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Windy Conwill

2 years ago

Thank you to Banfield Pet Hospital in Pasadena for making a horrible experience bearable. Thank you for giving me a paw print to remember my Gus Gus by. He was the Best. Cat. Ever.

Diandra Hurd

2 years ago

This is my second time coming here to take Loki for his check-up (his previous owner seemed to not take care of him too well) and Loki absolutely loves it here! I understand they're very busy with other clients. There were 5 other pet parents checking in the last time I dropped Loki off! My fur child has terrible anxiety and hates to be separated but he happily walks back with the vet techs and gets so much love and attention from them! Thank you for loving my energetic German Shepherd! I apologize in advance if you've been near us in the waiting area! He is a big cry baby!

Neyvi Servin

2 years ago

If I could have left 0 stars I definitely would have. Yesterday, I had a horrible experience with them, my baby became very lethargic on Thursday night and we decided to take to the vet Friday morning. My partner was able to drop her off in the morning since I had school. They advised my partner that he had until 5:00 to accept blood work in order to get it done (which I understand) because of their closing time. My partner called back and was on hold for 30 minutes because they did not answer which put us after the time frame. When the vet Assistant/nurse answered she seemed very frustrated because I was asking a lot of questions and even said “the doctor explained this to the first person on the phone”. I understand we were being “indecisive” about what to get done but we just couldn’t think straight. Also, this was the first time that I was hearing anything, I was in school ALL DAY. By the time they told us that over the phone we had already arrived to banfield to talk to them. We had not even had the chance to inquire about the blood work until I talked to the front staff and asked if we could get it done. I’m assuming she let the vet assistant know because the first thing she said when she came out was “We can’t do the blood work you took too long” she also explained what happened and completely cut us off and didn’t even let us explain why it took so long for us to Say yes. She also was bopping her head and had a HORRIBLE ATTITUDE. She claimed that they were really booked up and busy that they couldn’t fit my dog in for the blood work. I understand what it is like to be busy and tired from working all day but this was not how you treat a costumer she really had me for a loss of words.. I’ve never felt more disrespected by someone body language and language itself. We also said we wanted to continue with the prescription and made a really horrible remark basically saying ohh you want to change your mind on that too?? She then tried to discourage us by saying the doctor is busy and you will have to wait. I replied back and said “that is totally. Fine”. By this point I was beyond frustrated and upset. She decided to switch with a co-worker and they ended providing us service for the rest of the time. We had to end up going to the emergency room and so spent 10x more than we would have at banfield. Also, we contacted our local vet richey animal clinic the next morning and they even fit us in after hours without hesitation while a place we have been with since our dog was a couple months old wouldn’t run some blood test. THIS PLACE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR ANIMALS ONCE ITS CLOSE TIME,ITS CLOSE TIME!!!

Netzer Hernandez

2 years ago

I have been extremely patient with them, however enough is enough. I have been trying to get in touch with someone for the past hour and have had no answer! All I wanted was to confirm my appointment since it's pretty often that I get turned around because they had a "System Issue" and were not able to see my appointment. 22 Times I have called! Do not even bother to pick up the phone and ask for me to wait. Several times they picked up and hung up the phone! I pay around $120 Monthly and get this kind of service?? HAHA not for much longer.

Irene Rivera

2 years ago

Horrible place. Almost anywhere would be better than this, the wellness plan is awful, a waste of money, and really hard to get out of. I have went there two times and both of those times it took way too long. 7 hours just for a couple of vaccines? They never notified me when our pet was ready to pick up, I went there today to get my cat neutered. I had a scheduled appointment, they sent an email to me with confirmation of what was going to happen during that appointment, and when I came to pick my pet up, they didn’t even neuter him. They gave him 2 vaccines instead of what the paper that I signed for said. None of the workers knew what they were doing and they are extremely unprofessional. Please do not go here for your own sake, it will leave you with an immense amount of stress and regret.


2 years ago

Love the care and attention they give my cats. Dr. Ulrich is the best

Annette Morley

2 years ago

Amazing to work with. Thank you all for helping us get the EU Health Certificate for our Penny.

