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fitex 2001

a year ago

Super friendly and caring staff!

hunter faust

2 years ago

I have now had three encounters with this banfield just in this year alone that we’re absolutely horrible. To start I was getting my oldest dog neutered around March. I was told in person when I made the appointment that his neuter would cost ‘x’ amount. I then received a confirmation call the day before confirming the appointment, at this time I made sure to confirm the amount again. Once arriving to his appointment the next day no one had said the price had gone up, until after his neuter when they told me it would now cost almost $200 more than the original price I had confirmed 3 times. This was just the first encounter. The most recent was about a week ago when I made an appointment for both of my dogs to get a fecal check up (as a precaution). The appointment was made to where they would take both dogs back get the sample and I would sit and wait as it should only take about 15-30 mins. Once again I received a confirmation call the day before confirming this again. Upon arrive to this appointment I am told that the dogs have to be dropped off as the doctor had 3 surgeries to do that day and would be getting to my dogs in between the surgeries. After 2 hours I returned to pick up a third dog from the groomers and check on my two dogs at the vet. They stated that both had their samples taken already and we’re waiting to be examined by the doctor. Not once was I told that the doctor had to do a physical examination after the sample. They then proceeded to tell me if the doctor didn’t do the physical examination and their fecal came back positive then they would be able to administer medication. I am absolutely appalled by the staff and the professionalism that was presented on multiple different encounters. I canceled the renewal to both of their wellness plans the day after. Unfortunately I am now being told that I will have to continue their monthly payments until March of ‘22 even though I will not be returning with my dogs to banfield. The amount of money you end up spending is definitely not worth it.

Gene Geiger

2 years ago

Super nice people took great care of our baby Snow

Drew J.

2 years ago

This location has extremely poor customer service and fails to meet the basic expectations every consumer has. The employee Anahi on the phone, had a rude tune and poor language. This is probably the 3rd time I've experienced this poor service at this location. I highly recommend this place be avoided. Anahi is the problem at this location.

Kelle Neveu

2 years ago

They got my dog in next day for health problems and cared for her like she was their own. Highly recommend.

Laura Heraty

2 years ago

I was going to the I-45 Banfield Pet Hospital about a cyst under her skin on my Golden Retriever’s neck on one side. It had gradually grown to the point I was worried. I took her in and they tested and came back snd said it was abnormal and it would cost over “ $700 dollars to remove/fix it. Well, Thsnks Goodness my mother had the foresight to take Roxy to another Banfield Pet Hospital close by in Magnolia for a second opinion. They ran the same test and told my mom that it was IN FACT BENIGN, and popped that sucker and drained OUT NO PROBLEM! And it certainly DID NOT COST over $700 dollars. Thank God we went to another location because I-45 location TRIED SND FAILED TO RIP US OFF! My poor Roxy is too old and I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around. I really and truly am appreciative and truly trust this Hospital and I will NEVER go back to the I-45 Banfield location/Petsmart EVER AGAIN! -Laura H.

Wendy Reynolds

3 years ago

The vets and entire staff are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, and really caring when taking care of our fur baby!

Scott Speck

3 years ago

I just wanted to thank the staff at Banfield Magnolia. Everyone is super nice and helpful. Also, I would like to recognize Carly for her outstanding help.

Lauren W McConnachie

3 years ago

Good service and nice people. We liked this hospital and vet, but WOW SO EXPENSIVE! Luckily we found another vet near us that charges less than 1/2 of Banfield.

Kerrah A

3 years ago

My 11 year old poodle was seen at this location for years. The previous location was in humble. I will leave a review there too. She had a heart murmur on a scale from one to six and she registered as a six. She also had a huge tumor on her heart. This tumor has been there for years and neither were ever found during her visits. She died the night before last due to this. She had gone into complete heart failure. This could have been avoided if found. If you love your pet, find a private practice. Don’t come here.

Jerry Dunlap

3 years ago

Friendly staff, but not to organized with records of pets are scheduling and make to many mistakes on medication almost killed my dogs heart worm pill was wrong dosage.

Jane Ontivero

3 years ago

Do not take your pets here the Vet have no experience and the receptionist Anahi is very rude has no manners and she do not care !!! Made me spend $587 to almost had my puppy loose a leg or killed from a sepsis. STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Llaguno Rafols

3 years ago

The professionalism and compassion of the staff at entry of Banfield in Magnolia is wonderful. Our beloved dogs are always in great care while being treated for visits and surgeries. Both of the doctors on staff always take time to talk with us on the phone or meet us in person with knowledge and great care for our pets. We are on the wellness plan as insurance for our pets. It has paid off well for us with aging pets and issues that have come up.We have never had service for our pets that were never approved of prior notice of the costs of the procedures. We have been with Banfield for many years, and we have always trusted and relied on the excellent service they provide for us.

Debby Dykes

3 years ago

They genuinely care about their patients.

Cynthia Corona

3 years ago

Great service, better doctors. Good experience

Christie Eaves

3 years ago

I pay monthly and have for years but when I needed an emergency visit on a Sunday I was told they do not offer those. I ended up driving to Spring and was treated nicely

Amr Metawie

3 years ago

Great service and they take good care of your furry kids, their wellness plan is good value in the long run.

