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Zack KC

2 years ago

Brought my Bichon Mono here for the first time. He was seen quickly and both the staff and Dr. Meyers were friendly and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be coming back! Update: A year later and I am still bringing my dogs here. Evelyn and Dr. Diaz are excellent as well.

Desirae Simpson

2 years ago

Yes it is expensive, but that is the price you pay to get your pets better. They were very responsive as a walk-through and very professional while checking in and out. The doctor was amazing at explaining everything that was wrong with my chihuahua. The doctor emailed me all x-rays and prescription orders without me asking. Wonderful place.

j castro

2 years ago

Long wait. Polite staff. Expensive. Twice I’ve brought my animal here and both times I paid a lot of money for little to no service. I paid $409 to be told how to clean my own dogs ears and how to trim his nails lol. I was mad! They just sent me home with a bag of meds and verbal instructions. Both visits turned out like that, bag of meds and verbal instructions. So I guess they don’t get too hands on here!


2 years ago

Needed another prescription for heartworm medication, they cancel two different appointments on us due to the vet calling off work. We waited a total of 2 months for these appts and STILL haven't seen anyone. Just go somewhere else, these guys have no business accepting new patients. If you do manage to get an appointment get ready for them to call you and say you're pet will "be right out" and wait 30 minutes in scorching weather. This happens every time you finish an appointment with them.

Pepper Soileau

2 years ago

Love this place,and so does my dog ????

Jennifer La

2 years ago

I took my baby dog in for an emergency visit last week because he had a foreign body in his left eye. The team did great with my anxious boy. We were able to transfer my records from another VCA seamlessly. Great team!

Leny Gonzales

2 years ago

I used to work for VCA but had to leave due to my own personal issues back in December. As a worker...I've been inside closed doors...and let me tell you this...all the vets, techs and CSR staff put their heart and soul in this career. Even when we are treated nasty...due to people being impatient and rude...we still treat your baby like family...because they are OUR family. We will treat you with respect and kindness...that's all we can do. Please...I beg you. This career is so fulfilling...but its also so mentally/emotionally draining. We don't do it for the money. We don't do it for the recognition. We do it because we truly love Animals. We love the purest of the pure. Be kind...and thank the CSR team, tech team and vets for everything they do for your babies. My baby in the photo is Indominus Rex and he had the best vet in the world...and I ruined the relationship. Her name is Dr.Myers...but she so beautiful and loving. The absolute best and the one to hear out my concerns and would fit me in when I came in as a walk in. Thank you are all truly beautiful and I think and pray about you everyday. Thank you for making me feel loved and showing me true compassion when no one else did when I was struggling with things I never talked about... Much love and gratitude, Leny G.

Christine Hickman

2 years ago

We were in dire need of a new veterinarian due to us having issues with our first vet.They accepted us the same day of booking as a new client and got our pup taken care of right away with vaccinations. They educated us tremendously during our visit, cared greatly for our pup and even gave us a goodie bag to take home. We finally feel like we have found a great vet for our pup!!!! Thank you Doctor Rodriguez for doing us a great service!!!!!! ❤️

Gary Simpson

2 years ago

So I have used Hometown vet for 6 years and I think they are reasonably priced and a few of their Vets are great. Has kind of went downhill since VCA bought them out. My biggest issue is with the ridiculous Covid protocol currently being used. SO people cant come into the waiting room and instead have people waiting outside in line to pickup prescriptions and other items. It was 108 heat index the other day and I was 3rd in line and it took 25 minutes to get up for service. 2 people took 25 minutes while the rest of us were standing outside (3 people behind me waiting).... why? Is it poor training of the 1 person working the window? Nowadays every place has pretty much opened with "Mask recommended" signs. I wouldn't even mind if it was "mask required" even though many are already vaccinated. The current policy is just poor customer service! Which in turn makes me believe that Hometown vet doesn't much care about your experience at their clinic. Sad because when I moved to Pflugerville they were a great clinic.