Life Of Miah

2 years ago

The ladies here are the best!! My Jaxx Maxx just loves coming..

Sammye Darling

2 years ago

In addition to hundreds of dollars of extra charges I was not prepared for after calling ahead, I was not told that I would have to wait “3 days” to hear back about results from an x ray beforehand. My appointment was Monday and it is now Saturday and no word. I left a voicemail and am unsatisfied with this vet. It was more expensive than a private practice as well. Just all around this was not a great experience. I understand COVID precautions but I also feel I should’ve been told it is a drop off appointment and that I’d have more charges.

Sandra Trevino

2 years ago

Always have a great experience!

Raygina Bryant

3 years ago

I counted on this location to check my pet out since the one I normally go to on Wallisville didn’t have any appointments available. I was literally about to give my puppy some meds they gave me when I noticed one of the meds was prescribed to a 65lbs dog named Daisy. My Bentley is only 20lbs. Who knows what could of happened. I’ve unfortunately lost trust in this location because of the uncertainty if I have my pups meds with the wrong label, or if they are not his at all. Staff was very friendly. But I don’t like this mix up at all.

Lucia Gonzalez

3 years ago

Very unprofessional! I took my dog for a last time to this clinic as a drop off on May 16 because there were no appointment available any sooner. He had got into a situation and needed to be examined. He was scheduled for a wellness exam on May 30. All I wanted was for them to examine the issue and treat him for that only. But because he was on the wellness plan and he was there they brought it upon themselves to make the decision to go ahead and do his well exam too. We didn't get a call or nothing to get our consent. I was very unhappy about this because he was not well and for sure caused him some discomfort. I confronted one of the girls about it when I picked him up and her response was "I can assure you he didn't feel no discomfort as it was quick". I was very displeased with how everything was handled. They wanted to charge an outrageous price for MRI and X-rays. I took him elsewhere with a more reasonable price. They informed us this whole time he had a broken/fractured pelvis. We were given the options to have him on meds with rest time to heal or euthanasia. On May 21 after a few days of nurturing him with the hope that with time and with the proper medications he could possibly heal he became worse. Unfortunately, I had to do the call to Banfield with the hope to have him seen immediately. He was having symptoms of vomiting, shortness of breath, and non-stop blood in stool, and unfortunately stopped eating and drinking all on the this same day. I still get upset just by remembering that yet explaining that my dog was having all these symptom and literally dying they could not see him that day. So for a euthanasia appointment they were going to make my pet and I wait two more days. Yeah, you think an owner wants to keep their pet waiting that long in that condition when medication are no longer doing anything. It’s ridiculous I had to seek euthanasia services through an emergency clinic because Banfield fails to see owners pets cases as emergencies and rather have them wait days. We would pay monthly for his wellness plan and that is all they could do for us. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere they will not accommodate your pet that same day no matter the situation. Till this day I fully regret taking him as a drop off that day and wish I could’ve gone with him. Shame on those who decided it was fine doing all that while not being 100% sure of his current health condition that day and just assuming things. Would you still have done it knowing he was literally in bad shape and still tell me “ I can assure you he didn’t feel discomfort and it was quick”. Know that instead of helping him y’all possibly worsen his condition! Shame on you for not waiting till his scheduled date, unfortunately he didn’t even make it! Please do your pet a favor and go with them to their appointments don’t let Banfield make decisions for your pet when you can’t be there.

David G Brown

3 years ago

Nice people ready to help


3 years ago

No one in this office is helpful or knowledgeable. Save yourself time and money and avoid this vet. The wellness plan is a rip-off, and the front desk staff are rude. Even the customer service team over the phone were rude and unhelpful. Read the other negative reviews. Your experience will be no different.

Alex P.

3 years ago

Very friendly and helpful when bringing in my pet, plus great payment plans for your pets health. Highly recommend.

Hansel Mg

3 years ago

The coolest company to work for.

Harold DeLoach

3 years ago

These guys are always the best.

