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Lauren Kerley

2 years ago

My dog Pepper has been going to DogJoy for about 8 months. She loves going and always sits and waits at the garage door on daycamp days. She has gone through both the Good Manners and Sublime manners class and I am amazed at the skills she has learned. Her first day at Good Manners was a struggle (reacting to other dogs, barking, whining, etc.) and at her last class at Sublime manners, she was able to lay nicely on her place bed and be calm in a distracting environment and mostly focus on me. She was looking for guidance on where/when/how to move about the room and I learned the skills to help her from attending DogJoy classes. It is amazing to see the difference in her. The staff at DogJoy will not give up on you or your dog and are always so willing to work with you. Pepper was being a turkey at daycamp and the owner Briana let me know and gave me wonderful advice on how to work with her and make sure she is successful at daycamp and at home. I have had the pleasure of speaking to other DogJoy parents and some have been working with DogJoy for years and it shows how invested they are in making a difference in a dog’s/owner’s life. Both Briana and Laci are wonderful trainers and have helped Pepper in more ways than I am sure I even know about. I know the behind scenes staff also take great care of her. Tatiana is always a pleasure to speak to and is so helpful, kind, and patient with clients. I appreciate her warm greetings every time I come to pick up/drop off Pepper. I am thankful to everyone who is helping me learn how to train her and help her be successful in this human world!

Richard Montgomery

2 years ago

I couldn't ask for a better place to take my dog for boarding or training. When I got a tour of the facility it happened to be at a time they were releasing several dogs to the play yards. I was amazed as all the dogs left there kennels and played together in the center of the barn until the young lady releasing them had finished and headed to the door leading outside. She stood there and waited, all the dogs came running to her and sat waiting to be released. They see themselves as a training facility first and a boarding facility second. They always expect good manners. I knew right away I need this for my pup, to be at a place that wasn't just about play until they are exhausted, but reenforced good play and good manners. I could go on and on about how happy I am that we have found Dog Joy, but to see how much the staff there loves all the pups in their care I think says it all. Thank you Dog Joy for love my Little Terror as much as I do.

Lainie Lamb

2 years ago

The training and the trainers at this facility deserve 5 stars, but I am only giving 3 because of front desk staff and the waitlist scenario. I paid $3530 for 43 days of training. You can look at it like $3530 for a little over a month of true training time. That is a lot of money for most folks. One of the receptionists was wonderful and very friendly/pleasant, but the other one was rude and did not know how to properly speak to a customer. Not only did I witness her being rude to other customers while I was waiting in line, she was condescending and short when engaged in conflict resolution with me on two separate occasions. My biggest complaint is this though- let me begin by saying the entire reason I had my dog in day school was to socialize him and make him polite around other dogs and people. When my dog was finishing day school, the trainer told me if I wanted to put him in day camp there it would be in his best interest to do so right away so he does not lose any of his training and socialization around other dogs. Which I agreed with whole heartedly. Then I try to get him in day camp and am told that there is a waitlist and he would not be able to start right away. I have been waiting for weeks and weeks and basically at this point feel it has set my dog back. This frustrates me to no end. I think people that invested in the school and spent that kind of money should maybe get some priority on the waitlist. We should come before people that have not. Plain and simple. They tell you on repeat that "consistency is key to a well trained dog" and they do not want you to miss a single day of training and act like it is the end of the world if you have to , threatening even to boot you out of school. But then they contradict their own philosophy with this waitlist and "maybe we can get him in again at some point". NO true concern for what is best for the dogs invested in - just get at the bottom of the list. So now I am having to interview at other competitors this week to try and get my dog in someplace else. This is a major disappointment .

Deborah Jones

3 years ago

Briana gave us much needed insight to our dogs' behavior. Recommend Dog Joy

Jim Borel

3 years ago

Had a tour of the facility very nicely designed, immaculate, well appointed and awesome staff. I was so impressed I will be signing our 8 month old golden puppy up for boarding school.

Vanessa Taylor

3 years ago

The knowledgeable staff is amazing

Tessa Weinberg

3 years ago

It’s been amazing seeing my puppy who was shy and scared on his first puppy class gain confidence through the positive and enriching environment in the classes we’ve done. He gets excited every time we get in the car and start heading towards DogJoy. The trainers here have always been positive and kind and give really detailed explanations as to how a dog thinks and the best way to encourage the behaviors you want to see.

Marcus Johnson

3 years ago

My dog loves going here and has a great time every time. We have boarded our dog twice and again great experience. Recommend getting the VIP package and letting your dog swim. My dog does come home with stickers and it's fur but not that bad.

