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Elizabeth Flatt

a year ago

The entire staff is amazing! Very caring, professional and very reasonable fees. I highly recommend this clinic!!

Shantell E

2 years ago

I absolutely love Dr Don and his staff! Takes excellent care of my dog and does not over charge or bill for unnecessary things. He has saved me literally thousands of dollars. I do not trust my dog with anyone else. He has an old school approach that is hands down the best!

Dave Moore

2 years ago

The Dr., & all staff are very courteous, respectful & friendly. They are thorough in the task of your pets wellness in considerations of cost & time. It looks like a small facility from the outside but, efficient. If you got a problem they will do all they can to get you in. Great place

Ann Onymous

2 years ago

Great service and skilled staff


2 years ago

Doc Don ( aka ) of the "Pain Police" lol,,, and Staff are Just Awesome, Caring, Friendly, Efficient Pet People Clean, Excellent, Friendly, Efficient, Caring ❤ Vet ,,, We Love the Pet Wellness Clinic, Sandy, Jinks, Brandy, Alfonso, and just everyone are JUST, THE BEST...

A Hartfiel

2 years ago

Honest, family owned and operated, real, true, fair-priced veterinary services.

Tiger Coffman

3 years ago

Phenomenal experience! I HIGHLY recommend the Pet Wellness Clinic! They treat you like family & take care of your furbabies like their own!

Megan Moon

3 years ago

They were so very nice and the most affordable vet I have been to in a long while. I will be back for sure!

Heather Bucharski

3 years ago

I took my Cat in on a Saturday in May into this clinic in order to get her shots all up to date, her nails clipped and just a general check up. The vet seemed nice and so did his assistant (vet tech) had a lot of knowledge about what type of breed my cat was. And insisted I give her ointment to prevent fleas, ticks and ear mites. I wasn’t sure but was kind of pushed into it. I figured this is the vet he knows more. By the next day my cats fur on the back of her neck began to just fall out in huge chunks. By Monday after noon I got home from work and there was just piles of fur leading all the way to my bedroom. My cat was lethargic and not acting right and the back of her neck was basically bald. So I called the vet and one of the receptionist said that’s normal she will be fine and blew me off. So by Tuesday it just got worse and I got scare my cat is very attached to me but it was unusual how much she wanted me. So I rushed her to the emergency pet hospital. They couldn’t tell if it was chemical burns or scratching, but it was definitely the ointment, and was given medication to help with the swelling, redness and irritation. The next morning I called the vet again the same girl who answered was like “oh no I’m sorry, but the vet isn’t in today we will pass this along” I said well don’t y’all want pictures and the info I got from the emergency clinic to discuss actions going forward and maybe to put in her file? And all I got was a annoyed “I mean you can” response. Got the email and sent it. 2 days later the vet called me apologized and said he would help me get my money back from the manufacturer I let him know I already filed a claim but he can help. Since then I can’t get the clinic to really communicate with me. And when I do one of the young receptionist is really sweet the older one is a very rude individual. At one point when I was told by the manufacturer they haven’t received any info from the clinic and I called to let them know The fax didn’t work they said they’d call me back. A day or 2 later the sweet receptionist called me and asked for the claim number I got when I asked for theirs the older rude receptionist snapped at her and said “she doesn’t need that I’m handling it” I don’t think she knew I wasn’t on hold and I heard every word, it was very unprofessional and demeaning to the other girl but yet I never got a phone call from them. Weeks passed by, I called the clinic again to see if they heard anything the annoyed receptionist said oh yea I think we received something on that the other day let me look over it and I’ll call you back...we’ll what do you know it’s been a whole week later and I haven’t heard a single word. When I called the manufacturer myself they stated and gave me multiple (5-6) dates they tried calling the clinic and got no response or call backs and was told “oh I’ll have them call you back” and heard nothing. They literally needed 2 questions answered to close out and cut me my check. I don’t blame the vet on the ointment, he couldn’t have known my cat would have had a reaction, BUT the service is horrible, the older lady receptionist is rude as all get out. I’ll never take my cat or refer a person to this clinic. I’ve never experience a clinic that was this unreliable in my life. I’m just going to make the 40 min drive to the vet my parents go to at least there I know my cat will be taken care of.

