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Aly Barthel

2 years ago

Super friendly, i stopped by to get my dogs yearly shots and it was quick, easy and affordable!

Ann Hernandez

2 years ago

They are caring and they follow up on your baby

Sheila Bazaldua

2 years ago

I was very disappointed in his concern for the animal I brought to him, by referral, I found a wounded animal on the side of the road who had 3rd degree burns on its stomach I reached out to this vet with good intentions thinking he was what everyone told me he was his concern was mainly money up front not the life of this animal that was dying good to say the animal has survived is thriving and now walking thanks to the other vet., Who I will not mention not to say anymore disappointing things about this facility I'm sure other people are happy with his services but I was not .

Alaric Pollard

3 years ago

Great Veterinarian, very knowledgeable, efficient, & consistent. Every visit, over the years, has been the same. Great service, reasonable rates. My dogs and I highly recommend...

Teresa Bloodworth

3 years ago

Best vet in Lubbock. Been using for over 30 years.

Stacy Kirk

3 years ago

Very efficient and professional, does home visits!

Sarah Richardson

3 years ago

Look, as an animal lover I understand why someone would be upset by what seems to be Dr. Kothman's quote unquote rudeness as I have read in several of the reviews. Dr. Kothman isn't "rude" he is straight up. Its called honesty. I have been in multiple times with sick cats, I've done lots of stray fostering over the years and believe Dr. Kothman has saved several cats and kittens for me. It's a no frills place, but he knows his stuff. I've had cats spayed and neutered with him multiple times over multiple years. Most recently an emergency spay, due to a condition called feline pyometra, that probably saved my kitten's life. He had to stay late to do it and he did do it. He costs HUNDREDS less than most vets and my animals have recovered quickly and completely faster than when I've had to take them to the emergency vet after hours. If you call first and explain to the receptionist or Dr. Kothman what is wrong they are wonderful about taking care of your fur babies. I hate that anyone has given a bad review just because he doesn't baby his clients owners. Sometimes its better to have it given to you straight. I've never had a problem with a spay or neuter here, or any other reason I've gone in. Animals, just like people, react and have reactions differently to things. That's not the vets fault. Some people have died from having their appendix out, for no specific reason. Most recover from it no problem, does that make it the surgeons fault when something goes wrong? No. I understand being upset that something went wrong with your pet, but it doesn't mean it was something the vet caused. He has been doing this a very long time and I appreciate him every single time I go in for any reason, because my pets get better from illness or heal from their surgeries just fine. I highly recommend Dr. Kothman for your pets needs. I've been going in for years and he has been wonderful.

Olivia M

3 years ago

When I first moved to my new house I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to have a vet as my neighbor, especially one many of my clients and friends have used for 10+ years. Kody is one of if not the best vets in West Texas. He is a straightforward, professional, caring and has many years of knowledge and experience to back it up. He has seen many of my horses already for both regular maintenance and emergencies including both colic and pasture accidents. Just recently we took our Weimaraner, Conway to Kody for neutering and we were very nervous as neither testicle had dropped and we had been told by others it would be a potentially risky and costly procedure. Conway is recovering remarkably and we paid at least 1/3 of what other vets would have considered quoting us. I highly recommend this vet office and people!

Jonathan Sifuentes

3 years ago

Kody is a great very. Here loves animals. Very reasonable on pricing.

Cynthia Bushell

3 years ago

I only go to him

Paul Pena

4 years ago

Great vet...to the point and never over charged.

Zach C

4 years ago

Great service! Great doc! Quick and reasonably priced. Does shots with just a call ahead of dropping by and neurtered with just a call the day before. Prices were lowest i could find too. Highly recommend!!!

ellie licon

4 years ago

He's. very nice man...took care of my dog well ..will make him my permanent vet...

Beth Transier

5 years ago

Unbelievably rude!! Told me to “listen here your dog was fine when she left our clinic!” Which she clearly wasn’t that was the 4th time I had called bc she had been have problems all day which at this time it was after hours. Than when I had said listen i don’t know why you’ve got an attitude I’m worried about my dog” he started in with pretty much not their fault blah blah I literally ended my call with WOW! Took my dog in to get spayed I really wish I had read reviews before taking her here bc she’s now bleeding from incision hasn’t stopped throwing up and I’m going to have to take her into an emergency clinic! I’m terrified I’ve read a review about someone having their dog spayed here and she bleed to death internally!! DONT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!

Braeden Griffith

6 years ago

Ra (my one year old pitbull) was neutered Friday August 4, 2017 by Kody Kothmann at Caprock Vetrinary Clinic. He was sedated at 8:30am and was supposed to be done with surgery by noon that day. However, an "emergency" came in, so his …

A C (ALC40)

7 years ago

I'm very sad to say that I have completely lost faith in this clinic. I have always taken my animals there...and I have referred many friends and family members. I am very embarrassed now. I personally first began having doubts when I brought my cat home after being spayed and she bled for days. Never before had I experienced this, and I have had many cats spayed. They've all had sutures...but now the vet is apparently using GLUE. I took her back in bc I was concerned and they told me she was fine and sent us home. She did eventually heal...but it was a sad experience. Now, my sister has taken her puppy to be spayed and they again used glue...last night, after 5 days, her wound opened up completely and she had to be taken in again...sedated and sutured up with nylon...WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE TO BEGIN WITH. What does the vet do...charges and additional $150 today to fix a mess that could have completely been avoided and refuses to release the dog until they receive payment for their error. Blames my sister for allowing the dog to lick it when she insisted that she did not allow her to lick. I'm sorry but if you're using a glue that can be licked off.....by an ANIMAL...on an ANIMAL....then maybe it's the wrong choice for wound closure. I will never go back there again. I will never refer another person there and again...VERY EMBARRASSED that I HAVE ever referred anyone. :(

Elaine Goodloe

8 years ago

Dr. Kothmann is not your "bells and whistles" veterinarian. He's not going to cry with you and hold your hand, but he will do the basics for your animal. He's a farm vet primarily, but is no-nonsense when it comes to treatment. If you have an elderly animal, he will tell you that there is not much to to. If you want the fancy tests and someone to go to the ends of the earth to save your animal, go to another vet. If you want basic healthcare, spay/neuter, vaccinations, dental cleaning, etc., you're good to go. Just don't expect adorable attendants in cute scrubs. You will get horse stalls and a cold cement building. This is why the cost of the services is DRAMATICALLY lower than the other places.

Haylee W

10 years ago

This vet is awful! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I called him once after hours because my puppy had been vomiting all afternoon and into the evening. I told him the problem and said I wasn't sure what to do when we replied with, "Well I don't have a crystal ball. What do you want me to do?" um...you are his vet for goodness sake! You are supposed to at least tell me everything should be okay and different things I could possibly try. Instead he made me feel like a bother for being worried about my puppy. I have had one other negative encounter with him. Overall I would say never take your animals to him!

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