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Anupama Dash

2 years ago

They gave my puppy rabies vaccine wrongly while he was not due for it. No we did not ask for it. When I ask for the rabies details for my vet to see it ,they say they dont have it in record. Upon arguing with them now they suddenly find the record and trying to update. Seriously?? What’s going on? Trying to cover up your mistake?

Arthur Sprague

2 years ago

These folks are always so pleasant, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. Even if the employees are just walking thru the patient area, they are admiring and showing love to the animals waiting to be checked in or out.

Kelly Hallman

2 years ago

They've always been good to our pets. Dr Allen is our favorite.

joshua lyons

2 years ago

This is a good place to bring your pets for their health care. It is easy to schedule appointments, the staff are very friendly, and they truly care about your pet and treat them like family. They even do check up calls after appointments. I highly recommend Banfield Hospital if you want a quality animal health care facility with a friendly staff.

Krista Setty

2 years ago

Nice and knowledgeable..they gave me her meds in this cute bag

Barry Eppley

2 years ago

Been with this clinic for almost 2 years. Great staff, very knowledgeable, really rake great care of our puppy.

Mimi Love

2 years ago

Great service pet loving staff every Doctor cares about each pet is treated kindly and friendly with care


2 years ago

They were very polite and helpful, explaining all costs after they examined my dog. They gave me a coupon for the first visit. Also explained all medicines carefully and exactly how to give to him. I will go back to them.

Terri Selph

2 years ago

My sis passed away recently & her fur baby is now mine...he went to a chop shop county clinic & got severly ill...106.6 temp...he was in real trouble...and I CANT LOSE HIM TOO....Banfield and Dr McPhee were seriously concerned for him...and me. She understood very quickly I had no money due to funeral exp's with my sis & her sis-in-law...and I just can't say enough how Banfield made it ALL ABOUT MY BABYS CARE & NOT MONEY. They cut over 80% of the costs of care for my baby, so he could get EXCELLENT CARE. Dr McPhee AND BENFIELD gave services for free for my Chunksie's...I'm still weeping in GRATITUDE AND THE COMPASSION shown & imm given to my big guy & me. It is the only place & GREAT ppl I will go to now. I'll never be able to express my complete gratitude & pure relief when they started talking to me AS A PUP PARENT & NOT AS walking & talking $ Thank you ALLLLL STAFF...I still have a tiny piece of my sis w/this guy. THANK YOU BANFIELD FOR AWESOME CARE & helping us. DR MCPHEE IS AWESOME & A TRUE PET WARRIOR! WE LOVE these guys & Banfield. I just can't say thank you enough nor express how it WASN'T ABOUT money. Thank you sooo much! My love bug s much better today!????????????❣????????????????????

Tom tom

2 years ago

Thank you for taking care of Coco for the pass year. ♡

Brian Mulligan

2 years ago

They are supposed to be open til 6 pm. I was there at 5:30. It was closed. Like all the other veterinary hospital, they are interested in your money and nothing else. Straight up crooks.

Christy Jimmerson

2 years ago

I'm so glad this service is available for my extended family member, Bear. Keeping her healthy does my heart good! ????????

Kelsey Willis

2 years ago

Love bringing my pup here!

Kenesha Celestine

2 years ago

They are awesome with my Rufus. He is cared for by them and they take Great care of him while he is with them. I don't have a bad thing to say. Great service! Give them a try!

Zebulun Burks (Zeb)

2 years ago

Asked for a freaking dollar and change left on bill when putting our dog down. They were asked to make sure everything was handled that we didn't want to deal with the money side after we started the procedure, we were to emotional for that very unprofessional of them only reason 2 stars is because we were happy with quality of remembrance we got back for his remains RIP OLD MAN LOVE YOU DIESEL

Marie Ordonez

2 years ago

I loved this place, it has good stuff for your pets!!! Just check it out!!!

Jerry Warren

2 years ago

Great staff and Dr's. They treat our pets like babies. Thank yall

Greg Peeples

2 years ago

They took great care of our little Tiny. Thank you.

Scott Jones

2 years ago

They take wonderful care of our dogs.

Jacob King

2 years ago

If I could give fewer stars I would, this place is absolutely ridiculous. I dropped my beloved Romeo off at 8 in the morning because we was rather sick the previous few days. After a few hours I went inside to check on him only to discover that they hadn't seen him yet. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I thought they were busy. After a few more hours I tried calling again to check on him and what would you know, I got no response. I called them for more times with the exact same result. At this point I had to go to work so I had a family member go to pick him up and take him somewhere that cares about the pets and their owners. Absolutely ridiculous, I will never give them my business again.

Jeff Jakubowski

2 years ago

Excellent place to bring my kitty. This was my first time here and they took care of the issue quickly and were very nice from start to finish. I'll be bringing my cat here from now on.