Jocelyn Kay

3 years ago

I have a very sweet 55lb pitbull. I rescued her from the streets (she was clearly abandoned). Being from the streets she had a background I was completely unaware of. She showed lots of aggressive behaviors (later found out she was bred with dog fighting dogs) when it came to strangers in our home, towards people when they got to close to me, or being aggressive towards anyone that was skeptical of her. She was also EXTREMELY aggressive toward other animals. I had tried to take her to several places to help with her obedience which it only ever helped to an extent. After 2 years of having my dog, Apolla, I got in a relationship and we moved in together and her aggressive behaviors went through the roof. We both decided we had to get her specialized treatment ASAP. I live out in California (my family in Austin). I looked at many dog training professionals with some specialties on working with aggressive dogs (in Cali). Most people I talked to definitely gave me a sales pitch and were promising me things, that I later found out, that we’re unrealistic expectations of my dog. I was losing hope, and didn’t wanna waste tons of money on training that wasn’t going to give me real results. Later, my mom had a family friend that has trained dogs all her life, but couldn’t take on my pittie at the time but pointed me in the direction of DogJoy. I reached out and had a conversation about my pittie, and decided I wanted to drive her out there for a consultation (This was the first place to see my dog before saying what were possible behaviors I could expect out of my dog, which to me was a green flag). She met my dog Apolla and gave me a run down and told me what I could expect out of training, and the place it self seemed like a very positive environment with a very eager trainer (Briana) to work with her. This was the first place that was real with me and did not give me a sales pitch. They take pride in what they do here and want do to everything in their power to get you those results. Apolla ended up staying for about 30 days. She had a lot of trouble in the first two weeks of the program, but she was never given up on. Everyone was on top of communication with me, her progress, sending me a drop box file with videos or her training, and things to reference upon taking her home. By the end of the program she seemed like a different dog. We still had to retrain her at home to be used to the expectations that were set at DogJoy. It’s been close to two months since Apolla had come home and I am over the moon with how different she is. She isn’t perfect and somethings will take a little longer than a couple months to work out, but the fact that I can see SO many changes is so motivating. She is the lovable, playful, cuddly sweet dog I always knew she was. Thank you DogJoy and Briana especially, for dedicating yourself to bringing out the best in my dog, and others. It’s well worth the investment, and I’d recommend this place to anyone who was inquiring about any sort of dog training. Your dog will be loved, taken care of and come out an overall better dog.

Evelyn D

3 years ago

Always a joy for my pups to be at Dog Joy! Everyone there is so helpful and caring, plus always available to help. My dogs really enjoy it there and come back all fulfilled, happy and tired. :)

Erin Dente

3 years ago

The best! Everyone at DogJoy loves and cares for our Abby-dog like their own.

Diana Kimbrough

3 years ago

This place was amazing. I reached out to them because my dog was dying and we wanted to let her get to swim one last time. She had surgery to remove her kidney and it was a very, very aggressive form of cancer and not much time left, despite being young. She didn't like other dogs and was very sick, so I wanted her to swim somewhere clean with no other dogs around. I called and they explained the pool was for members only, but when I explained the situation they were flexible . Dog Joy Ranch helped us set up essentially a "Make A Wish" day for her where she got to spend hours swimming and playing fetch while she still felt good. We all had a great time and a really wonderful day. The pool facility was fantastic and everyone was super friendly and caring. We had to say goodbye to our dog about a month after our swim day, but it was a really great experience and a memory we will cherish forever.

Anna Watkins

3 years ago

We take our 4mo old puppy here for training. They are great; we think very highly of everyone here, especially Laci.

Jill Paluch

4 years ago

We love Dog Joy and our dog loves it too! We’ve boarded our dog here and taken the good manners class. The class was very useful and we want to take more classes!

Aerianne J

4 years ago

They truly care about my dog and their customer service is top notch.

Big Boss F150 Kam

4 years ago

My 2 time around and it's the BEST Place you could ever take your Pet to and the Pet will have a GREATER TIME, it's wonderful for both....

Brad Updegraff

4 years ago

This company and it's owner have been such a blessing to my family and my shepherd mix Buddy. My dog came to us from a rough past and was in complete fear of anyone not names mom and dad. We spent several months training with Briana directly and he has become a respectful and confident dog that is much more comfortable with people in his home. Each time we visit for a boarding visit or camp, he makes gains on his outside the house confidence and it is all due to the care he gets from everyone that works in this place. Side note, when my eldest dog passed recently, Dogjoy sent us a card signed by the whole staff each one with a note about their experience with him. I couldn't ask for a better partner in caring for my boy! Thank you so much.

Chelsey Duffy

4 years ago

We have only tried daycare here but loved it! Our dog will definitely be looking forward to his boarding stay next month

Clara Heimsath

4 years ago

Awesome dog day care and boarding!! Best place we have gone in Austin - Our pup loves it here!!!!

Courtney Ford

4 years ago

You know it’s an amazing place when your dog knows the words “wanna go to DogJoy” and goes crazy! I can’t say enough positive things about this place. The staff do a tremendous job at making me and my pup welcomed, the splash park is the perfect place to cool off and my pup getting to socialize with other dogs in a healthy environment is so important!! We feel spoiled!

