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stan smo

a year ago

Friendly and feels your pets pain

Jeannie Treuil

a year ago

The BEST Veterinarian in Atascocita. The office staff are not snobs and are kind and understanding. I missed an appointment and thought, oh Lord, what have I done. I called to apologize and they were so kind about it. I did it a second time! (I know...but I had had surgery and life was happening big time) I thought, this is it, the niceness and kind patience is going to end here. But no, their true selves shined through and they remained kind, understanding and forgiving. I am trying harder NOT to have this happen again as I love the staff and the Vet. Plus, where else can I say "Lonestar" and sound like Rick Moranis in Spaceballs?

Mr. Incredible Biscuit

a year ago

We’ve taken both our dogs here for many years. Each time Dr. Bryant is thorough and caring for our dogs. He would even take the time to walk our kids through the exam and let them listen to the dog’s heart beats. Recently we had to put our oldest to sleep. The way I was treated during the conversation was so caring and kind. But that pales in comparison to how he treated our dog. She couldn’t stand and he got down on her level to do the exam. He loved on her and said he was sorry she was so sick. My family was given the kind of care and support that shows just how wonderful this clinic is for pets and their families. We fully support.

Henry Cortez

a year ago

Pleasant visit, our doggie does not like it there. They always have to muzzle him.

Jessie Burns

a year ago

Dr bryant and his staff are so compassionate and understanding to our fur babies. They are knowledgeable and honest with the possibilities up front which is something that is necessary when it comes to your pets health. They make decisions based on the animals condition. I was so thankful they were able to save our pet when we thought it was the end of their life. Dr bryant saved our pets life! Highly recommend them. And they have an awesome staff!

Tammy Mize

a year ago

I was very pleased with the front staff and the young lady who came from the the back to get my pet . When, I met Dr. Bryant he was super sweet and very concerned about my needs with my pet. He took time to walk me thought the process of my pets needs. A few days later, I received a call from the staff just checking on my pet..

maynor zamora

2 years ago

I have been taking my baby to them for 6 years I come out of my way to have her go back to the same doctor that been treating her I've seen the way they lost respect to the people that puts the trust on them but they just care about the money not the animals I was told to bring my baby in ten days I go in ten days they telle I have to wait 5 hours then they told me to come back in 15 days been today I call and they tell me today is is only for operations the staples are ready to come out and noone call me to tell me nothing after all the money I been spending whit this people now I realise how the don't care about they costumers am pretty upset because am an hour and thirty minutes away I can't be going over there all the time to be send back so sad to see whit the time the keep digging there selfs talking to the people that makes they check #changeyourvet

Beverly Allen

2 years ago

Always have received the best care and trust my fur babies with them.

susan gary

2 years ago

Sadly now my dog is dead, after spending Close to 1,000.00 the did another stool sample on Friday and didn’t charge me the right amount therefor I called today Monday and she said oh I didn’t change the right amount so we didn’t send it, she did call but left no message. If you love your dog skip this place all together, doc is ok staff has no compassion cuz if so they would sent the stool sample and worried about $12.00 later! My fault for taking her there! Oh and they wanted my dog to suffer 2 more days before they could put her down!

Christal Bryant

2 years ago

Everyone I'd duper super friendly here and actually put time and care into what they do from start to finish. You get what you pay for though. Not cheap at all.

