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Jeana Calvillo

2 years ago

When my 12 year old Maltepoo had urethra stones I was very worried about him going into surgery. The vet made a successful surgery. The vet and vet tech were very informative. They explained everything and kept me up to date. My maltepoo is recovering fine and I am very grateful.

Rian Bowes

2 years ago

Our friend referred us to this vet after months of watching our pet ferret suffer and our regular vet not doing anything helpful. He’d already endured blood draws, unrelated treatments, waiting weeks for lab results, very little communication and less empathy, and was getting worse by the day. I called cornerstone and they were able to see us the next day. The Vet took one look at our ferret and was able to identify what was wrong with just the physical exam and set us up with an appointment two days later for a simple implant procedure. We’d also already paid close to $700 at our previous vet without even addressing the right issue and at Cornerstone we paid a little over $300 for EVERYTHING. That also includes the vaccines that he was due for. Ferret adrenal issues are one of the most common issues that ferrets have and I was certain that that’s what we were dealing with. Our previous regular vet ignored my suggestions and seemed annoyed. Nobody would get back to me about lab results even though it had been weeks. Every employee at Cornerstone listened to my thoughts and worries and was beyond helpful. It took a few weeks for the implant to balance everything out, but John Cena the ferret is back to being able to walk correctly, play, eat properly, and has a full body of hair. He’s back to being his happy, healthy self. All of our pets will be switching over immediately. I’m so grateful to Cornerstone and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Veterinarian. They’re the best!

Brynn Engel

2 years ago

I came to Cornerstone two years ago with my first puppy and enrolled in their “puppy plan” because it was an affordable way to get my puppy shots and have her spayed. The experience was mediocre. The services were delivered and she is thankfully a healthy dog. However, I brought our second puppy there and again enrolled in the puppy plan last January (2021) and the experience has been quite different. Now, I acknowledge my dog had complex health problems, but I was not aware of them until they unfolded as she grew older. However I feel that Dr. Thomas has dealt with the situation extremely poorly. If your dog is healthy, the puppy plan will work well for you. If you happen to have unfortunately picked out a sick puppy, do NOT go to this vet. Because you can never know for sure if you’re going to end up with a healthy or sick puppy at the start, I urge you to avoid this place altogether. It’s worth the money to go elsewhere to have your needs met by a compassionate doctor to care for your pet. My sweet puppy started having seizures at 6 months old. Dr. Thomas is definitely not an expert in treating seizures and I understood that from the beginning but he refused to call our neurologist (which they suggested he do) for dosing advice before we could get in with them 3 weeks later for their first available appointment. Instead, we were told to go to their ER for them to deal with us because he would not help us. Two weeks after the first appointment with the neurologist, our puppy tragically passed away before her first birthday due to uncontrollable seizures and a VERY rapid decline in her health. I called Cornerstone to see about stopping the puppy plan for the two remaining months we still had (because I didn’t want to have to pay the monthly fee anymore for a dog that was sadly no longer living). I was told that I owe $600 for “services rendered” since the beginning of January (note: exam fees are free under the puppy plan and we had to make multiple visits for her various health problems). I was SHOCKED to hear that they had the audacity to charge me more money after my dog died when I had made my monthly payments every month (totaling $400 thus far) and she was never able to be spayed with all the health issues she had, which was the majority of the cost of the plan. Apparently they saw the situation as me “cancelling” the plan, so I would have to pay for all the exams that were free under the plan? I was not cancelling…my dog died. I truly could not believe it. I was told by the very kind receptionist that the doctor would call me to explain. When I spoke to Dr. Thomas, he wanted to argue about the charges. I was so upset at the lack of sympathy and empathy for our situation and that he would think money was more important than expressing concern for my puppy that passed and more important than keeping me as a customer (like I said, we have another dog). He was rude and insensitive on the phone and eventually agreed to “forgive” the “charges” even though I had paid every month up to that point and the spay was never completed. I think he was tired of me standing up for myself and just gave in. I am so disappointed by his lack of concern and compassion. He really did not seem to care at all about the passing of his patient, my baby, my family member, my child. He cared only about getting my money. Obviously this situation is (hopefully) not “typical” with a puppy dying before age 1, but Dr. Thomas showed his true colors today in his communication with me. I would never recommend this place to anyone ever. I understand that part of running a business is charging for services. I paid all of my bills and my puppy died. It’s not my fault he lost out on this one because of a policy HE created that he ended up not benefiting from in this rare case. Be warned that compassion and concern are not his top priority. This is not a reflection of his staff, but him and him alone. Be aware what you’re getting yourself into before you sign yourself up for a year of this stuff…

