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Debra Dix

2 years ago

This place is full of love! Happy people everywhere and confident, caring, and intelligent staff! Can’t say one bad thing about the place…and I am a pretty critical person who tries to find things that could improve on…nut for Bayside, …

Richard Grimes

2 years ago

My yellow lab, Gracie, loves to see her friends at Bayside. Dr. Jon, Christina, and Joy and the rest of the crew have taken the best care of our dogs. We can't say enough good about them.

Rachel Porterfield

2 years ago

I have used Bayside Animal Hospital for years. Dr. Sheperd, Dr. Given, is who my babies usually see. I use to work with Dr. Wardall when I worked at TLC Animal Hospital and tonight Dr. Thornburg came to the rescue when they were about to close. I really want Dakota (Receptionist) know and everyone else knows how AMAZING she is! I have never ever spoke with someone as a receptionist there as sweet and respectful as she is. I have over looked some of the receptionist there especially one because the doctors that I mentioned about are wonderful. I called at 5:30pm because my dog has some loose sold with blood in it. Being in the field for many years until recent I knew this was nothing to play with and one she needed some meds. Dakota answered and again very respectful, polite. Doesn’t have s as n attitude and very very helpful. Dr. Thornburg prescribed some metronidazole for my baby and I raced up to the hospital before they closed. I walk in and I was met by Dakota and Jessica who is also a receptionist and is also just as sweet and respectful as Dakota. These two girls are AMAZING! Best receptionist yet!! I thanked the girls for working with me and the doctor!! Again best service I’ve had with receptionist!! Thanks again ladies!! In y’all computer my last name is Smith and my baby girl is Bogger!!

Gloria Wuthrich

2 years ago

Best place to get loving, caring AND knowledgeable treatment for your fur baby. We first had a yellow Lab that had treatment/care here back in 2007 and now our little girl, 10#, we use here for our main vet needs even though we live in the Austin area.

Clarence Bratcher

2 years ago

New to area and looking for reliable vet. So far, staff is friendly, vet is easy to talk and we will continue to use them for now.

Teresa Adams

2 years ago

Extremely friendly staff and veterinarian. I was treated well and my dog was well taken care of. Great place to take your pet!

Vance Knowlton

2 years ago

These people are the best.

Jerry Leehy

2 years ago

Over priced, along with very unprofessional and rude behavior toward clients. After being a client for 7 months, enduring the horrible customer service experiences, I actually visited the site and spoke to Dr. Jon, whom was no better and actually condones the manner in which his Customer Service Representatives conduct business. After one phone call to a different Veterinary Clinic in the area, I was pleasantly greeted and will not be a Client of Bayside any longer. Scanning previous reviews, it is obvious that I am not the only person with this opinion. I do not recommend this business. There are many others in the area that will appreciate your business and treat you accordingly.

John Thomsen

2 years ago

Bayside was recommended to me when I moved here 3 years ago. My dog has had skin issues which were complicated to solve. The vets worked with the lab and kept me in the loop to come up with the right medication. A good team of medical professionals

melissa payne

2 years ago

Love this vet! Great doctors and friendly staff. Been using them for many years now for my dog. My aunt uses them for all her dogs too which is how I found out about them.

Lisa Gosdin

2 years ago

We moved to the Bay Area right as Covid was hitting the US and we needed a place to take our dogs for check ups. My husband discovered Bay Area Vet Hospital on his way to work, so we decided to give them a try. Turned out to be the best decision we’ve ever made for our dogs. The staff is so kind, caring, and patient with their fur friends and really take the time to explain everything with you about your pet. We found out our black lab Max had bone cancer in his legs, which caused him to deteriorate fast and we had to make the horrible decision to put him down. Bay Side let us have the room to ourselves to tell our beloved Max goodbye as he was passing away humanly. Our family is so grateful for Bayside Animal Hospital, their wonderful staff, and their amazing Veterinarians!!! We highly recommend them and would gladly give them 100 stars for a review!

Joshua Enloe

2 years ago

Great vets and vet techs.

Marshall Fazekas

2 years ago

I had been bringing my dogs to Bayside for a few years. My older dog got an ear infection that was initially diagnosed as a yeast infection by Dr. Wardell. They said they needed to pack the ear with meds to clear it up. It worked for about 10 days then the infection came back. I called the vet and they told me to come get it packed again, that maybe it needed another round of meds to fully treat it. The same thing happened this time. In total, they had me return to the office 4 times to get his ears packed with the same meds. Costing around $75 each time. The 4th time, I suggested they do a culture test on the infection growing inside his ear to see if it really was yeast. They did the culture and found out that the infection was, in fact, not yeast. I was upset and called the office and spoke with Becky, the office manager. I did not yell or cuss, but I was firm and let them know I was upset. I'm basically the one who did the vet's job and realized that my dog was not suffering from a yeast infection, but from something else. The level of incompetency displayed by these veterinarians was unreal. They were happy to just keep packing his ears with the same meds over and over, accomplishing nothing, leaving him miserable and taking my money. When I pointed out what happened, the response that I was given from Becky and Dr. Jon Given was that they didn't think that I should continue to bring my animals to see them since I had lost faith in their services. It is sad that instead of making a situation right and realizing their mistake, their idea of customer service is to simply cut ties with a pet owner. After reading all of the google reviews on Bayside, every single negative review has a response from Bayside suggesting that the writer was not actually a regular patient at Bayside, and that the information is made up. Well, I have all of my records from Bayside and would be happy to share with any potential patient via email if they try to take the same approach with me. It seems that Dr. Given and his staff are much to prideful to admit when they have made a mistake, and take even the simplest form of criticism and turn it into a hostile situation. This was never about money or the cost of taking care of my dog. I simply want prevent any future animal owners from the pain of watching their dogs suffer due to another misdiagnosis by Dr. Wardell or Dr. Given.

