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Shashona Peterson

2 years ago

This review is based solely on the customer service. The actual grooming was great which is why I’ve been a customer for several years. Basically the guy up front is extremely nasty and rude. A mistake on their behalf and all he had to offer was attitude and disrespect. That’s all it takes for me to lose my business. Instead of owning up to the mistake when I had proof he made excuses. His customer service skills were terrible. He also proceeded to leave me a rude voicemail after I disconnected the call because he couldn’t talk in a respectful manner.


2 years ago

Wonderful staff, very attentive to needs and pet care.

Mary Taylor

2 years ago

The absolute BEST experience ever! The staff was very friendly and my fur baby looks Fabulous!

Lionheart Redesigns

2 years ago

As a business owner I completely understand how hard it can be to run a consistently smooth & quality operation... but Legacy Pet Grooming does just that. Ephraim (owner) and the other groomers have always been easy to work with, attentive, and pleasant. We trust our two Springer Spaniels with them and have never had a problem. Legacy Pet Grooming is a great local provider here in McKinney and my wife and I support them 100%. Be sure to give them a try!

Kim Pawlinski

2 years ago

I brought my lab/border collie mix in for a badly needed shampoo and trim. They did a wonderful job, my dog looked clean and trimmed. They were friendly and professional. I will definitely bring my dog back.

Allyson Puckett

2 years ago

Legacy grooming mckinney always take excellent care of my two cocker spaniels! I have been going there for over a year and they are always great about fitting me in for last minute appointments!

David McMahon

2 years ago

We have been taking our Schnoodle here for years. Now she is old and blind and they take good care of her. Always on time and a job well done.

Garrett Stoker

2 years ago

They do a great job with our mini poodle. He has a lot of anxiety, but they do a great job of making him feel comfortable.

Shikha Nair

2 years ago

Do not take your doodles here . They have zero experience with doodle. My pup has developed an ear infection only 2 times in his lifetime and both time it was soon after getting groomed here. First time we thought it could be something else and not related to grooming. We decided to give this place another try after 4 months (only because we didn’t get any other appointments and he really needed a cut) and again.. EAR INFECTION!! It cannot be a coincidence. Also the man there is super rude with both pets and people. Never going back here . The worst groomers ever !!! Edited to add. My dog was extremely anxious for couple of days after he was groomed here. He is usually very friendly and loves meeting new people and getting pets. But at this place he was just eager to leave and ran towards the door when I got there. It was very clear that he was mistreated

Monica Cardenas

2 years ago

Honestly my schnauzer has never been fluffier and looked cuter. I’ve taken him many places to try out and I will be sticking with these people. Love the facility and cleanliness! Will be coming back very soon to continue business here.

Martha Newhouse

2 years ago

I have loved Legacy Pet Grooming for many years. I am so disappointed that they no longer are open on Saturdays. I drove from HEB to have my dog groomed by them. I tipped well because I loved the groomer, a young lady that was always so nice. What am I going to do??!!

Logan Bosley

2 years ago

The owner is very unprofessional. Lost the business of my 3 dogs who need routine grooming.

david yag

2 years ago

This review is for legacy Pet grooming in McKinney 5261McKinney Ranch parkway STAY AWAY !!Red the negative reviews and Report this business to BBB and FTC and local and state consumer affairs offices and local animal control agency This is the only way you can stop this place to harm your animals and stop him abusing you as a customers with his unprofessional conduct !Consider vide taping him if he become verbally abusive and send the video to BBB,FTC and state consumer affairs offices and local animal control agency I had an appointment today and took both my dogs and cat there The man who claimed to be the owner first yelled at me to stay outside, few minutes later he yelled come inside ,without any greed he scream do you have a pet Box ,I was speechless how rude and aggressive this man actually was .You could see anger and aggression in his face I said you need to lower your voice ,you are being unprofessional and i don't need your service if you continue like this He said we were trying to reach you this am and called you but I did not responded I told him I called yesterday and left my number when I made the appointment ,i did not receive any calls today from his business and I am a medical doctor and sometime I cant receive calls because I am In ED He said I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE !! This was his exact response After I left I went inside the store one more time to ask him for his name and he said if you dont leave I will call the cops !!! I never had in my entire life any experience similar to this business owner and never encountered any business owner more aggressive and unprofessional then this one ! I usually dont write any reviews and I consider myself as a nice human being who respect everyone but its also important for me to share this experience with potential customers ,because no business owner should behave this way and abuse people who are giving them business My wife usually takes the dogs to this store and she was there few times ,we noticed that our dogs and cat are extremely anxious for few days after visiting this store ,and today I noticed my dogs were extremely anxious once i took them out of the car and they saw this building again ! After the very unpleasant encounter with this man today who claim to be the owner ,I cant imagine how much aggression this man could have towards animals we trust in his hands I will file a official complain with BBB and TFC and local and state consumer affairs offices and local animal control agency ,as other customers also express concerns in their reviews regarding ear and eye infection ,bleeding from skin and nails of their pets after visiting this store I strongly recommend to stay away from legacy Pet grooming at 5261 McKinney Ranch Pkwy and observe your animal closely once you take them home for any sign of abuse or infection ,as I witnessed first hand today ,the owner can be extremely aggressive and after reading the reviews I realized i am not the only one and there has been many similar incidents like that in the past I requested an investigation online by authorities which will be conducted soon to look closer how this business is operating as I have serious safety concerns towards Pets and Pets owner at legacy Pet grooming in McKinney 5261McKinney Ranch parkway I will report this business to other agencies and additional reviews online will follow to protect potential customers and animals

