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Leesa Burgess

2 years ago

Took our pet Missy in as an emergency on 7-26 - this dog couldn't walk, wouldn't eat or drink and we really thought this was going to be it. Dr Pearson has tended to our pets for many many years, I have been using this vet office for more than 20 years for this reason: Dr Pearson's knowledge is extraordinary, Missy has a spinal disease but the vet recommendation was to try her on some steroids and muscle relaxants and she responded amazingly. After 3 days in the hospital and us preparing to make that call, we instead brought her home and she is thriving. The staff and dr's are the best there is hands down. Love this place.

Scott Johnson

2 years ago

We take both of our fur babies here, Polo and Duke, because they receive exceptional care from all of the staff and docs. The extra distance we drive is more than worth it!

Amanda Walker

2 years ago

Have brought all my pets here for years, and now like so many others I will have to find somewhere else to go. They used to be very fairly priced compared to some of the higher-end vets, but now they have spiked their prices. Wait times are also incredibly long, and they charge an additional $45 “checkup” fee in addition to whatever you’re having done, like shots. Except they charge the fee and don’t do the checkup. Very sad to have to sever a longterm relationship here.

Dede McConville

2 years ago

I've brought my animals to NB vet for a decade, through at least 6 pets and some critical care incidents with my current aging dog who has only seen nb vet. I faced financial pressures that made it extremely difficult to come in during the pandemic and I went three years because my dog was healthy and I was poor. When I called to make an appt now that she needs care, they explained they would no longer be able to be my vet. Zero loyalty. They require a regular financial payment for them to be there for you when you need them apparently. Edited to add: Read the other reviews. This place is in bad shape and getting worse. They also gave me bad advise over the phone that could have harmed or possibly killed my dog for all I know - I'm not a vet. But they guidance was sloppy and inaccurate. It's disgusting when all that matters is money and the only vet your elderly dog has ever know won't bother with you when you need them.

Joshua Marks

2 years ago

Called to see if they could see a 4 week old kitten I found on the highway that was need of medical attention asap. Only to be told "we don't have room" I'm sorry but when did an emergency animal visit need an appointment? Guess that might dollar means more to them than an animals life. Think about that before you go here...No never again will I attempt to go here. Just based on the one phone call. But Chisholm Trail veterinarian clinic made time for my new family member. Now Chisholm Trail veterinarian clinic will be seeing all 4 of my animals for their yearly checkup and everything else to do with them.

Mayne McMahan

2 years ago

We've been coming here for over seven years now. Friendly staff and great vets that communicate with us and our pets. We moved to the other side of Seguin, but we are not interested in finding a closer veterinarian. Even met other people in Seguin that take thier pets there!

Heather M.

2 years ago

Truth will come out about this place. The front desk staff is awful now. I've been going there over 10 years and had to find another place to go. They gossip, argue with you when you want a second opinion and big boss lady Karen tries to intimidate you and then sends you letters, stating that I should be grateful they gave me discounts. Y'all..I never asked for them and I would also pay for other people, I helped pay on other accounts, brought them supplies to help animals in need, recommend God only know how many people to them over 10 years and it comes down to they gave me discounts. Yep..shady and nasty people and the truth is slowly coming out.

Rhianna Faye

3 years ago

I’ve used this vet for years, and until today was very happy with them. I was told I had an appointment at 2:15pm for a heart worm shot. After checking in, I have been waiting over 45 minutes in my car. When I asked when my dog would be coming in for her appt, the lady was extremely rude to me, telling me that I did NOT have an appt, and it is first come first serve. When I explained that I was here before all the others they brought in before me, she said they had appointments. Hello? How do they have appointments and I do not. She was VERY rude. I had a surgery scheduled that I will be cancelling and going to a diff vet from now on. Still sitting here wondering why I had to pay ahead of time, otherwise I would have left. My time is important, and these girls up front are horrible.

