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David Huber

2 years ago

Called ahead, and they knew who I was when I arrived. I had some trouble with the online form and they were happy to help fill it out. Very little wait time, and they gave me updates while they were working with my dog in the back. Dr. …


2 years ago

On Friday January 14th 2022 my precious mini schnauzer girl Was attacked by pitbulls dog, they caused severe damage to her, I run her to BluePearl ER and their service was amazing, unfortunately my baby was in so much …

Lauren Wynn

2 years ago

We just moved to Houston from Atlanta and knew the reputation Blue Pearl has. Our Maincoon was throwing up and not eating for a day and we couldn't get into our vet quickly so we took him into Blue Pearl. The work ups that they did were thorough and the ER DVM even consulted on his thoughts with the internist DVM to ensure he was on the right track. The staff were all very friendly and answered all of our questions. When we needed to send records, they quickly sent them to our new vet here. Hopefully we do not have to go back, but if we have an issue its nice knowing that they are here!


2 years ago

We rushed our cat in at around 1am after she vomited and started seizing. The tech immediately brought her in and stabilized her, and were able to help determine what was wrong and what could be done to treat her. She needed to stay the day for hospitalization and before we left, the staff kindly brought us back to visit with her before we left. I was shocked at how nice the facilities were, each pet that was boarded had a spacious kennel and each space was clean and well taken care of. The nurse even took the time to provide us with a can of the right food for our cat's medical problems and printed extra information for us to review. We paid a deposit that was at the bottom of the estimate range before we left, and when we came back to pick her up, they actually refunded us part of our cost due to her stabilizing earlier than expected. Check out was great, they gave us a detailed run down of what happened and they had already faxed over our cat's medical info to our primary vet for follow up. Overall an amazing experience in a stressful situation, where yes the cost is high because you're receiving 24/7 high level care but they showed that they won't hold your money without reason and will refund the difference if there's unneeded treatment. Thank you for the staff that helped us and for Dr. Ying.

Michelle Erwin

2 years ago

Yolanda the receptionist was absolutely incredible. After being turned away from multiple ER's Yolanda made my BluePearl experience worth the time and the money. I was very concerned about my dog and she immediately welcomed me in and supported me during the process. I would recommend BluePearl because of her!


2 years ago

The emergency team at night was the absolute best in taking care of my dog and me. To the woman and man working the front desk that night, thank you. They sent updated photo texts and a video. Thank you Dr. Rodgers

Alejandro Camacho

2 years ago

Had a doggy trauma emergency very early in the morning and took my dog here. They took her in quckly and provided us with an accurate diagnosis. Everyone took good and compasionate care of my dog and Dr. Ullah gave us all the necessary information. Thank you

h z

2 years ago

My family and I have had two dogs be put down here. First one they did an amazing job. The staff and vet were sweet, helpful, sympathetic, and made sure my mom was aware of all the options. This was in 2019. Second- teddy September 2021 and it was an Absolutely terrible experience. I don’t know what happened to the caring staff, because they were definitely not there. They insist my mom misheard and paid for the option of just a paw print. My mom had three other people with her who witnessed her say she wanted him cremated. She was so upset and distraught about it. She would not stop crying about her beloved teddys ashes being spread in a random field at the crematorium instead of having them with her. I called and instead of being apologized to and getting some sort of sympathy I was told “well this is what your mom chose”. The receptionist was not nice, and having been in that field she lacked customer service. I was told the office manager would call me back and nothing. My mom however later on did receive a phone call and still no apology was made just pouring the fingers at what she supposedly chose. It’s not our fault that the staff does not listen and instead of double checking and verifying what the owner wants they point fingers. A simple apology and owning up to your mistake would have been sufficient enough. . This place has unfortunately gone down hill and fortunately for us we only use them in case of an emergency after hours. I just wish things would have been investigated and we should have received some sort of sympathy. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. If your dog needs to be put down and you have the option to get them back preserved or cremated be aware that may not actually happen.

James Stone

2 years ago

Took Skeeter, yorkie, to Blue Pearl. He was diagnosed with kennel cough. Staff was courteous. Professional and our overall experience AAA+. Thanks guys ???? for helping Skeeter.

Lori Meador

2 years ago

Went to this place, it was on a weekend and needed urgent care. This place is wonderful 100 stars if I could give that many. Dr. Brown, Shareece (spelling) were outstanding. No one wants to let their fur baby go, but they helped so much emotionally as Abby crossed over the rainbow bridge. The comfort they made for Abby - outstanding. We will recommend this place hands down. Just couldn't have been more professional and compassionate. Love this staff. Thank you Dr. Brown.


2 years ago

This place is wonderful,from the beginning of speaking to Yolanda ,she is an frantic as we were she calmly talked us thru the process and the wonderful team of Dr's and the whole team in general that helped our baby Milo ,we are eternally grateful for your kindness and dedication to helping our fur baby. I apologize for not getting everyone's name ,but just know you guys are wonderful and I appreciate the courage and dedication you put into your work! My spunky Milo is recovering wonderfully and he wouldn't be here had it not been for the prompt care and attention Blue pearl gave him.

