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Bianca Luna

2 years ago

I sent my very rambunctious puppy to Unstoppable K9s for two weeks of training. It was the BEST investment I have ever made. When I dropped off my puppy, he was biting, pulling, not listening to commands and I was losing control of my young dog. After the two weeks of training we got back our puppy and Unstoppable K9s gave us such a great foundation to start training for our dog. He came back knowing basic commands and we still have many private lessons to improve on top of this foundation. I highly recommend this business for all of your doggy training needs.

German Caldera

2 years ago

We had a great experience with Gabriel! We have 2 dogs, one of them is extremely obedient and sweet but the other one is the complete opposite. We took them both for the first consultation and Gabriel suggested to leave our crazy one for 2 weeks because of his behavior problems and then 8 follow up classes for obedience training for both dogs. PEOPLE, don't expect a miracle or that your dog will change from one day to the other. It takes time and effort from the owner's part too. Gabriel will provide with all the guidance and techniques but it's up to you to apply it at home. We are very satisfied with the results, our dogs learned to sit, down, place and walk on a leash properly. We are now able to bring our dogs with us to pet friendly restaurants and we're very happy that we have the opportunity to spend more time with our dogs outside of our home. If you are considering to hire Unstoppable K9s, I reccomend you do so but make sure you want to make an effort if you really want to see results.

Pier Gri

2 years ago

They really love their work and you can see the progress, awesome!

Derrick Hennigan

2 years ago

Awesome service! Was very happy with our experience!


2 years ago

SADLY. My dog died while boarding at this facility. Received no compensation. I was denied a pic of my puppy, I don’t know what goes on here, but STAY AWAY ???? ???? ???? ???? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flor Garcia

2 years ago

Good value. They train all types of dogs and you could appreciate the tremendous work with dogs and their owners. Highly recommended.

Sherry Mangrum

3 years ago

The absolute worst place to take your dog for training!!!! Sherry

Brenda A

4 years ago

If there is one thing I cannot stand is rudeness. It was all nice until I mentioned it was a groupon deal and she was very rude and unhelpful after that. I paid a ten day stay and they missed to inform aside from what was paid for the groupon there would be a charge of $25/night in addition! Thanks... for nothing.

Miriam Valdez

4 years ago

Awesome place, my dogs love to go there.

Mary Lou Hernandez

4 years ago

Trainers are amazing. Truly know what they are doing.

katmeghan d

5 years ago

our dog sadie has gone thru the onleash program, she was very possessive of me and my partner and treats with any other dogs. we just got her home and she is definitely listening to commands better and she stayed on her place for the entire time we ate dinner last night and only tried to wiggle out of it 2 times but a quick correction sent her right back. I am looking forward to the next 3 lessons and will post an updated review.

Kayla Kutilek

5 years ago

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time. I have recommended Unstoppable k9s to several of my friends since our puppy imprinting class in August. My 5 month old Whippet puppy, Jett, was very stubborn and not house broken at all. The training she received demonstrated an extraordinary difference in behavior. She was able to do several commands including sit, down, place, heel and walk with a loose leash. Also, she was no longer biting fingers, shoes or picking up leaves etc off the ground on walks. Potty training and kennel training were worked on as well. (She still struggles in these areas) Jett’s training coincided with Hurricane Harvey. The trainers at Unstoppable K9s were very professional handling the event and kept me informed of their safety. They were also flexible with her boarding as I was stuck out of town during the storm when her boot camp ended. She did drink the standing flood water and was a little ill upon returning however Jett seeks out any puddle in her normal everyday life. (Aah) All my visits during the training were very informative. Due to the storm I wasn’t able to visit Jett until the day her training camp was over. Gabriel observed Jetts interactions with me and offered to keep her a few more days to polish her skills. Upon graduation, an extensive “human training” session is taught to provide you with the skills to keep Jett trained for life. I found this to be extremely helpful and wish I could do a better job working with Jett daily. It is truly amazing to see Unstoppable K9s family dogs and know what level your dog could one day achieve with continued work and dedication. It’s easy to see the passion the trainers possess and the dogs enjoy the training/ play time at their home. I look forward to boarding Jett with Unstoppable in the future and open to doing additional training classes to advance her trick skill bag.

Kristen Smith

5 years ago

What can I say.. Unstoppable K9s are amazing!! Both my dogs Beckham & Ellie have gone through their obedience training as Ellie was a puppy and needed basic training & Beckham needed a refresher for his aggression on leash to other dogs. We have the best dogs and altho they have their days, they know what they should do! Plus now that they moved to Midtown; they go 2 times a week for daycare which they LOVE and it’s so much easier to board since they’re so convenient to me now!! Everything is reasonably priced but what I love most is how caring everyone is. Everyone there knows my dogs by name and cares so much about them. Thank you Unstoppable K9s, I cant recommend them enough!