John Blackard

2 years ago

Drove WAY out of my way to come back to this vet. Too bad the lady with the pink hair at the front had to be a jerk. Tons of other establishments out there that have staff who treat others with respect and value their employer’s customers! Spend your money elsewhere

Rick Perez

2 years ago

Rip OFF. About $1000 to get some "work" done on my cat; x rays and a bunch of tests they said were needed. They didn't even replace the puppy pad in the pet taxi... my cat was covered in urine and they didn't even bother to check. Took forever to get the cat picked up..dude comes out and turns straight back in..doesn't even look to see that I'm in my car. Have to wait again to get him. Very poorly organized. Cat doesn't appear to be ANY BETTER. If you want to overpay and don't mind BAD service come here people. Never coming back.

Alexander Young

2 years ago

High Priced. Had been told my dog needed back surgery or she wouldn't walk, my girlfriend and I rehabilitated her in less than a month, she was walking again. Tried hard to push a $4,500 invasive back surgery on us that was a 50% success rate. There are better places that don't push drugs or procedures on you like this vet does. They use drugs that are not FDA approved by prescribing them off label. These include Gabapentin which is known to cause seizures and other bad side affects. Just another outlet for big pharma pushing their drugs. I appreciate your time to responde. We came to you in hopes you could offer a different treatment. Instead we got the same treatment as the ER Vet. We asked multiple times if there was another pain treatment medication to which we were told that Gabapentin was safe etc. We ended up finding a joint pill that actually has a significant change in her overall appearance and energy. When we came to your clinic she was immobile and we were told she was incontinent by your staff. With patience, a wheel chair, water therapy, joint meds, and a back brace, she is happier than ever and I would say at 90% recovered, also potty trained once again. We felt pushed and pressured because we were practically told without surgery we should begin looking into putting her down. There is no need to email anyone, this is my personal opinion on what I thought had happened.

Ericka Meinhardt

2 years ago

My dog loves coming here! She gets so excited I have to tell the front desk to hurry up and come get her cause she’s ready to see them. I appreciate that even though I can’t be in there with my puppy due to Covid I know she’s being treated well. So helpful, and when I ask silly questions they don’t make me feel dumb. So happy we come here.

Joy Valdez

2 years ago

Love VCA Hometown Animal Hospital! All of my three cats live our vet, Dr. Meyers and it's not a stressful experience anymore. Thank you ever do much!

Tiffany Carlisle

2 years ago

Brought in our baby Nala Rose. She wasn't feeling good. But the love and care we received was by far the best. Thank you so much you guys are truly amazing


3 years ago

Very professional service. Nice pet care plans.

Marianne Fitzsimons

3 years ago

I love this hospital! They dropped everything for me when my Prissy "passed out!". Turned out she had a heart condition! Dr. Minor saved her life. She is an excellent vet as are all the other doctors here. I feel safe with all of the doctors if my doc isn't available! ????????

Clinton McCarty

3 years ago

Awesome vet services. Friendly, organized, covid responsible and kind to my pups. Won't go anywhere else.

Angie Munsey

3 years ago

Each person I dealt with was very nice. The doc called me and gave me good info about our baby dog and I felt good about the visit.


3 years ago

Everyone was polite and respectful, but proper protocol was not followed when symptoms explained. This was was based on peer review of other vets in the area. My dog was treated for a sever case of allergies but was misdiagnosed. Ultimately, I had to put him down a day later once another vet took xrays and blood work and confirm my best friend had lung cancer. If symptoms explained would have been heard and a few extra steps taken he would not have struggled another day. I realize I was a walk up appointment but I did see how we were a bit rushed through the process and an accurate diagnosis was not provided. I hurt that my pup struggled through another day...yes I did ask why certain procedures weren't done and pushed me to go to another an emergency clinic.

