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Michelle S.

a year ago

Brought my new 10 week old puppy and had a very pleasant experience. The tech was personable and the vet, Dr Miles (I think that’s her name), was friendly and knowledgeable. They were on time and I didn’t have to wait. They use a texting system so they kept me informed of appt time reminders and for test results after the visit. I was very pleased!

Tahira Lee

a year ago

I was very comfortable with the staff and the Dr. She was informative and there were no surprises to the cost of the visit nor did I feel like they were trying to push more on me than I needed for my little lady. I am well pleased and will be switching my care to this clinic.

Raymond Oliver

a year ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR FUR BABY TO THIS COMPANY. My baby had surgery here and has had problems since. How is it she got fixed but She’s still been going into heat. I called talked to the vet techs they told me to bring her in and I had to pay for the vet visit and any test that they had to do. I asked for a manager they said they didn’t have one. After calling Thrive Customer service and Petco I finally get a call from the Chief Vet. She told me the problem was common issue for them to miss a small piece of the tissue and that’s why she’s going into heat. Then she said she was putting it is the computer when the next time my baby goes into heat to call them and they would go in to remove the tissue and finish/fix the problem. Now fast forward my dog is in heat and I’m trying to get her in to get this situation done and over with BUT it’s not in the system the vet tech will not put a manager or the Vet on the phone. I called thur. Vet tech said somebody would call me back within 24 hrs. You guessed it no call! I call today Sat. Asked for the manager and was told the manager is to busy to speak with me. So in a nut shell my baby is bleeding when she shouldn’t be and nobody at Thrive cares about their customers or their pets! Do not bring your dogs here.

Nita C.A

a year ago

Worst experience if my life took my cat here for the first time ever, payed for the vaccine package and the exam fee less than 48 hrs later I had to go to the emergency room with my cat because his stomach was inflated and he had a Urinate Blockage and he was peeing blood so why did I pay the exam fee for? They didn’t do anything I’m so infuriating. Thankfully another vet had an opening and saw him and by just touching his stomach he knew he needed blood test and X-rays and off curse he said that when I took him to Thrive fir his exam they should have known IF THE VET knew was she was doing. I will Never recommend them to anyone. On top of it when I went they took 45 minutes to see us no thank you, also not affordable at all since I pay $200

Monique Howard

a year ago

I love this place and so does my dogs. The staff is very gentle with my two girls and the price points are very reasonable which all together makes me happy.

Arcilia Medellin

a year ago

I called Thrive because my Siamese cat was not eating or sleeping and was crying a lot. My usual vet was closed due to the holiday and was told by Thrive they do not take emergencies only by appointment.

Anthony Cordova

2 years ago

From check-in to check-out was a very smooth and pleasant experience. The care and friendliness of the staff was terrific. I am looking forward to going back for our next visit.

Julio Corral

2 years ago

Dr James and VetTech Sarah did an amazing job.

Tonya Brantley

2 years ago

Customer service is good. The tech was friendly.

Charlotte Nye

2 years ago

Our dog had a pretty bad ear infection and our regular vet was all booked up and couldn’t see him for a couple of days. Not wanting to wait, we walked into Thrive, which is just up the street from our house, and they agreed to see him immediately without an appointment. They took great care of him! They cultured samples from his ear in the office and got us the necessary medications, all without any extra fuss or trying to push extra services or fees. A great experience! We may now be changing vet offices due to their quick response, convenience, and attentiveness.

Amir A.

2 years ago

Friendly staff and adorable prices on there services.

Doja cat

2 years ago

They saved my dogs life

Amanda garcia

2 years ago

I’ve taken my furbabies here a couple of times and have never been disappointed. From the check in to the exam, they are professional and friendly. I have no doubts that my babies will be taken care of here

A Google User

2 years ago

Great pricing awesome customer furbaby always gets the best service. All the doctors are nice,kind and passionate about their jobs

rachel smith

2 years ago

I am very disappointed in my visit yesterday not only did they charge me for an exam when I already knew what she had but they proceeded to not have the medicine that she needed at the location or the store it was connected to. I also was told my animal could be on a leash or in a carrier however when I got there they told me she had to be in a carrier and tried to make me buy the eight dollar carrier that they provide.

Vivian Nguyen

2 years ago

This the the worst experience I've ever had anywhere period. They charged me for a late pick up fee while I got NO notifications on if my dog was done or not. I even had to text them hey when can I pickup my dog? When I expressed my concern about even if they did text me, I did not received it and it was an error with their system I showed them my phone history and text history they told me I still had to pay the fee. I wanted to cancel my membership cuz of the terrible experience with them but they told me I had to be a member for 6 months or I'd have to pay the whole thing in full. The receptionist was professional though and referred me to her manager I will give them that.

