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Bill Henderson

a year ago

A very nice place, run by some not very nice people. The best groomer that was there Tony Guzman quit because he was told to go commit suicide knowing he had mental issues, plus the owner herself was steeling all the groomers tips and pushing the groomers and bathers to do quick turnarounds to do more dogs regardless of the safety of our fur babies. she has no compassion tward people, how dose she treat our fur babies. Not to mention a couple very abusive groomers. My babies will never return there again. I talked to the groomer and heard the recording he had done of the incident because of her vicious behavior to him quitting. What kind of military wife can allow her self to speak to people like this and call herself an American or even a veteran. I don't think so . She should be black listed. I know a legal action will soon be under way.

Kenneth Mckenzie

a year ago

Always excellent service and results. When I see a bad review and read it, they never say they called the shop to see if the problem could be fixed. I have asked questions and they always are responsive and are willing to do whatever they can to make you happy. I’ve never had a bad experience and I bring them 4 Bichons at the same time. They remember what you like and they always look great. If I think the ears should be shorter, I ask and they fix it on the spot. Don’t complain if you don’t ask the business for help. That’s not a review, it’s whiny and immature. This is the best grooming business in New Braunfels.

Lexie Ridings

a year ago

My baby Pearl has been coming here since she was a puppy, I feel so comfortable dropping her with the amazing staff/owner ????

Syed Ahmed

a year ago

My cat leg got injured badly. looks like they cut her lef with trimmer. They said she jumped out of tub but i doubt that. they don't know how to control cat. I am not going to there again.

Debra Pierce

2 years ago

Love taking my Bella here to be groomed.


2 years ago

The technicians have been excellent and always have provided timely good quality service.

Michelle Mertz

2 years ago

Great staff, great job with grooming!

Vincent Bagwell

2 years ago

Well allow me to bark out my opinion that Diana and crew are awesome and reason to "paws" and take your furry family members in to be groomed!

G 1

2 years ago

Amazing people and groomers the # 1 place to take your fur baby

Mark Miraflor

2 years ago

Amir really looked really good! I really recommend this.

Christina Gordon

2 years ago

Fast service, pup and I were very happy with the results

Debra Kronenberg

2 years ago

Owned by a family of Vets, our nation's heroes. They treat our doxie, Roxie, with love

Greg Miller

2 years ago

Always take good care of Honey, she likes coming here

Laura West

2 years ago

Nice cut and a clean, frisky old dog has made me very happy.

Joe De La Garza

2 years ago

Very Friendly good service. My dog was in goog spirits after grooming. Did a bang up job on Him. Highly recommend this Groomer.

Mary “Helen” Espinoza

2 years ago

Great job!???? staff very friendly! ????❤

Rhonda Pence

2 years ago

Its a very good experience for my dog Mrs Rhonda and Coworkers are kind loving and take great care of your pets after you drop them off. They get 100 on my score board.

audrey hoke

2 years ago

Knowledgeable & Excellent service at a fair price. The owner is the SWEETEST lady and did an exceptional job caring for my fur baby. I recently had my husky groomed here. I was able to easily make an appointment for the next day and the whole process was seamless from drop-off to pick-up. My pup had beautiful soft coat and was as happy as she could be! You can tell the employees really love all the doggies that come in and cares for them as if they were their own. Even the other small pups that were ready for pick-up we’re calm and so adorable. Thank y’all!

Wendy Dodson

3 years ago

We have 3 large dogs: pyrenees, golden doodle and lab. We always get appointment date we want and the dogs are well taken care of.

