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Courtney Rivers

2 years ago

We took our dog, Ronan, to Christie for a board and train several months ago, and we had a wonderful experience with her. He's since stayed with her to board while we traveled several times, and it's always been great. Ronan has had major problems with reactivity and aggression towards people and dogs since puberty. After years of training with various trainers and methods, we tried Christie and Ronan can now we can walk Ronan through a park without him blowing up at anyone. It is an incredible difference. If your dog is reactive, give Christie a shot. It could literally change your life and your dog's as well. Her facility is gorgeous, her kennel techs are friendly and kind, and Ronan is genuinely happy to see them when we get there. If that's not the best recommendation, then I don't know what is.

Lauren Underhill

2 years ago

I found Christie after we got an Australian Shepard puppy and foolishy thought our older Red Heeler would adjust without much intervention. Spoiler alert: She hated the puppy and bit him in the first week - I realized I was in over my head and decided to get help. Fast forward to now, we've got two well-adjusted and socially neutral dogs. Our older red heeler can actually be walked without dragging us around, being aggressive to other dogs and while she still doesn't LOVE the puppy, we have a happy and calm household without any issues between the two dogs. On top of that, our puppy is now a well trained 1 year old. Without Christie's help and knowledge, even if we didn't have to rehome our aussie because of our heeler's aggression toward him, I know FOR SURE it would be complete chaos in the house lacking boundaries without a real way to communicate our expectations to our dogs. I am so so grateful for Christie's work. She's the real deal, is extremely clear in her expectations and gives you the tools and knowledge to help whatever issues you may be having. Truly, if Christie's training doesn't work for you, it's because YOU didn't put in the effort and follow her instructions.

Kathleen Carter

2 years ago

Christie is amazing. We adopted a dog from a shelter who was highly reactive to people and other dogs but very sweet to us. We were concerned that someone would get bitten if we didn’t fix this. After 2 trainers said he may never be able to be around people or dogs, we found Christie. We just finished the 7- week basic obedience class and I can’t believe this is the same dog. We can walk him around people and dogs and he is totally fine. What a blessing! I highly recommend her for anyone who needs training. As long as you follow her directions and practice every week, you will have a happy, well-behaved dog.

Misha Lee

2 years ago

We are return clients to K9 Mastery. We have now trained 4 of our dogs with Christie. We have experienced a dramatic change in all of our dogs’ behaviors and grown in our own mindset as owners. We recommend K9 Mastery to owners who are committed and serious about consistently training their dogs.

Ellen Bleiweiss

2 years ago

Working with Christie has been life changing. When I started the basic obedience class, I thought my 10 month old pit bull puppy just needed to learn to walk in a heel. What I didn’t understand was how her reactivity and anxiety were preventing her from effectively being able to do this. We used so many other training approaches and were struggling so much I would be in tears by the end of a 15 minute walk. My dog was so reactive, she would lose her mind at the site of other dogs, people, squirrels, or even cars driving by. At that time 15 minutes was the most I could handle with her before feeling defeated and after months, we were making no progress. She was such a stubborn leash puller I thought she was doomed to a life at home and wouldn’t be able to join us on outdoor adventures or neighborhood walks. Then we started basic obedience with Christie and after ONE lesson, my puppy was able to walk on a loose leash. We aren’t even finished with basic training yet and I feel compelled to share how life changing this program is. I will forever be grateful to Christie for giving me the skills and tools to train my dog so she can live her best dog life. Just yesterday, a squirrel ran across our fence line and right in front of my puppy and she maintained a down-stay position because I asked her to and she has the skills to be able to do that now.

Stephanie O'Neal

3 years ago

When James got Rocket as a five month old puppy, she had not had any training. She is bred to be a working cow dog and she is very high energy. In just a month at K9 Mastery, Rocket learned all of her leash commands and is like a different dog! She is so smart and with this training she is ready for her working cow dog training. You will be so pleased with the results!

Sarah Elizabeth Gibson

3 years ago

Love it! Christie is the best and really knows what she's doing!