Ann Williams

2 years ago

PLEASE READ ALL REVIEWS. WHILE THEY MAY HAVE SOME GOOD REVIEWS THERE ARE MANY BAD ONES TOO. I had someone bring my cat to the vet for me. I was told she had moist dermatitis and needed 2 different medicines . I didn't send enough money on the day if her appointment to get all her required medicine. After 4 days I was able to get one of her medications which helped with the infection but I needed to get her other one. I emailed them asking about her medicine saying she was miserable from the itching and couldn't get any rest. No reply. So I called them but they refused to give me any information just because I didn't go to the vet that day with them. How many people have had only one spouse bring their pet to the vet??? I'm sure this happens a lot. But because I wasn't there I was refused important information and treated like an outsider. I gave them all the info I knew. I gave my boyfriends name and number who brought her in. I told the the date and time of her appointment and I informed them that the reason she was late that day was because I couldn't find the door to her carrier. I told them that we had picked up her prescription 4 days late and told them the name if the medication and how many times she took it I informed them that she was getting worse and I needed to know how many more medications she needed to be on because I wanted to get her started on them. They refused all information and wouldn't let me get anything for her. The person on the phone was rude and wouldn't listen to me. A day or 2 later my BF finally emailed me the copy of Graycee's exam.There was a list of different medications but there was nothing showing what they were ffor or which ones she had been given so I didn't know which ones she still needed. I looked them up and one of them was for fleas. I already had her on revolution but they had bravecta on the llist. I didn't know if they gave it to her and since she was due for it I needed to know if they gave it to her or not. I explained to them that I needed to know because I didn't want to end up overdosing her if she already had some. And I didn't want her to miss a dose because she has flea allergies. They wouldn't give me any information. I noticed on her exam chart there was a scale from 1 thru 5 for rating pain. 1(no pain) thru 5(severe pain). They had both number 4 and 5 boxes checked. I kept telling them she is miserable she's in pain, she's itching, she can't hold still, she can't lay down, she lays the front part of her body down but keeps her butt up in the air to keep her stomach from touching anything because it's hurting her. They still refuse me information even knowing her level of pain she's in but they don't care. My cat is suffering just because I wasn't with her at her appointment even tho I've given them a ton of information and a copy of the pdf file of her exam that day. I'm trying to help her get better but that doesn't matter to them. They won't help me help her. They would rather see her suffer than give her own owner information to help her. I wish I had read reviews about this place before I let her go there because there were many people that also had bad experiences with them. Unprofessional, uncaring about both the pets and their owners, rude staff that lied about the customers so they could justify their actions towards us. Didn't care that the animals were in pain. Boarding animals that they mistreated and neglected. Some of these stories are enough to make you want to cry. But that doesn't matter to them. I cry over Graycee's pain but they simply Do Not Care. You can tell how rude and unprofessional the staff is by reading their comments in response to the negative reviews. That alone speaks volumes about this place. They don't care about you or your pet. They're a bunch of fakes that care to your face but show their real side once u leave their office. If you love your pet take them somewhere other than this place because they truly do not care about animals.

Benton Dula

2 years ago

Always makes the wife happy so in turn everyone is happy!

Tom “Flamebeard” M

2 years ago

Poor communication and waste of time.

Cindy Hinkle

2 years ago

Best Vet out there. Wouldn't take my fur babies any where else6

Lauren Ham

2 years ago

We absolutely love every single staff member at Lonestar Vet! Today, Maggie and Millie came in for their first groom and they are absolutely, now, the cutest things to walk this planet (and they know it because they both B-lined for the bathroom mirror as soon as we got home)! They treat our girls like family and you can tell they truly care about your pets and your opinion of their treatment/services. Speaking of treatment/services, on the medical side of Lonestar Vet, Dr. Bryant and his vet techs are top notch. We are given thorough information and instruction and our girls are always given the highest degree of TLC. They don’t mind visiting Dr. Bryant or his staff because they know before and after shots or wellness visits, come all the pets! Best of the best! Thanks again!

Blanca Rodriguez

2 years ago

Looking for a new vet for my pets. Not impressed with how this vet responds to issues. Not professional at all. Better way to handle client problems.

Cindy Gibbs

2 years ago

My blind diabetic dog was diagnosed with bone cancer. Due to all her health isdues, our course of action is to ease her pain medically until they no longer help. My baby has been without her pain medication for 4 days now because this vet can't spare 1 minute to approve her refill! We have called daily & dealt with the incompetence people who answers the phones. This vet does NOT care about animals! I strongly do NOT recommend him. He does not return phone calls unless it will result into him receiving more money from you. The $46 for 14 pills isn't enough. I can't wait to read how they try to justify this bad review.

Gloria Rodriguez

2 years ago

Been coming here for years and my baby dog was in a lot of pain. Lonestar was able to take him in and set a plan for him to hopefully feel better. Just waiting and praying for him to get well. The vet made sure to explain and show me what was happening with his X-ray too.

