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Norman Wright II

a year ago

Their call center apparently doesn’t know what services this location provides. Wasted my time scheduling and sending reminders about my appointment to only get there and find out they no longer do the service (spaying). I spoke to the vet in July about it and now they don’t offer it. I would have thought someone, the person booking, the person reminding me or the actual location, when looking at their appointments for the day would have notified me, but no, had to wait for me drive all the way over there to tell me they can’t offer the service. Guess it’s time to find a new vet..

Stephany Robayo

a year ago

Amazing staff and affordable. I came here for the first time today for my puppies 3rd round of shots. As first time dog parents we had many questions which were all answered by the vet tech who was extremely helpful and professional. We absolutely loved her. They have puppy vaccine packages that are very affordable and coming from paying more than $300 for a pet visit before we came here we were SOLD on this place. HIGHLY recommend!!

Mary Magsamen

a year ago

I had a terrible experience at Thrive. I brought my cat there on a Sunday because my regular vet was closed. They ran tests on her and charged me $400. It is now Tuesday and I still have no test results. When you call there you are calling an answering service and they can't help you with anything. I asked to speak with a manager and was told there was none. I finally got to speak with a technician who just told me that it was the labs fault for the delay. He was rude and completely not helpful. He just told me to take her to the Emergency Vet. I now know nothing more about what's wrong with my cat and I am out over $400.

Lexxie Hutson

a year ago

i LOVED the staff, they helped me with everything from my sick pup to her behavioral and confidence issues. They were amazing, my favorite location yet!

Doug Tomich

a year ago

arrived 20 min late, so i missed my appointment… dope!! big deal b/c this place is busy!! they were able to work me in, so Thank you very much for that. had a check up & vaccines and asked for heart worm test. they were knowledgeable and are caring towards our dog. — our dig is very aggressive and bites and is nasty toward anyone trying to pick her up… hate this is the case… she was a rescue, so we think there was some abuse… we tried to train her out of it but have not been able to do so. the Doctor and team were patient and understanding… i was worried they were going to kick me / us out. really like this place and recommend them. thank you so much for the support and care. if you will allow us, we will be back.

Iian John Baptiste

a year ago

So I went to these guys two days back to back for separate dogs because I was late to my prior appointment . Understandable,that was my fault and they were still able to accept my other dog so I was fine with it. But since I told them that I was new to dog parenting I feel like they took it upon themselves to overwhelm me or over talk me with information just so I can overpay for things. One lady in my room said that they cannot apply for memberships when I was able to apply for a membership online . It was two different prices for the same package . 114 one day . 66 another day. They gave me incorrect information they gave my dog a rabies shot and he’s under 14 weeks but she said that he was older than that. I will make another review if he ends up sick because of all of the shot they gave him all at once I don’t really know. As far as professionalism from front counter great people.

Myra Castaneda

a year ago

They always take excellent care of my dogs for a good price. I didn’t give a perfect review because somehow my appointment was cancelled in their system despite me having confirmations on text and email. It was very full and I drove 45 minutes because this was the nearest appointment I could secure (or I thought). They made it known they were slammed and I showed them my proof of the confirmed appointment. They were able to see my dog but told me I would have to wait even though I was on time for my confirmed appointment. I don’t know where the disconnect was, but I would call them prior to going so you don’t waste a trip. I’ve never had this issue before and have always received excellent care for my dogs. They were very nice and I will go again.


a year ago

I took my cat in on newyears eve. The tech who assisted us was horrible. In a rush. If i didnt insist she wouldnt have even bothered answering any of my questions. I was given two medications both were suppose to be liquid. One of them she didnt seal correctly she put it in a plastic bag and it was half gone and spilled in the bag when i got home. The other which was suppose to be liquid antibiotic she didnt prepare and gave me a powder i had to figuer out and fix at home and pray i did correctly. I know she was in a rush because literally as we were checking out she left for the day walked out the door purse and all saying bye to other workers. I understand the need to want to get home before a holiday but my pets health to me is important and she showed she could careless. I will hopefully never have to come back here i usually go to atascocita location they are amazing unfortunatly my baby got an infection that couldnt wait until they had availability


a year ago

These people will try to get you for every penny you have. And didn't give any instructions on the medication for our little puppy. Please search other options

Breanna Suraci

a year ago

Excellent customer service and care received from my very first visit today. Affordable prices and great service. Highly recommend

Syeda Rizvi

a year ago

I was charged a $35.00 amount From Thrive pet care. I am not pleased with the services and want to start a dispute process It was my cats nail clip. Done have been done others haven’t. I spoke to them and instead of making sure they clip all the nails they want to first inspect the nails then charge $ 15.00 I feel that’s totally unfair. 1. They wanted me to bring the cat back immediately. They doubt my accuracy of complaint. Very negligent approach to caring and efficient customer service:( I trusted them and they did not complete the job. It’s very visually obvious that all nails have not been clipped Not counting the fact I am a senior. It’s not easy for me to transport my cat to and from facility and the nonchalant attitude of the associated does not help matters :((((

Sybil Haster

a year ago

After having read the reviews regarding Dr. Cleary at River Oaks, I can’t say I was surprised at her demeanor. She stood with her hands in her pockets the duration of her time in the exam room with me after examining Dolly. She had no interaction with Dolly during that time. I was not present during the exam so I don’t know what she did. I was very explicit in wanting to be present during the exam. She actually offered nothing in the way of explaining what she did and Dolly’s overall condition for an 8 week old puppy. In light of that, I will probably not go back to that location. I also asked her to recommend a multivitamin supplement to add to Dolly’s DIY diet and she refused to. She said I would have to take her to a puppy nutritionist. I gave 2 stars because of the tech and Gaby. 12/16/21 I took Dolly’s stool sample in for round worm testing on 11/30/21 which was three weeks (11/9/21) after administering her medication and as directed. I still do not have the results. I was told today that the doctor would have to call me back.