Jouberto Ernando

3 years ago

I don't trust this place anymore I've been paying for wellness care for a year more every time I needed to take an exam I had to pay. Vaccine delayed and they never called to warn I took it to vaccinate, they didn't want to do it because the plan was expiring blames another NY Banfild for making 2 wrong vaccines supposedly had the same vaccine within 2 months I wonder, what do I have with this? me and my pet are not to blame for their mistake. today my pet needs to get the vaccine and I will have to look elsewhere, and I paid this $ 114 month since mistake. Conclusion 1 star is still very I feel cheated Just headache I do not recommend to anyone.

Maira Baliana

3 years ago

I don't trust this place anymore I've been paying for wellness care for a year never warned me of a vaccine that was missing today 7/11/2020 I took my pet to vaccinate most unfortunately they didn't want to do that. because my plan expires on 9/11/2020 and for me to get the vaccine I would have to renew the plan. they told me that they had already had the vaccine in November (2019) and February this year. the vaccine is made every 6 months porque fizeram a msm vacina depois de 2 meses? si fizeram mesmo now i wonder if they did it, because nobody ever called me to tell them that the vicina was overdue. I came to know when my pet had an ear problem and took her to this place. even on this day I had to pay for all exams, I wonder until today paid 114 $ per month and even when you need to take the pet for exams did you have to pay? Conclusion I was disappointed I feel cheated

Millie Slavik

3 years ago

They treat my dog like family!

terry pimm

3 years ago

On the day in was there the people there were very sweet. On that I had to put my best friend down. They put us in a private room and gave me time to say goodbye. They told me everything that they were doing before it happened. God bless all who work there. After everything was done they gave me a few more minutes to spend with him. Thank you guys for everything you did. They are also very good with the pets and there owners. Highly recommended

Traci Zamarripa

3 years ago

I would like to thank all the staff of Pasadena Banfield for your compassion!!!!! Our beloved 10 year old dog, Winston, was diagnosed with Lymphoma about a month ago. He took a turn for the worse and we knew we could not let him suffer! We had to make the extremely hard decision to end his suffering. From the minute we entered into Banfield, the staff showed us the utmost respect and sympathy! They were patient with us and explained the process. The doctors were so compassionate. This was one of the hardest days for our family! A week later, my husband went to pick up Winston’s ashes. We were in awe of the beautiful urn and paw print keepsake. The staff all signed a sympathy card and showed my husband the same respect as we received the week before. Thank you so much Banfield for making this process a little easier for our family!

Dana Vandertie

4 years ago

Didn’t tell us following initial appointment for vaccinations that our cat had fleas. They just put it in their notes but didn’t tell us she needed flea treatment. Less than a month later she contracted tapeworms from ingesting fleas during grooming.

Duane Campbell

4 years ago

The staff is caring and knows my pet by her first name and mine as well. They offer flexible appointments Thru the drop off program I have had my pet with them for her entire life no matter where we were. The Wellness Program is top notch and offers a lot of. Incentive to have regular checkups and shots. The teeth cleaning alone is worth an entire years monthly payments as compared to other vets in the area. The follow up calls are nice to receive just in case of an issue. Two words “Top Notch”

Glans Von Schwanson

4 years ago

Took my dog in. Great prices, very friendly staff, plenty of parking.

Kristopher Pastrano

4 years ago

Brought my cat here for a wound he received while fighting another cat. The vet in attendance was very informative and helpful. The prices for the medication and appointment were good and my cat was admitted within 10 minutes of arriving. (Walk-in)

Mónica Falcón

4 years ago

The staff is very friendly and caring with the animals

Ryan Karjala

4 years ago

We are in town visiting and our dog needed a rewrap done. They were not interested in helping us. It sure is nice to feel welcome here.

vicki sue

5 years ago

Risky. They killed my parents dog and gave mine too many vaccinations t one time

Jessica Kundert

5 years ago

I have been taking my cat to Banfield for a couple of years now and I honestly don’t understand all of the negative reviews. They have always been very friendly and helpful. They have really good hours that work well with my schedule. It’s also a lot more affordable than private vet clinics are. My only problem with this location is it is sometimes hard to get ahold of someone when you have a question. But overall pretty good vet!

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