Robyn Musumeci

2 years ago

Love this place. So glad we found it. Staff is awesome & luv ur fur babies! Pricing is decent & they provide insure grooming thru K&D. 2 Yorkies top-bottom appx $45 ea

William Reed

2 years ago

Our Senior dog is having breathing/coughing issues and we tried getting an appointment at our regular vet, but they are booked. So, we called LoneStar, explained what is going on and they said we have an opening at 3:45 today. The person asked for our name and she said I don't find you in our system... We said, we've never been there before and she promptly put us on hold, came back in a minute and said we don't take same day appointments for new clients! So, even though they have an opening available, the won't take us because we've never been there before.

Kamisha Jackson

2 years ago

As soon as I walked in, I was about to greet the 3 ladies in the front (because that’s how I was raised) before I could speak a female assistant said “come in here” with a very nasty attitude. I’m guessing everyone was having a bad day because Dr. Bryant came in like he had just got out of bed and rushed through the exam while mumbling to me. Because I have Adhd I was trying to write all the information down (I even recorded it) he seemed like he was getting annoyed and said I’ll just email it to you. When they returned the dog to me he had fresh blood running down his fur they were in such a rush...they didn’t even check him before giving him to me. Out of the 3 people I came in contact with, it was one person (didn’t get her name but she works in the front) who was actually professional. We all have our days but when you run a business customer service is everything.

Missy Primeaux

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our sweet pup here since he was 6 weeks old. We have always had the best care for him and the staff is very caring. Recently we had an emergency and feared the worst, they were in surgery but still had someone answer our calls, address our concerns and when we needed to come in they made the time for us, We really thought there was nothing left we could do for our sweet boy but they suggested some options before we gave up and they made sure to give us options that could be effective for our dog as well as cost effective. Our sweet pup is doing so much better and we are forever grateful!!!!!

Misty Haffner

2 years ago

My baby boy does not like the vet. He seems to always get poked on and he remembas as soon as we get to the front of the door before we go in. Staff is very friendly. Usually in and out w in an hour. They have cheap visits but any time I go everything adds up and it always seems high. Just depends on what needs to be done.

Nadia Velasquez (Nana)

3 years ago

Being new to the area it’s hard for to me figure out where to go and and whom to trust. My first experience was okay. I did have a very long wait , which I’m not use to with my previous vet, but i didn’t have anywhere to go, so it didn’t bother me. The receptionist was very friendly. I’ll be back, it’s close to me and that’s very convenient

Victoria Ferrari

3 years ago

Dr. Bryant and his staff are by far the best option for your fur babies in the Kingwood/Atascocita/Humble area. Dr. Bryant is more educated than most other vets. (I have 3 dogs and have seen at least 10 docs over the last 15 years of my dogs' lives) He has had extra schooling and is open to learning about new advances in veterinary care and it really shows! Not only is he extremely intelligent and medically experienced, but he goes above and beyond to care about the comfort of your pet as well! (For example, instead of just assuming that yes technically dogs can get 6+ vaccinations in one visit, he recognizes that it is difficult on dogs both emotionally and medically to have them all at once) He thinks outside of the box. He also has taken extra education on nutrition, unlike most vets who get like a week of nutrition in regular vet school. Him and his staff never make you feel like you HAVE to do any procedure and he thoroughly explains all the options and considerations, taking into account medical necessities, comfort of the pet, and affordability. His prices are the most reasonable of any vet in the surrounding area. When I tell my pups, "We're going to see Dr. Bryant" They actually get excited and want to go to the vet! My dogs have never had better care, and I will never go anywhere else again!

Sabrina Anchico Gomez

3 years ago

They really care for your pet.

Rick Goss

3 years ago

Great service and prices. Staff friendly too.

Phyllis Hill

3 years ago

Very nice staff and informative doctor.

Chris Burcham

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly. Quickly got my dog taken care of. Even messaged me to let me know I forgot some things.

Karen Schendel

3 years ago

They were great. Doctor and techs were kind and informative. Glad they diagnosed Sadie's problem and prescribed the necessary medication.

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