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Nikki Durham

2 years ago

I was told from another groomer that my dog was not able to be groomed because he was trying to attack them, and that no groomer would be able to provide him grooming services. So I attempted to groom him myself for 2 years. I finally decided to take a chance and take him somewhere else. I brought him here and they were able to get him shaved (had to be shaved bc of my awful at home grooming skills) and Marlyn did such a FANTASTIC JOB and said he wasn't aggressive at all. I am almost in tears because of how happy I am to have found a groomer that my dog obviously feels comfortable around and he looks like a brand new dog. I am just soooo happy. THANK YOU GUYS! Even the people working the front desk were wonderful and cheerful and professional. I will be bringing him back every 4 to 6 weeks and I am just in shock of how they were able to do what another said couldn't. He even smells wonderful and is so soft! AGAIN, CANT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH, SEE YOU SOON... AND WICKEY FEELS SO MUCH BETTER AND LOOKS WONDERFUL !

Rick Guzman

2 years ago

My Coco stayed over for 1 night, I will definitely be taking her back , this place is very professional and very clean and organized, price was wonderful as well, definitely recommend

Paul Morton

2 years ago

We have boarded our dogs here many times over the past few years and have always been very pleased with how they treat them.

Maci Shimek

2 years ago

Absolutely LOVE bringing my Penny Lane here for group play and boarding! Not to mention we thoroughly enjoy the holiday themed photo shoots they offer! Penny is my super energetic husky mix so I take her to group play as often as possible. She always falls asleep on the 5 minute car ride home so I know my money is well spent! The staff is always kind and friendly and so good to my baby. RBPR is the only place I will take my babies!!

Beth Tummins

2 years ago

The Pet Resort has a very friendly staff who genuinely care about their human and furry clients! Our dog Blake loves coming here for doggie play days because he loves his friends on staff here as well as his furry friends! The staff is professional, reliable, responsible, and is responsive to the needs of their clients and their pets! Bill and I are always very satisfied with the loving care that Blake receives here!

Priscilla Tula

2 years ago

I took my 11 month pup to get his nails trimmed. I called ahead to get a price and I was told it would be $16 and extra $10 fee if my pup is difficult . I arrived and the front two ladys weren't to welcoming even when I stated it was my first time coming to them for services. The groomer was very sweet and helped me not be so nervous for my dog. I mentioned he had been cut by a previous groomer so he would be nervous with her. She was confident she can get it done and she did! My dog came out happy and trimmed. The groomer told me he was nervous and all she had to do was rub his head for short amount of time. She then told the front girls to charge me regular price of $16 but for some odd reason it became a problem to one of the front desk girls. She wanted to charge me $26. She then told me she needs to speak to her manager . I wasn't to happy but I don't like conflict so I kept quiet just to hear her make the phone call to her manager who also agreed to charge me the extra $10. Even though the groomer said it was not needed. My dog was not difficult.. I uncomfortably paid my $26 for just a nail cut ... no extras .. sadly it ended with a disappointing experience for me . Money hungry place . In response to the resort. I do remember my time there. That being said the groomer did a great job she was QUICK & never once did she describe my dog difficult she glady said she would work with him again. My time there was long your right about that but what did take so long was the the disagreement of how much to charge me. I sat there waiting for some time with my pup in your lobby for yall to figure out how much to charge me and yes you were there also but you stayed in your office in the back. While your front desk girls called you by phone to figure this out. You gave the go ahead to charge me that fee when the groomer herself said it was not necessary. Your employees need to communicate better with each other.The groomer explained it all perfectly to me & never once did my she say my pup was difficult. So that was some lies on your part. Why would I go back? What an uncomfortable experience. Have these conversations in private not infront of customers. Happy Holidays.

ShaLynn Andrews

2 years ago

In all honesty, Red Bluff Pet Resort exceeded any expectations. I have been homeless for the past 6 weeks and they took amazing care of my babies! It has been a struggle, high stress and then getting sick on top of everything. The staff have been so understanding and patient with me. They communicate so efficiently and care so much for my babies. Even the vet and vet tech's took great care of them as well. I finally brought them home this past Monday and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. I can not thank you all enough. 10/10 I would recommend.