Alissa Sommers

3 years ago

I called New Braunfels veterinarian clinic last Friday March 5th in a panic because earlier that morning I had noticed that my dog was limping really bad on her back leg and it was shaking really bad and she was having a really hard time getting around and I could tell that she was in excruciating pain. So I helped get her into her crate to prevent her from hurting herself and went back and checked on her a few minutes later and noticed that she was covered in diarrhea. When I was speaking to the receptionist I was letting her know that my dog was in a lot of pain and not moving very well or at all and was limping really bad and I also let her know that she had just had diarrhea. I also let the receptionist know that the only thing I could think of that might have happened to her earlier that morning or even that night before was that she might have possibly gone to the road and gotten hit by a car. After telling the receptionist all of this she lets me know that they have no openings today and then she also told me to give the dog 8 ml of children's Pepto-Bismol and boil some chicken and rice and give that to her to help with her diarrhea. I was in SHOCK! I just told this woman in tears that I think my dog possibly got hit by a car because she is hardly moving and limping and in a lot of pain and the only thing she tells me is to treat her diarrhea and go about my day. I immediately hang up with her and call to a different veterinarian clinic that my dog is not even a patient at and I explain to them the exact same thing that I explained to New Braunfels veterinarian clinic and they also told me that they were fully booked for the day however it sounds like an emergency and they told me to put her in the car immediately and bring her over for x-rays, monitoring, and a full exam. It turns out that my dog had a torn CCL aka torn ACL and was in a lot of pain and was in shock and that was why she had the diarrhea. So, sorry New Braunfels veterinarian clinic your diagnosis of Pepto-Bismol would not have helped or fixed my dog. She is now in need of surgery! I will never bring my dog back to this clinic again nor will I tell any friends or family to ever use your clinic because I still cannot believe how you treated a patient who has been there for years during an emergency.

Holland J

3 years ago

I absolutely love this veterinarian clinic. They are so knowledgeable and my dog love them. I was recommended by a friend of mine from another vet in town. I just wish I had found them sooner. They are so reasonable with price and they take very good care of your fur baby. My Raider absolutely love this place. I highly recommend them. ????


3 years ago

Took our puppy here ~4 years ago to be spayed and she died during the procedure. The complication rate for spaying is less than 0.1% nationally. I would find another vet.

Doris Shock

3 years ago

Wonderful vet doctor and staff I would give them a 5 star for their service better than any I have used before thanks to them for their great service and concerns for the pets and our well being during this time. Thanks toall

Jennifer Burton

3 years ago

When we first moved to New Braunfels 10 years ago we took our dogs here for all their shots. We have going there ever since. We love them and the service they provide without trying to over charge you for things you don’t need. Definitely recommended!

John Jones

3 years ago

Greatest place to take your animals...

sheri kelly

3 years ago

My mom has been taking our cats their for years - and since we live together it was all under her name - now since they had an emergency come up - they will not take me and say I would be a new patient. Not a happy customer - they never enforced this policy before and I got my last cat neutered there.


3 years ago

I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the veterinarians and caring staff at the New Braunfels Vet Clinic. We’ve been taking our three dachshunds there for about two years and they have received the best of care. We just picked up the last dog and now all three girls are up to date on vaccines and have clean teeth. Thank you so much for everything you do and the caring way you do it. ????‍????

Sun Seeker

3 years ago

I have a 10 week old puppy vomiting and when I called I was told they are not accepting new patients, try calling back in a couple weeks. Obviously waiting a couple weeks is not option. Very upsetting.

Susan Sealy

3 years ago

New Braunfels Vet Clinic is amazing. I have been going to them for years. The office manager Karen and her staff are always professional and caring.

Jennifer Japhet-Horton

4 years ago

I have been taking both my personal dogs as well as the dogs I foster for Diamond Dachshund Rescue to the New Braunfels Vet clinic for the past two years. You and your pets feel welcomed from the moment you step through the front door. The front desk staff is efficient and accommodating. They take the time to make sure my pets and my fosters are comfortable before taking them back to see the vet. I have seen all three doctors and would recommend any of them. The prices for the care at the vet are amazing and I don't know where you can match them. Overall, I have been very pleased with the care my dogs and my fosters have received. You should call and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Tasha Johnson

4 years ago

My 8 year old rottweiler had a huge growth lipoma under his arm and Dr Grantham removed it with no problems. The price was very reasonable and they took very good care of my dog/ child. I highly recommend this place. Love the staff ????