Roberta L Card-Murdock

2 years ago

They are very good with service, helpful with distance issues. Kept excellent Covid19 methods, and are a stand alone hospital, in League City. If they don't carry your item, they will try to help. Always good service across the country.

Thomas Ontiveros

3 years ago

Güero loves it there, they treat him like a king!

Justin Mobrains

3 years ago

Not very good kind of just want to get you in and out they don't really care about your pet or at least I didn't think then because they were really in a rush to just diagnosed my pet with something and get him out

Linda G

3 years ago

I could not be happier with Dr Fritz and the rest of the staff for their attentiveness, professionalism, and true caring for Blue, and they also cared about what I thought and wanted. It was our first visit, but will definitely continue using them!!! I've even signed up for their wellness plan! They did not pressure me to do anything. Definitely more affordable than any other veterinarian we've used in this area!

Pamela Montes

3 years ago

I took my Golden Retriever here and signed him up for the puppy wellness plan for a year (btw, they charge for canceling fee’s and won’t allow you to cancel directly through them. (DONT SIGN UP because it doesn’t cover) anyways, the first time he received his shots through an express check in, and did well. However this is when we started speculating how quickly they are too diagnose and up charge you out the *** or anything else too (nails, Benadryl $25 each) Clearly, we gave in. Also, the vet told us that he needed to socialize more bc he also urinates himself as he’s a very SHY pup and given that he was a 2-3 month old puppy at the time, it’s normal and we told them we would take him to the dog park. She gave us the “ok, that’s great.” I believe his 3rd visit he went to get his boosters for parvo (keep in mind that I just recently learned a week prior by the receptionist what parvo even is, I’m a new fur momma, but I stopped taking him to the dog park immediately after learning he needed boosters and was not yet completely vaccinated) anyways, our 3rd visit Stanley walks in and gets on the scale by himself and doesn’t urinate when he’s greeted extremely friendly by one of the receptionist who was so sweet to him. As I was in the middle of paying a vet tech named KELSEY came up from behind to take him and she aggressively took Stanley without a greet and he urinated himself and then she says “oh great just lay all in it” and she looks at me and says “there’s a cleaning station over there” and takes off without a single moment of me even saying goodbye. I cleaned it, walked out and felt bad I didn’t even say bye feeling so uncomfortable. After 2 hours I received a call by Kelsey and she’s already trying to upcharge me. (They literally always call to upcharge) and I refused to purchase and then she asked if he’s socializing because he peed and pooped all over himself multiple times on her. I told her we don’t take him around other dogs because he’s not fully vaccinated and that he goes around humans only but has been doing so much better. She goes and looks on the notes and says “the vet said you take him to the dog park” and I corrected her “until we found out he wasn’t fully vaccinated which the doc knew that and never mentioned that it wasn’t ok, I didn’t even know what parvo was until last week” and she said “it doesn’t necessarily mean socializing by other dogs it can be humans too because he’s being peeing on himself all day we had to clean it up and he was biting me too”..... first off, he’s 5 months old and he doesn’t bite. Ever. I clearly started he’s been coming around humans practicing socializing and she completely dismissed that information and made it seem such a burden that he peed himself for the past 2 hours and on her. I asked her “why is it such a burden that he peed himself knowing that he has problems socializing right now” and she said “this is my first time working with Stanley so I don’t know that he has those conditions until now” ......well that explained alot from this morning and up to now, she should of read his notes and handled him differently and also not of made it such a burden to pick up after a 5 month old puppy who is urinating himself out of being shy. Anyways, she hung up on as I was saying that. I immediately went to pick him up and explained everything to the doctor. I don’t feel comfortable taking him there again. Stanley is the sweetest pup ever! He wouldn’t hurt a fly and to hear he “bit” her is BS. She hates her job and was frustrated by cleaning urine all day not knowing his conditions because she was careless enough to do so. Terrible vet tech. She complained more than me, and I’m the customer. Anyway, won’t go there again. Ever. I will spread this word around to everyone. If you paid alot of money for your dog, and feel like he needs to best treatment DONT TAKE HIM HERE. All they care about is money, not your pup, and they don’t feel remorseful or sympathetic. They will try and upcharge you every visit no matter what! And Kelsey is a terrible vet tech!

Steve Spurlocc

3 years ago

Very very wonderful people my dog love them thanks

Priscilla Acuña

3 years ago

Dr. Isbell, Dr. Allen, Dr. Polasek and all the staff are very kind of courteous. We love that they opened this stand alone location. Makes it so much closer for us since we live in La Marque and service and treatment of our fur babies is always great.

Yolanda Bellamy

3 years ago

Made sure I understood the process and what to expect leaving my fur baby with them for a few hours.

Crystal McPherson

3 years ago

If you're not going to follow your own covid protocols that YOU have posted on the door, take the sign down!! OR.... Have people wait in thier car.

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