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veronica vargas

2 years ago

You can tell the employees don't care. I understand the remodel and moving merchandise around but the aisles are hard to navigate with a cart and the employees don't bother assisting. I work retail and understand inventory delays and such but that doesn't excuse them for not greeting the customers. I was in there about 30 minutes and no one offered to help me or see if I was finding everything alright. Sad to see this in a business. Next time I will try Petsmart in San marcos or head to Austin.

Elaine Robertson

2 years ago

The store was much easier to navigate than in the past. Isles were fairly clear.

Alex Pegg

2 years ago

It's not PetSmart, but it is in town.

Katie Eiland

2 years ago

Wow I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now. I have taken my dog in to get groomed in the past but there will be NO more. Which is sad to say because I liked a groomer there but it has gone super downhill.. The past TWO times I have booked with them, they have rescheduled my appointments either hours earlier or weeks later. No inbetween. not to mention how hard it is to book a grooming. It takes almost a month to two months to even get my doggo in. Then they cancel completely and can’t even give me a call back when I call them. It is just becoming so ridiculous and so unprofessional. And when I do finally get through, A really rude lady answers the phone and gives little to no explanation on why my appointments are canceling back to back. I have had enough. No more grooming there and I suggest you find another place. Needs new management ASAP!!!!

Courteney Huffman

2 years ago

They have ferrets! I like this petco


2 years ago

Joshua went above and beyond to help us! He is one outstanding human being! Be sure to ask for him if you ever need help with your furry friends!

Makayla Saucedo

2 years ago


Jake G.

2 years ago

Great place for all your pets needs. Always have a great experience here, in & out. Find all I need for my Corgi, friendly associates.

Jose Serna

2 years ago

My family and I use petco for all our pet needs; the woman who helped us, made sure to answer our questions and didn't leave us until we were ready to checkout. Keep up the great work and customer service ???? ????

Tracy Shaw

2 years ago

They had very cute cats for adoption. I found everything I needed and didn't have to wait in line too long. No one asked me if I needed help but I knew what I was looking for and where to find it.

Alexander Howard

2 years ago

Four groomers working- no one at the register. Eventually just left the food on the counter and went to target.

Christina Felix

2 years ago

It was an okay experience, no one asked If I need ed help at anytime. However I found what I needed and checked out.

Jessica Serrano

2 years ago

Had great service. I walked in to pick up diapers for my furry baby and when I approached the cashier to ask her where they were located she said "come this way, let me show you" I found what I needed!

John Wells

2 years ago

It's Petco where the pets go!

Kelly Milner

2 years ago

So I had a grooming appointment scheduled for my dog at 1:30 today, and just got a text saying it was canceled. I didn’t cancel it nor did they give me a call why it was canceled. Every time I call no one picks up!!!! I rather had put no stars!!

kris popham

2 years ago

Close to our location. Great place to go for when we need food before our mail order arrives, and toys for our pets.

Alexander Young

2 years ago

I actually very much enjoy this Petco! Normally I do not like Petco, but this one had a lot of products and has never given me a problem with price matching their website.

Norm Powell

2 years ago

Small crowded aisles, well stocked but not a lot of mainstream brands of food or treats that my cats eat. I had to walk out without a purchase and drive to PetSmart. Also, customer/employee argument at the front over a grooming appointment was not appropriate. They could be better...

Stephanie Rodrigues

2 years ago

I went in today for treats for my dog. The cashier named Conner with a bee tattoo on his hand was so rude to me for no reason! The store wasn’t busy, there wasn’t a line behind me. He had a horrible tone. Didn’t give me a bag for my items. Spoke to me rudely when the keypad asked for my number and goes “you don’t need to put that in” well how am I to know that if you don’t say anything? I sympathize with service & retail worker during this time because I’m sure they have to deal with a lot but I found his attitude totally unnecessary. If PetCo corporate offices or whoever reads these messages need to investigate this Conner person’s manners. I’d rather order all my items online than come in person if I have to be treated like less than for no reason.

Taker of the Road less Traveled

2 years ago

Ehh not a place I'd go.

vanessa juarez

2 years ago

Placed an order for pick up this morning. I received an email saying “your order has been picked up!” Which I thought was strange because I had not yet picked up my order. I called to make sure everything was okay and my order was still at store. The woman who I spoke to was rude right from the start and sounded annoyed by my question. This isn’t the first time I have this encounter with employees at petco. Very disappointed

Mary Jane Zambrano

2 years ago

So much to see thier Great place.

John Rodriguez Jr.

2 years ago

I had went in to have my dog groomed at 10:00am arrived a little early and no one was there to take him in. There was one gentleman running back and forth attending to customers and filling online orders. There were pallets everywhere full of merchandise so it was a bit messy. It kinda looked like they were moving merchandise around our getting it ready to go. Well after waiting 20 min. Ms. Kelsy showed up and took my dog in. Normally the groomers are in at 8:00am and start grooming by 9:00am. This was an interesting day a first since we have been taking our dog in for almost 3 years. It would have been a better rating, but this is a first. I will still take my pet there for grooming services. Thank you Ms. Kelsy. ????


2 years ago

Selection at the treats aisle is usually pretty good but the same can't be said about the usually empty shelves over by dog hygiene and supplements. The Kyle location also always has areas closed off with plastic wrapped towers of supplies that I guess doesn't fit in the back, what's up with that? Overall, I can usually find what I need even if store navigation is a bit limited. I do typically check online just to make sure they have what I need is in stock. To be frank, I don't care for the updated logo what the company in general should focus on updating is their hardware and software as well as retention of employees. Lines can be long when there are limited amount of workers on top of the system deciding to not keep up or completely freeze. Especially when it came for me to pick up an online order. This isn't really the fault of a cashier that has to work with subpar technology.


2 years ago

Came in on 8/8/2021 with my BF just to look around. Few customers had dogs, and they were all nice and dog there seemed wild or aggressive. Staff was not out and about, only at the registers that I could see. Store was very clean and had lots of options for many different animals. I like that the fish tanks were in the middle of the store rather than on back walls like most other stores. It was a nice change and it looked great. I'll have to come here more often when shopping for my pets!

April Singh

2 years ago

Received a confirmation about my appointment via email on Sunday, although I didn’t answer the phone call.. I was able to view my email and confirm my appointment Nothing changed per the email. Then I get a text that my appointment was cancelled today as I’m walking in with my dog. They tell me they are short staffed and cancelled my appointment due to the groomer no longer working here. Horrible communication from them and terrible customer service. I drove all the way from work in San Antonio, picked up my dogs in Kyle only to have my appointment cancelled at the last minute. Petco please do better.

Carmen Hernandez

2 years ago

Took my dogs to get groomed. Booked a month ahead and was rescheduled the week before (which was fine), but I had originally booked full grooming services with haircuts. They quickly checked us in and took the dogs back and quoted us 4 hours but when I picked them up- they had only bathed them and did not cut their hair! The groomer just brought the dogs out and immediately went back inside. No explanation. It takes alot of planning ahead and moving around work schedules to be able to take my dogs to get groomed and to not have the job done the way it was booked is frustrating. I called them back to see what happened and got an extremely short and rude response and no resolution. They told me to rebook them and quoted me an even larger amount than I had already paid. I paid almost $300 for simple baths. Will never return.

Colleen Hinojosa

2 years ago

They had everything i needed but its a little far from my house to shop there more often but i may try to stop more before work and the staff is super helpful!


2 years ago

Everything for your pet needs

Yan Chen

2 years ago

Employee is very nice. Service is very good. I like this store.

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