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Marelvi Rodriguez

2 years ago

Excellent service. Very professional doctor and very friendly employees

Lisa Newkirk (Cray Cray)

2 years ago

Got an appointment quickly, got in early, they were attentive, answered all my questions and we were in and out in no time.

Bruce Colton

2 years ago

Better price than other private clinics, better quality than chain clinics. Great response time, good availability. Super friendly and patient and qualified technicians and vet. And feels country, which in a city is a breath of fresh air.


2 years ago

Dr. Chaulky and her staff are fantastic. Mark especially. He's always friendly and helpful no matter what strange questions I might ask!! I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else.

Carmen Woitas

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Dogs and cats all had good experiences with the vet Amanda and staff.

Jo Dee Stepp

2 years ago

Awesome job on our little rescue Sweet Pea. Pricey, had sticker shock after all said and done. Should ask if it's affordable to the customer before doing things. BUT she is doing better, full of energy!

Deresia Scott

2 years ago

Always very helpful and friendly. They usually remember you. I have no complaints. I will continue to use theirs services.

Richard Gibson

3 years ago

Friendly staff and the Doctor takes her time with you and makes sure you understand everything and gives great advice for a new pet owner.

Elaine Benta

3 years ago

They spend the time to examine your pet and meticulously follow up.

Debbie Eastwood

3 years ago

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Chalkley and her staff for understanding how much I needed to find a vet who would let me stay with my little dog because she was very ill. They gave me an appointment within the hour and I was overwhelmed with their kindness, patience, understanding as well as the quality of care I received. My dog stopped eating on Friday she started looking ill on Sunday and when I got to the vet on Monday morning we could not save her. I will always remember the empathy, kindness and understanding I found at the Southfork Animal Clinic as they helped me through such a difficult situation.

Craig Dellio

3 years ago

Shhhhh...all the charm and caring of a country style veterinarian clinic but all the training and knowledge of a city pet vet. Murphy/Parker's best kept secret!

Asheena Redmond

3 years ago

I love this vet clinic. Some of the nicest, most caring, & accommodating people ever. I fully trust the care of my fur babies in the hands of Southfork Animal Clinic. ????❤

Anita Sisler

3 years ago

We have been using South Fork Animal Hospital since moving to E. Plano 5 yrs ago. We love everyone there and they love our animals ???? They have grieved with us through the loss of two of our beloved pets ???? It feels like family and that it so important to me???? Highly recommend!

Bao Bui

4 years ago

Very friendly and knowledge staffs! They were so accommodating even though it was getting close to their closing time and they managed to squeeze me in for one last vaccination on the same date I called in! Definitely recommend and the head vet had been around for 40 years!

Bryn Kinder

4 years ago

My dog loves going here! They are always very thorough and easy to work with. The staff is so kind/personable and will call up after each visit to see how our dog is doing. Highly recommend

Ceci B

4 years ago

Very bumpy way but had a really good time! Good experience

Hawaii Rules

4 years ago

This people and Dr C half always communicated and followed up to check on our dog and think the care has been great. That alone earns 3 stars- I will add one for the communication. The one star that needs work from my opinion is the constant up selling of new products that from a clinical standpoint should be backed on why it’s needed to benefit the animal. I understand this is a business but medically test results should be checked before assuming anything. Again care is great but I think it could overwhelm people who are trying out new vets. The only reason I post this is because they are great medically but hope to help out by being honest and they will tell you I say the same to them and it’s ok to set boundaries

Kodi Wilson

4 years ago

I absolutely love this clinic. Everyone cares and they treat each pet like their own. They always call and check on the babies, even if just in for regular care.

Mark Davidson

4 years ago

Always trying to upsale , Trying to sell me things and drugs I don’t need ! $245 vist for antibiotics ?? Always wants you to come back for another visit no mater what the issue .

Mary Valenzuela

4 years ago

I love the care and people who work here. Bear is in great hands while we travel and he is sick. I won't leave my dogs any where else.

michelle butler

4 years ago

Great attention to my pets. Customer of almost 10 years.