Trena Labowski

4 years ago

12/12-2014 I took my 4 year old pup in for a neuter and dental extraction due to poor growth puppy teeth. When I picked him up, the dental was not done. I was told by the receptionist that the doctor must have felt that at my dogs age, he didn't require it so it was overlooked. I was offered the option to bring my dog back in and have the surgery done for free....obviously admitting they screwed up...I declined this offer since I felt they had already messed up once, why let possibly them again? My pups poorly grown puppy teeth over his canines have not caused a problem until 2 weeks ago when they started cutting his upper lips. I took him to his current vet who said it was time to take them out. My Remi died on the operating table after a perfect blood workup and being deemed healthy. This is a rare instance of anesthesia causing a heart issue. If Dr. Granthum had done what I asked 4 years ago and removed these bad puppy teeth while under and getting neutered, my Remi would still be here. I called this office...and Karen (the office manager) did everything in her power to put the blame on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I wait so long? Why didn't I bring him back when they offered??? Here's one for you Karen .... WHY DIDN'T YOUR OFFICE DO WHAT I HAVE DOCUMENTS SHOWING WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN DONE 4 YEARS AGO!!?? WHO BRINGS THEIR LOVED ONES BACK TO A DOCTOR THAT DOESN'T DO WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE THE FIRST TIME???? We rely on these Vets to give us correct information and do what is best for our babies....this Vet did not do that for me or my Remi.

Susan Hodges-Wehmeyer

4 years ago

I really like the vets here. The whole staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Appointments are recommended, but they are able to handle emergencies whenever possible. I highly recommend NB Veterinary Clinic

Staci Fisher

4 years ago

Took my pit in to see what was going on and they were so sweet and treating my baby like a princess.. if you have a pit, I highly recommend taking your babies to this clinic. Had taken her to a different clinic a couple days before we took her and that vet was extremely terrified of my baby..

Roxanne R

4 years ago

Best veterinary clinic in town by far! My whole family and I have been coming to this clinic for at least 25 years, that's a lot of pets people. Our pets have always been treated with the highest care from the beginning to the not so easy end. These people truly care for you're animals! We've used every vet at the clinic and i would highly recommend ALL of them. The office manager Karen is a one of a kind, top notch lady who is always going above and beyond her job description! She will go out of her way to make sure your pet gets the absolute best care, she's a true saint!

Randall Fee

4 years ago

New to town and a new dog owner, staff is friendly and great. Very happy with my first visit and will be continuing to come back.

Liz Kizzire

4 years ago

We are SO grateful for this vet! They are excellent with our dogs! We have some high maintenance fur babies that aren’t fond of shots or nail trimmings and they handle them very professionally and treat them like they’re own pups! The last vet we saw charged us an outrageous amount for allergy medicine. These guys had a more affordable option and gave us great advice on other things we could try. I LOVE this vet! We’ve seen all 3 veterinarians and love all of them! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Josephine Fulgham

4 years ago

Dr. Mueller(sp?) did much more than the annual "routine" shots. She clipped my cat's nails, cleaned her ears and shaved some fur balls. Very impressed with her and the time she took to inform me on various items concerning older cats.

Je P

4 years ago

WARNING!!! This place has horrible customer service especially the office manager Karen as she is very rude and accusing. I would give them a negative 5 stars if I could. They are way too busy and they are not very clean with pee everywhere. They don't clean the tables or weigh machine which can expose your dog to illnesses from other dogs. But I can say they don't look to be happy working here. They don't make the area inviting to pets or people and can come across mean at times. The biggest problem isn't the doctors. It is the front staff and the mostly the office manager Karen as she is a control freak and she like to double charge and charge extra when she feels like it! She treats her clients very poorly and if you say anything she said you can go elsewhere as she claims to be cheapest in town. They are very busy and difficult to get an appointment. Karen also make up their own charges for other services and products at times for some customers and it always changes so you never know how much it will be. If you ask anything about how much its going to be they get offensive as if they can't believe you are asking them. They think they are the cheapest and best in the area. They are NOT! And their customer service is the very worse. If you love your pets please do yourself and your pet a favor and pic another Vet clinic!

Janeen Young

4 years ago

Great people - always available to help our fur-babies. Very thorough and they put my anxious dogs at ease.

Daniel Miller

4 years ago

The vet tech at this clinic should explore another line of work. They mistreated my dog not once, but twice. Then my in-laws took their dog here and the care was subpar as well. Avoid this clinic at all costs.

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