Catherine Nealon

2 years ago

This rating is directed at Dr Murphy. My first visit (May 4th) with Dr Sheperd was superb even though this was a tragic ending for my beloved cat. Sheperd was caring and very compassionate. The very next day I had to put my cat down and Sheperd wasn’t available. Dr Murphy was EXTREMELY Cold and not at all compassionate. This was the first time I have ever had to have a pet put down and he made the experience awful! I will never go back.

Shannan Palfrey

2 years ago

I Love This Place! Dr. Given and Dr. Warhaul ( question on Dr. Warhaul spelling) We had rescued a 3 week kitten that was thrown out a moving vehicle at T-Bone Tom's. Sox's because of his paws. Momma instinct kicked in. Bought supplement milk. I was really scared for kitten. He pulled threw Thanks to advice of Dr Given. I have had my older cat Callie, she's had blood panel on Saturday 08/14/21. Not so happy with results on 08 17/21 but Dr. Given a little concern. If yall love your pets. This is A Fabulous place & reasonable priced. Check them Out! I had just moved to this area. The Doctors come out to your car and explain what's going on with your pets. Call on phone with test results. They at Bayside Animal Clinic. They care for your" Babies!" Kudos Bayside Veterinarian Clinic!

Emily Farris

2 years ago

Joy is not such a joy…not in person according to my 19 year old or on the phone with me. First impressions go a long way. And this one will stick for sure. Unfortunately, the kindness or the nurse and dr Murphy doesn’t go a long way when you have someone as unpleasant as this person. I really hope I get a call from this telling me They are taking care of this. And if so, I might reconsider coming back You can look up our visit and find out who we are. 7/15/21 0930am Dog visit

Hallie Huber

2 years ago

Bayside animal hospital is the best! I’m very new to Texas so it’s hard deciding which doctors to choose when you are clueless of the area. Bayside was recommended to me from my corgi group on Facebook and I am so glad they were my pick of all of the recommendations! They take such good care of my corgi babies and I have total trust in them and their recommendations. The staff are always very pleasant and you can tell they all love animals, the vets are great and take their time and make sure to answer all questions and understand everything.

Tia Upchurch

2 years ago

Can’t say enough positive things about this clinic. Our baby is 15 years old and they take such amazing care of him. We wouldn’t trust anywhere else with his care. All the doctors are kind and the office is very responsive.

Suzanne Bernatovich

2 years ago

The best staff. They all truly care. Dr. Shepard is very thorough and truly cares.

Steve Monroe

2 years ago

I could not have expected more for my cats .I just want others to know Dr Murphy and the staff are very caring and very friendly. I can not say enough about my visit.I will recommend Bayside to everyone. Thank you very much.

Brian Mulligan

2 years ago

Park outside & call them. They will bring you your product. I filled a dog food scrip there. It went well enough.

Phillip Himes (Phillip Himes Real Estate)

2 years ago

These guys are the best. We have used them for all of our pets for the past 10 years. Totally trust them to care for our 4 legged family members

Sheryl Mire

2 years ago

A wonderful group of people,their attentive and welcoming attitude along with punctual knowledge make them the best I have come across in Years !!!

David Singleton

2 years ago

Great hospitality. They take their time to explain things to you.

Dorothea LaRue

2 years ago

They work very compassionately with my Tippy. Thanks your kindness

Janet Buckner

2 years ago

Wonderful experience. Heather was patient with my timid poodle Molly. Dr. Thornburg was kind and patient in explaining the options for Molly's liver issues and made an after hours phone call to suggest a medication.

Walter Reed

2 years ago

Always a great experience here

ann mayo

2 years ago

We are visitors from Phoenix and our newly rescued dog needed to be seen by a veterinarian. Tucker was treated by Dr. Thornburg. She was wonderful and spent a lot of time with us out in the parking lot discussing Tucker’s treatment plan. We are grateful for the care and reception both Tucker and we received from Dr. Thornburg and her assistants.

Utca Office

3 years ago

They removed my post from 3/8/21. UPDATE: THE DOG HAS DIED My husband took our dog to see Dr. Murphy almost monthly from Oct. - Feb. Month after month, Dr. Murphy couldn't find anything wrong and told us to give the dog over-the-counter antacids. His only suggestion was to bring the dog back for $500 worth of tests that would be sent off to A&M. Our beloved dog was not getting any better, and we lost confidence in Dr. Murphy. Last week my husband took him to see a vet in Seabrook. Within 5 minutes she diagnosed our loving dog with terminal, advanced stage stomach cancer. It is agonizing and heartbreaking to see the bewilderment in our precious pet's eyes. He will most likely succumb within a day or two. He will be gone forever. We did everything we could to help him, and we simply chose the wrong vet, an incompetent vet, who we presumed knew what he was doing.

Cindy Gallaway

3 years ago

Great place, everyone their is so nice and understanding of your needs. They give you and your pet the attention you want and need. Hard to say who's more important me or my pup, and that is a good thing.

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