Pinkie O'Connor

3 years ago

My Yorkshire terrier (which is dead) was prescribed carprofen on January 4th. I discontinued use of the carprofen on January 15th due to paralysis. At VCA home town hospital decided my dog had head trauma on the 15th, rather than side effects from the drug. My Yorkie can barely walk 1/19. By 1/26 I had to put her down due to total paralysis and she lost control of bodily functions. Pet owners should be aware that carprofen is a post-surgical drug not something for a Yorkie limping on her hind leg due to a patella joint problem in her knee. Response from vet for visit date 1/19/2021: "The last time I examined Chloe, she did not exhibit the neurologic signs that you mentioned in the email. She was stable while she was hospitalized for the testing of her lesions." This is an untrue statement of my dog's condition. I have friends and family that saw the condition Chloe was in.

Saki Soto

3 years ago

I love this place! Please choose them to care for your pet. They are the attentive and caring vet option in Pflugerville. My dog has a lot of issues and VCA has made it 1000 times easier to care for my pet.

David sivesind sr

3 years ago

I called them they told me that if I got down there before 5 I could get in with my dog I get there nobody will answer the phone the people out front just turn around and ignore you walk back in I'll never come to this place again

Brooke Grimes

3 years ago

Stay away! This place is horrible. I took my sick, old dog in and they mishandled him. They also gave me misinformation. I took him to Heart of Texas where they told me he most likely had cancer and his spine was injured (from this place being too rough). I had to put my poor boy down. Dr. Ramirez didn't think there was any cause for concern. He was wrong. Edit: This is months later when my aunt, who has been taking her dog here for years, could've had a situation just like mine. Her dog, Snuggles, went here for surgery. Everything was fine during and immediately after. However, a week later, he still didn't seem to be improving so they returned. VCA tested his urine and said nothing was wrong, but my aunt knew there was. She insisted they cultured his urine. The clerk said that was unnecessary and a waste of money. My aunt wasn't taking no for an answer and eventually they agreed to culture it. When the results came back, he had two infections. Thankfully, with my aunts persistence, her dog is doing well now. This place is not where you want to take your senior dog. They obviously can't tell the difference between a sick dog and a well one.

Chris Dunn

3 years ago

We love this hospital, the people have always been great and taken care of us and our dogs. They were the best even in the toughest of times. Would recommend them to anyone and Dr. Minor has taken great care of our pets.

Chris McGatha

3 years ago

I have taken my pets to Dr. Weaver at Hometown Animal Care for more than ten years. He is intelligent and compassionate, two characteristics that place him above the rest. In our recent yearly checkup he found a small, pea-sized mass that he quickly diagnosed as being a mast cell tumor. He did a quick biopsy and offered to show me the results on a slide under the microscope. I am a retired OR RN and always interested in the minute details of my pets' health and treatment. He removed the lesion the following week and while doing so, found another mass nearby the first. He also removed that and for no additional charge! When congestive heart failure finally got my elderly Anatolian Shepherd, Dr. Weaver made time in his busy schedule to euthanize her. The staff as well as he was exceptionally compassionate throughout the procedure. They gave us plenty of time to spend with her. When I rescued a pittie mix from our local shelter he did her first check-up at no charge. The vet techs are all friendly and demonstrate kindness and caring toward our pets, completing the ideal atmosphere for animal care. Unfortunately, I must amend my review. Ever since VCA took Hometown over, the entire practice has declined. The staff are mostly surly & I had serious issues with one of the vets. Mind you, I had taken my pets there for over 15 years. Fortunately, Dr. David Weaver left this place to join Dr. Richard Walden at Northwest Austin Veterinary Clinic on Jollyville Rd. He also has vet techs Miss Edna & Miss Tanya with him again! A well-oiled team! Highly recommend you do the same, many of Dr. Weaver's clients have followed him.

Christa Church

3 years ago

Very friendly staff! They were able to handle my very skittish cat without me being there. Due to COVID-19 only the pets are entering the facility, and communication is through phone calls while you wait in your car. A very pleasant experience!

Cody Myhre

3 years ago

The staff was super friendly and helpful and the doctors were great!


3 years ago

End of the day, appointment was quick.

Tanya Ross

3 years ago

We have been vet patients of Dr. Minor here at Hometown for many years. We always receive excellent service from her and her staff. Thank you Hometown Animal Hospital for your service to the Pflugerville and surrounding communities!

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