Ramona von Leden

3 years ago

My experience with K9 Mastery has completed changed my relationship with my dog for the better. I had recently adopted Peter when he started developing serious resource guarding issues and reactivity to other dogs that I had never dealt with before, and I was recommended to K9 Mastery. From the start, Christie was responsive, thorough, and confident that we could work through Peter's behavioral issues. We have now completed both the basic obedience course, and are most of the way through the intermediate. Peter no longer resource guards (and if he ever does I know how to get it under control), and he can socialize well with other dogs. He also knows all the basic commands (sit, down, stay, heel, come), and can safely go on long off leash walks (sits, stays, recalls from afar). In the time we have been working with Christie, I have learned a ton about communicating with my dog in a way that he understands to be a good owner, as well as how to approach any new issues that makes come up. Properly training your dog is HARD WORK and truly takes commitment, but the reward is incredible. Throughout training, Peter has had moments of great progress, and some moments of backsliding, but Christie was always a phone call or email away to brainstorm and figure out how to handle anything. I have always felt supported through the process, and confident in any approach we are taking. I would take any dog to K9 Mastery for training - Christie has a very special way with the dogs and really understands and wants the best for everyone. This training program is not for someone who wants to casually train their dog or teach them to do tricks. Signing up to train with K9 Mastery means you are committing to yourself and your dog. It's going to take a lot of time and work, but the results are so very worth it.

Peter van Aller

3 years ago

Fear. That sums up K9 mastery in my book. We took our 9 week old puppy to their obedience training. We were told to purchase a prong collar, a 6ft leash and sign their multi page disclaimer, which included a reference to physical …

Krysha Bearden

3 years ago

Christie is absolutely amazing. We had a very aggressive dog that was aggressive towards other dogs. It became an OVERWHELMING issue and we couldn't handle it anymore. We had been looking and asking many people for different options and came across Christie. We had already been through training at another place and it worked for a little bit but wasn't a noticeable change. Christie was our last option- we ended up doing the board and train for 30 days. Hardest part was leaving my dog for 30 days! After the 30 days we went to pick up our dog- Winston. To say he was a different dog was an understatement. The amount of changes in the short time she had him was AMAZING. We now have a dog that we are still working with but we can actually take him on a walk without him wanting to attack other dogs. He ignores them and only focuses on us. I couldn't recommend her enough and I am excited for the future classes that we are taking with both of our dogs. Thank you!

Kimberly Daly

3 years ago

Mojo's 1st Training Day 08-01-20

Erin McAdams

3 years ago

We sent our first dog to board and train at Christie's 4 years ago, and she literally saved our dog's (a rescued pit bull) life with the behavior training she instilled. We just picked up our second dog (another pit bull rescue) from a month at board and train, and once again, Christie has proved what a brilliant trainer she is. Ruth (our second dog) is now an expert at heel walking, sits and down stays, and recalls. She is infinitely better at walking on leash, and her overall demeanor is much calmer and more confident. My husband and I appreciated how much time Christie spent with us when we went to pick up Ruth, making sure we understood the exercises and techniques to work with Ruth at home. Christie clearly cares a tremendous amount about all the dogs she trains, and she is invested in their continued success--always happy to answer any questions we may have via email. We drive an hour and a half one way to get to Christie's ranch every time we go. It is totally worth the drive and every penny of the investment in our precious fur babies. Thanks as always, Christie!

Crystal Lute

4 years ago

Christie and Ryan are extremely nice and caring, especially when it comes to animals. My GSD can be a handful sometimes, but they handle him with ease and he comes home worn out from all the fun. Their land is beautiful and has plenty of room for adventures while boarding. The staff does a wonderful job making sure he has his eye medication as prescribed. I am so thankful we found K9 Mastery!

Shani S

4 years ago

K-9 Mastery is the only place we leave Bhuja. They are amazing with him and we know he’s in a safe place. Thanks for putting our mind at ease, K-9 Mastery!

