thank you all for taking care of my baby girl.

Tess Romance

4 years ago

I'm sad to see the negative reviews. Surgery is risky for people and animals... We had a great experience at Mustang Veterinary Surgical. Gayle is so sweet and comforting during such a hard time of my baby (dog) having surgery. I did not understand the surgery at first and Dr. Dean took the time to explain everything, showing me pictures and instruments etc. before we committed. My dog had torn her acl and she had tplo surgery with Dr. Dean. A little over a year later, she tore her other acl, so we had another surgery with Dr. Dean. So we had 2 tplo surgeries done about a year and a half apart, and had great results both times.

Chris Dean

5 years ago

Dr. Dean and his staff are A Number One. My expensive (and awesome) hunting dog came down with a joint infection just one day before I was leaving the country for vacation. Dr. Dean agreed to board the dog for observation and treatment. He kept me updated while I was away. Turns out, he not only saved my dog’s leg, he saved its life ... a life I enjoy to this day. Mustang Vet’s skill and professionalism is simply remarkable. The “above and beyond” attitude, however, separates these nice folks from the pack.

Kathryn Barns

5 years ago

Our experience with Dr. Dean and the staff at Mustang Veterinary was excellent. Our lab mix and golden retriever each had similar problems requiring surgical repair. Dr. Dean was clear in explaining the diagnosis and options. After the surgery he and his staff guided us through the rehab process. Both of our dogs healed well - the first surgery was 7 years ago - and have not had any recurring problems.

Richard Nicholas

5 years ago

If I could post lower than a one star review I would in a heart beat. When our Border Collie injured her leg and was diagnosed with an ACL tear, we selected Dr. Paul Dean of Fort Worth/Mustang Veterinary Surgical as the vet to handle the TPLO surgery to repair the injury. We will regret that decision the rest of our lives! Following the surgery, she never again used the leg. We will never know if the surgery was successful. Worse, her health began to deteriorate. After two weeks of extreme pain and suffering, she died of complications from the surgery, in spite of the best efforts of two emergency clinic vets. Dr. Dean clearly did not review her bloodwork or medical records or did not care, as her death was apparently related to him prescribing a medication that interacted with her current medications. If he had been more alert to her records, he should have known to handle her differently, prescribing a different medication or possibly even suggesting postponing surgery. No dog should die from an ACL injury! From Dr. Dean there was no support and no sympathy. My advice: If you love your pet, STAY AWAY from Mustang Veterinary Surgical in Pilot Point and Ft. Worth, TX and Dr. Paul Dean!

Michael Barber

7 years ago

We had a very hard decision to make concerning our 8 month old Neapolitan Mastiff who developed a significant limp. Surgery was recommended so we contacted Mustang Veterinary Surgical and after weighing the odds we decided to do the surgery. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They have gone above and beyond in our opinion and have earned our respect and gratitude. Dr. Dean expressed his concerns about recovery due to age of our dog and his extreme amount of energy leading to him not healing correctly. We devised a plan for recovery and the results have been much better than we had hoped. What we have now is a healthy dog and a container of bone fragments as a memento of a very difficult time.

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