Doyle Johnson

4 years ago

Some people you just CAN’T satisfy no matter what, This facility is built with the dog in mind. Ask the dogs how they feel, look at their attitudes after they finish the day there. Happy People make Happy Dogs. LOVE the Place!

Ella Emma

4 years ago

Great people, great service. They are amazing with animals.

Hillary England

4 years ago

This is a LONG overdue 5 star review for Briana and her entire team. Our pup Rupert has been a DogJoy day camp regular pretty much since Briana opened her doors. We've also taken him to group training classes and are currently attending off-leash social studies class. We've also boarded Rupy at DogJoy. And we have splashed away many a warm Saturday afternoon in the pup pool ... Translation? We've got tons of first-hand experience with Briana and her top-notch team and we absolutely love them! Why do we love DogJoy so much? #1. It is crystal clear that Rupert and the other dogs are their top priority. #2. Safety, wellness, affection, structure and fun - we know this is what Rupert gets every time he is at DogJoy. #3. Learning how to be a more effective pup parent. When Rupert started exhibiting some reactivity, Briana and her team didn't turn away from us, instead they helped us understand how to help our pup. We've learned so much about Rupert - and ourselves - through the off-leash social studies class - highly recommend it!! Plus it's really fun. #4. Community. We don't see DogJoy as a "place we take our dog." We see DogJoy as a caring community of top-notch professionals, other dog moms and dads who are truly invested in their pets' well-being, and most important of all, the most wonderful joyful pups in all of Central Texas! We ❤ DogJoy!

Jessy Riley

4 years ago

Finally was about to take my dog for an eval to be able to use their facility. The staff is amazing and give so much feedback on your dogs behavior and will definitely be coming back!

Kenric Smith

4 years ago

Great pool for the dogs! Lots of open space also, but my dog really enjoys the pool. Staff is very good with the dogs.

Margaret Mitchell

4 years ago

Brianna and her entire staff are awesome. They remember Arrow and he loves to be there and see the team. I boarded Arrow for 10 days in August and as part of their normal interactions to reinforce good manners they broke his bad habit of attacking the towel when he was being dried off after a bath or pool time. It was cute for a 20 lb puppy but not for a 75 lb dog. I didn't ask them to work on that, it's just part of their fantastic work with dogs. I highly recommend DogJoy to all my friends with dogs.


4 years ago

DogJoy has been such a blessing for our little family. Before we brought our little boxer puppy home, we did our homework and understood that this breed could be stubborn, have endless energy, and grow to be a 70 pound ball of muscle. Our goal with Chenko is to have a kind & well behaved member of the family who plays well with others, behaves well in all different types of environments, and is just a joy to be around. We are so glad that we found Briana and DogJoy. They have made ALL of the difference for us. We loved Briana’s approach from the very first day. Your first time at DogJoy is an evaluation day. After dropping Chenko off in the morning, we received his report card in the afternoon. The team at DogJoy got to know him and let us know how they could help. Chenko & I went through Good Manners 1 & Good Manners 2. With the help of Briana, Laci, & Jackee we were able to learn from each other. Even though Chenko was always just so excited “go to school” You quickly realize that it’s just as important for you as the owner to learn how to understand your dog and how to best with work with him. At the end of Good Manners 2, going through the CKC test it was such an awesome feeling to see Chenko really focused on doing it right & passing every step of the test. We also took Off-Leash social studies class and learned how to interact with and around other dogs and in all different types of situations. With each class, and with each day at DayCamp, good manners & the right behaviors are reinforced. If he has an off day, the team shares their concern and we work to fix it. You can tell Briana & team really want each and every dog that comes to DogJoy to be the best little version of themselves. It takes a village… Thank you so much to Briana, Laci, Jackee, & Tatiana. As I write this review, Chenko is at DayCamp and I’m secretly thrilled to know that tonight, he will be completely exhausted from playing with his friends (doggo and human). A tired Chenko, is a very good Chenko.

samantha cohen

4 years ago

This facility is run beautifully and they truly care about each and every dog. The first time they met my baby Luna they have remembered her every time I have walked in the door. They give me a summary of how she did and Luna comes home happy and played out. If you are busy or you just love treating your dog to a good time this is the place to be!

J V (Voss)

4 years ago

Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. It is all about the dogs and making them as happy as possible.

Jessica Zucknick

5 years ago

My lab started going to DogJoy at 5 months old for training. When we realized they had Doggy Day Camp & Boarding, we were overjoyed! The staff truly love what they do, and Breanna (owner & trainer) is awesome. She has always been willing to answer any of our questions when we had them. We now send our lab to Day Camp twice a week, and it is the best money ever spent! Once we turn onto the street DogJoy sits on, she starts getting excited in the car - it's the cutest. Makes dropping her off for Day Camp or Boarding a little easier. The fact she gets to have fun throughout the day, be social with other dogs and then comes home to sleep the rest of the evening is even more worth it. :)

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