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Trout Walrus

a year ago

Premium price, sub par service. Not a place to bring an animal in need. Money is 1st priority and your pet is last. The vet running the place is not a nice person. She is not up to date with her education. Unacceptable turnaround on simple blood work. Save yourself the money and frustration and head to Andrews.

Tiffany Soofiani

2 years ago

First I want to say the staff and Dr. Patel we’re all amazing! I have a kitty (Sabrina) they helped me with and we will see how she does but from my experience this vet is one of the best vets in midland. The prices are somewhat high but they find ways to work with you to figure out what is needed and what you can afford. Thank you so much for helping us!

Cameron McCartney

2 years ago

Happy people and reasonable prices every time we take our pup in!

Alex Crafford

2 years ago

What an amazing team of professional animal lovers at the VCA Greenbelt Animal Hospital in Midland !!! There are people in life who are "called" to their certain fields and professions and others certainly not.... We can definitely vouch for the great team at VCA Midland as being of that small group who have most certainly been "called" to do their utmost on all levels for the animals and their owners too. These people are extremely knowledgeable, most qualified and diligent in their ethical practice and treatment of both the pet and owner. After having relocated here over more than a year ago we have experienced since arriving - only the best quality treatment and service. Also to mention, at most reasonable and affordable rates. Thorough examinations, gentleness, quality care and most definitely too great people skills and communications, including always providing prompt and accurate feedback. Our pet has been treated primarily by Dr Lindsay Bailey - but Dr's Abby Knoll and Sonal Patel have always also been on call and duty to provide the same quality and standard. Our techs Alexis, Dianna and RJ are also fantastic in what they do. The diligent, friendly, kind and efficient receptionist at point of contact when calling in - from Sam, Melissa and Misty is always a given. Lastly, it is a privilege and a pleasure for our service dog and my husband and myself to be a part of what we consider this "family" practise who are always willing, eager and able to help and assist with absolutely all. Alexandra and Christo Crafford.

Dylan Miner

2 years ago

Friendly, competent, and accommodating. I have nothing but positives coming out of my first experience at VCA.

Justin Tuttle

2 years ago

First off, I’m not here to bash this clinic. I love how professional they are. They have been accommodating & I will continue using them. My two Aussies go to work with me every day. I do not leave my house without them. They are my WORLD. I called this clinic to have them refill Wrangler's seizure medication. I told them I needed it in 30 minutes & they made it happen. They worked with me 100%. Greenbelt called me the next & told me they had given my dog 5x his strength in medication by accident. I have never been so MAD in my life. Wrangler slept for two days straight. Thank god Wrangler did not overdose. For anyone having their animals prescription filled here, please make sure you know what they are taking because I did not.

Kim Hyatt

2 years ago

Caring and professional. Costs a bit more but worth it for the quality care given.

Dalton Alan

2 years ago

I recently moved to the Midland area from a large metro area. The relationship I established with my hometown Vet clinic was top notch and the better part of a decade. My companion animals are the closest thing to kids for me and I have high standards when it comes to their care. Dr. Abby and the technicians I have interacted with have all been professional, friendly and provided the best care for my boys. Happy to recommend Dr. Abby and the Greenbelt team

Texas EsJu

2 years ago

Very caring staff and excellent communication with the doctor. 1st time visiting a vet and was worried about how Nova (my puppy) would be taken care of, smooth curbside process, mask worn when picked up and dropped off... would give 10+???? if I could.

Julianna Perez

2 years ago

My kitty was very sick and they took him right away. He sadly didn't make it but they did everything they could to make him at ease. I 100% recommend them if your animal needs anything.

Gary Cooper

2 years ago

Only took 3 visits and $500 to get rid of ear infection, incompetent and overpriced in my opinion

Maria A

2 years ago

Good service! They are doing curbside which is nice, since you can wait in your car. The vet and techs were really nice and accommodating. They wear masks and come get your dog at your car and then bring it back when done. Please wear a mask when they are getting your dog to keep them healthy as well. Be considerate.

Donald Tompkins

2 years ago

This was our first experience here. You could look long and hard and not find af more dedicated team. Kind, compassionate and professional at the same time. I cannot be more thankful for the service they provided. I heartily recommend!

Nora Sierra

2 years ago

I recommend this place. They take care of your pet. They know your pets are part of your family. Love the staff.

