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Judy Yancey

2 years ago

Having never had a pet Cremated I was not knowledgeable of the outcome. I’d trusted the staff at my Compassionate Care Veterinary clinic here in Fredericksburg Texas, And I was absolutely overwhelmed when my dog Aquille’s ashes arrived today. They were contained in the most beautiful Rosewood box and I was totally taken aback with a beautiful plaque with his paw print and his name etched in it. It also contained interesting information about how it’s OK for us to grieve over our pets and it also contained the cutest blooming memorial, a little sachet that you plant that turns into wildflowers. I just could not be more pleased with my decision and with the care that Fond Memories took with Aquille, and the high-quality packaging, thoughtfulness and presentation. I had been told it would take about two weeks and it was exactly that, and of the highest quality. Thank you.

Shayleen Clarke

2 years ago

I have had two of my dogs cremated & I was very happy with the person that took care of that for me, well I went in there not to long ago cause I had lost my other dog & I asked for the lady that had helped me prior (her name is Donna ) & I was informed that she no longer worked there, I was very upset about the news, & the staff that was talking with me was very rude & disrespectful & acted like they didn't have the time for me, so I went somewhere else, I was very happy with Donna she was very understanding & passionate about the loss of my dogs, she Took care of everything & made it easier for me, I am sad to see her not there she was a great person & very kind


2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about the employees and general service I received here. I've unfortunately taken two of my very good special dogs here and the care and respect shown to them and me is more than I ever expected. For obvious reasons I hope I never have to return but should I be in need of their services again I know that my pets and I will be received with care and love.

Melody Rosales

2 years ago

We can't thank Fond Memories enough. We were faced with a sudden choice of what to do with our pets remains. As emotional as it was the process was simple. We had a paw print with his name stamped on, a beautiful cedar box for his cremated remains that were lovingly wrapped in protective bubble wrap as well as the paw print. The pamphlets that came with him were thoughtful and it helped the process of grieving from such a sudden loss. The little bookmark with a seedling paw print was so beautiful. I haven't planted it yet but I'm planning on putting it where we can admire and think on our cats life with us.

John Martin

2 years ago

We've take both our fur babies that passed away. They were wonderful, caring and respectful to and our animals.

Paula Burrow

3 years ago

Extremely dissatisfied with the customer service of Fond Memories. When I received the paw print clay decor back with my sweet dogs name on it, his name was spelled incorrectly. I called Fond Memories to let them know of their mistake. It was spelled correctly on their certificate they provided but not on the paw print. I followed their directions on how to return in order to get it fixed. They failed to pick the paw print up for 3 weeks. No phone call. Zero communication. When I hadn’t heard from them, I called. “Oh sorry.” With no explanation. 3 weeks later, still waiting for the fixed paw print... nothing. No phone call, no paw print, no email. I call them. “Oh it’s been at your Vets office for two weeks now.” “How was I supposed to know that? I never received a phone call, text, email...” I asked to speak to the manager regarding sun he poor service. She said she’d take a message and have him call me back. I’m STILL waiting to hear from someone. Nothing yet. I would NOT recommend Fond Memories If you cate about your pet at all. Their service is NOT UP TO PAR.

Nichole Hernandez

3 years ago

I had to take my baby at 4am in the morning to VCA Becker Animal Hospital to be put to sleep and cremated. I called them to ask if they did clay paw prints and they did not, so, they said they would have Zulie transported to Fond Memories to be cremated and have the clay paw print done. I called Fond Memories to also have ink paw/nose print done. My mom and I kept calling them daily, sorry! and thank you all for being so patient with us. We just wanted our baby home! Marcell and Donna were so great to us and Zulie, they are wonderful people! We asked if we could pick her up instead of being transported back to VCA, and they said yes! She was with us for 15 years and this place is so beautiful and cares about your pet. Thank you all so much!