Kathy Ruffus

2 years ago

Our senior cat exhibited a problem that could not wait, on a Saturday morning, and our regular vet could not see her for 3 days. We called Cornerstone and they saw her within 2 hours. They found a serious problem that required immediate attention. They saved her life. We are continuing with Cornerstone because they were thorough, kind, thoughtful and reasonable. I have already given their name to my daughter for her dog.

Jax Chillin

2 years ago

my little furry friend is back to being his normal self thanks to these guys

Kelly Collins

2 years ago

We took Chloe in for ear issues. I would have thought they would have clean her ears and put the drops in on the visit. They gave the drops and cleaner to my husband and if I had not called I would have waiting until the next day to put drops in. Also they did not weigh her so the weight was wrong on the invoice. I know it sounds petty but I want to do the best for miss Chloe. Other than the above they are great and definitely go back.

Lindsey Bickley

2 years ago

Took my cat for chronic skin issues. Was able to get an appointment same day. Curb side service with very little wait time, which is what my very nervous cat needs. Very pleasant staff. Dr Thomas began a treatment plan and will review in 3 wks. He came to the car to explain everything. Highly recommend using this practice. We had a very pleasant experience all around.

Mark L. Casado

2 years ago

Helped my pet with a problem with her ear. Good price, nice people there.

Sarah Torres

2 years ago

Not impressed with boarding. Sarah from front desk is great. She is very informative and friendly .

Arturo Alvarado

2 years ago

I had the most amazing experience! The staff is so helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, and so professional. They were so understanding of my pets needs and handle him so well. I definitely found my place for all my pets needs and don’t need to go nowhere else.

Kathy Farr

2 years ago

Our dig has suffered with ear infections for years. One visit to Cornerstone and she has relief on the horizon. Kudos to this wonderful team.

Nancy Kendregan

2 years ago

I will not take my dog anywhere else. They treat him as it there own pet. Everyone is very professional.

Natalie “Natbrat”

2 years ago

Dr Thomas took great care of our little kitty and saved us from going to the Vet ER like our usual vet suggested. We will now be coming to Cornerstone full time!! Thank you Dr Thomas and staff!!

Sweet Posh

2 years ago

Great customer service, have been very happy trusting my ???? to Cornerstone ????

Carrie Jackson

2 years ago

They did a great job grooming our very fluffy cat. We had taken him to a cats-only groomer in Dallas for years, and they always fussed about his behavior and had us give him a pill before bringing him. Cornerstone took him unmedicated, and they said he did great! He was calm and content when I picked him up. We will be back!

Dakota Ford

2 years ago

We have been going to a vet close to us for quite a while. We went because it was close. But we had adopted a rescue dog who seemed very sick but they never really had a solution just to keep giving her more medicine, this became a weekly routine. My husband found Cornerstone Animal Hospital and I thought lets get a second opinion. Just from the phone call to setting up an appointment the experience was much better than our previous vet. They saw my dog and knew there was much more going on. They did an x-ray and found several things going on with her. I am so grateful I found them and only wish I had sooner. She is no longer in pain. I will now be taking all my fur babies to Cornerstone. -Laura

Jessica Ramirez

2 years ago

They handled my lab (Diamond) well. Glad I went. They are awesome!

ann arwood

2 years ago

Have just started visiting CAH with my Sophie and have confidence in their services, Dr. Thomas drained a cyst on her side which my previous vet had decided to leave for a future visit, great customer contact, very willing to make my dog comfortable, also answer all my questions.

Jamie Turley

2 years ago

The groomer Tony does an amazing job on my babies! I recently got a schnauzer and his schnauzer cut came out perfect! Always going here for grooming needs!

