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Mary Ann Babcock

2 years ago

Got everything you need, to take care of your pet.

samantha cable

2 years ago

About a year ago I adopted a pitty mix named pipa. They were very helpful in making the right choice for me and my family.

Jennifer Allen

2 years ago

The staff here is so kind and helped us through a really hard situation, they are caring and honest and really love animals. Thank all of you so much!

Laura West

2 years ago

I have adopted from the Humane Society of New Braunfels before and my one thought is this --these people care about the animals. My latest furry friend is Sasha, an adult mixed breed dog, who comes home with me tomorrow afternoon. What a joy she was to meet and her place is already set up for her at home. I can hardly wait to have her sitting at my feet and cuddled into her bed.

Susana V

2 years ago

Best place to get your best friend. People are wonderful too.

Sherry Guerra

2 years ago

Excellent caring service. Please go by and adopt a forever pet and give them a loving home. ❤


2 years ago

Came here with my husband to adopt a dog. We were interested in 2 dogs and was told by an employee that both were available. After looking around, we enquired about adopting one dog. A different employee then told us that dog was “spoken for”. There was obviously no paperwork done on the dog as they were listed as available in the system. I believe “spoken for” meant that she was holding the dog for someone who was interested in it. Okay, fine. Then we enquired about adopting the 2nd dog. Another employee then told us that other people had “expressed interest” in that dog and were deciding if they wanted her. Because of this, we couldn’t have the dog. This made no sense to us as we were at the shelter ready to adopt the dog on the spot. Why are we behind people that don’t even know if they want the dog yet? Not to mention that third employee (woman) was very rude and condescending the way she spoke to us. After enquiring about two available dogs, we left the shelter empty-handed because other people had “expressed interest”. I’ve never been to a shelter that would turn away people ready to adopt on the spot. It was especially bizarre because we had submitted an application online before ever going to the shelter and were approved for adoption. I got the distinct impression that the third employee (who seemed to believe she was in charge) did not want us to take a dog home. Terrible experience and a complete waste of our time. Would never recommend this shelter. We went to Kyle Paws shelter after. At Paws, we were able to take home a dog the same day, and the service was infinitely better. Don’t waste your time here.

Kimberly Terrasas

2 years ago

I took some stray puppies here and they tried to deny them. Then to make me feel bad they told me they were going euthanizing them. For people who claim they care about animals and call themselves humane, they were inhumane.

Jenna Peters

2 years ago

This humane society has come such a long way over the past several years. I foster kittens for them on a fairly consistent basis, and they are always keeping in touch with me about the kittens' welfare when I'm fostering, which really says a lot about hour much they care. I know there has been bad rap in the past, but the updated New Braunfels Humane Society is a complete turnaround from the past that we should continue to support as a New Braunfels community!

Charly Barbarick

2 years ago

My Sadie got lost. The person who found her just a block away took her to Humane Society. Thank God. When I added Sadie to missing, HS replied immediately. Pick up this. They microchip her. Love this people ❤️❤️❤️

colleen demille

2 years ago

We weren't necessarily looking to adopt when we did, but "Sparky" caught my husband's eye. We lost out beloved GS in February to old age and being a pet family couldn't help but look around just in case... the only hold up was our 13 yr old cattle dog who is very particular about who he will get along with. To make a long story short. After the initial meeting with my husband and I we decided if the old man of the house like him we'd take him home. So, here we are three plus months later and they are buddies (almost all of the time-- the older one doesn't quite understand the energy????). Everyone at the Humane Society was professional, understanding, and accommodating. We adopted over the 4th of July.. making the request to hold him there at the facility so we didn't risk having him spooked at a new place, new family, fireworks. Picked him up July 5 and the rest is history!! Thank you.. it was a slow adjustment in the beginning, but he had a long road to his forever home-- and we are glad he found it with us!

Cosmos Factor

2 years ago

We adopted Diesel, a sticky black pitbull. Sweetest boy ever, wouldn't hurt a fly. Literally... He's so unbelievably gentle and absolutely adores my 8 year old niece. Will not leave her side. They were so sweet over there and really took the time to talk to YOU even if the place was crowded. They don't sugar coat the history of the pets which I love a lot. Honesty is the best aspect of a shelter, in my opinion. I would absolutely LOVE to volunteer there some time to help socialize forgotten pets. Judging by Diesels personality, he seems like he never had a bad bone in his body with them. If I can update this review I'll be sure to post pictures of him. He's a big goofball.

megan herring

2 years ago

Nice people as far as we have seen ... they got rid of one or 2 of the rude front desk people there . Much better !

My Mix Music

2 years ago

We found our new kitty here. ???? Everyone was super nice and helpful. The only downside is we have to wait to bring her home cause she is a little young. On the us time to think of a name. Can't Wait!

Roger Westeren

2 years ago

Caring staff and dog/cats looking for love. We starting fostering one lucky pup.

Susan Young

2 years ago

Everyone at the shelter was so amazing and helpful! I am fostering 3 kittens for them and they made sure I had all the info and phone numbers I needed for any situation!

Tabatha Dunkin

2 years ago

The stuff was very friendly and hospitable and knowledgeable. The ones that we spoke with showed how much they care for the animals. They were more than willing to answer any questions that we had and if they did not know the answer they either admitted they didn't know or were able to look it up.