Esmeralda Kent

3 years ago

Best place to take your pets


3 years ago

Honestly I believe they need new people working here. We have used this vet for over 10 years at this point and it's some new thing every visit. I understand they see a lot of pets but at least wright things down that are important in the pets file. Every visit we have to re explain history it seems. Then for my case they told us we could get a certain shot, took us 3 visits to get it because they kept saying the dog needed other shots. And even on the 3rd visit they still wanted to push the certain shot we wanted back. The dr. is good don't get me wrong but may be time for us to go to another vet. Things just need a refreshment here.

Abby Verwold

3 years ago

Probably one of the worst vet experiences that I’ve had. I took my cat there and felt like my own opinions and concerns about my cat were brushed off and it was their treatment way and any other option was wrong. The veterinarian was disrespectful to me and my brother and it felt like we were getting criticized for how we took care of our cat. Only giving one star because the receptionist was so sweet and helpful.

A. Hart

4 years ago

Wonderful staff. Very competitive prices. Aggie veterinarian with over 40 years experience. Pet owners just drop by to say hi because it is such a friendly environment

Laurie Jarnagin

4 years ago

Dr. Don is wonderful with fur babies! I love the care and compassion of Dr. Don and his staff!!!

Masha Wagner

4 years ago

Great staff and an awesome vet! Highly recommend

Michael McClaren

4 years ago

These people care. They simply and honestly care about my dog. There are some things that are a bit 'country doctor' quirky but that is part of what I like. If you are in the area, this is the place to take your pet.

Nancy Horlacher

4 years ago

We love this vet. He is very understanding and helpful.

Patsy Chumas

4 years ago

When you have to tell me how long you have been a vet. To me that is a sign of not good.

Raul Briones

4 years ago

Great service and care for our little boy Rocco!!!

Steve Consultant

4 years ago

They take great care of dogs.

Pamela Macnair

5 years ago

Dr Don Hartfiel and his entire staff make (everyone we know) feel like you're immediate family members. If you ever read "All Creaturea Great and Small" by James Herolt

Chris Gifford

5 years ago

Amazing staff, Very knowledgable vet. Have been coming here for more than three years now.

Maria Johnson

5 years ago

Terrific service and very helpful indeed


5 years ago

Always very nice and MUCH less expensive than anyone in this area!

Sara Berglund

5 years ago

We have been taking our fur babies here since their first vet visit - over 10 years now, 4 dogs & a cat. Great caring service- highly recommended!!!!!

Shirley Magness

5 years ago

Very good with our puppy and reasonable on price and friendly staff.

Troy Humphreys

5 years ago

If you live around 1488, this is a great vet.


5 years ago

Great service. My pet was in very capable hands. I will recommend this clinic to other pet owners.

Jordan Miles

5 years ago

These people do not care about animals.

Diana Medina

5 years ago

I recently began coming to see this vet due to the fact that the pricing. Is a whole lot better than most places. Ive come on 3 separate occasions now, on one occasion i brought my kitten in because i saw worms in her stool and was told it was from eating a flea. I was dumbfounded because when he saw my dog 2 weeks before there was no sign of any fleas. Anyway he came back into the room with a topical (never explained what he was going to do or what he was giving her) had his vet tech (who i dont really care for) hold her down while he applied the topical and my kitten didnt react well. I just didnt like thar he didnt explain what he was doing before he did it. On a different occasion..i brought my dog in for rabies and heartworm prevention. She hates vets so she wasnt cooperative coming in. When it came time to see us which took over an hour (happened with cat too i was waiting for one hour and 15 min from my app time.) I was anxious to leave. They did give her some cloth thing that smelled good to calm her down. When doc came in to access her and give her the shot and take her blood they wouldnt let me hold her. I held my ground and said im holding her. Then the vet told the vet tech to tell me that he feels my dog was being protective of me and wanted to LEAVE the room! I refused and stood my ground and finally they listened to me (even though they used a mussle). After the test and check out we left in a hurry. Service was friendly for the most part. (Vet tech was afraid of my dog) But every single time i come in the service is PAINFULLY SLOW. This hasnt stopped me from coming back, i just hope things change gor the better. If i continue to have these experiences im sure i can find somewhere else to go. Theres no reasons why on 2 separate occasions i was in and out in 2-3 hours from the time i got there til i left and was seen by the doc for a total of maybe 10 minutes each time. I have a life and understand doctor visit dont always happen at app time. But over an hour to have someone give my dog a rabies shot is a little ridiculous.

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