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Deborah Willey Lyle

2 years ago

Aquariums were all dirty and contained dead fish. Most were not even labeled with price or species. Store was full of employees but only 1 acknowledged my presence.

Sapphire Neko Girl

2 years ago

Great place to shop for your pets and to find the perfect ???????? companion for you ????????‍⬛???????????????????????????????? ! Will definitely be back !

Jill Shelby

2 years ago

Always helpful and very nice

Tonja Boone

2 years ago

Great got in got what I needed and got out

John Willis

2 years ago

Great selection of pets and everything you will need for them.

Josh Osborne

2 years ago

I'd like to share something about when I worked at wet pets n critters yeeeears ago and I really hope what they used to do changed. If you're in the store by the reptile section and you hear kind of a slamming in the back area where customers aren't allowed, That is an employee grabbing a rat by the tail and slamming it repeatedly on the metal counter to "nearly kill" it to feed to the snakes. Always thought this was a terrible way of doing this and never did it myself. I owned a snake for years and always fed him fresh live rats without beating them to death first. Always thought this was really messed up. And I hope it no longer takes place.

Teagan Thibodeaux

2 years ago

Friendly staff who are knowledgeable and willing to help with many pets and pet supplies.

Reyna McCullen

2 years ago

This is my dogs favorite hang out place he always sniffs out the treats

danielle chandler

2 years ago

Always friendly. Cheapest crickets in town.

kinley haba

2 years ago

old lady was rude as hell. followed us threw the store and wouldn’t let us buy the only kitten. the other worker was a ginger dude and he was the sweetest.

Who Like Cake

2 years ago

Super helpful, the guy I got help from was very knowledgeable about reptiles and their care. I'd recommend going here any day for a new pet over Petco which had some appalling care of their animals. At least here I know I can buy a happy and healthy animal. The only thing I disagree with is selling animals like solcata (I think I am spelling it correctly) tortoises. If somebody who knows nothing about this tortoise buys it seeing a cute little turtle are in for a literally big suprise in a few years. These tortoises get HUGE, eat like trucks, and will out live any human being. No average person can take care of a solcata without proper preparation. An accidental impulse buy of one of these is not going to be good for the tortoise or the new owner.

Brenda Nutter

2 years ago

They had what I wanted to buy. The price was a bit higher than I had expected. The bird I purchased is very healthy and happy so I have no complaints.

Chaqweta Waters

2 years ago

Horrible place of business . The employees are not aware of inclusiveness. They have discriminated against individuals who have special needs and when brought to the managers attention , she shrugged it off . Will never recommend ????????

Dan Thayer

2 years ago

Great pet shop! Lots of different live animals including fish, turtles, geckos, snakes, spiders, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even hedgehogs! Plenty of supplies to go along with your pet. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

David Newberry

2 years ago

The reptiles that they sellHave been inbread so muchThat they won't grow properlyAnd they will die after a few months

Hailey Kratzmeyer

2 years ago

All the animals in this shop have the best care I’ve ever seen for a pet store! I’ve never seen hermit crabs with the proper setup, which is difficult to achieve but their enclosure looks amazing. All the rabbits and birds seem incredibly socialized and happy, not like you get at Pet Land or other pet stores.

jessie james

2 years ago

Very hands on kid/pet friendly environment. Excellent service!

Sharon Norfleet

2 years ago

I was looking for a puppy. No dogs.

Corina Mall

2 years ago

The best thing about this place is the kitties...they have a wonderful selection of fish, small critters, and supplies.

Fred Holland

2 years ago

Where do you go when your granddaughter wants to feed a "pet" box ???? turtle you asked her to put back where she found it...and then was worried about what SHE would eat and drink...so we set up a box turtle feeding station for her. I WAS at Jason's Deli for Grandma. And there was Wet Pets N Critters in front of where I parked. I told them the box turtle was released. Retired high school science teachers do that sort of thing. Great science project...even if only the birds eat the feed...and butterflies drink the water and fruit slices.

Ms Terry Lilly ladeetee

2 years ago

It was ok...young staff seem more interested in "their" own conversations versus the conversation with customers....imo

Christopher Eads

2 years ago

Excellent service! They have everything you are looking for and more. They even sell second hand aquariums and cages at affordable prices.

Jessica Lowery

2 years ago

Got 3 fish form there I got two plecos a black moor and now all mother fish that I've had for a few years now I'll have ich ick whichever you want to call it. Not happy at all

Laneater Johnson

2 years ago

Great customer service!!! I got just what I wanted...

Carlene Burton

2 years ago

Found a few fish and got them and had several bottles filled up with water for aquariums.

Opie Taylor

2 years ago

Very friendly people, knowledgeable about your pets. Informative. We go there atleast twice a week for mice or cricket's. Thanks again ladies Taxi people

Becky Connolly

3 years ago

Friendly staff and they seem to really love and take great care of the animals. It's more hands on interactions than some pet stores, which is great when you're trying to find a hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig, etc, bc they are already socialized and you can seefirst hand about how their temperament will be. I highly suggest this pet store.

Benjamin Evans

3 years ago

The fish had ick and couldn't buy one....

Doni Wacasey

3 years ago

1 hamster died and also numerous fish from ick and fungus we recieved from there including a $25.00 placostamus

Opie Luv

3 years ago

Honestly like the fact that they cut down on the amount of animals. It's very clean, love the new floor lay out, the new did displays and equipment.

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