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Cleta Sharp

2 years ago

We recently was given a 5lb Yorkie and she woke up,on a Sunday, not acting well or her usual bouncing self. My husband took her to be seen, remember this was a Sunday. They took a blood test and she had an infection of some kind? The vet gave her antibiotics for five days. By the next morning she was acting her usual bubbly self. We thank Live Oak for seeing her (ON A SUNDAY) right away and getting her on the road to recovery ASAP. Also all they did for her care was in reason and did not break the bank. Thanks Live Oak for the positive experience.

Thai Hoang

2 years ago

My cat has a fungus on the tail but the doctor did not clean the wound nor examine my cat's body, other than the tail, because my cat is a long-haired cat, I need a doctor to examine and see but they just look. They do a terrible job, they don't care about my cat.

Mama Skylight

2 years ago

From my first point of contact to the last—every single person I interacted with was so nice. I was already upset and it seems like when I’m already upset—it don’t take much to set me off. But they didn’t give me any reason to be set off. I don’t know if I’m conveying how astonished I am about the fact that everyone was so nice. They took really good care of my fur baby too.

Kathren Lofton

2 years ago

I've had to come up here 3 times this year for 3 different animals each with a different problem. Each time, we were met with a different technician and doctor and each time it was a PHENOMENAL experience. I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know for small and large animal care as these people are clearly very devoted to the care of our animals.

Jessie Sebring

2 years ago

This is by far the absolute best vet I've ever been to!!! I would like to give a HUGE shout out to each and every employee in Live Oak.. Thank y'all so so much for saving diesel! Parvo is very nasty and scary but y'all did it and he pulled through.. thank you again from the bottom of our hearts y'all were all friendly kind and took great care of our fur baby!!! I recommend this vets office to everyone!!!! Thank you, The Sebring family!

Cheryl Leonard

2 years ago

Called to see if my dog could get a tic if she was on medication. At first she said no than transfered me to another person who confirmed it. That was fine but I wanted to know more and she pretty much hung up on me and transfered me to the first lady who than also hung up on me. So thank you for that


2 years ago

Ok so I heard great things about this place and decided to take my dog there and I was not expecting the hot mess that I would encounter. The front desk area had 7 employees, not one greeted a single customer as they came in the door once during my 45 min wait, all too busy to even look up. This is the face of your business and it's is lacking greatly. The vet tech was super nice and the highlight of the visit. But it was not enough to have me ever bring one of my animals back to that cluster f$#& of a operation. I guess your making so much money you don't care about the new customer experience. It will hurt you in the long run I promise.

Heather Fitzwater

2 years ago

I came back after 5 years to edit my review. This clinic has always been what I have considered the best. Their bedside manner used to be top tier and I'm not sure what's changed or if the staff has simply become jaded. This changed when my sister took her dog who was mauled by another dog for care. He got out of the fence and we are unsure of the full magnitude of what actually happened. When she arrived she had already gone for emergency care to another clinic. He has scratched and made the stitches worse. Like all caring pet owners, in a panic she took him here. They were short and seemed judgemental with her (like she hadn't gone above and beyond already) they were quite Kurt with her and made her feel terrible about an already terrible situation. This place needs to get back to the basics and work on their bedside manner. When you go through something as distressing as she has and do your best just to be treated poorly.. it's just unacceptable. The staff needs to be better. Vet visits aren't always a good thing and it's part of the job to reassure an owner and make them feel comfortable. Be kind. It's that simple.

Madelyn Garcia

2 years ago

I took my dog there as an emergency patient, and every single person I came into contact with in person and on the phone was so so so nice. They were super compassionate and genuinely cared about the pets and their families. Highly recommend this place!!!

Maria Carrion

2 years ago

The vet was rude disrespectful. Violated many of my patients rights and lied . I will be filing a complaint with Texas veterinary examiners

Paige Lowery

2 years ago

I've been bringing my two dogs and three cats here since we moved to Lubbock four years ago. Dr. Caitlin O'Neal is definitely our favorite doctor there. She always addresses my laundry list of concerns and is so patient with my pets. She's also the only vet that my one cat will allow to touch her. When I've had to walk-in, like when my cat had a fever, I was quite happy with the outcome and didn't have to wait too long. The other doctors are more dismissive of my concerns and I definitely get the sense that they are just trying to move onto the next thing, but it's easy to request to see Dr. O'Neal. I think it is priced higher than some, but I am always willing to pay more for quality when it comes to my pets. I've had a cat spayed here and another had her teeth cleaned and pulled. Both procedures were quite expensive, something like $400, so I will probably take my dog to the P.E.T.S. clinic to be neutered instead. I give Live Oak four stars because their communication leaves something to be desired. My older dog had cancer and I had his previous vet records sent to them to check that it hadn't relapsed. They checked, everything was fine. The next year at his annual, they no longer had said records. They also ALWAYS call my partner, even when I specifically request they call me (like filled out a form and everything). The last time my cat had surgery there I had to call THEM to see if she was ready to be picked up because they only called my partner, who was at work and couldn't contact me right away. I would reccomend this vet, but you definitely have to stay on top of things and be willing to advocate for yourself and your pets.