Danielle Neeley

4 years ago

We’ve have taken our dogs here for years! Our Rhodesians, now our pit and German Shepherd. They’re kind and very helpful here! Trustworthy vets!

Becky DeLong

4 years ago

We love Dr. Barquet and all the staff! They genuinely care about your pet ❤️

Debi Zellner

4 years ago

My first visit with abandoned 3 or 4 day old kitten they made time on their full schedule to fit us in, helped with an issue the little thing was having showed me how to help it along and was very empathic of the situation.

Devin Duoto

4 years ago

Do not sign up for their "Wellness Plan". Our puppy was neutered and had his vaccinations done. Have not needed anything else. We have been paying $63.00 for the last 9 months. I called to cancel today and there is still a $191 remaining because the total to neuter, all these tests that were done - was not told there was and additional cost as it was supposed to be "covered" in the wellness plan. They internally invoiced $1,251. I have used other Vets in the past to neuter our family pets, as well as had their vaccinations done at a fraction of the cost. such a sham.

Dorys Bastidas

4 years ago

We have been taking our dog here, and had the wellness plan for 9 years now. I was shocked when they refused to check on her today when we arrived around noon without an appointment - even though they have signs stating they have to provide care to our pets. Our dog started limping yesterday, we explained that and the front desk person told us they did not have any time to look at her leg - she has been bedridden for some time after getting injured - even to tell us if it was broken or not. It’s unbelievable that after being Our pet’s primary care vet for all these years the personnel was so careless. I asked to talk to the Vet in charge and the front desk person told me Dr. Keller was at lunch time, asked for a manager, she said no manager in the premises; asked for another personnel of higher rank told me there was no one there, I told her I just saw a person walking inside, so she went in and took a while, then another person came out just to give me same answer and referred to go another pet hospital near by.

Maggie Close

4 years ago

The Magnolia location is horrible if your pet has any issues, they'll refer you to somewhere else. Unless you're getting routine shots done, don't waste your time there. Before moving to Magnolia 2 years ago I was going to the 1960/45 location and that staff was 100x better than Magnolia's.

S. M.G.

4 years ago

They're ok, not my first choice.

Gina Black

5 years ago

My dog had a seizure while trying to get her spayed. Not only did they address that, the other pet doc would not spay her. I understood but wanted her spayed. Mind you this is my service dog! They spayed her and made me feel at ease. They offered a pet plan that let's her get shots, her nails done, and check her if I feel that she is not feeling well. They even added her spay so I could pay it out. She looks better and is more energetic than she was a puppy. And banfield vets are the reason. Thank you Banfield !

Megan Shibley

5 years ago

The staff have always been friendly to us, even offering advice on where we could order cheaper products. We've had the wellness plan for 5 years and they make sure we remember all the important vaccines and appointments I might otherwise forget with a busy schedule. They give our babies lots of love and have always been upfront about any extra costs so that we can use our own discretion.

Tyrani Sanders

5 years ago

I am a plan member and all the other locations were closed so I had to come out here. Missed the appointment by five minutes had to wait for someone to come to the desk another five for a total of ten minutes. The receptionist was rude and said the vet refused to see my dog. I had to drive over thirty minutes to get here for this appointment. I am very disappointed and annoyed that I spend over $60 a month to provide my animal care and the people here do not care for their clients whatsoever. She never even told me when we were on the phone prior to my arrival that being five minutes late would result in an entire cancellation. Did I also mention there were NO other dogs there, plus they had a cancellation before which bumped their schedule up. She was more concerned with getting off early than doing her job. I should have read the reviews for this location before coming. If I had known this was a reoccurring issue I would have NEVER attempted to go to this location. I now have to pay another clinic willing to do what they signed up (helping animals) when I have an entire plan.

Kelci Evans

6 years ago

I have been going to Banfield for over 3 years now. I pay $170 a month for our 4 pets wellness plans and have only need non preventative service for them twice. We always have to wait at least 30 mins but I have never complained because I assumed they were seeing other pets that had more emergent situations than mine and hoped if one of my fur babies ever needed help, this would be the place to give it. Today, I called in explaining that my dog has a dog bite and need medical attention. It was no longer bleeding and was not emergent and therefore was not worth the price to go to the ER. I called in and was on hold for 20 minutes before having to hang up. I called back and was greeted by Megan Tanner. I was told the next appointment was not until Monday, 5 days away. When I said I guess I'll wait until it gets infected, there was no response. The rude Megan apparently had hung up. I looked on their site where it welcomes walk ins. I had my boyfriend being our pup in and was turned away by the same Megan in the same rude manner. I will never go back here again and am looking for another vet.

Karen Moy

6 years ago

The only reason I go to this place it because I love one particular vet. If it were not for her I would not come back. The front desk staff gives misinformation. I was told my dogs prescription would be ready the day after I ordered it. When I went to pick it up they would not let me have it. Such a nightmare

Loren Varela

6 years ago

my dog had a wellness plan here for over a year, and still all they cared about was making money off our sick dog. Now everyone tells me their bad experiences with banfield. I only wish I new sooner.

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