LaShad Jackson

5 years ago

About time I found a boarding program that was actually on this area.

Heather Kernes

5 years ago

Axel our pup, has been with them since Oct 2017! We've done the daycare program, daycare and train as well as the puppy bootcamp! He is so well trained now and loves Gabe, Anna and Sarah! They have a true passion for dogs!


5 years ago

These guys are the real deal. They are certified, work hard and really focus on the individual dog. They only got 4 stars because their Manvel location is a long drive, but I hear they have a new location in the Heights. They trained our rowdy boy dog (and us) to have more control. Not an easy thing to do.

Christopher Brownlee

5 years ago

My dog had a wonderful time being boarded here. They also helped with some behavior issues with my little terrier too.

Andrea Reyes

6 years ago

Words cannot fully describe how happy and satisfied I am with the training given to my little Pikachu! I got him back on Monday and I must say I am totally and completely impressed. I was a little worried about having him in my apartment because I expected having to worry about complaints of him barking at every sudden movement he heard. But that's one thing he doesn't do! He actually goes to investigate first but quickly realizes it's nothing and comes back. He's so sweet, loving but most of all obedient! He does well with other dogs which is a great plus! I don't have to worry about him going insane when walking him. It's funny how other dogs will go crazy but mine is so calm about it and listens to my commands and doesn't get out of control. I can't thank you enough!! Y'all rock!

Buck Reyes

6 years ago

I can't say enough good things about this training facility! I took my Service dog here to help with her training and she has literally been a life saver. I LOVE the facebook updates and the holiday photos they took. My dog came back from training knowing more than I could have imagined but what I love the most is how they not only trained her but trained me as well! I continue to board and use their daycare services as well! Will never go anywhere else.


6 years ago

First of all, the five star review listed below on google by Ana Guzman is one of the owners/trainers of Unstoppable K9's, wife of Gabriel Gomez. We paid $895 for the 12 day "imprint" puppy package. This is a board and train package that also Included 4 follow up training sessions. The board and train takes place in their home. First of all, I should have turned around and went with my gut and left immediately upon driving up to their home. I didn't and here we are. Gabriel Gomez told us upon dropping off our puppy that we would receive progress reports and videos of our dogs progress, that our dog would learn two tricks and all the commands listed on their website for this package. Before dropping off our puppy, I verified directly with Gabriel that our puppy met the 3-10 month age and shots/vaccine requirements. I sent him a copy of all shots/vaccines. The first 3 days we could not get in touch with them AT ALL. Left messages, sent texts.... totally MIA. Then the 4th day at 2am in the morning we get a 3+ min voicemail message (judging by the content of the message, it was a butt dial) a completely inappropriate and unprofessional message was left on our voicemail. We still have this message saved, it's shocking. Obviously after not hearing from them for three days and no response to any of our text messages RED FLAGS went up when we received this accidental 2am phone call. We continued to call/text for the day after that, nothing. Finally after calling them out on the 2am voicemail message THEN they call us back. They kept calling our dog a SHE, and it was very clear on the forms our dog was a MALE. RED FLAG. We were very concerned and wanted to pick him up. They told us that the training was going really well and our dog was happy. Hurricane Harvey happened and we had to leave him there a week longer then expected. We picked up our dog. Zero difference in his behavior. Cannot tell ANY difference with 17 days of their "training". According to their package, he was suppose to learn two tricks?? What tricks? When we picked him up, we knocked, then rang the door bell. Finally had to call their phones and someone finally answered the door. Gabriel hurried through about 5 mins of commands and then said he was going inside to check to see if he had more food/treats, we waited, literally waited and he never came back out of the house. So we had to assume that the session was over and he wasn't coming back out. So we left. No phone call, no follow up. NADA. The afternoon we got our dog back he had diarrhea and blood in his stool. I called my vet and she suggested I bring in a stool sample. I took my dogs stool sample into the vet the following day and found that not only was my dog very sick (bacterial infection, hookworms, coccidia) he was also flea infested. We presented the medical bills to them and Gabriel called our Vet clinic and proceeded to lie to the staff telling them that we had received our dog back from them several weeks ago and he didn't understand why we are trying to blame them. (We have all this on record) We are still dealing with the aftermath of our dogs health, he is now on antibiotics. They have refused to pay the medical bills or refund us ANY of the money. They emailed us the contract we signed and stated they would not be paying for anything. So definitely WOULD NOT RECOMMEND them....EVER. If you love your dog, stay away. NIGHTMARE.

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