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Rachel Little

2 years ago

I had an emergency with my pup and had called around to many Banfield offices in the DFW metroplex not just that morning(but two days before even) and they got us in. They had to squeeze her in so I waited but had taken the day off to desperately get her seen somehow. We had been to an animal emergency vet in Mansfield the night before, I drove from south Arlington for them to see us. Alex the manager talked to the Vet and got us looked at and and helped us out. Not sure how much longer my pup could’ve waited before it went downhill but she’s doing better because they took the time and effort and I had the patience to wait for them to help us out. Grateful for this office and its associates for making my pup much better and will continue to use this office from now on. Thanks for taking care of Bella. Y’all made my holiday season by taking care of her. Happy there are people who understand our urgency.

Mario Magarin

2 years ago

I've always taken my cat to Banfield at a different location, decided to bring her to this location as they were the only ones to have appointments in the next 30 days (now i know why). Had appointment for 3pm. They called me to be here at 9.30, front desk lady was all cranky saying my appt was for 9am?!!? This is a drop off location, waited for my turn to come in and the lady had a very arrogant and discriminating attitude (im a latino). Definitely not leaving my pet here, if they treat people like this I can't imagine what they do to pets while you don't look.


2 years ago

We just moved from out of state and needed to update one of our dogs shots so we chose this banfield location. We called and got an appointment the next day to drop off. The staff was so kind and quick to finish my dogs shots, I only had to wait about 45 min to pick up, vs our old banfield, we'd be waiting a couple hours. We will def be using this banfield again in the future.

David Hulme

2 years ago

The guy that works at the front desk is great but the Karen who works right by him is horrible tells you to sit in your car while letting people who showed up behind you in 45 min later sitting in my truck finally got my dog


2 years ago

Awesome great customer service from the girls and the doctor today. My doggie Valentine and I left super happy from there. Thanks a million!!! You guys rock! Jeanette Rojas

Charline Ruiz

2 years ago

Kind professional staff and doctor! I felt taken care of as a pet owner and felt confident our kitten was in good hands. I hope our kitten grows into a healthy cat. If in the unfortunate event that he became sick or injured I'm confident these veterinary professionals would take good care of him. Thank you!

justin blackwell

2 years ago

Great place and great staff. Just don't like being put on hold so often and for long periods of times

Lorelei Jasso

2 years ago

They always put pets before anything else unfortunately that leads to some timing issues.


2 years ago

Have fun sitting on hold waiting to even talk to anyone. The vet can’t handle a small dog apparently. I’ve never had a vet want to sedate my dog because they couldn’t handle her due to growling. That’s what dogs do in unfamiliar places. Go to a local vet. Don’t waste your time here

Chris Torres

2 years ago

This is my primary vet. It’s a great place to take your pet. When I’ve taken my pets there it is drop off only and they only allow one person and pet in the office at a time due to COVID. When they are busy you will have to wait in your car for quite awhile which can kind of get frustrating. But the veterinarians are very good and responsive.

Charlotte DeAndrea

2 years ago

Passed around for over 10years no real plan if action dog died in pain so awful go to a real vet you have confidence in. That knows your dog ..

Cynthia Flint Crawford

2 years ago

The Banfield Vets and Staff of the North Tarrant Parkway location in Fort Worth are always professional, gentle, and caring. My pets are never frazzled when I pick them up after a day spent there. It gives me peace of mind. My furry babies are family.

Lorriea King-noble

3 years ago

They did a great job with my dog????

Kevin Paul

3 years ago

The most expensive pet hospital in DFW, I've ever been! There medicine charges are out of this world but visit costs are in line with others- they apply sales pressure for you to buy into there wellness program.


3 years ago

Do not recomend taking to this location. The vet upcharges everything and performs unnecessary procedures. They have no time management and take hours to do a simple check up. The management and some of the staff are very inconsiderate and do not care and are rude.

Mark Jones

3 years ago

This location is taking advantage of the COVID situation. Because you aren't allowed to go in with your pet, they have no accountability for timeliness. I dropped my dog off at 8am for a simple wellness check. It is now after 5PM and she is still not ready. This means my dog that is terrified of kennels has been sitting in a kennel alone for over 9 hours, completely unacceptable. Over booking, lack of time management and poor communication. In the past we always had good experiences here but we will be finding a new vet now.

Mainer In Texas

3 years ago

Competent and friendly. The model reminds me a bit of going to the mechanic but I'm never without my fuzzy buddy for too long. :)

Eric Gongora

3 years ago

Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful


3 years ago

I'm not sure if I can say enough NEGATIVE things about this place. I took my pup there... I call him my pup, but he was about 20 years old. He wasn't doing well and we were hoping for the best. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worst and we were left with the decision to euthanize. We were scheduled to come in that afternoon.... We went in, and they took my Petey to the back to start his IV.. I assume that went ok, as we were not allowed to be there for the IV start. The doctor came in - I don't recall his name at this moment... he was a unprofessional and acted like he really had no idea of what he was doing. So we started with the injections. Well, apparently the IV wasn't started correctly - or was not tested (and the Dr. didn't test it prior to starting the euthanasia) which in turn caused pain to my dog. He cried out and you could completely see the fear in his eyes. Imagine how he felt, and how we felt? How I felt, that the last moment of his life was in fear because of these so called "professionals" cant seem to take the steps to ensure the process and procedures go smoothly. The image of my pup with the fear in his eyes is something I cant shake. I was his mom and I was there to protect him, keep him safe, etc. So let's fast forward. We opted to have a private cremation... which would include his ashes being returned in a little box. When I went to get his ashes, THE WRONG NAME WAS ON THE BOX!! Everything went to someone else's name. And on top of that, the name plate on the box look like it had been thrown on from 5 feet away... completely crooked and off center. The lack of respect this place has is incredible. So I go back in - and Wendy admits that she had the names mixed up. There was another pup in the same day with I assume the same first name. So she takes his ashes back from me, to get a different name plate. of course - the tag with the pawprint they gave me is incorrect as well. Listen, if this was a human being - would they have been so damn careless? I don't even know if I received MY dog's ashes back. It is not something I take lightly. They made sure to get the correct account when they overcharge for everything imaginable, but cant seem to make sure they get the right name with the right beloved pup that has been euthanized. I am completely disappointed, angry, hurt, astonished... the list goes on. Absolutely ridiculous and I CANNOT warn people enough to not go to this facility!