Tiffany Lopez

2 years ago

The staff went out of their way to save my lil guy and when he passed they were very supportive and available for my emotional needs. My family received a condolences card in the mail with all their signatures. I love that they would take the time out of their busy day like that for us. Staff is very sweet ❤

Elizabeth Paredes

3 years ago

Dr. Paine D.V.M. is fantastic. We met him through the Permian Basin Emergency Veterinary at Greenbelt in Midland. Greenbelt is a great new clinic, the E.R. was fully staffed, with a compassionate staff, they met us upon arrival and immediately went to work on my girl Ms. Regina Lacy. We had a 10-15 minute wait. Would definitely recommend THIS A.E.C. anytime!! It's way better than waiting 4-6 hours at the OTHER clinic in Odessa. Thanks Greenbelt for giving the Permian Basin the choice of another E.R. in YOUR clinic.

Victor Jordan

3 years ago

Horrible rude staff, grom the moment I called the staff didnt care to help, they just asked who their regular vet was and if they were not open, as if I wasnt going there for immediaate help instead of waiting a weekfor a regular appoinment. I recommend the emergency vet in odessa they were extremely helful from the momment I called.

That Scootaloo

3 years ago

If I could give a negative star i would give this worthless company a -5 star review they dont care about your animals they only want your money. Go someplace different

T Sess

3 years ago

Great with your furbabies also using great safety care.

Scott Mack

3 years ago

Money seems to be first priority here. Very very expensive service with no shame. I will give them credit they do tell you cost and give you the opportunity to decline. However when our regular Vet reviewed the bill and what was done he stopped short of saying much. He did say enough to tell me we had way over paid and many of the charges were terrible. We quit using Greenbelt because of the stupidly high pricing. These folks say they just rent from Greenbelt but they have the same over priced structure. Go to Odessa for emergency care save a thousand dollars.


3 years ago

My dog had to be put to rest and Greenbelt took us in immediately. They are the most kind and caring people to have entered into my life when I needed someone the most. Dr. Abbey Knoll was with us during the last final moments and the compassion she had was not only seen on her face, but also felt. Michelle Corley was with us the whole time. She is one of the most comforting people to help during this time of heartbreak. She's remarkable as is the whole staff there. They are all special people and I can't thank them enough. You will never find a more caring place for your pets. Joanna Wagaman

Brandi Hedrick

3 years ago

My baby died because of these people

Christena “CHRISTENA”

3 years ago

Wanted to charge me 1000 a day to help my pet. Insane.

Christine Oglesby

3 years ago

Very gentle with our dog. Letting us spend time to say our goodbye.

Christy Jones

3 years ago

Had to make an very sad decision today & everyone I was involved in with this hospital was very caring & loving and so very helpful. Hate the way I had to find this place but glad I did ad now this will be Dog Dogs new caretaker. Thank you all so much for making what I had to decide today easier and gentler on me. I appreciate you all very much.

Claudia Brasher

3 years ago


Craig Horton

3 years ago

We went to take our dog to this place and waited in the parking lot for an hour and 20 minutes ..Some person finally called and asked every question we had previously filled out on the form they gave us ...Our Personal Vet had his number forwarded to this Vet and they asked who our Vet was and they never heard of him...both vets are within a mile of each other...seems very strange my vet would recommend them when they didn’t even know who our vet was !!

Daniel Hendricks

3 years ago

It’s not a bad place unless you need to get a refill on your pets medicine, so you call them and low and behold they’ve closed until the 28th of July, unfortunately we had no idea this was going on. But they could’ve at least had someone come in once a day and check and see if any of their patients needed refills on their medication. Anyways we’ve been trying to get our dogs medication refilled through 1800-pet-meds since Tuesday the 28 of July, now all Greenbelt needs to do is approve the medication through email, phone or hell a fax would even work. But so far nothing....

Kim Murphy

3 years ago

The tacos were gourmet. The service was very fast. The ambiance was cozy rustic. Cash only when we were there (there's an ATM machine). We didn't try the wine. All said and done about $5 per smallish excellent taco. I would definitely go back and recommend. My fave was the spicy shrimp. Yum.

Maria Natividad

3 years ago

When my dog got hesitation..the male doctor took him in..put him on an ivy right away..took very good care of him..and he knew what he was doing..i have to look on my receipt..i will never again go to anybody but him..this last time i took my moms cat in..we were treated by a chic the opposite not very good treatment..she was charging us an arm and a leg..and i took the baby home..and he passed away..very sad...he was 10 yrs old. and even the nurse who took him in was not very pleasant..compared to Mrs.meagan...shes awesome..but this other mexican lady was not to calmly..

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