Ridha Tejani

2 years ago

all the one star reviews given to this place are accurate. truly, if i could give zero stars i would. i had called this place to get some information and the receptionist, sharice, was so rude. we were asking her basic costs and protocol for procedures and she acted as if we were being a burden by trying to get information. i understand that everyone has off days but if you're working in this type of environment you need to show COMPASSION! please, if you care about your pets pick another hospital.

Terry U

2 years ago

Vets have incentive to do more tests and procedures that may result in little difference in care or outcome. Doing diagnostics "just to see" and " just to check" while charging high prices, benefits the corporation and vets more than the patients. It makes one less confident in your care. In addition, knowing I had a 16 yr old dog...who was having a hard time standing up...and told she needed blood tests...a nd hospitalization...only to then be euthanized the next day, was an expense that was horribly cruel to both the owner and the pet. If pet was that serious at that age upon coming in, certainly an EXPERIENCED emergency room vet SHOULD be able to tell if the patient is checking-out....without requiring and pushing added expenses to an already sad event. I hate that veterinary care has become so money hungry and greedy!!!!! In addition, upon learning they wanted to euthanize my pet...who was my mom's dog I took in when she died (so very emotional), I told them I needed some time to be with the dog because I wasn't expecting it. The girl at the desk told me "No", I only had 15 min. That caused a panic and even more stress and anxiety and we got in an argument. There was no one else there or waiting to be seen at the time, so exam rooms were empty. I had to fight to have extra time to be with my baby...which was like saying Bye to both my mom again, and he precious dog who I also loved. That as VERY VERY cruel!!

Candice Gilmore

2 years ago

We brought our dog in because he was having seizures and the vet said he needed a blood transfusion, which was going to be 5k to 10k! Or he wasn’t going to make it and that we should put him down. After $700 in fees, we decided to go against his orders of putting him down and had to sign a waiver saying we were taking him home AGAINST doctors orders, and left feeling very unsettled. We gave him fluids and watched him closely, and I swear he was fine within 24 hours. Today makes a week since we went in. He’s totally back to normal! I’m sooooo glad we didn’t listen to them! Just trying to collect money!

Colleen Marlino

2 years ago

I brought my cat with a fractured jaw here over July 4th weekend. I started at another ER who diagnosed the fracture but was unable to wire his jaw. They reached out to other ER facilities and the vet at Blue Pearl was able to do the surgery. Since this was a vet to vet referral, they were able to take him immediately. He did not have his jaw wired until the middle of the night, but since they had his info I did not have to stay and wait. Communication was excellent and my cat’s recovery has been great. I dropped him off about 7:30 pm. Got a call at midnight from the vet about the surgery. Then received a second call early in the morning to update me. Picked him up and was given very clear instructions. Great experience. To speak to all the negative reviews regarding price and wait time…it’s an ER facility. Haven’t you ever waited in a human ER? It’s the same experience.

Crystal Villlarreal

2 years ago

Rude & a complete waste of money! Don't waste ur time here!

Josh Cameron

2 years ago

Took care of our pup!

Orn N

2 years ago

Last week, Blue Pearl saved my dog’s life for the third time is 2 years. Of course, not everyone will have a happy ending when visiting an emergency vet clinic, but the staff and doctors at Blue Pearl have a passion for what they do and they try their absolute best to provide exceptional care. I always feel important and valued when I go there. In reading some of the negative reviews, I realize that some people may have written those things while they were upset. I know it’s difficult to lose a pet, because they are family and also that it’s super expensive for emergency care. However, it’s important to remember that the people who work in emergency vet clinics, (much like emergency rooms for humans), bust their butts to save lives day and night, sometimes on only a few hours of sleep and very often without any food in their systems. I can't imagine the mental toll it takes on their minds and bodies to see so many animals in pain or having to euthanize the ones who would otherwise suffer greatly before passing away. Still somehow, they manage to show up every day, keep that place squeaky clean, and treat each patient as an individual. This Blue Pearl location is three for three with my dogs and I as far as exceptional service goes, so I am truly grateful they exist instead of my dogs not having any options for emergency care.

Queen Shae

2 years ago

Yolanda the receptionist was phenomenal and so was the other staff, so I genuinely believe the other reviews about the staff specifically weren’t 100% accurate or maybe you just caught them on an off day. I’m leaving a 2 star review however on the facility as a whole. We took our sweet kitty in because she wouldn’t stop vomiting, we knew something was obviously wrong digestive wise because it would happen after every time she ate. We told the vet this and signed a waiver saying we understood the consultation fee. $159 by the way. Outrageous but I decided to go ahead because we were worried, and also because the other pet ER in town was maxed out. After waiting for 2 hours (the had an emergency) The vet finally came in and told us “We don’t know exactly what’s going on but cats vomit! It’s normal!” She gave us options , saying we could do x-rays and blood work. Or we could just give her some nausea medicine and call it a day. I understand that the vet probably couldn’t give us an answer to exactly what was going on, but I honestly feel like for $159 they could’ve told us something we didn’t already know. Anyway, My kitty ended up getting a shot of the nausea medicine because the other options were $400+. If Yolanda sees this I hope she knows how thankful I am for being the friendliest, most understanding receptionist I have ever met. The pricing isn’t the staffs fault, but I do think the owner should definitely have payment plan options if they plan on keeping prices so high. There’s no reason an x ray for myself should be cheaper than my 10 lb cat.

