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jane Bell

a year ago

The best group of people on the earth. Everyone is so very nice and knowledgeable. I appreciate everything each one of them do. I couldn't ask for a better group of people I know my pets are well taken care of always thank you for ever you all do. And to the best vet I haver seen. Thank you Dr. Redding for everything God bless you all. On 1/10/22 I brought my puppy Faith in for Dr. Redding to evaluate. Faith has done beautifully under the doctor's care!!! I can not say enough great things about Dr. Redding and the staff . Faith is alive and healthy because of Dr. Redding taking her time to research the best treatment for her!! I would never take my dogs anywhere else. 10 star care. Dr. Redding always takes the time to explain everything to me and that is so appreciated Wonderful group of people and they all care about my puppy and myself.

Bullzeye 1000yds

a year ago

Doctors and Staff are the GREATEST! Dr. Samantha ( I'm teasing her) is very compassionate, caring not only for the pets, but also for the people who need her knowledge. My wife and I haven't met Dr. Redding yet, but will do so in 3-4 weeks. I will greatly miss Dr. Samantha Mallett. Thank you all for great work. My wife just got back, Jan. 10, '22, from a visit for Faith. Dr. Redding and her staff are STILL the best!!! My wife and I had to follow Dr. Redding's instructions "to the letter", and now, we can say that the Doc's research and treatment program were EXACTLY what saved our beautiful Shepherd mix. We cannot thank y'all enough. Mark and Jane.

Tammy Hawkins

a year ago

We had a very good experience with the vet. She did a good job with Cookie & they were very punctual. Tammy Hawkins

Rebecca Orchard

a year ago

I have been to this clinic multiple times. Dr. Redding is amazing! She listens to my concerns regarding my fur babies. If I have questions that Dr. Redding does not have an immediate answer for she will research until she finds answers. Regardless of the baby I take, she knows me as the parent of the baby that is not present. I could not ask for a better doctor for my fur babies. The tech is also amazing! She is patient and kind with fur babies and their human. Whenever I have gone into the clinic, the ladies in the lobby are smiling and polite. An awesome group of professionals.

Devin Mullen

a year ago

First of all….the best clinic to take your pets in Odessa, possibly west Texas. My German Shepherd, Bella, loved seeing Dr. Redding and her staff. The love and care her staff gives is bar none. Bella suffered from severe hip dysplasia. I put all of my trust in Dr. Redding and by doing that, I gained invaluable time with Bella. Dr. Redding always made time and we were never treated like a dollar sign. The clinic is about quality, not quantity. It’s difficult to read some of the reviews about the clinic and how they portray the staff. I promise you….if there is a negative review about the clinic or Dr. Redding it is because they were looking out for the overall health of the animal and the owners didn’t agree!

Beth Libson

2 years ago

We were seen on time and dealt with professionally. I felt like they were concerned about my dog’s best interest and worked hard to deliver excellent, caring service.

Jennifer Cohen

2 years ago

Love this clinic. Great staff & wonderful doctors.

Josh and Priscilla Bittler

2 years ago

They were fast at getting a new litter of puppies in. They were friendly and the visit was fast and a great price!

Clayton Seal

2 years ago

They treat your animals as if they are there own pets great staff and DR. Thanks

Jessie Wright

2 years ago

The veterinarian is absolutely horrible and will always push the most expensive treatment option and if u ask for anything else she will push to have the animal put down.

Mickee Abalos

2 years ago

I love this vet. People were telling me to go to otherbvets. But I am so happy I chose these guys. The make u & your pet feel like family. Very informative, thorough & professional when speaking to you about your pets health. Their care is genuine. The doc is unbelievably sweet and Rocco loves her! He loves all the gals there and they love him Thank you so much for an awesome experience everytime we go . Michelle & Rocco Guevarra❤

Janie Ortiz

2 years ago

Dr Redding & the techs are so nice & really care for the pets well being. I will never use another vet!

eduardo torres

2 years ago

Let me start by saying there should be a WARNING sign before entering this place, the staff becomes belligerent and unrefined the minute you start asking questions. I took my dog to get a procedure that needed anesthesia and I had asked about fees associated with this procedure. I was given a price initially and then more and more fees were tacked on, I told them I wanted the basic to get this done and I was told these were a “Must.” I then called to check on my dog and a girl Jackie answered and was immediately having an attitude and was extremely unprofessional. She then told me If I didn’t like what they were doing she could wake my dog up and I could take him somewhere else. This is supposed to be a pet “care” facility, obviously this girl has no clue what care or compassion is. As I became upset and started questioning her she then told me she was going to call the police because I was being obnoxious! The reason itself goes to show the lack of professionalism on her end. I highly doubt the veterinarian knows just how rude and unethical the front staff is towards clients because with that kind of demeanor, this business cannot prosper.

Charissa Briggs

2 years ago

It sounded like a child was answering the phones. I told her my dog was throwing up and had irritation on her bottom and she said that they couldn't get her in until the end of August. They obviously have so much business that they feel okay with turning away sick animals.

Elizabeth Paredes

2 years ago

Its clean and the front end staff are nice. If you just want to purchase treats, you shouldn't have to add your name as a client for a non medicine or specific diet item, that only adds you to their mailing list...a non client sale would have made the purchase.

