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Brie Aga

2 years ago

Love this place and definitely recommend!


2 years ago

It’s amazing and convenient for a groomer to come to your home. The groomer did an outstanding job and the office was so fast on getting us in same week.


2 years ago

This is a long review so if you don’t want to read through it I get it- In summary, their fees went up $45 in seven months. The customer service is very lacking, their communication is non-existent and if they are having an "off" day, don't expect your fur-baby to receive a good groom. I will start on a good note. My initial few appointments were great. Rocky specifically is very kind and very gentle. His wife, however, ended up being our groomer. She did great the first few times. However she was always running late. And, when they were late, they would not bother to call to let me know. Their policy states that they will NOT park in my driveway. The last appointment she was four hours late and parked in our driveway. When she finally arrived she was frazzled. For my last appointment in November she had her son with her who may be 10-13 years old. I am mentioning this because one of my dogs looked like an amateur groomed him. I understand letting him do the small things and showing him the ropes, but not when it comes to the actual grooming, especially on a long-hair dog. I am not saying that her son groomed him, obviously I was not in the van, I am saying that once the groom was done, it looked like perhaps the kid did the groom. My Pekingese is 13. I have kept his hair long his entire life. Never have I ever asked for a teddy bear cut on him. I was in the back of the house when she finished and returned my dogs to the house; my husband greeted and paid her. He did not check the dogs out and did not question the cost. When I saw what she did to my Pekingese I was shocked and very upset. Then, when I found out what my husband paid I was enraged. She kept his hair long from his head to the middle of his back. From the middle of his back through to his hind legs, she shaved him. My dogs are never matted and are well kempt, there was no reason for her to have cut his hair like this. His hair is still trying to grow back out. He looked and still looks terrible. I called that day and could not get the through to the groomer. The assistant (I guess), said that she would have the groomer call me back. I told her I wanted to know why the bill went up so much. She said that the groomer added a "handle" fee but she did not know why or what it was for. What makes me so angry about this are several reasons: 1) she should have explained that to my husband when she brought the dogs back to the house as this is a NEW fee 2) This increase should have been discussed prior to service 3) She should have sought approval for the fee before the grooming took place. I have tried to get a hold of the groomer several more times since November and she will not respond to me. I only get the assistant who is unwilling to help or provide answers. Earlier this week I received an email from them that read my appointment will be Friday. I immediately emailed and texted them back and cancelled the appointment. I can't have another hack job on my Pekingese. When I cancelled the appointment with the assistant I told her that the groomer has still not responded to my messages. She told me, "sorry, we have been closed for two weeks" in which I said, "This is about what happened in November, you have not been closed since November". After that she said, "well, as I am stating, I wasn't aware that your groomer didn't get with you on the situation she was informed but I was not aware she didn't." I then told her that I am still upset with the service they provided the last visit and the charge that went up drastically with no explanation. She did not respond to me after that.

Christine Drake

2 years ago

I was A new client and have four dogs. I was quoted $65 per dog with $5 off for my first time. To live $255 They were 3 1/2 hours late, which I understood. They ended up charging me $315. Stated there was a $28 service fee, which I was never told about, but understood. My tax was 10.36. My total should have been $293.36. I reached out numerous times and was told there was a discrepancy, but couldn’t tell me what the remaining $21.64 was for. I was told they would call me back and they never did. Still have not heard from them. My friend who has been using them since 2018, also realized I’ve been doing the same thing to her all this time. You might want to check your math next time they groom your dogs. So they had the potential for a new client with four dogs and lost that, very unprofessional.

Jenni Wilson

2 years ago

Horrible experience. We had a previous bad experience but I gave them the benefit of doubt and used them again. They texted me twice to move appointments, and I agreed then the groomer showed up and hour early with no warning. This is the 2nd time he had an excuse as to why he couldn't finish the job but of course he charged me full price. I have an older dog with some health issues but on both visits they made it seem like they couldn't cut her but then charged me $90 for my dog to only be washed and brushed. Please save yourself time and money and DO NOT use this company.

Mark Teat

2 years ago

What a great job Rocky did on our dog. She has never looked better! Thanks Rocky! See you in 6 weeks again.

Cindy Mitchell

2 years ago

I am thrilled with the service from Rocky’s! They worked me in just in time for a special occasion. They were helpful and courteous on the phone. The groomer did an outstanding job with my dog-ter. She looks amazing and adorable. They followed my guidelines and worked their magic so that my pup looks fantastic. Gracie was trauma-free from the experience and loves her groomer!

Patty Campbell

2 years ago

Wonderful and convenient and they come to your driveway and your doggie gets to stay home and doesn't even have to get in a cage ????????

Barbara Cushman

2 years ago

From start to finish they were amazing! I reached out after Rocky was highly recommended by a friend. The office responded very quickly and was able to get us scheduled for 4 dogs on our requested day. Our dogs are very anti-social and not the best behaved (to put it nicely lol). I cannot thank Rocky and his office staff for being so helpful and understanding. Rocky groomed all of them perfectly and treated them like his own puppies. I’m very grateful I was referred to them and will continue to use them! We’ve already scheduled their 6 weeks appts.

Ashley Wright

2 years ago

Rockys NOT SO purrfect paw mobile. Never again. 1. Late to appointment and only addressed after I asked if they were still coming. 2. Groomer seemed to be high or drunk. 3. Walked into my home without being welcomed. 4. Needed me to plug in a power chord from the truck. You don't have a generator or something? 5. My dogs cut is choppy and uneven and he did not wash her, but still charged me full price.


