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Heather Griffin

2 years ago

Love this vet! Always treats you well, and the staff is always polite. They have great prices and don’t nickel and dime you.

Diane S

2 years ago

Please know that when you take your pet here you cannot go back with them. There are hidden costs and outrageous treatment plans (much unnecessary treatment as confirmed by another vet). Please be cautious when considering this vet.


2 years ago

Very professional and friendly. Affordable for everyone here in Lewisville highly recommend!!!

Sorena Herrington

2 years ago

Best Animal doctor around!! They are inexpensive as well as great bedside manners.

Jeff White

2 years ago

Service is poor, hold times are ridiculous. The staff is not professional and have no sense of urgency. I would not recommend this Clinic to anyone.

Max T

2 years ago

The WORST vet I have ever seen. I took my 6 years old GSD to check ear infection. They said they need to take samples from her ear. I told they I could be with her when taking the samples. They refused but requested put a muzzle on her. I agreed and put the muzzle on by myself. Then they took her back. Then I heard two barks. She’s not bark since entered the clinic. Dr. told me my dog didn’t allow him to touch. I said I could calm her down. He refused again, said he has to sedated my dog to take ear sample. I mentioned my dog has muzzle on. He said there was still a little bit nose outside the muzzle, but the muzzle was provided by them. How ridiculous! My dog was doing well with all other vets before I moved in this area. She wasn’t asked to put any muzzle on in other clinics. This clinic doesn’t know to handle large dogs! I will never allow them to touch my dog!

Mariam R

2 years ago

Dr Salib has cared for my dog. He is an exceptional vet and explains everything. We cannot say enough good things about him and his staff.

jaime orona

2 years ago

I truly appreciate the hard work and paying attention to detail with my concerns. Thank ya'll so much.

Fadi Mikhail

2 years ago

Excellent doctor and very friendly, supportive staff. I would highly recommend!

Aidom Behailu

2 years ago

It was my first visit and the staff is kind and caring. They help explain things to you and are reasonably priced. They are now my fur baby's vet ❤

Nira Khan

2 years ago

My pets had a very good experience with the vet, however due to a covid outbreak at this center no surgeries will be performed for the next 5 months. I was referred out to other vets. I'm glad they were honest about the situation. Which helped me to seek another vet

Tom Maguire

2 years ago

Good place to take your Pet

maira aguirre

2 years ago

Staff are so friendly and polite and amazing at answering and explaining everything to us ! Most definitely will keep bringing baby prince here !!

Darla Woods

2 years ago

I have taken all three of my dogs there for shots, tests, etc. The staff is very friendly and they work so very well together as a team. It is so calming to go in there and have them treat your pet like it is the only one on earth! They take the time to do a thorough checkup, inform you as to what is going on with your pet, and even tell you what could happen in the future if issues are not addressed correctly. Doctors translations to English are sometimes a little broken, but he does a great job at getting his diagnosis explained. Would definitely recommend them!

Chris Val

2 years ago

Wonderful place. Great people. Brought my cat Ragnar in for an exam and current shots. Prices were great and friendly service. Will definitely come back


2 years ago

Long story short, Do NOT take your pet here... not sure what goes on behind that door but my rescue dog is now TRAUMATIZED after this.. This vet recommended my dog antibiotics from feeling some "swelling". No blood or urine samples to back up his hypothesis.. They were ok with charging me 400 the first time, but when I asked to go back there with the vet the day she was supposed to get her shots they asked me to leave... hmmm..