Meagan New

2 years ago

Took my babies Rosie and Shorty for a night of boarding and the staff took great care of them! They both have separation anxiety and shorty does not like people right away but that did not stop the staff from accepting my babies! I will definitely be returning !

Blessy S

2 years ago

My girl dog does NOT appreciate anyone cutting her hair especially around her eyes and ears but this resort did a fine job. She does not like her nails trimmed but this placed did an amazing job. First time here but definitely coming back. They took good care of her. She was scared to go in first but when I went to get her back, she had some sass in her. She was happy. I am happy. Thank you to the amazing staff at this resort for taking good care of her.

Daniel Salinas

2 years ago

They have been a great care provider for me since we started coming here August 2021

Mar 3

2 years ago

Love this place, my Izzy baby got a report card and I really loved knowing how she did. I was nervous to leave her but nothing about her changed, I was afraid she was going to get depressed or have some type of change, but nothing, she was super happy to see us, highly recommend this place and we’re definitely going back.

Ash Lara

2 years ago

The resort staff is always willing to tend to their clients needs, big or small


2 years ago

WOW From the drop off to the pick up the process was amazing. The hotel is CLEAN and very well kept. Austin and the entire staff PROFESSIONAL. When i picked up my babies they smelled great not dirty or doggie smelly. I will definetly bring my babies back even for just a day off. The price was also great i got the best of three worlds VALUE, Great Service and No gimmicks. AWSOME.

Wendy H

2 years ago

We LOVE Redbluff Pet Resort! They take excellent care of our two Labs. Our girls are always together and one of them has bad separation anxiety. It made me comfortable knowing that they would be together while we were away. Plus, I loved the fact I was able to see them on the camera. The fact they have such a detailed to-do list to keep our dogs on their regular schedule is a huge relief. We will always use and recommend Redbluff Resort.

Jennifer M.J.

2 years ago

Red Bluff Pet Resort takes good care of our Izzy. We love them.

Katlin Robb

2 years ago

My dog and I love coming here! She is always so excited to pull up and knows exactly where we are. We always have a great experience, and the pricing is great as well! I drive from Baytown just to take her here when I need boarding.

Mary Theresa Danne

2 years ago

Referral from my sister who has been bringing her large dog here for years now. Good job grooming, free scarf. Has boarding and vet services too. Beautiful building! Friendly, professional staff. My regular place now!

T F (Tferg001)

2 years ago

I love this place and so does my dog. I take my dog Cali for grooming and we love her groomer Joann.

Mary Vernon

2 years ago

Love the way jasper is taken care of at Red Bluff. He is excited to get there in the morning and after a day of play and working with Layna and the other sweet and capable employees he comes home exhausted. Going to Red Bluff Pet resort has done wonders for an active boy. I am very particular about the way Jasper is groomed. He does not mind being brushed at home but he has thick fur and well everyone knows it can be somewhat wild when grown out. Thanks to the groomers (Joanna) at red bluff, he looks so cute and it is much easier to brush him between his spa days. Joanna makes my job of making sure he looks good a dream. Thank you to all of the staff that takes care of so many fur babies!

Beth Gullett

2 years ago

I've taken my Daisy to Group Play here and she loves it! So when it came to board her, this was our first choice. I was nervous b/c I'd never boarded her before, but Reese (not sure how to spell his name) was great and put me at ease. He showed me where she'll stay and explained their process for taking care of the dogs. He assured me she wouldn't be lonely - which I was most worried about. We just picked her up and I can't wait to see how her Easter pic came out! She loves it here!

Ashlee Cash

3 years ago

I have had my dachshund groomed here twice and am so pleased with the service! He had recently suffered a back injury so I was nervous to get him groomed but they assured me that they would take great care of him. I felt like they did! He always comes out smelling good, his coat is in much better shape and his nails are nice and short! I am so happy to have found a place that I feel like I can trust!

