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Ayşin Karaman

2 years ago

I dropped off my cat for his yearly vaccines on Friday. After three days, He got sick. He started to sneeze, and it was increasing. I dropped him again; they kept him 5-6 hours and gave some antibiotic injections, and sent him home. But He got worse. On Wednesday, He fainted cause He wasn’t able to breathe. I dropped him medvet Dallas. He stayed there two days, and I paid a fortune cause they are ER and expensive. And they found out He had an upper respiratory infection and he is in severe condition and infection affected his eyes. And this sickness is really contiguous from other cats. Mistakes can happen; I don’t have a problem with it. BUT they called me on Friday and said they could take care of him for Saturday so that it would be cheaper. I was more than happy to accept it. I dropped my cat on Saturday morning. And when I picked him up, I asked them if they gave him eye drops. They didn’t. I clearly told them his eye drops should be given every 6 hours. And then, on Saturday evening, he got worse, and I headed to ER again. And later found out THEY DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SURE MY CAT HAD HIS PILLS WHICH WAS REALLY IMPORTANT ANTIBIOTIC FOR HIM AT THIS MOMENT. I FOUND HIS PILL IN HIS CARRIER. If you guys are not willing to take good care of my pet, then do not offer it. Or don’t do this job. I can see you guys are cruel people. When I called them, they said: “he didn’t leave his carrier” they left him in his carrier ALL-DAY! Unbelievable.


2 years ago

Walked in and asked the receptionist how she was doing, only to be stared at for a brief moment before being asked what my dogs name was. No professionalism or kindness in their greeting, most likely due to neglect of social skills post-pandemic. Dr. Priscilla, since I've known her, was very curt and lacks consideration of my questions and concerns whenever I would bring them up to her. She merely redirected her own assumptions and conclusions instead of hearing what my points were and answering them carefully. They nickel and dime every opportunity they can, even for something simple as getting a "15 minute blood work". They're more interested in treating symptoms than finding the root of my dogs ailments. Stay away from them.

Heather De Anda

2 years ago

I absolutely love this vet. I have a different vet literally behind my home and drive 20 minutes to take my pets here because they are so amazing!!

Nancy C

2 years ago

Have to keep repeating myself. Will call for appointment and if I have a question I will let the front office receptionist know and when I get a call back from vet they don’t know what my question is. Even when I have left a detailed message. I ask for a breakdown of a package and they keep giving me bundle price. The customer service is horrible. The rest is ok service but the lack of communication between techs and vets and front end is horrible. A lot of repeating myself.

Selena L

2 years ago

Staff is super friendly but I became frustrated with this clinic due to the fact that I told them my dog has fleas just for the doctor to tell me she didn’t have any. I trusted her word just to get home and discover fleas on my dog. Paid too much money just to not get this issue fixed.

Leann Jackson

2 years ago

Expensive in my opinion. Be prepared.... they will recommend multiple tests / x-rays, etc, as part of the diagnostics, then prescribe injections, hydration, multiple meds, change in diet , which are a few examples from my experience. I have been there for 3 dog visits and all have cost $800 plus, for minor conditions. They still require drop off only, so I have also had a problem with info I have given the tech in the parking lot not being relayed accurately to the vet .++The vet I've used for years retired, and Im so sad to lose the personalized care my pets have received at a reasonable price. When you have 3 dogs, reasonable and customary pricing over high-end pricing can make a huge differece in out-of-pocket expenses.

Lauren Dial

3 years ago

If you want an over priced vet, they’re your people. My family has been seeing them for 20 years, once they moved locations, they started becoming very expensive and price gouging. They quoted us 1300 for a surgery that we knew sounded way too expensive for what it was. We went to Dr. Shiplov in Allen, and they told us 300 and a full dental cleaning. Very disappointed in East Plano Vet Hospital. We waited longer then we should have so we could save for it, when the whole time we could have gotten it taken care of right away some place else. Thank goodness we got a second opinion. And you don’t even get to see Dr Carbonell anymore. This place is trash.

Alix Bradford

3 years ago

Dr. Muhoho is so fantastic with my cats. She answers questions directly and any procedure or medications have been well explained beforehand. The staff is super friendly here and I feel my cats are well cared for.