Tabbatha Lagares

2 years ago

The service was very nice and informative. Love this place.

Layth Maayah

2 years ago

Everything was exceptional for our puppy's 1st visit. The staff had smiles on their faces and very friendly and attentive.Dr. Brister did a very thorough examination and explained everything regarding our puppy!

Joy Johnson

2 years ago

This was my first experience with Thrive. I was pleasantly surprised. They were professional, kind and efficient. I have a new 10 week old puppy and it was his very first visit to a veterinarian. Our experience was quite positive. I would personally recommend Thrive to anyone. Thank you.

Joseph Morales

2 years ago

We have 5 furry family members and they always take care of us...

Lauren Carlson

2 years ago

I love bringing my animals here! The doctors are phenomenal!

Joshua Meadows

2 years ago

No issues with letting them take care of our pets.

Christina Cavazos

2 years ago

So my dog had surgery 05/21/21 to get spayed. They told us to leave the cone on her head for at least 2 weeks and to make sure she finishes all her medication. My fiancé followed back up today for a visit because the incision didn’t heal. I assumed it was going to take a while to heal up so I never followed back up with the vet until today. 8 weeks have passed…... They told my fiancé that it’s not anyone fault for the way it is. But in reality it’s Thrives fault….. if they would have stitched correctly this would have never happened. They said “some dogs have a reaction to the stitches.” And kept saying it’s not anyones fault it’s not yours nor ours….. then they said she needs to take this antibiotic its very strong $30 dollars I had to pay and it will heal the incision faster. But what I don’t get is why my other dogs incision doesn’t have a lump or anything and I took her to another vet. It healed in less than a week. If it’s thrives mistake I shouldn’t even have to pay for antibiotics. I’m sure they would have charged for an office visit too if I didn’t have insurance. I’m not very happy with the outcome. If they would have stitched correctly this would have never happened. I’m sure they are going to say since you waited this long this is what happens….. but at the end of the day this shouldn’t have happened. I take responsibility for not bringing her in sooner that’s on me but, I shouldn’t have to pay for something they did incorrectly.


2 years ago

Brought my dog in for ear ache. The vet and vet tech both handled her with care. Price was much better than what I am use to.

Baohan Phi

2 years ago

Amazing staff!!! Extremely caring and informative.

Kaitlyn Red

2 years ago

I had a great experience at Thrive today:) I’ve only been a couple times so I can’t give a 5 star review yet, but Dr.James was very helpful! I’ve been very frustrated with other vets that only share the expensive treatment options. At thrive I learned there was a considerably less expensive treatment plan that was an option for my pet which is why I came back. Because of the honesty! Dr.James respected my time and took care of my concerns in a more timely manner than I even expected to be taken care of. Now my pets treatment is a big weight off my chest. I will be requesting Dr.James from now on.

Kelly Wilson

2 years ago

Absolute worst, my cat has to take thyroid medications and getting them filled is an absolute nightmare, so many hoops to go through just to get it approved, one time they called to tell me it was ready so I went to pick it up and then they tell me they can't fill it at the clinic, so why was I told it was ready for pickup?! Takes a week or more to get the approval for their online pharmacy, and even then it requires an order placed online, which never gets approved by the clinic, so I end up having to chase both the pharmacy and clinic in phone calls trying to figure out why it wasn't approved, THEN last week I took him in for bloodwork, was told by the tech that his meds were already approved and all I needed to do was order it online, so I ordered it that same day, and guess what, a week later it still hasn't shipped, online pharmacy says they haven't gotten an approval from the vet. Call the clinic, and the vet who has to make the approval won't be in for another 2 days. So what happened to the approval I was promised the day he had his bloodwork done?! Also have a dog with chronic immune system issues, when she has a flare up and infection they tell me they can't see her for 2-3 weeks. If your pet gets sick you'll end up at the emergency vet spending 3-4 times what you should because this place is too busy to take sick pets.


2 years ago

Love taking my dog here. Everyone one I interacted with was so friendly and helpful and answered all of my many questions. Definitely coming back.

Paul Choate

2 years ago

Staff was very friendly and concerned for our pet. Explained services fully and clearly. Price was reasonable.

tresea zoie blodget

2 years ago

Thorough examination especially for the price. Very nice staff????????

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