Silly Sloth

3 years ago

I was so pleased and grateful when I received my cat Sabrina cremains. They really out did themselves. Everything from her cremain bag that was put together so neat with her name and tucked away in the beautiful wood engraved Urn I chose, her paw print, that was such a great surprise, her name plate, the grief pamphlets, the fabric paw print with flower seeds to plant in your garden in memory of your pet, even the bag everything came in was so nice. The love and respect they have for the fur baby really shows. Thank you Paws in Heaven for the kind souls you are, the way I received everything really means a lot to me.

Sheila B

3 years ago

I am shocked to find out this place burns multiple animals all in one session. This is suppose to be a individual cremation but instead they are burning multiple pets at once. I have pictures to prove it. Justin the cremator can also tell you this is how they run their business! I will never ever bring a pet there again. I don't care how many times they change their names.Formly known as Paws in Heaven! The only time you people do a individual cremation is when a customer wants to view their pet. This is all coming from the inside. Shame on you people!

Raad Alawan

3 years ago

We decided to bring our most cherished creature (dog) to Donna. Until we decided to bury her instead. BUT I must say, Donna was very caring and emphatic to our needs during our brief relationship. From the first phone call to the pick up, she listened to us. Which is rare in society. People actually listening to what you have to say. Thank you Donna and Fond Memories for the excellent experience.

Kat L

3 years ago

This is the 3rd time using Paws in Heaven services. It never gets easier to lose a furkid. Everyone at Paws in Heaven was wonderful & respectful...especially Donna! She was very comforting during a very difficult time from the time we spoke on the phone to schedule the appointment until I left. Thank you, Donna!

Jennifer Gillis

3 years ago

I have used about every crematory around SA and Paws in Heaven by far did the best job for my beloved Dixie. The staff was kind, compassionate and had her ready to come home on the day promised. I am very pleased with the service and will use them again. Hopefully not for a long long time though.

Gail O

3 years ago

We have used Fond Memories for several loved ones and have never been disappointed with the staff or service we have received.

Doris Kay Sharp

3 years ago

They were there when needed many times. Thank you for your kindness and respect.

Brenda Ledbetter

4 years ago

I just wanted to say that the employees at Paws in heaven was all professional and great people I wanted to point out one employee especially Donna she went beyond her job to help me deal with grief I was having she saw I was very very upset and she took it from there I was alot calmer after talking with Donna she has a calming way about her. Thank God for her help Donna is definitely a asset to this company. Who hired her hired the right person in the right position. The other employees was excellent in their jobs to help people that r so sad they all asset each other and donna adds to that. I will always use these people and recommend them any time I see someone in pain and needing their services. Thank you paws in heaven for being caring people.

Fernando Delossantos

4 years ago

wow you have my picture on your sight wow not a problem, Yall very good too me at my time of need. excellent service. That was the hardest time of my life and had my precious for 14 years and part of my heart went with her.

Kayla Rose

4 years ago

We will go no where else. So kind and caring.

mayra leal

4 years ago

Pleasant and kind, sympathetic. This has been the third time we have used them. Pleased with their services!

Tara OQuinn

5 years ago

My sweet boy Earl died suddenly and we were devastated. We live in canyon lake and we were happy to find such a close place to take him to be cremated. They did such a wonderful job. They were very kind and caring, they gave my children a book on pets and loss, which was really sweet. We got our Earl Grey back in a nice simple blue urn (you can get others but we didn’t have the money for a fancy urn) and we had them do his paw print and it’s really sweet. They framed it with a small name plate, and they gave us an extra print, a lock of hair and a really sweet note. I feel that he was really cared for and taken care of by people that really understand and care for animals. Thank you for providing this service for our community.