Christine Neill

2 years ago

Worst vet experience. Went in for an X-ray for my pregnant dog that is 45 days along. Asked for just an X-ray only, she is up to date on all shots/ visits with another vet, records were sent to them with all the info. It was clear what I wanted on the phone conversation and reason for the visit and was stated on the form I fill out and the conversation with all employees that were around. They took my dog and I was thinking they would do what I asked to have done. Then I was called back into a room with an exam table, then the doctor came in and started with congratulating me on her pregnancy, which I new and then I started to get worried, he looked down with a strange look and tone to his voice then went on to explain that she was in need to several medications including dewormer which we would need to come back for and then again three weeks later for more medication. So I was thrown off, I said “oh no, she has worms?? She was just at her vet and than yesterday was negative.” Doc…” well, no, but she could the test will be done.” I’m sorry … WHAT? So then I asked how the X-ray went ans what is the puppy count. Doc… “ well, we didn’t do that, you need to wait longer since she is only 4 weeks along and right now they are just mushy. I won’t be able to see how many puppies since they are just gushy.” (Such technical terms) and on…” I can guess but it won’t give us a count I can be real off. You need to come back in about a week or so and plan to drop her off for a whole day here.” WHAT, she is not four weeks along, like he didn’t have any info that I had stated from the first call. And I just asked for the X-ray, not exam Doc. “I guess I can do the X-ray if you want me to, but I am not going to see bones on them” Oh my gosh, he should google the correct medical term and when the best time to X-ray is! The info is out there. I just felt so uncomfortable, I just wanted my dog back and to leave as soon as possible. Doc got up a s walked out, I said to the tech “what? That’s it? So.. are you going to bring my dog out?” Tech “yes “ So I went o the waiting room and sat, then was restless stood and paced. Then 5 mins went by then I asked the front desk person to find out why it’s taking so long. Then another several mins, so I decided to walk back through the door to see what was going on and where she was. I have never felt so uneasy before! When I saw the techs and doc, I asked where she was and they looked around like they had no idea and acted weird and the doc speaking fast and saying they weren’t doing anything strange or weird and they loved dogs are good and have good reviews and someone must of liked them from a good experiences. WHAT, I just want my dog. I was at the door way and didn’t walk all the way in and could see some kennels in a room, no noises coming from there. Then doc “ oh, she’s in the prime suit, she’s not locked up, she’s in a room” The tech opened a door right next to the kennel room and she came out, with her leash on ans tan to me. WHY in the world would they just put her in a room, no supervision, I don’t know what was in there! She could have eaten anything, chewed anything WHAT!!! I just walked to the front, asked to pay and the guy started listening off fecal test and heartworm test, ect. thing that were not done. WHAT?! No, that wasn’t done, I didn’t even ask for an exam. I left paying $46 and had blood pressure through the roof! DO NOT go to this place that makes up things, treatments ect. There was more talk from the doc that was said that was just way off, this is the main event. Just STAY AWAY Also, I was thinking they took my dog alone because of COVID, but the doc didn’t have a mask on. And I should have been there to see him exam my dog, so I really don’t know if he did or what he did, which again, I didn’t ask for.

Jenny Crutcher

2 years ago

This vet is ridiculous! They charge astronomical rates and the customer service, even from the vet, is terrible! Worst thing is they didn't even take good care of my dog. Will not be going back and will recommend all of my friends and family avoid this place as well.


2 years ago

So unprofessional. My mom took our cat who is lethargic and not eating to the vet and asked for blood work to be done and whatever medications necessary to be advised to him. The vet called and said our cat was good to go, but failed to mention no blood work was done. They said that because my mom was not leaving our cat for 4 hours and that “she was in a rush” that is why bloodwork wasn’t not administered. If this was the case, why was our cat “good to go”. Our cat is gravely ill and the vet did nothing to actually find out what was the reason, and even if our cat wasn’t left there for 4 hours it should have been communicated properly to my mom as our cat’s life could potentially be at stake and the blood work is a clearly time sensitive matter. My mom called then to ask if she could schedule blood work for our cat where she was then told they were totally busy and that was it. Interestingly enough, I called to see if I could make an appointment and they had availability for me to come in. Once I brought it to their attention that they had told my mom they were too busy, I hung up, where they proceeded to call me and leave a silly voicemail saying “oh sorry I checked the schedule and we actually have no availability, sorry for saying that we do” just to cover their tracks. So does your front receptionists just give inconsistent information? Why are veterinarians operating like this nowadays?! Genuine care for animals should be the utmost of your concerns! Not slimy business practices.