Morgan Podojil

3 years ago

Lacie looks very cute, and it’s not the worst hair cut she had ever had. But it is the worst professional haircut she’s ever had. It wasn’t until I got in the car that I noticed the issues with the cut itself. I’d say this place met the bare minimum standards. My dog is not injured, I paid the price we agreed on, and her hair has been cut. This company has “professional” in the title, therefore I expect them to achieve that standard which they’ve set in their title. Every time I walked into the store front, there were no employees. Which is totally fine, I get it. We all get busy at work. But it was every single time. And they would apologize to me for my wait. To me, when someone apologizes, I expect them to adjust their behavior so they don’t have to apologize again, yet this was a consistent issue. I would not consider this absence/apology cycle as professional behavior. When I dropped off my dog, there were other very loud dogs barking because they missed their parent, completely valid. However, attempting to speak over the barking dog was very difficult. I wasn’t sure if the consultant understood me, and they didn’t write anything down. This did not fill me with confidence. I wouldn’t classify this as professional behavior. However, she did remember exactly what I wanted. When consulting on the phone, I asked if the grooming process would take 3 to 4 hours. This is about the normal time I am told by other groomers. They said no, it will be much faster. We have a high turnover rate. I’m sure this is true, however this was not my experience. After dropping Lacie off, I got my car inspected, did all my grocery shopping, and then came to sit in the parking lot. I was expecting to be there less than an hour because I of the time frame I was given. I would not consider this miscommunication as professional behavior. Upon passing hour four, I decided to head inside to check up on things. She still wasn’t done, but they said she was almost finished. Upon receiving Lacie, I was covered in her hair splinters. Hair splinters are the little bits of hair that are left over after shaving. They are called splinters, because they’re very stabby pieces of hair. I understand that when I came into the store inquiring the status of my dog, this may have made them want to hurry up. However, when I get a professional hair cut, my stylist doesn’t send me out of the store covered in my hair clippings. Therefore, I do not classify this incompletion as professional behavior. When I got home with Lacie, I put away my groceries, and then received a call saying my dog was ready to pick up... I... thanks? ???? I wouldn’t say that the phrase, “wow this is so professional” crossed my mind at all. In fact, quite the opposite. As far as the styling of my dog goes, I’m a little disappointed. I mean, her sanitary cut is nice. Her face is clean. She’s soft and smells nice. But idk what’s going on with her ears. It’s almost like the groomer wasn’t completely sure where her neck ended, where her head started or where her head meets her ear. I’m not too sure. Also, I think this was supposed to be an attempt at layering the hair on her ears? I’m not completely sure. As far as professional grooming goes, this isn’t my first pick. Ok, so enough bashing. Let’s say a few good things: I loved that I was able to get a same-day walk in appointment. I think that makes up for the time snafu. I really appreciated that. I think their branding is on point when it comes to the picture and color of the pink poodle! I really appreciate that the price I was told on the phone and the price I was told at the cash register was the same number! I appreciate that I did not have an add on fee due to any armpit matting. I appreciate how good she smells! TLDR: It’s just okay. Update: The more I looked, the worst it got. As it grows out I can see how unevenly her bangs are cut too. I can afford a hair cut for Lacie once every four months so we’re stuck like this for a while still. ????

Ronda M

3 years ago

Super Loving & Caring Staff. My dog was very relaxed & happy when we picked her up.

Dee Jay Gude

3 years ago

They did a nice job on my Apollo. Quick turnaround, great cut, he wasn't stressed when I picked him up. Highly recommend!

Eldon Henderson

3 years ago

Wonderful owner operator the dogs loved it

Edie Allen

3 years ago

Love this place the Staff is AWESOME

Donald Thornton

3 years ago

Very nice owners and always does a good job on our cookie, update of last visit, post COVID, am always greeted with happy attitudes but hair was not cut to the specifications that i expressed, and don't believe they do everything lost on their full service groom package. On another note, about all you people posting about how the boarding was so bad and your dogs anxiety was higher than normal. Dogs that are used to being home, are always gonna feel abandoned and have issues when you drop them off with some stranger. Take your dog with you next time, or get a dog sitter, its not the boarder, its you leaving your animals with a stranger, have some common sense. This will happen at any boarding place.

Donald Byars

3 years ago

They did a great job on our two babies, Riley and Lulu. The staff is kind. They are a little pricey compared to what I'm accustom to. But you get what you pay for.

Deidra Davis

3 years ago

I brought my 5 month old toy poodle in for his first haircut and he came out looking like a million bucks! Toulouse was not nervous at all when I picked him up and he happily went to be cuddled by the staff, which tells me that they made him feel safe. I dropped him off at 10 and he was ready by 3:30, which might be a little long for some dogs but for him wasn’t too long. I think their prices are very good and they were very friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend Pink Poodle to anyone looking for a professional groomer for their fur babies!

Bob Cravotta

3 years ago

Another great job by the Pink Poodle staff. Princess looks great!

Mark Pennell

3 years ago

We take our Finley their for her grooming. She is a 1 year old Goldendoodle. The staff there is great, they treat your "baby" like he or she is their own, and Finny always looks awesome when we pick her up. My daughter now gets her new doodle groomed there as well, I highly recommend them.

Kayla Wenzel

3 years ago

The owner cares deeply about the animals she serves

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