Judy Winkler

3 years ago

We been bringing both of ours dogs to this Animal Hospital for at least 10yrs.. All of the Doctors and staff is very helpful and my four legged babies also seem to like coming here too.

Elke Flynt

3 years ago

Great place! Prices are so so Customer Service 5*****

Michelle Cumbie

3 years ago

Last several visits have been disappointing and today was another one. At least today I was just picking up meds. My dog has been getting injections of Adequan for the past month. I’ve trusted the vets to give him the proper dosages (per manufacturer the first weeks it should be twice a week) in the proper method (per FDA and the manufacturer it should be injected intramuscularly). This location has not administered it this way. They’ve done it in the skin only and once a week for the first 3 weeks. The fourth week, we administered it ourselves since they wouldn’t do it per FDA and manufacturer instructions. The last time, my normally calm, unafraid dog was so traumatized, I had to muzzle him and restrain him for everyone’s safety. This location has caused my dog to be fearful and anxious and I can say that because he’s never been like this before. Their poor communication is another disappointment. While trying to treat my dog over those four weeks, different Drs and different front desk employees gave conflicting info to me causing confusion and frustration. We used to be very happy with this location, but very dissatisfied the last month or so. Trying to use a payment method proves to be more difficult than it should be. I pay way too much for the Banfield wellness plan to have to settle for this kind of service

Rachel Jones

3 years ago

Service has declined, communication is poor, and treatment of my pets is very upsetting. Previously left 5 star review, but I no longer feel this office is 5 stars. No longer using this Banfield or any other Banfield.

Sam Katrib

3 years ago

Let me start off by saying I don't comment unless I'm really bothered. I took my cat to this center because we moved to the area and our previous experience with the local Banfield was great. We took our cat last month for a routine vaccine. The doctor scared us into doing extra test do to my cats vomiting every now and then, which took several hours, which was fine. We were reassured that she was fine. This vaccine was a two step process. We made a follow-up appointment for the second vaccine. I figured it would be a quick appointment. First they wanted to charge us for another full appointment for just a quick injection. They said it's because of Covid19. Talk about taking advantage of the situation. But fine. 1 hour later, no call. 2 hours later, no call. Almost 3 hours later, no call. I called them to check on the status. Every one is at lunch. Wendy was like we have sick pets and Covid19... I understand, but you gave me an appointment. I'm it will be a quick appointment since there are no extra test. They don't appreciate your time and the your fact that your pet is in a foreign setting stressed out and scared. I called back after an hour and a half (almost 4.5 hours). Wendy picked and handed me to the tech. She reiterated the same thing sick pets and Covid19. I'm like ok, can you see her now? The doctor was still at lunch! An hour and a half lunch break thus far! What about to the sick pets?? I work in a hospital with humans and I understand prioritizing sick people. We take half lunch as we work. I can't justify taking an hour and half lunch and I have sick patient and patient waiting for me! This is unacceptable. I went picked up my cat and took her home without the shot. I will go elsewhere. I get my cat home and she is stressed and agitated and hiding. This is unlike her. The other Bansfield clinic we went too my cat came home like nothing happened. My cat did not like that clinic. If you want to go a clinic that respects your time, your Pet's emotional status and doesn't hide behind BS excuses, don't go here. Bansfield lost a client for life.

Sandy Hanna

3 years ago

Was only 10 minutes late for the dental cleaning appointment while I'm 9 month pregnant and I can deliver anytime and won't even allow us to drop our pet even when I told them I needed my pet to be done before I deliver and they are rescheduling me a month out... they over schedule themselves then they are telling me that I'm late Other times I go there on time and they make us wait like 20 to 30 minutes to see the vet... Extremely rude and not professional.. would recommend another location.

sc mi

3 years ago

They explained everything I needed to know and medications to use that would help my pet.

Scott Fox

3 years ago

The Banfield at Alliance was great.. Dr. Heard was the best.

Sharon Seeley

3 years ago

We lost our beloved cat last night and was really at a loss for how to humanely dispose of her remains. Alex was truly compassionate and helpful to us.

Yoshi Piccollo

3 years ago

I take my dogs here whenever they need their regular check ups or if they get sick. Excellent staff and great customer service!!

Michael Espinosa

3 years ago

I travel out of my way 30 minutes to take my pets to this Banfield location. The staff and management has always shown me and my pets the highest level of kindness, professionalism, and transparency. The staff is very kind, the Doctors very informative, and management shows they care for their clients. I can always count on this Banfield office to help my pets when they are not feeling well and trust them entirely. I highly recommend this Banfield location to anyone looking for a veterinarian office. During this difficult time navigating around COVID this office works with the safety of your pet and family as their primary objective.

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