Carol Grimes

3 years ago

I have been using the Pet Resort for several years. Betty does a great job on both my dogs.

Amanda Hillhouse

3 years ago

Tiffany in the grooming salon is the absolute best!! I haven't tried their other groomers but I'm sure they are just as good. The front desk staff are always responsive and kind. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Frank Herrera

3 years ago

They helped me when I lost the vaccines paperwork/documents of my dog; very welcoming of anyone and answered all my questions I had regarding my dog

Kathryn Green

3 years ago

I got a puppy two years ago and from the beginning began using Dr. Kleck as he was amazing with my previous dog who had a lingering illness. I have been extremely happy and satisfied with Dr. Kleck, Dr. Sullivan and their entire staff. It is a totally caring and professional atmosphere every visit. We take our dog with us most everywhere but we have also used Red Bluff Pet Resorts Boarding service. Again, outstanding service and we never worried about her care or safety. I started grooming my puppy at 6 months and tried three previous groomers that came highly recommended. I was not happy with any of the three. Since my vet was at Red Bluff I decided to try their grooming services. I will say that I was concerned they were so large the care may not have the attention to my dog and to detail that I was seeking. I was completely wrong! From the first visit they have been amazing and have earned my complete confidence. Tiffany is our groomer and she does an outstanding job each and every time. We go every three weeks. The staff at the desk is always professional, courteous and friendly, no exceptions. I highly recommend Red Bluff Pet Resort and will not be using any other service for my dog!

Adrian Coleman

3 years ago

Great location, positive environment, and great employees!


3 years ago

The management and staff at Red Bluff are amazing!!!! My pet always comes home smelling great and looking beautiful ☺️


3 years ago

The facility is well kept and clean but the groomers and management need to be re-evaluated. The one groomer specifically named Betty has such a passive aggressive demeanor, it’s surprising how she has been able to stay employed for so long. Betty just totally refuses to accept any type of constructive criticism when a customer feels she is providing unsatisfactory services. It’s almost as if she becomes confrontational when asked to correct something that may have been over looked or that you simply would like done better / improved. Since the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT there should be NO ISSUES with receiving what you ask for as a loyal paying customer. I have seen enough to know that either they lack the training and education to provide the level of care & grooming needs that we expect OR they just simply do not care....We have given this facility and its groomer multiple chances to earn & keep our business and either they don’t care or lack the professional training and skills to groom exotic breeds while obviously are not first at this facility to have logged complaints. There is a total lack of consistency when it comes to the standard of grooming. For Example For the first visit Your fur baby may have a good cut / shampoo / complete with bandana / the next time time it looked as if my dog hadn’t even been touched, her anal glands hadn’t been expressed as she was still scooting her behind. And they totally forgot to put a cute little bandanna on my dog. We consider ourselves reasonable customers, but when we see something we definitely speak up, however think twice if you want to take the animal back to them because the staff sticks together her at this facility I wish this facility had that nurturing compassion and realize our pets are family too, after the dozens of times at this facility, money spent , and returns for corrections once they label you as an issue or offended you and you loved one won’t be treated the same no matter how minute the previous request was, I wasn’t even told about extra options to rush my pet and earn points way after many visits , my conclusion ... they don’t want to deal with it , look at the managers response on the last one star in the reviews , that should give you an idea of how they behave at this facility , I would spend thousands here because of the facility alone if it wasn’t for the staff , when you bread cost over 5,000 take them to a high end resort ... highly disappointed , if someone feels it’s ok to act a way towards a customer how do you think they treat someone who can’t speak for themselves ? won’t return ...

Yesenia Iglesias

3 years ago

Absolutely the best!! I have a miniature poodle named Bubba who I take here with Tiffany and she is the best!! Always leaves my bubba looking so handsome!! I absolutely love everything about this place everyone there is so friendly and amazing!! Highly recommended!!

orlando miramontes

3 years ago

Ashley groomed my dog and omg I loved it so much I will definitely be going back!

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