Patrick Durkin

2 years ago

They did not explain the services they were providing. They billed me for products that my dog consumed while in their facility before I found out they were six times more expensive than the leading brand online. The vet was in the room for less than two minutes for a service that the vet was not needed for in the past and they charged me a huge fee for the two minutes. Buyer beware. This vet is in it for the profit.

Richelle Omick

2 years ago

I was a walk in on a Sunday with a sick kitten. So glad they got me in right away. Dr. Hilderbrandt made things go so smoothly and put the patient and I at ease. I would recommend her.

Anna P.

2 years ago

Amazing care, great staff, prices are a bit high but for a big office that's to be expected. Main complaint of mine is I've manually unsubscribed to their emails four times and called twice in which they said they had taken me off of the email list but I still receive emails after 2 years of not being a customer there anymore. Currently going to block their email but I should've been taken off of the list the first time I unsubscribed. Kind of frustrating but it doesn't speak for their patient care which was very good in my opinion.

Sarah Summers

2 years ago

Post Covid staffing issues aside, the Doctors here are highly rated. Dr. Cunningham can usually accurately diagnose from just a glance. Providing options & effective treatment plans, he's one of the best to provide quality care. The clinic does stay busy, I'd try & schedule appointments earlier rather then later to avoid a wait or the 5 o'clock rush.

Jennifer Marciniak

2 years ago

The place was pure chaos. A packed waiting room. Phones ringing off the hook and no one answering them or putting people on hold. It felt more like a chain vet, like VCA, that just wants people in and out. I had a new patient appointment for my dog on Oct. 12. I arrive on-time. At 30 minutes past my appointment time, I checked with the front desk. They said I was next. Thirty minutes later I was still in the waiting room. We had not even made it to an exam room yet. It had been a total of one hour after my appt time. I decided to leave. All the front desk said was "sorry." They never followed up at all about this situation. I ended up going to another vet who actually greeted me and my dog and took the time to talk to us. And they were busy, too! So there really is no excuse, especially if, as their sign says, appointments come before walk-ins. If something is going -- like an emergency or euthanasia -- that has patients backed up for an hour, you need to communicate that to your clients. In the event I had to say goodbye to my dog, I would never want to do it at Live Oak. The way were treated at Live Oak was unprofessional and unacceptable. Do better.

Johnny Duran

2 years ago

I took my dog in on a Friday, because she was not doing well, when they finally saw her. They said her vitals were all fine and took X rays of her leg. I was told nothing was broken, just something like an ACL . We were given medication for pain and sent home,she passed away two days later. I knew there was something more severe with her and feel we were rushed through because we were not regulars.

Samantha Boldon

2 years ago

Wow. I made an appointment for 5 PM. Granted it being Friday I expected a bit of a wait. 1 hour and 15 minutes passes before I get called into the room while several non emergency walk-ins are called along with another lady who also had an appointment at 5. I continued to wait another 30 minutes for a vet to come in and finally could not wait any longer as I have a 10 month child at home needing dinner and to be put to bed…Nearly 2 hours sitting at a vets office for an appointment. I’m a very tolerant person when it comes to being busy as I’ve worked in customer service for years, but when you have signs posted that states 1. Emergencies called first 2. Appointments and then 3. Walk-ins, you should try to stick to this. Although it probably doesn’t matter to them, I will never return to this clinic. I would highly suggest that people seeing care for their animals think twice before using this one unless you can wait for 2+ hours. Absolute insanity.

erica garrett

2 years ago

I can’t give this place enough stars. My dog was fixed by another vet, came home and ended up having some complications. Dr. Hildebrandt and her entire team went over and beyond for us and our dog. She did surgeries on her lunch break, after hours, (2 different ones) and they were all SO sweet to us! Thank you all so much! You are all greatly appreciated

Katie Pistoria

2 years ago

My cats are 16 years old and have vomited frequently throughout their lives. I mention it at every vet appointment, and this is the FIRST vet in 16 years who said that we needed to do something to change it. He recommended a specific dry food and a specific wet food, and amazingly enough, my cats do not throw up anywhere near the same amount as they used to. So needless to say, this is their primary vet now.

Haide Gee

2 years ago

Never saw an actual vet, was not told what my cat had correctly and the severity of it, had him hospitalized all for him to have passed away and get told via voicemail. Super unprofessional and heartless. It’s going on 2 weeks still haven’t heard from them on when I can get my cats ashes. SAVE YOUR ANIMAL GO ELSEWHERE

jayne Perkins

2 years ago

I took my sister there from Clovis with her dog. They did really good with him. And worked with what I could afford to pay.