Carmen Fritz

5 years ago

Sadly this place has become a money pit. No matter the size of animal, $200 and that does not include the cheap urn. Now they want an additional $65 for a 2nd rate wooden box. Disappointing. Looks like I need to find another place to do …


5 years ago

We have used them through our vet and privately and they are always kind and professional. I highly recommend them. We have 18 pets left and wish they could live forever but life is temporary and we are thankful for all that Paws in Heaven has done for us

Heather Andrus

5 years ago

In April this year, I tragically lost two cats. One from cancer, the other old age (25!). I have had three other pets cremated over the years by Paws in Heaven, so it was no surprise that I would use them again. As usual, they were very caring and compassionate. I even received a handwritten note about my old man Oliver being an orange tabby. (I had a keyring with orange insert done). I will use them again when it comes time for my remaining pets.

Jacqueline Main

5 years ago

My dog was my baby. I paid my vet a lot of money to get his ashes and they used this place. I don't know how long the process takes so I'm not going to pretend like I know but 2 weeks is a long amount of time i had to wait. and when he was …

john west

5 years ago

BEWARE OF NEW OWNERSHIP: I have used their services two times with the original owners. The high review ratings are due to mostly the original owners and not the new owners so don't be fooled by review rating with these new owners, I have never been so angry this time when my 3rd pet passed away. The cost has increased but that was not most upsetting, the lying, how I was told my pet would be cremated on Monday and wasn't til Wednesday. Then not to get my pet back til after a week passed. Also, these new owners work ethics are definitely not the same as the original owners nor is the business itself. It was upsetting how I was talked to. These new owners are rude and money hungry. The receptionist was very rude. I have one more pet left and will not be driving 5hrs to and from this place to get such poor service. I regret that I went the third time for I was not aware of the new owners. Tom, original owner since 2003 ran a 5 star business and a 5 hour trip was worth his service. I could have stayed home and got my pet cremated and returned to me less than 3 days and at half the cost. Now, I have to question if the remains are in fact my pet, . I paid $40 to ship when the actual cost was $27.50. The compassion about pets have left this place and they should rename their business, "PAWS OF HELL". I suggest anyone to go somewhere else. One should wonder if they actually got their pet remains or the ashes from the money one spent by these owners for their steak BBQ the night before?

Miss Mari

5 years ago

Heartbroken We lost our beautiful 12yo Big Girl, Bailey on 2/6/18 & it was harder than we imagined. I was told her body would be picked up on 2/7 & that I should call Paws In Heaven to set up arrangements. I called & spoke w/ Ryan on 2/7/18 who said I had to wait until today, 2/13 bc nothing sooner was available for a Private Cremation. I, however, got a call from the Vet's office saying her remains were returned w/ a note that she was cremated on Feb 8th?... I called Paws & they were confused. Ryan called me back & said "I'm sorry. I forgot."...that does not make up for it. My Bailey was Special in that she helped with my Special Needs daughter. You took our opportunity to say goodbye to our Beloved Girl. Family members were planning on visiting. I urge anyone using this place to use caution. I'm not angry, I'm hurt. My Bailey deserved more respect. I did get a beautiful paw print w/ her ashes that I love. I hope they're more considerate & responsible in the future, even though I will not be using them again.

Michael Kulich

5 years ago

Had to put my 13 yr old golden down used paws in heaven 2've very cordial and polite .Michael kulich

Marion Bonner

5 years ago

I've had 2 dogs cremated here and they are wonderful.

chris szarka martinez

6 years ago

We have used Paws In Heaven 9 times over the years and I am waiting on my beloved Miss Princess of 17 years to be returned home shortly from this place . We always use our vet so we have never met any of the staff . We always receive flower …


6 years ago

Thank you so much for the incredible job you all did with the cremation of my 14 year old baby. I opened the box and it was such a beautiful cedar box. Well done. And the card and the seeds, and added touch. You must be so proud to do a job such as this. It shows in the work you do. Thank you Thank you.

Deanne Kentz

6 years ago

I want to thank Paws In Heaven, especially Mike, for the respect given to my daughter's 1st rescue dog JoJo (Josie) Bear. The personal service making sure that ALL of the requests I asked to have done …

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