David Bruner

3 years ago

We took our dog in for annual shots. A few hours after dropping her off received a call from the Vet stating that she needed addition test for a possible sever infection of the uterus and must immediately be started on antibodies. The Vet stated that this infection was life threatening and if not treated would kill my dog. The wanted permission to run blood work, X-Rays, with the possibility of removing the uterus. Since my dog did not show any signs of anything wrong, service was denied and we took her to another Vet hospital the very same day for a second opinion. They performed an examination and could not find any signs of an infection. I am writing this review because when the Veterinarian at East Plano was speaking to me my gut felling was that I was being shammed. The second opinion confirmed my thoughts. So Please be aware when dealing with this business, they seem to be trustworthy. But trust them on the same level as you would a mechanic with your car or even your own personal physician. There are Shady businesses in all professions. Trust no one exclusively. A second opinion saved us thousands of dollars.

Della Rae Pearson

3 years ago

We have 5 dogs between my mother and I. We go to "Dr P" everytime. She us professional and cares about out pups and actually knows them. One is on end of life care and she can tell when our older dog isnt herself. For now she is fine and we are doing supportive things but if it ever came time she and I would know and I would trust her judgement. They are on a pricey side but all vets are in my opinion unless you have dog insurance OR you go to a lost cost clinic. Staff is always friendly and courteous.

Frances Gooding

3 years ago

The veterinarians and the care are pretty great, but they need an office manager or some front desk staff. Every time I come here I wait at least 15 mins in the lobby. As I type this, it’s been 20 mins. What are they doing back there???

Israel Marcano Jr.

3 years ago

Wow! Thank you to Sarah & the rest of the staff at EPMPH for transforming my Cocoa & making her beautiful again. Thank you!!! ????????????

kyra hill

3 years ago

Over the last three days, I've been taking my dog Maxx to Dr. Priscilla for a mysterious allergic reaction that won't seem to go away no matter what we try. I've been so worried, but the vet techs and Dr. P have been taking such great care of him and always seem to be willing to answer all of my questions and concerns (even though I've pretty much been calling non-stop because I've been so worried). On top of this whole fiasco, it was less than a month ago that he broke his tooth on a toy, so my savings is pretty non-existent after paying for that. Fortunately, the team took the time to price-match his prescriptions and even gave me extra free samples of the special allergen-free food he was on until we got his allergy test results back. It takes a lot for me to trust vets (and doctors lol), but I really get the feeling that they genuinely want to see him better, which has made me feel way more at-ease. Honestly, they're great, and I appreciate everybody at that office that has answered all of my worried calls.

Mariah Shea

3 years ago

I had a stray kitten that I used this vet for followed and paid ALL the kitten packages and every vet recommendation up until now that he’s fully vaccinated. I found another kitten that needed a home that I was willing to cough up more money for all the vet visits needed for this one. I told them that I wouldn’t get paid for a couple days and to bill me some days later, and if there was anyway they could still see the kitten so I could get it’s vet care without cross contaminating my current cat with any fleas/worms this stray may have. They didn’t care. Guy on phone asked manager, and he wanted me to get a whole credit card just to pay for the service. Like no? Clearly all you care about is money and not the health of animals. I was a paying customer for all my previous kitten treatment with you guys. Was willing to come here again despite the prices being half way decent just so I could have a chance to ensure a quick visit to get this kitten nursed to health ASAP! I understand people can be thieves, but you have all my information, I was a loyal customer for my previous cat... and despite your costs I was still willing to give you my money. So you lost a paying customer. I found Petco that’s much closer to my apartment that quoted me 90$ for a kitten package verses the 200$ it would cost for yours and they seemed much nicer. Your loss. Now the stray 10 week old kitten I have has to sit in a sanctuary I built outside, and I had to get some over the counter medicine treatments to hold him over until a few days from now. Choose a better vet to go to..these people are not empathetic, or willing to put things into consideration case by case just to ensure the health of your animals. They just want your MONEY! I’m sure they where hoping my current cat gets infected with the stray so they can charge me more money, but nope I won’t come again. Btw they quoted over 200$ to fix my other cat and there’s other places that will fix your animals for MUCH cheaper. Money hungry!

papa Mac

4 years ago

The vet tech Dee did a fantastic job and made everything really easy and pleasant during our visit. Absolutely loved the new vet!! She was awesome.