Kori Elizabeth

2 years ago

I rescued my French Bulldog, Juni, in 2019 while I was living and working in Shenzhen, China. She had been horribly neglected and I was able to nurse her back to health. I brought her back with me to the US in December 2020. She got nose surgery with Dr. Clary to open her airways. Everything went well. About 2.5 months later, she suddenly developed IVDD. This is a disk disease where she had a disk bulging in her spine and greatly affected her ability to walk. It was very distressing. She was so young, only 3 years old. I took her to my local emergency vet, kept her on crate rest, and did everything I was supposed to do. She was on a few prescriptions. One morning she woke up and was noticeably worse, despite all my efforts. I called live oak and let them know that I would be bringing her in that day. They determined this was an emergency. The man who answered the phone said I should request Dr. Luckett to do the surgery. I was surprised as he had done Juni’s pre-surgery consult for her nose job and I didn’t feel comfortable allowing him to do that surgery. This was much more involved. But this was an emergency, they said, and Dr. Luckett was the guy to do it. I should have insisted on waiting for Dr. Clary and boarding her while we did. I was surprised to learn that the recovery involved her staying at the vet for an entire MONTH after surgery. I got really emotional about that, but I thought I was doing the right thing. I gave a $1500 deposit and hoped for the best. Dr. Luckett called me after the CT scan and stated that it was a very obvious bulging disk and he felt comfortable doing the surgery without sending the CT off for imaging. He said that he wanted to do the surgery that same night as he was going to stay up thinking about it otherwise. She had been anesthetized for the CT. She would be anesthetized again for the surgery. I know that French bulldogs notoriously do poorly with anesthesia. I should have said to wait, but I was anxious for my dog to get better. I said to go ahead with the surgery. The vet is the expert, and I am a layman with only google research and what I’ve learned from other Frenchie owners. Dr. Luckett called me after the surgery and informed me that everything had gone well. It was quite late in the evening at this point, around 10:30. I was so happy to hear that things had gone well. The next morning I called to check on her. Dr. Luckett informed me that she had fallen over and died that morning. No explanation was really given, just that she must have had a blood clot. Was she not on anti clotting medication? All of my dealings with Live Oak animal hospital turned incredibly sour after that. All of the staff I dealt with were cold and uncaring. Eventually I had to ask my boyfriend to handle all of the communication with them because I couldn’t believe how awful they were being. Every time I spoke with them I broke down sobbing. Juni was such a good girl and I’d done everything I possibly could for her. Live oak elected to keep the $1500 I had forked over for the surgery and sent my boyfriend some kind of a bogus invoice where everything randomly zeroed out to $1500. I wasn’t privy to their math or methods. I do think it’s incredibly unfair and cold for them to murder my dog and charge me $1500 to do it. Perhaps I should have just euthanized her. I am furious with Live Oak animal hospital and their staff. They don’t care, but I can’t just not leave a review and let other unsuspecting pet owners turn over their beloved pets to be killed like mine was. If I could leave zero stars, I would.

Krista Butts

2 years ago

Waited 30 minutes to get seen although I had an appointment. They took walk ins in front of me that were not emergencies. I knew this because I could here them checking in. All to be told they werent sure what was wrong. Actual appointment lasted 5 minutes. Charged $105. Disappointing because reviews are great

Alesha Walker

2 years ago

These folks are so AWESOME. Have done a SUPER job with taking care of my old lady. Although it can be difficult getting in touch with them sometimes.

Joshua Green

2 years ago

Took my dying dog there and they gave her surgery. They did everything they could to save her but she was too sick. They were very kind and explained everything well. They took great care of her until she passed.

Audrey Morgan Shreve

2 years ago

I went as a new patient walk-in on a Friday around 6pm and was seen within 20 minutes. The front desk and the vet techs were very polite and personable! My cat and I saw Dr. Luckett, a younger vet. He was very kind, listened to the patient history, and did a good job discussing lab results with me. Dr. Luckett was reassuring, but also offered to pursue further testing if I wanted. I was encouraged to bring my cat back if his symptoms worsened or anything new happened. The visit, CBC, and CMP was about $230.

Trish Andrews

2 years ago

Prices are way to high and they didn’t even try to set my dogs leg. Their estimate was $2300 and I as able to have her fixed at another vet for under $300. The doctor did not even attempt to set her leg. Just put a splint on it and told us to come back for surgery

Linda Robinson

2 years ago

They really don't know much about chickens..They want to charge you extra for x-rays and blood work..AFTER saying the can euthanize your chicken..They charged me for the visit and I understand that..But the couldn't tell me what was wrong with my chicken..Of course they wanted to charge more with the x-ray and Lab services..Oh well not sure I would recommend them for chickens..NO ONE IN LUBBOCK TAKES CARE OF CHICKEN ISSUES..SAD..

Chelsey Mueller

2 years ago

Thank you for saving our baby! They were really good about updating me about our husky!

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