Cathy Harston

3 years ago

Fast friendly service with a follow up call the next day

Carl Reifle

3 years ago

CAH is my "go to" place for all animal care. They provide excellent, comprehensive, small animal veterinary care. They also have very good and reasonable grooming service. I don't know if they provide boarding. Excellent with the reminders for upcoming vaccinations and don't try to push additional services that are unnecessary, to increase their income. Great value!!

Michele Kibbee

3 years ago

We have an ongoing issue that another vet could not seem to resolve. Dr Thomas came out to our car and talked to us for 10 minutes, was very thorough and seemed to really care. We now have a plan of care I feel comfortable with.

Randall Joy

3 years ago

It's difficult to write a glowing review in normal terms because i visited over the last few months of my furry partner's life. Words like wonderful and fantastic feel out of place in such a sad scenario but they accurately describe my experience with Cornerstone. Their staff was kind and helpful and their attention to our needs and covid protocols were top notch. They also had a very thoughtful approach to end of life care that made the hardest decision a bit more personal and easier to grieve. I can't thank them enough for their help with Booboo and would recommend them to anyone.

Tony Lassetter

3 years ago

AWESOME STAFF!! Very attentive. We took our guinea pig in there for his first checkup, nail trim and teeth grind. They were so helpful and answered most all questions for us before we even had he chance to ask or think of them ourself! And the price was VERY affordable compared to most other places for guinea pig care. Would definitely recommend to everyone!!

Ambar Garcia

3 years ago

I picked out this place Bc I saw the “good” reviews... but turned out to be a terrible decision. I have a baby cottontail rescue (a rabbit) who was really sick and because not all vets know how to treat wildlife, I made sure to call an ask if they handle rabbits like this one. They said they did, so I took him there. Long story short, the vet was not even able to give me a diagnosis, I could tell he didn’t know how to treat rabbits, couldn’t even try to tell me a diagnosis or anything. He basically just said that his temperature was low and that his tail was coming off... I did not realize what happened to the tail until I got back home and saw it. The so-called vet did not even try to clean the wound or do anything about it. Do not say you know how to treat an animal when you actually don’t. And regardless of knowing what to do with a baby rabbit, how do you not even care to treat a wound?!! How do you not clean it up and prescribe some ointment for it?!!!... Of course he offered to just put him down. I chose not to and then they just went ahead and gave him some fluids and antibiotic. By the time I got home, the bunny was in even worse condition than when I first took him. He started bleeding from the wound. So I assume they did not know how to handle him properly. Sorry for the long novel here, but I will never recommended anyone to go here.... I had to keep doing research on my own to figure out what was happening with the bunny. It’s not very easy to find a wildlife rescue, but I eventually found a lady that takes care of rescues and she was able to provide proper care (or at least she’s trying to, unlike this place that did not show any kind of willingness to help save his life)... Waste of money, waste of time.

Macie Zerangue

3 years ago

Fantastic service! You really get your money’s worth! We were there for probably 45 minutes and left with a solid diagnosis, medication, advice on future care, and a free nail trim! Very efficient and competent staff!

Lori Mc

3 years ago

Very helpful and courteous .. definitely recommend this place :-)

Lizbeth Romo

3 years ago

I’ve only taken my Niko here twice but they have taken care of us so well and I couldn’t be more appreciative! The price for everything is SUPER reasonable. Its definitely worth the drive from Saginaw!!!

Nisha Domalapalli

3 years ago

I had incredible experience with everyone at the Cornerstore Animal Hospital. My dog Bella had badly injured her arm while playing and started to howl in pain. We weren't sure if her arm was broken or sprained. I googled local Animal Hospitals and decided to call Cornerstore because they had incredible reviews. They told me to bring her in and they immediately jumped into action. They were so kind and took their time to explain everything to my mother and I. Bella had a hairline fracture in her shoulder. :( They even called us the next day to check on Bella and make sure the pain meds were helping alleviate some of her pain. I was so impressed by their thoughtfulness to follow-up! I highly, highly recommend Cornerstore Animal Hospital. Our dogs and cats are our fur babies and we want to ensure we put them in the right hands to be taken care of in emergency situations. You can definitely trust Cornerstore.

Bridget Price

3 years ago

They are very kind and attentive and take good care of my pet. The office is cost aware, so they tell you the cost first so that you can approve the amount.

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