2 years ago

This company goes above and beyond, they make sure that my babies are very well taken care of and treated as their own. Absolutely amazing!!

Kim Williams

2 years ago

Terrible communication. Be aware of no driveway use and electrical hook up needed before you book. I never saw that on website and trying to cancel was stressful due to staff claiming she never spoke to me when she most certainly did.

Susan Hightower

2 years ago

Groomer very good. My dog looks cuter than he’s ever been. Having the grooming van at my house makes me feel my safer after hearing nightmares of dogs being injured or killed. Great job!

Christina Moore

2 years ago

Showed up on time, did a great job. Will be using again.

Katy Madden

2 years ago

Great job on my dogs.

Tristan Jordy B.

2 years ago

They told me it would cost $109 came out here charge my card to $210 submitted without my signature and called the cops on me (long story short) I get prices can change in certain circumstances but $110 difference is not reasonable. Beware owners wife thinks she do and charge whatever she wants once’s she is in your driveway. She could’ve knocked on my door and told me before she performed anything extra without my permission. I decided to give it a try after reading all the horrible reviews and that’s Fault ????????‍♀️ I need an Honest company and this is not the right fit for me.

Lisa M

2 years ago

My two seven-year-old "puppies" have never been so clean after grooming, especially my pitbull who loved Rocky. He gave my Pomeranian the perfect lion cut. Her cut is truly perfect! In the past she had a bad lion cut from a groomer and her hair was grown out long. Rocky did an amazing job and he is a pleasure to do business with. Both dogs adored him. 11/10 experience & I hope they will come out to my new place in Plano as well.

Diane McLeod

3 years ago

Sadly had to lower my rating from 5 to 1. I messaged them 3 times without response. I called and was told Rocky didnt want to groom my 2 seniors. He had not groomed them for the previous 3 or so times. When I told the this, They said they'd call me back and never did. Professionalism and honesty went down to low credibility. Sad.


3 years ago

Appointment time was pushed out several times. When groomer didn't show up, I wasn't notified until I inquired about the delay. Groomer eventually showed up close to 2 hours past original appointment. I requested 10% discount as compensation for the inconvenience. They were willing to go up to 5% and an apology. Additionally being argumentative requesting proof of notification of delay. Stated they would provide a discount if I wasn't notified timely. When proven wrong, backed out of offer. Just bad business all around. Preferred to loose the business than owning up to faulty scheduling.

Jacquelyn Pardue

3 years ago

I would not use them again and they refuse to return my phone call. I called and had asked for a full groom quote for my 2 dogs and verified they were a full groom via text, but when they got here they only had them down for baths. Then the price of the groom was different than what they had told me on the phone so I did not have a enough cash to pay so they hit me with an extra 2% fee. Even though I responded to their survey after about my experience and called multiple times, they refuse to call me back

Nancy Shelton

3 years ago

They are amazing. I can text anytime and they are super responsive. Dara my GS who is pretty particular always does great with them. I really recommend them.

Myra Gonzales

3 years ago

My first time using a different pet mobile and I could not be happier. The groomer was sweet and loving with my pups. I wasn’t sure if I gave her enough information about how their usually cut and she over exceeded my expectations. I will only be using her in the future!

Lindsay Jo Mason

3 years ago

This was the first time we used Mobil grooming for our baby Sam, he's a Border collie we got him completely shaved down we are super Happy with his haircut, The groomer who did it, did an amazing Job!!! HE was Very nice, our Dog Sam normally is very nervous getting groomed we have had a horrible time finding anyone who does it correctly or that sam is comfortable with!! So thankful I found y'all will be using you again ????

Kathryn Gibbs

3 years ago

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Cancelled first appointment. Next appointment 5 days later for 10am only to change tp 2pm then 3pm then 4pm THEN called an cancelled! Wasted an entire day waiting on them. AND they could have cared less! They do not deserve the one star but that is the lowest I can go. Very unprofessional. The female that actually did answer the phone appeared to be asleep and was unprofessional and did not care. Have no idea how they stay in business!!!!!

Jonathan Titko

3 years ago

rocky himself showed up early at 7am to take care of my baby’s before i had to go to work. my little boy obi is frightened of baths and strangers. he noticed without me even mentioning it and spent an extra hour and a half with him to make sure he was comfortable and well taken care of. words can not explain how happy i was knowing my baby’s were in good hands, and got the best groom they’ve ever had! 10 out of 10 recommend rocky!

Angel Cage

3 years ago

I wouldn't know how they were because they never showed up for the appointment and won't return my calls

Austin Cogell

3 years ago

Incredibly disappointed. Scheduled a 3:45 appointment, and the tech didn't show up until 4:40. No communication on the lateness until we reached out to them. After sending the tech home, the dispatcher called me and offered me $5 off of a $100 grooming, which is laughable and frankly insulting. I would not recommend Rocky's to anyone.

Brian H

3 years ago

This team is awesome. My dogs trust them from door to vehicle, and come back super happy. I do recommend their service. I will keep using them. Super friendly staff, A+

Wendy Braswell

4 years ago

Did not show up for appointment, did not call. I took off work to be home, they did not show up or call. I tried to call them multiple times, they didn’t answer, voicemail was full so I couldn’t leave a message. I did email but did not hear back. Horrible customer service, will not use and would not recommend to anyone!

Ben Cleveland

4 years ago

I’ve been using Rockies for over five years now, and in the beginning I would’ve given them a five star review. They have steadily been declining in service, they are constantly late, rescheduling, or just plain no showing appointments. When you try to get a hold of them the office mailbox is full and you get no response back. I leave the review on the same day I leave them.

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