Maya Olic

4 years ago

My little Jackie could not be more excited to spend a weekend at K9 Mastery! She probably liked it more then her home, as she has so much space to run and play, and got groomed afterwards, so both she and I were very happy:) Such an amazing place and so comfortable kennels, I think I could book it for myself LOL

Callie Smith

4 years ago

I boarded my dog at K9 Mastery and I was extremely pleased with the facility, Christie one of the owners and the services they provided! I highly recommend their services!

Danya Weinheimer

4 years ago

K9 Mastery and Christie are everything my husband and I prayed for when our 2 year old dog mix started showing behaviors. Our dog had been struggling with high anxiety and aggression for about a year. We had tried other trainers and left …

Frances Finley

4 years ago

Christie is great and I feel comfortable leaving my pups in her care. The training made an incredible difference and I definitely recommend the 30 day program.

Gino Troy

4 years ago

Christie knows her dog training extremely well and helped out our dog immensely for the time she had him. We definitely recommend her and will use her in the future. Thanks so much.

Heather P

4 years ago

Although it's an hour drive for me to K9 Mastery in Bastrop, I still chose this particular boarding facility for my two old fur babies for a few reasons: #1.) I loved that there were options for the type of environment in which they'd be …


4 years ago

I placed my two girls with Christie for her board and train program. Let me tell you... she is fabulous! I knew I wanted to place them there after talking to her on the phone for only a few minutes. The knowledge she has about dogs and the different breeds made me feel so comfortable. She is so kind and stays in communication with you while the pups are gone. I 100% recommend her!

Julie Gomez

4 years ago

Christie is extremely knowledgeable and patient. You can tell she has a genuine care and understanding for dogs. She goes the extra mile in making sure to answer your questions, often staying later after the class has been dismissed to offer additional guidance. It's been a joy training with her. I would recommend her to any person who is having issues with their dog, or wants to work toward a more obedient pup.

Kevin Colten

4 years ago

Christie and K9 master are absolutely great. You will not find a place of more knowledge about training and behavior for your pup. They have truly worked miracles.

Kristen Walker

4 years ago

Our very social, 16 month old Doberman, Jax, came to us when he was 8 months old. He didn't have formal on-leash training, and while he did make progress, we needed some help getting him to the point where we could trust him not to pull and follow our commands. Our big baby, is 100 pounds, so it was imperative for us to be able to trust him to listen while we were on walks and in public. We heard about K9 Mastery, and watched all of the videos on the website, and we were very impressed. My husband and I knew that Jax would benefit from the formal training, and decided to send him to the Board and Train Program. He is about a month post training, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Jax's listening skills during our walks and outings are excellent, and strangers often comment to me on what a good dog we have. We can't thank Christie enough for all of her hard work, and we plan on sending him in the near future for the next phase of training. If you are looking for someone to train your dog; I highly recommend K9 Mastery to your training needs.

lisa roth

4 years ago

Christie saved our Little Dukes life. She is amazing with the dogs. K9 mastery is the very best place to board your dogs! They are safe and very loved!

M Huffman

4 years ago

We drive waaaayyy out of our way to kennel our Brodie here!

Nancy Melnick

4 years ago

I can’t even express how happy I am with my dog’s board in training with Christie. She really understands the mindset of each dog she trains, and knows how to reach each one. I am forever grateful for what she taught my dog, and what she taught me, so I can handle him. I certainly have a new and improved version of this dog that I love.

stephanie tilley

5 years ago

Will never go anywhere else for training. She literally saves lives. She helped my Weimaraner Jubilee so much that we went back for the intermediate and advanced. Went initially for fear/aggression and were blown away our first lesson. See …

Sheila Jones

5 years ago

We have only had one lesson, but what a difference already. I can walk my GSD on a leash now, without pulling or going after other animals. I can't wait for our next lesson

Myresa “Mitza” Hurst

5 years ago

Excellent facilities and staff. Couldn't ask for a better experience!

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