Duane Fowler

2 years ago

After bringing my 14 yr old dog to this practice since Dr Kirby owned it (so for many years) he fell and was hurt. I made an appointment and thus vet was over an hour late. So Keven told me to leave him with them and that they would call me when the Dr arrived. They never called I had to call them! No apologies nothing when I arrived. My dog was knocked out cold with his tongue hanging way out so never knew I was there when he was put down! I was so upset I couldn't think so waited till the next day and asked to speak with the vet as I wanted to know why he was like this and not just sedated and made comfortable. Keven was rude and I never got a call after waiting a week! I showed up and asked if I could speak to this vet in between patients. Was told to leave. At this point I felt they did something wrong and were now covering it up and just wanted me to go away. I did not leave and walked around Keven and opened the door to the patient rooms and the vet was standing there listening to that conversation!!! Then tells his staff to call the police??!! I told him fine call the police but your going to answer my question before they g3t here. He then told them not to call. I asked why are you avoiding me? He said he wasn't just busy. And that I had to go through Keven? Really? I have done so several times before but given this was an end of life question I wanted to hear it from him being he do it and was responsible not Keven. He then tells me this is standard practice. No it is not, the new vet and many others do not agree not did I and told him my friends and family that had to do this with their dogs did not experience this. Not the cruelty you and Keven put me through with avoiding me. I said I am not coming back and he smiled and did not care. Prior to this this Vet was good. Keven was always rude but I ignored her and her behavior. Pls do yourself and your pet a favor and find another vet because this "standard practice" at this vet is absolutely heart breaking. I will always have he pain knowing my dog Baxter was so scared and I was not with him because of this vet and Keven.

Adriana Morantes

2 years ago

Today I take my 16,5 years old for the first time to this clinic, the staff was great and gentle with my grumpy dog. Dr Salib was great, He give me the answer for all my concerns. We are waiting for some results, and the rest of the treatment. But until now my Dog is gettin better after whatever they do today. Thank you Dr. Salib and thank you guys for everything.

Brandie Taylor

2 years ago

Everyone was very helpful and was able to handle my cat, even tho she’s not always easy and doesn’t usually like strangers. They got her in and out before she got too agitated. We’ll be back!

Dianna Garza

2 years ago

Dr. Salib and his staff are true professionals at caring for your animals. Exceptional hours & Reasonable rates

Jennipher Jess

2 years ago

They asked me to share my experience on Google. The service here, 0 stars.

Leslie “Emmett's mom” Higgins

2 years ago

This message is for the Veterinary Doctor. Please consider changing your policy of putting the animals in a cage before you see them. Why not have the dog or cat be seen when you are available to have the visit? They can stay with their owner until it is their turn. I listened to my dog and other patients dogs whimper and cry and bark for an hour or more until you were available. It was such a traumatic experience for the animal and owner. I have never been to a clinic where this procedure is done. I will not be back to your office and I encourage others also to look elsewhere for veterinary care.

Bebe Stromberg

2 years ago

I just took babies I adopted from my local shelter to Old Orchard as they had stellar review online for both service and amazing pricing. Since both my adopted kids are older I have been looking for a place that will have reasonable rates for health care in the Dallas area. I read their review and looked online and booked our first appointment for yesterday. I specifically went in to talk about a possible dental and needed quotes for that service, plus the two kiddos have allergies and needed medication for them. The vet didn't read the paper work that the shelter send which had current labs etc... He asked me about getting them booked for a spay, which I thought odd. After I told him we were there looking at doing a dental and not a spay ( they are already altered) I talked with him about their allergies. He said they could both get an allergy shot, an antihistamine tablet ( hydroxyzine) and an antibiotic shot. I really thought the price would be more competitive but for both small dogs I have we walked out of the clinic spending over $460.00 and I never did get a quote for the dentals. I really could have stayed with my old vet in Carrollton that has much newer office and tons of new equipment for the price of this particular service and medications. So overall I think I will be going back to a VCA. Overall my issue is services were not as described in the reviews.


2 years ago

THIS PLACE WILL MISTREAT YOUR ANIMAL. Do not go here!!!! They overcharge and do not diagnose. As soon as you walk through the door they take your pet and put it in a cage and don't let you near it. My poor sick dog barked for 2 hours and they wouldn't let me near him. Staff is rude and not helpful. Spent 500 on Xrays only to tell me after that he had to fast beforehand. So would have charge 500 MORE for another Xray for proper diagnosis. Ludicrous miserable excuse for a vet office.

Josh Renfro

2 years ago

Great people and good prices.

Yvonne Quezada

2 years ago

My fur babies and I love everyone at Old Orchard Animal Clinic. Would most definitely recommend. Great prices and frendly faces!!

Brittlyn Holmes

2 years ago

I brought my cat in for an eye issue on a day my vet was unavailable. My cat was almost instantly seen and diagnosed. It took the vet all of 20 minutes to tell me exactly what was wrong, something my normal vet couldn't do in TWO visits. My cat has a torn retina and my old vet could not even figure that out. They recommended a specialist and gave me what they could to help in the meantime. I would definitely recommend this vet to anyone!

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