Diane Martinez

2 years ago

They need more help... I was there on a weekend very busy. The vibe I got from young ladies at desk was I don't want to be here. Unfortunately we didn't adopt the baby we visited didn't look to healthy I don't know maybe we just weren't ready.This place does need more help even if on weekends...

Jeffery KL5L

2 years ago

All the dogs had toys to help with stress, and there's were treats for visitors to give them.

summer stahl

2 years ago

We always believe in adopting pets that have lost their homes. Will was so amazing in our process to find a new family member. We contacted the humane society a few weeks ago and requested his help to find us another furbaby to add to our home. He was very diligent in helping us a find the perfect addition to our family. He truly cares about all the animals big and small they take in and provides the kindest service and advice.

Jaime D

2 years ago

They should allow for a trial or atleast the option to adopt another animal if that doesn't work out. I adopted a senior dog she went after my cat several times. I returned the dog next day. It wasn't worth spending another $100+ to try and adopt another dog that may not workout.

Steve Bowlby

2 years ago

We've adopted three cats and one dog over the past thirteen plus years. Have been very satisfied with the service they have provided. We are currently fostering Sam until he adopted into his forever home. He's a little timid but getting better each day. Good with cats. Does not bother with ours. ????

Antoinette Davidson

2 years ago

We had adopted a kitten from this shelter and with in 7 days of having the cat it was diagnosed with feline panleukopenia “ also known as feline parvovirus” we had spoke to the office manager at the facility and admitted they have had a problem with feline panleukopenia “ feline parvovirus”. she would send my massage to the director about what they can do to help with the cost of our kitten being hospitalized. Well the director wasn’t able to help and implied that it couldn’t have come their facility which then hinted that it could’ve caught it when it was with us within the seven days we had it. The incubation period is 7 to 14 days and can survive up to year at room temperature. When speaking to the Director she then thanked me that I was able to seek care for the animal. They obviously don’t understand how to keep their facility clean and unable to budget according for cases like this. We had hope that they would have at least paid for half the cost but instead she told me that we can bring the cat back and get or adoption fee back. I guess according to her she able to pay back 50 dollars and that will make it right when we so far had spent 800 within 2 days while the cat is in the hospital. As we continue to speak about options she kept on repeating the same thing over and over and obviously wasn’t going to do the right thing and then told me that it’s a risk I take when adopting an animal from any facility. I have never adopted an animal from the New Braunfels Humane Society and after what I had dealt with as my first time, will never adopt from them again. I will happily go to universal city, Schertz , San Antonio or pets alive to adopt because at least they give you a 7- 14 days to take your new pet to the vet for a health check up that is paid by them. So for anyone that is going to adopt a feline from this facility please be aware of the risk and ask for the animals health. These people obviously want to help animals get adopted out but don’t care about the health issues like viruses they may have that can show up later. We are very sad that our kitten may die and it’s bother some that the shelter can not make this right but tell me they can reimbursed the adoption fee and return the cat and obviously euthanize it. The director needs to educate her staff and volunteers about cleaning and how these viruses get transferred. They also need to put in their practice with having an isolated area that the animal is kept for 14 days only before showing it for adoption. I was a vet tech for many years and I have seen and worked with shelter animals before which I was totally surprised how unorganize this facility was. I understand the large intake and maybe they need to talk with others shelters about possible transfers and get someone that can better budget for them with find people to help them get grants. I was disappointed how this went and I know they have a lot on their hands then to worry about me. But my lesson was learned and for the future I will adopt else where.

Christina Holbrook

2 years ago

They took good care of "Scruffy" and helped me get him back. Great staff!

Michael ruiz

2 years ago

Disorganized and irresponsible. Had been waiting for a few months for a specific kitten with our application already filed. We had been in constant contact with the facility for updates. They eventually sent us an E-mail stating that the kitten was ready to be adopted and for us to respond immediately if not they were going to choose another adopter. So we did. The day of the pick up, we played with the kitten and was ready to adopt with the paperwork at hand; but, the manager (Sarah's assistant) said there was a "mix up" with the applications and did not allow us to adopt her. We were so heart broken by the neglect and unprofessionalism. Not to mention, we had driven an hour to this location. They need to be more aware and organized so that this will not happen again in the future. l I do not recommend getting your hopes up, nor the drive to the facility, until you call them the morning of adoption.

Michael Shelton

2 years ago

The staff was awesome they even stayed so that I can pick up my dog


2 years ago

I love this place . always kind & welcoming.

T Garza

2 years ago

Very good clean place volunteered here a couple of times got our Oreo from here

BettyLea Rogers

2 years ago

We live about 30 minutes away, so we made an appointment to come see a dog we were really interested in. We got there and they told us they adopted her out 30 minutes before we got there. The lobby is messy and there are bugs. Very disappointed that we drove all this way for nothing.

Ryan Wlodarczyk

2 years ago

I got my cat from here in December. He was fostered by one of the employees there and I can tell that she has experience and loves cats just by the way he turned out. He’s the most talkative and loving cat I’ve ever had. I got him when he was 3 months old and took him to the vet 5 days after I got him. He had a UTI which is very rare for male cats. He also had fleas and ear mites, so I definitely recommend taking your new babies to the vet after you get them. They do tell you they aren’t a vets office and you need to agree to take them to a vet within a week of getting them, so nothing is to blame on them. Next time I get a cat, it will definitely be from them!

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