Sally R

2 years ago

Only complaint would be the wait time; But understood.

Stacy Cruz

2 years ago

Love love Dr Reddy! Love love the manager Jackie! The staff goes above and beyond at all times! Also love love love Daniella from the other clinic they have as well!

Sarah Millwood

2 years ago

Took my old boxer they took great care of her! She was still in pain and Dr Redding took care of it! Only regret I have is not getting her in sooner! Love the staff as well!

Martin Cory

2 years ago

best place to take your pet. Little expensive but well worth it. They are professionals.

Malcolm X Anders

2 years ago

Very friendly and caring staff. Always so helpful

Jonathan Ortega

2 years ago

Alice and I were very happy with our visit and we hope to see you all again soon! Thanks for being so helpful.

Florencia Hinojos

2 years ago

My dog has been goin there for awhile and even though they are super busy the Dr. Was able to see my little guy and help resolve his issue....thank you very much

Faithful Forever

2 years ago

I came to this veterinary clinic today in the hopes of having them look at my kitten who had his paw chewed by a dog 2 months ago. The kitten had been taken to the emergency vet clinic locally in Odessa in mid September and he was hospitalized for ten days at that clinic. My kitten then had to have his bandage changed every week; however, the emergency vet clinic was always too busy to see him in the last few weeks. But the fact of the matter is that his paw is still not healed and it still requires care. When I took my kitten to the emergency vet clinic the last few weeks for a bandage change, it always took them hours to do it, mainly because my kitten was no longer an emergency. I'd have to leave the kitten there for hours at a time before they could even look at him. Not wanting to put my kitten through this anymore, I began to try to do the bandage change on my own. Today, while I was trying to remove the old bandage, I accidentally cut my kitten. I was very angry because I had done exactly what I didn't want to do and that was to further hurt the kitten. When I further injured the kitten today, I decided to try to get him set up to go to a local vet to do the bandage changes because obviously I could not do them on my own. So today I went to Grandview to see if they could see my kitten. And I did not have my kitten with me today because I had no intention or expectation whatsoever of having him seen the same day. ALL I wanted to do was schedule his next bandage change at a vet clinic other than the emergency vet clinic. Well the two women at the front desk at Grandview Veterinary Clinic were extremely UNhelpful and not the least bit sympathetic. They were so "caught up" in enforcing their so called "office policy" that it was clear that I had gone to the wrong place entirely. They told me that they couldn't possibly see my kitten unless he had a thorough examination first because that was their "policy." I told them that at the emergency vet clinic, two months ago, that my kitten had just been thoroughly examined and tested negative for feline AIDS, among other tests. I told them I had the paperwork from the local emergency vet clinic to support this and the paperwork with exam details was barely 2 months old. They weren't the least bit interested in anything I had to say and dismissed the paperwork when they hadn't even seen it! Why should I have to pay for an exam when a thorough one had just been done 2 months prior? ALL I wanted was a simple bandage change set up for the next time my kitten needed a bandage change. If any veterinary establishment has a "policy," that policy should put the animals and the wishes of the caretakers of those animals, the clinic's paying customers, first. I had the distinct impression that their "policy" was to protect their office staff and to make money for tests and exams that were NOT needed. Those two women were not only unhelpful; they were unsympathetic and treated me as if I was indigent, when I had already spent over a thousand dollars on the kitten! They didn't WANT to wait on me or have the least interest in doing what they could for my kitten. (And I might also add that they waited on a woman first who came in after me!) Well I have a newsflash for this veterinary clinic! It is people like me who pay their bills. And if Grandview Vet Clinic wants to run their clinic strictly like a business with an office "policy," then the first thing they need to learn with that "policy" is not to act so self righteous that they anger the paying customers into not wanting to go into the place at all! Just how long does Grandview Vet Clinic think they will remain in business with this attitude? And I WILL tell my friends not to go there either! These people who are in a business dealing with people and their pets have NO skills at dealing with either!!! I'd give them zero stars if I could. In response to the clinic's response to my review saying that they "strive to provide the best care for my furry friend;" they made no effort for me or my kitten.

Jay Angel

2 years ago

Best for my fur babies they are super friendly

Rocky & Sarah Rider

2 years ago

Everyone was amazing from the front staff to the assistant and Dr. Redding. I know my puppy is gonna be in great hands. I very happy we chose them. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants the best for the fur babies.

Thomas Avery

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, took good care of our dogs. Our pets even liked going there

Melinda Yzaguirre

2 years ago

I have taken all my current pets and my previous pets to Grandview vet for over 30 years. I am very pleased with Dr Redding, the current DVM. The last 2 visits we had were just vaccine visits. We were in and out of there in 30 min. I felt we were taken care of quickly and professionally. All my questions and concerns were answered. I recommend Grandview Vet to all my friends and family. They are very friendly and professional. It is also a clean facility. This is a good place to take your fur babies!!

nicki geer

2 years ago

As always, great visit. Always professional & proficient. Been going for 6 years now, always take their time & my dog is taken care of.


2 years ago

Took great care of my precious fur baby!

David Cory Enderby

2 years ago

The lady that I dealt with was very nice. Kindness makes a huge difference with me...

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