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Emily Glaze

a year ago

Always take great care of my sweet Princess!!!

Sko Nietzsche

a year ago

These people cant even answer the phone

Toni Jones

a year ago

I love the convenience and services of Banfield. They staff is friendly and very welcoming. They are prompt with appointments and I appreciate their respecting my time! And it's nice to shop for food or a treat for my baby while I wait.

Tina Unger

a year ago

Thank you for caring about my dog today! Your thoughtfulness in getting my boy in right away after a cancelation means so much to me, he got looked at right away and everyone was so professional and caring!

Royce Binnion

a year ago

I talked to Gina on the phone when I scheduled my appointment and she was super friendly! I had high hopes as I just moved here from Georgia and loved my Banfield vet there. I took my dog in due to getting into the litter box and his tummy was upset. I told 2 people this. I was called and told they wanted to do a test to make sure it wasn't pancreatitis as well as all this other lab work. I told them ok but wasn't sure why they wanted to do that due to him only getting sick due to getting into the litter box. She was unaware of this as was the vet. She told me she would talk to the vet and inform her of this new information and would call me back to let me know how the vet now would want to proceed with any tests. I then get a call back letting me know they proceeded with the test for pancreatitis and that it came back negative. I then quested why they did the test as she told me she was going to talk to the vet about the litter issue and would then give me a call back with a new game plan. I was under the impression that with this new found knowledge they would not be doing this test. I was wrong. So now I have to pay for a test that was never needed on top of all the other things they now want to do. It is very clear this location is all about just tacking on unnecessary things and getting money. I had comprehensive visits scheduled for my other two dogs and have canceled them just based off of this initial visit. The girl I have been communicating with today has sounded friendly but with something going on with my dogs I would have preferred to speak to the vet directly so they could explain everything to me. Each time I spoke with her there was something new to tack on to the bill or that they wanted to do.

Michelle Stroud

2 years ago

Dr. Cahill always takes very good care of my boy!

joyfully cute

2 years ago

Money is their first priority! I took my pet once, he had what it was clear to me a infected wound. When the vet and assistant were checking him up, they noticed: Fever A swelled and warm paw They noticed it was painful to the touch A puncture Clear to me it was an infected wound, surprisingly they wanted to charge $600 for lab work, ultrasounds, x-rays and more! Because they wanted to rule out cancer.... I had to say no and tell them to please consider that it was a simple infected wound, after being pet-parent shamed, because according to them, I was neglecting my pet's health, they agreed on giving him antibiotics, for only $20.... in a matter of days the infection cleared out and I had a happy, healthy pet again. Never again, going back!

Ronald Chapman

2 years ago

If you do a drop off, your dog could be there for 5+ hours with no potty break.

Tracey Achee

2 years ago

We are always a mess when we go its usually me my 3yr old daughter and our two 60+ lb dogs. Today on pick up from our appointment they offered to help get to the car. It was such a great help and on top of that it was pouring down rain! I was so grateful for her help! They are all always so nice and helpful when we go!

Zeke Otto

2 years ago

Poor management and horrible bedside manner. If I could give negative stars they would get -3

Matthew Hunter

2 years ago

Cat almost died after a vaccine because of how bad and unsafe of a hospital it is

Karen Scott

2 years ago

My dog almost died because they didn't diagnose their heart condition and they do not carry the medication for any heart condition. Stay clear from here and go to a real Veterinarian!!

unie kim

2 years ago

We have had the banfield wellness plan for the past 6 years for our dog and have been going to this location for 5 years. I thought they were great! They were always very attentive and gave us great service. Part of the wellness plan that sold us was that they provide yearly dental cleanings for your canine. My pet has had his teeth cleaned every year since we adopted him. Guess what? We asked for advice on this yellow spot on his gums and they disregarded our question. We went for a second opinion for my pet and it turns out that he needed to get 20 teeth REMOVED which cost us 3,000 dollars and they failed to recognize that any of his teeth needed to be pulled? I can understand that they are not dental specialists, but surely a PREVENTATIVE cleaning yearly should provide us with a referral if maybe 20 teeth look like they’re about to fall out? To the point where my dogs gums had an abscess on it??? I have used banfield for my dogs for 12 years (with my previous dog, which went to a different location, and had teeth removed when they performed a preventative cleaning) and will continue to use their services at a different location. Do not blindly trust that this location is taking care of your pet!

Jimmy Villalobos

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly..covid-19 restrictions in place ...

Rachael Wishart

2 years ago

I tried to get records from this facility multiple times. The staff was barely nice, continued to put me on hold and at the end said they could only fax the records because their email is unreliable. And they can't even fax all the records I need because 'it's too much.' Meaning they have no way of getting me the entire records I am entitled to receive.

Kim Nguyen

2 years ago

I was calling to set up my dog to move to this Banfield location from our old one since we just moved to the area. The receptionist on the phone was extremely rude. You guys should really re-train your staff on phone etiquette. I've moved our services to the Pearland location instead, where they're much happier, professional folks there!

Vanessa Virgil

3 years ago

Gena(spell check) at Banfield was amazing she took awsome care of my baby when I dropped her off. Since covid your no longer allowed in the exam room with your fur baby....and mines is terrified of the vet but they took super great care of her I requested only Gena services when I come here....thanks again Sandi is no longer terrified of the vet!

Tonya Maldonado

3 years ago

My daughter took her cat here for possible infection. They looked at her and told my daughter her cat was fine. Two days later her cat winds up at the emergency vet with a huge bill!

Terri Allen

3 years ago

They took good care of Omega. And as a new pet owner took time to answer my questions and concerns. I think Omega and I are going to like this place.

Pat Trav

3 years ago

Locked us in the room and made us buy the wellness plan

Melinda Eliff

3 years ago

disappointed that vet did not directly discuss abnormal lab values with me but sent a tech to discuss...will take lab results to another vet to further discuss concerns..

Keith Thomas

3 years ago

Fast and good service thx

Jeffrey Chang

3 years ago

It's a nice place to enjoy the animal world and get some pets items conviniently.

Ewell Crowe

3 years ago

Excellent above and beyond.

Crystal Ann Thibodeaux

3 years ago

I've been coming here since I got my puppy. They have taken care of him and me. The staff takes excellent care of Spike and keeps me informed every step of the way.

Alicia Marion

3 years ago

I feel that don't have enough patience with my puppy and are even a little afraid of her because she is very large. I also feel that my questions aren't properly answered.

Erik Smith

4 years ago

Our best friend's best friends...

Jessica Park

4 years ago

On Sunday afternoon I found two dogs crossing the street, nearly hit by a car. I picked them up and came here to screen if they had any microchips in them. The gentleman who helped us was very kind and helpful. He gave the dogs water and some treats ans also leashes (they weren't on the leash). It was so nice of him. And few hours later they went home safe. Thank you!

Romina Suarez

4 years ago

If I could I would give this place a 0 star I would. . My dog has been on the Wellness plan since he was two months old. He is 13 right now. I went in at 4:30 because he was dizzy and fainting and the front desk person whom according to his name tag it said that he was the manager turned us down stating that they were Closing in 30 minutes. No sign of caring no sign of compassion. He was more concerned about us leaving so they could closed. We went to Sugarland veterinary specialist and their treatment was five stars since the moment we walked in.

Tawne Blackful

5 years ago

Very friendly and thorough. Treat my dogs very well.

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