Sharkas Gaming

2 years ago

I don't get it how can the person at the phone tell me "it's an emergency hospital" and then follow it with a "it's a 2 hour long waiting list" oh yeah, emergency, my dog may be in bad condition but still 2 hour wait for an emergency, lacks service and $159 dollar for THE CONSULT ONLY, amazing...

Michelle mondelli

2 years ago

Unbelievable at how awful this service has been. Our dog is currently still there and it’s almost impossible to get an update on your pet! We took her in at 7pm and there were several emergencies so that is understandable but when they finally saw her they did an X-ray at 10pm and let us know the fish hook was in her stomach and what options we had we chose surgery. After signing all paperwork and paying $3,300 minimum they said her surgery would be at 1am or around 1am. Well we all know that eventually items in the stomach move to the intestines. Sure enough we called at 1am and she still had not been taken to surgery but they would call us. 7am we called them because we still had not heard from them and they let us know she had just been taken into surgery! Well guess what they cut her stomach open and the hook was no longer there so they had to do another X-ray which should have been done before surgery to begin with! Everyone knows anything in the stomach moves to the intestines So they cut her stomach open for no reason. Told us she would be able to go home maybe later today. We called to check on her just now and no one can give an update this is unacceptable and unbelievable.

Ashley Early-Meadows

2 years ago

Saying goodbye to my cat of 13 years was rather painful and the reviews about BluePearl (Katy) gave me pause. Without availability at my regular vet, I brought him in and hoped for the best treatment. Aside from the wait time, my cat and I were handled with care. The vet briefed me about his situation in strong detail. And, when the decision to euthanize him was agreed upon, my husband and I were able to be there. Considering understandable Covid protocol, I’m extremely appreciative. Thank you for bringing dignity to what’s often a traumatic experience.

Cindy Campbell

2 years ago

What a joke!!! Sat in parking lot for 3 hours. Noone came out to my car, to even look at my animal. Called after e hours lady told me a couple more hours wait. No personal contact at all.

Hannah P

2 years ago

They are extremely overpriced, and they gave my dog medicine he didn’t need because we didn’t have the money to pay for bloodwork

Hope Tilford

2 years ago

This is for the Katy Location of blue pearl- This place is THE worst. I will say the vet was very compassionate. I first called and got information knowing the YELP reviews but because other vet emergency clinics were either closed or full it was the only option. I again called when we arrived and as they were still practicing Covid regulations all I got was it was a 5 hour wait. She was in distress and seizing on and off. They said if she wasn't currently seizing she would have to wait. unsure what to do because we aren’t a Vet, we decided to go home to possibly make her comfortable. By the time we changed our minds and return (15 min tops) I told them she was gasping for air. They took her and told me she was gone. I believe that the time we waited in our car and the travel …the hesitation because we aren’t a dr she could have been stabilized. The Vet techs should not do this sort of triage over the phone! This sort meaning nonexistent! My heart is shattered!

Melina Guzmán

2 years ago

The Dr. that has been treating my dog is really good, but the staff is terrible. Every time I call I get a different answer depending on the mood of the person that answers the phone. They put me on hold for a very long time without asking me first if I could hold. The Dr. recommended a special food to treat my dog's allergies, so I ordered it online and provided their information to approve the order, and it was rejected by them because they said my dog is not their patient. Seriously! After 2 expensive visits we are not your patient! Their front desk staff needs some serious customer service training.

Scott C. Sanchez

2 years ago

No . Never again . Go anywhere else but here .

James Hopkins

2 years ago

Took dog here suffering from seizures and pain they told me they couldn't find anything wrong with here and acted like I did not know what I was talking about. So then I took my dog to another vet and they actually checked my dog. Blue pearl pet hospital said my dog weight was 31 pounds, yet my dog weights 45 lbs. I don't even think they examined her when I took her they just charged me 200$ to let her in the door Update my dog is now dead thanks for nothing.

Scott Duran

2 years ago

My dog has Proptosis so I called blue pearl in Katy to ask what I can do to keep my dog comfortable until we get there. I then asked about how much money will I need to bring with me. She told me $2000 and that I would have to wait 2 hours before they can see her. I looked it up and it said depending on how bad it is, it could cost from $500 to $2000. How can she say $2000. without seeing my dog yet. The receptionist was nice but the Dr. Was. Bi#&@

Tanya Gamble

2 years ago

Excellent service. The staff was friendly and took care of our kitten quickly. Highly recommended.

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