Pam Lester

4 years ago

We finally found a great vet! 1000% recommend this place

Hillary Nelson

4 years ago

I adore this place and everyone in it. I know my dog is well taken care of and that gives me peace of mind especially since she's a senior. Our doctor, Priscilla, is thorough and is sweet as she can be. I would give this place 100 stars if I could. I highly recommend this business to any and everyone who has a pet.

Harlan Deboer

4 years ago

I normally go to another vet but wanted to give them a try. They were able to get me in when my other vet couldn't on the short notice. My dog had blood in the urine and she just couldn't control her pee habits. We wanted to get answers quickly. Okay i really liked that they showed attention to my dog. We did not know what it could be so I did do all the testing. And boy was the cost high... I am incredibly happy my dog does not have a major issue yet, but I am not thrilled with the cost. I knew it would not be cheap, but I do believe they are a higher than other Vets. Don't get me wrong. They did a great job..I got good information and believe my dog will recover. But they need to watch out the over charges or they could go out of business. All pet lovers know they have to pay cost to keep there pets healthy. And most people can't afford a large bill. So if they can't afford the upkeep to take care of the pets that have than they shouldn't be a pet owner. I will finish out treatment here but will go to my regular vet in the future. These people are great with animals..

Hannah Rast

4 years ago

Not to be dramatic but I would die for Dr. Priscilla. She always takes perfect care of our pup and is the sweetest!


4 years ago

I had a dachshund who passed away on June 1, 2019. A week before his 13th Birthday. I’ve taken him there for over 10 years and the staff always took really good care of him. During our time of mourning they mourned with us. They’re exceptional, they send reminders to let you know when something is due. They never turn you away when you don’t have an appointment. They truly love the pets they take care of. When I get another pet, I will continue to use this clinic to take care of my pet.

Francoise Baker

4 years ago

Scott had his blood work done with very little waiting time.Thank you


4 years ago

Look at all of the 1 stars. Boarded my dogs there after my house was hit by lightning. My English Bulldog got kennel cough which they call "upper respiratory infection" did not notify us we learned on a visit and immediately pulled her out. Manager talks over you on the phone had to yell at her to get her to stop talking and listen. Still have not heard from the owner who is ultimately responsible for the place. If you board here be very afraid for the health of your dog.

David Collier

4 years ago

WAY overcharged me for standard procedure while telling me 'everybody charges this much' Fool me once....

Dana Placke

4 years ago

Had to make the difficult decision to let go of my sweet girl today. The staff here was so caring and compassionate, I just wanted them to know they made something so hard a little easier with the compassion and caring they showed us today. Thank you so much.????????

Cynthia Sher

4 years ago

Been taking our pets here for years~

Cody Morris

4 years ago

They have great staff and they take great care of every pet that comes in! Very nice environment for new clients!

Brian Helm

4 years ago

Rude unprofessional staff...especially the office manager

Benchley Design

4 years ago

We normally drive to Sherman for our vet visits. But online reviews recommended this place. So glad I took our pup here when he had some stomach issues! Very thorough procedures. They took the time to check him out nose to tail and were great at communicating the steps they took, the findings, and the rationale for their treatment plans. "Small" things that made a big impression: 1. Large windows in patient rooms - helped our dog feel more comfortable 2. Vets and staff are great communicators - I feel informed about and confident in the treatment plan 3. They have signage up about local pet adoption opportunities. For me, it shows that this place genuinely cares about animals and their wellbeing. This is our new vet!

Alice Caughfield

4 years ago

This is the first time I can not heap praise on East Plano. The customer service was not up to par. Dr Priscilla is always tops in the care she gives and did not disappoint. It was only the front people who did not live up to expectations

Julie Washburn

4 years ago

Very kind and thorough when helping my sick dog. Gave me options for treatment and kindly insistent about following up.

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