Ashley Bosley

2 years ago

I called to schedule my dog a grooming appointment and the man who I spoke with was probably the most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to. He asked if I had the rabies record with me to bring and I said “I’m not sure if I have that record. I’ll have to look” to which his response was “okay bye.” I didn’t respond because I was so shocked by his response. He said “it’s the law to have it. Bye.” First of all, I never said that my dog didn’t have the vaccine (he does), I said I would need to look if I have the RECORD. Secondly, for him to just not even give a professional explanation but instead to just tell me bye. Absolutely horrible customer service. If they treat their customers like this I’m concerned with how they treat their animals. We will be sure to never use their services.

cliff reedy

2 years ago

First time there. They did a good job. The man ask me where I lived i told him he said don't go home time you get there you have to turn around and come back and he was right my roommate came over to pay and time she got thtere the dogs were done. Good service and friendly

Jennifer Rodriguez

2 years ago

Their phone etiquette could use some work. I’m sure they are very busy but it’s not good business practice to hang up on potential customers.

Amanda Childress-Kannan

2 years ago

Wow! Hands down best car groomer in North Texas!!! Legacy Grooming never disappoints... they have been grooming our 2 Ragdoll cats for 2 years now and always do a superb job! They do a killer ‘Lion cut’... cats aren’t stressed when I pick them up AND the management is super nice to my girls and I, even when we’re late to drop off! ????

Clay Tillman

2 years ago

I'm giving two stars only because the lady that I spoke to on the phone to set up the appointment was very nice. I brought my cat in to be bathed and groomed. I was told it'd be 2-3 hours, which seemed long but whatever. Two hours later I get a call that he is ready. I arrive and they said they were unable to groom him because he ran everywhere and peed all over himself. I get that isn't their fault, but what on earth did you do with my cat for TWO HOURS. You mean to tell me he sat back there in his cage for an hour and a half before you attempted to groom him? Of course he was scared out of his mind after sitting in his cage for so long. The guy was pretty rude when I picked him up. Didn't even stop what he was doing and come talk to me and explain what happened. I honestly thought he was joking becuase my cat is extremely friendly and timid. Take your pet some place that isn't going to treat your animal like this.

Jose Quiroz

2 years ago

They are always amazing and take care of our pups, highly recommended.

Rayeann Christiansen

2 years ago

Got her shampooed and had the works, only to have her go home and do a dance on her back on the pavement.

Azadeh Azarshahab

2 years ago

They trimmed my 3 months old kitten’s nails so bad. It has been bleeding since last Thursday. I’m not happy with them at all.????

Jonathan D

2 years ago

We've been bringing our 2 dogs here since we moved into the area 4 years ago. They are exceptionally courteous and our dogs are excited to go every time we take them. Our dogs always come home looking great, even our on the move Aussie. Ignore the negative reviews from the snowflakes who didn't get a big enough daily affirmation or who were asked to put on a mask for 2 minutes. And yes, they ask that you take your personal effects with you, ie leash, collar, etc. But that's the new pandemic world we live in. And matted dog hair is close to the dog's skin, you can't remove a mat without trimming the hair above it.

Mohammed Abdallah

2 years ago

Very bad experience they don’t respect customer at all

Terri Parke

2 years ago

We have had great experiences with Legacy Groomers in McKinney Texas since we began going to them in July, 2019. They answer their phones, have quick availability, and remember and know our dog, who is a terrier mix and can be a little anxious at each appointment. We get a bandana, a quick squirt of cologne, and a good lookin’ dog each time we go. Thanks got all your hard work!


3 years ago

I took my Mattie here to get groomed. Very nice family owned establishment. She looked and smelled great afterwards.

Sarah Colvin

3 years ago

Absolutely fantastic service! My dogs have gone here since they were puppies and they have never been afraid of the bath or going to the groomer. The people working here truly love animals.


3 years ago

They don’t take dogs over 10 years old.

Matthew Klein

3 years ago

Excellent customer service, excellent grooming, reasonable prices, and they were/are also very kind to my doggie Milo and the other doggies...I recommend this very good quality business...thank you Legacy Pet Grooming!!!

Jesse Congleton

3 years ago

Tried to take my dog here for the first time, but the staff was incredibly rude. I wanted to get a spring cut for my husky as we let it get a little longer for the winter. I wanted the groomers opinion on how short we should go for a husky because there coats shouldn't be cut too short. They told me our dogs hair was to matted and would have to do a start over cut. I explained his hair is not matted as I brush it regularly and they proceeded to tell me no I don't brush my dogs hair. Then when I decided to leave and take my business elsewhere. They let my dog off the leash that they had put him on before I had a hold of him or had my leash on him. Wish I would have read the reviews before I wasted my time trying to take my dog here. Apparently they don't know how to groom dogs and just say they are to matted so they can shave them all down.

Jim Phillips

3 years ago

We have been going Legacy Groomer for over a year and have had good service...until now. I scheduled an appt like normal and proceeded to take our dog in. When I arrived a lady was exiting the groomer with her 2 dogs and informed me she would no longer be taking her dogs back there ever again as the owner was very rude to her. Thinking this maybe an isolated incident I took my dog in and asked suggestions as we wanted to keep her top coat slightly long and underneath shaved as she had gotten some matts. He said she was to matted and would need to be shaved all over. She was not matted at all on top so wanted a couple of inches left and underneath cut short. He proceeded to act like I didn't know what I was talking about and said it would not be possible. I understand if you are too busy to do a proper groom but saying my dog needed to be completely shaved when she did not is poor service. He then blew me off and stopped talking to me completely and started yelling to his employees that they maybe able to do a 1 or a 2. Not explaining this to me at all just them. We then got into a rather heated exchange as I asked him to continue trying to help me get what I was asking for. I then decided this was not worth it and left. Never going back.

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