Nicole Shannon

4 years ago

To be honest I’m surprised by the good reviews. I took my dog here based off of the positive reviews regarding price and vet knowledge/friendliness but I was less than impressed. It started with the fact that there are 2-3 technicians all saying different things in the room with you before you ever see an actual vet. That’s way too many and they don’t even agree. The male technician seemed to ask a lot of snide questions implying we don’t know much about or perhaps don’t care for our dog up to his standards. (15 year old Pomeranian mix that I adopted from the shelter 6 years ago. He’s microchipped, regularly groomed, played with, taken on vacations and up to date on rabies), he lives better than millions of people so I don’t know, it seems fine to me. Moving forward, I took my dog to the follow up visit and there are 3 different techs in the room, but not the male this time, so I’m sure they knew about the issue. Regardless they tried to give my dog a rabies shot he didn’t need, seemed confused as to what he was actually there for, claimed I refused a heart worm test even though my dog was supposed to be there for a senior wellness visit, and the only thing I said no to was a rabies shot because he was still up to date on that. I was unable to get clear cut pricing for the entire “senior wellness” package until I paid basically. It just seems disorganized, chaotic, I felt the actual vet didn’t spend enough one on one time, and she herself also seemed distracted and focused on the wrong issue or didn’t listen entirely. I wouldn’t recommend and I won’t be going back. This is honestly my only negative vet experience and I’m just shocked. I gave them two stars because their in house visit price does include a lot of extras that most places don’t, but I would rather pay for it somewhere else!


5 years ago

Great people that really care about the animals.

Candy Downs

5 years ago

I have brought our furrbabies here for many years! Dr and Staff a very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Mark Malone

5 years ago

Very well managed kind people they really care

Sarah Hardy

5 years ago

Great care for your pets!

Rebecca Bell (Becky)

6 years ago

I have taken my dog to Southfork Animal Clinic for the last 8 years. They are my Vet!!

Pam Bradbury

6 years ago

If I could give less than 1 star I would! I will never use this vet again and DO NOT recommend anyone else use Dr. C either! I took my dog in for ringworm and a poor immune system as she's been having skin issues for almost 3 years after getting a glandular infection. Dr. C confirmed it was ringworm by using a black light and it fluoresced green which is positive for ringworm. She also said a skin culture was necessary - why? The black light test was positive. But I trusted her with my pet. She said it would take 7-10 business days for the results to come back. She wouldn't give me oral medication until the results came back - again - why? Black light confirmed it!! She kept telling me I needed flea and tick treatment. I told her I didn't. My pets don't have fleas; never had a tick and don't have mites either. If we had any of them, my other pet would be affected and she isn't. She kept pushing it and I firmly told her I wasn't interested in it and didn't want to put extra drugs in my pet that she didn't need. She was telling me about so many different drugs; and additional tests that may need to be run - she was really trying to upsell me!! My head was spinning - I just wanted a treatment to kill this fungal infection as quickly as possible!! She also gave my pet a Lime Sulfur dip - which is not good for ringworm as I learned today. Long story short, I had to leave my dog with Dr. C so she could completely dry after the sulfur dip. She said she was going to send some treatments home with me and we would have another visit after the skin culture results were in for oral meds - 7-10 days later. That's a long time to let ringworm go, don't you think!!! I paid $300+ before leaving. Yes, I got a receipt, but I don't what meds are what. My husband picked her up later and when I got home that evening, I found the flea & tick treatment in the bag that I firmly told her I did not want and a shampoo that I told her I did not need as I already had a prescription shampoo. The immune system supplement is for...and I quote this... "helps treat iron deficiencies found in young, anemic, debilitated or convalescent pets." My pet is 10 and even though she has this issue, she is youthful, playful, energetic, NOT anemic and her food is prescription so she is getting proper nutrition. SHE HAS RINGWORM...not anemia!!! The skin culture test was done on 11/18/17 and on Wednesday, 11/29/17, I still had not heard from them so I called to see if the results were in. They had the results in Monday, never called me. And the results were positive for....ringworm!!! WOW!!! Really?!? So, I requested oral medication - was put on hold - when the lady returned to the phone 5 minutes later, she told me they couldn't issue any prescription drugs because Dr. C is out until next week. What???? The topical medication that I paid $35 for was not working and the ringworm was spreading all over my pet. But I can't get any oral meds until next week??? I'm sure someone has had a good experience with this lady, but I have not. All she seemed to care about was upselling me with everything she could...even though I told her I was a full time student now and have no income coming in. The 1st picture was taken 11/16/17. I saw Dr. C on 11/18/17. Topical meds were being applied until today 11/30/17 when we ran out. The 2nd pic was taken 11/27/17. Now do you see why I'm so upset!?! And because of no meds to kill the fungus, it has spread more. This is not good medical care, good patient care or practice and certainly not good customer relations!!! RUN....DO NOT TAKE YOUR BELOVED PETS HERE!!!!

Olga Kosinets

6 years ago

Very nice people and great job on checking my doggie make sure he feels okay .

Lexi Eclaire Caleum

6 years ago

I took my 9 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler for a mass on her side that I was told was nothing to worry about but I wanted a second opinion. They told me that it needed to be removed ASAP and I got the surgery done, and I have seen an improvement in her demeanor. I'm going to keep bringing my dog here from now on.

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Southfork Animal Clinic, Texas, Murphy

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