Allie Ngo

a year ago

Loved this place! I was worried because at our other vet, the wait would be hours long even with an appointment. I made an appointment here last minute to fix my dog’s broken nail. They treated it and gave him his vaccination that was overdue and we had forgotten about! Super affordable and very helpful! Will definitely come back again!

Bonnie Esquina

a year ago

Very friendly staff and has taken care of all our fur baby needs for years.


a year ago

I am always happy with the prompted service given to my Abby♥️The staff is always friendly and professional. We will continue to be a loyal customer.

Debbie Payne

a year ago

I love Thrive…..and they love what they do. My dogs seem to love Thrive too, because they were happy to go to their visit today.

Edna Wilmore

a year ago

I was greeted with a big smile. Very professional and caring. The vet gave off a loving and caring vibe. All the I came in contact with was so nice and polite. I felt like my baby Jack was in the best hands. Thank to the vet and her team at Petco!!!????????

Elizabeth Sullivan

a year ago

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience at this clinic. From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted as if they had known me and my fur baby for years. The vet tech, Candy, came in to discuss what was going on with my pet, then after an exam, the veterinarian, Dr. Cleary came in to review my pet's condition. Over the years my baby has developed several health problems, which were dismissed or not fully investigated at other clinics. This was the first time a vet explained exactly what my pet needed and why. The vet recommended a stepwise diagnostic plan to get to the bottom of what is going on with my pet and keep him as comfortable as possible. The entire staff was so friendly and caring I cannot imagine visiting any other clinic. Thank you all!

Hope Forester

a year ago

Im a frequent patient at the Thrive location on Fountain View. But, after my concerns about my kittens symptoms were brushed off as "nothing to worry about" by the vet tech at that location (who I'm also not too fond of) I came here after the symptoms continued to get worse. Right off the bat the vet assistants were very kind, welcoming and extremely helpful. Unfortunately, the vet tech was the exact opposite. She seemed irritated that I had so many questions and that I wouldn't take "I'm going to prescribe antibiotics" as enough information. Im the kind of person who treats my animals as children and will do anything in my power to keep them healthy. I wanted to know all the possibilities, any tests we could or could not run, wether an X-ray or an ultrasound could be beneficial to my situation etc. After what felt like me prodding her for information, I got a "yeah an ultrasound would likely tell us whats going on but we don't have those machines here". Why in the world did I have to bring that up? As a vet tech you have an obligation to give me all options to help save my DYING kitten. Not only did I feel like I was being a nuisance but she neglected to inform me of literally anything helpful. I should not have to yank information from you, when I am paying you to give me said information. After the irritating and disappointing conversation I had with this vet tech the assistant came back in to help me, and once again OFFERED more very beneficial information about potential medications and options for further treatments. I wish I got her name SHE WAS LOVELY and actually cared about the work she was doing. Now, I don't know if the techs husband is fing some other bench but theres no excuse to be unhelpful in a life or death situation for my animal. Simply Unacceptable.

Jennifer Soria

a year ago

I've been taking my dog to Thrive for about 3 years. I've taken her to different locations & we've always had great experiences until recently. This is the first time I've gone to the River Oaks location. We saw Dr. Cleary & she seemed to care more about money than my dog. She recommended Hills Science Diet prescription food. I asked her for a less costly recommendation. She recommend the regular off the shelf Hills, which is still very expensive. She asked if I was interested in a medication for skin allergies. I told her someone had spoken to me about Apoquel before, but that I couldn't afford it. She put the medication on the treatment plan anyway, & it was just as expensive. She also added an ear flush that I just told her I already had. She rushed through questions I had like she didn't want to deal with me, & it wasn't a lot of questions. I did not feel like she cared for my dog & I did not feel like she listened to me at all. The only reason I'm giving 3 stars is because the rest of the staff was so nice. She's the only doctor at this location, so I suggest going to one of the others unless you want a bad experience.

Kayla Brunet

a year ago

The location was nice and we loved the tech that was assigned to us... but the veterinarian gave us absolutely the worst service I could have imagined. We came to put down our 15 yr old dog, a hard enough decision already, were placed in a room to wait for an extended period of time. When she finally did come in she took one look at him and said he was fine and that she was unable to proceed with the euthanasia. If he did not meet the company requirements to be put to sleep, I understand. However, she failed to even ask about how his quality of life had changed with his old age or regard for the level of care we could provide him. Over all if i can say one thing about the vet at this location is INCOMPASSIONATE. Made an incredibly difficult decision even harder.

Preston Smith

a year ago

I don't write reviews often, amazing service and quality care. I appreciate the information they provided about my pet's health. Professional establishment.

Rachel Rucker

a year ago

I cannot say enough about Thrive and its staff. It is such a relief to FINALLY know what it’s like to receive top-tiered vet care. INCREDIBLY brilliant doctor, the techs are equally as impressive. So happy to bring our fur babies here!!!!

Alejandra Cardona

2 years ago

They give you a price when you get inn, and then after the vet checks on your pet will add more, for medications etc, you can’t pay until he finish, they’ll charge you online, without asking if you agree, you walk out paying surprise prices, I had to do it on payments since I couldn’t afford it at that moment, is a tricky way to get your money!

Anna Welch

2 years ago

My experience here was phenomenal. The front desk lady is probably the sweetest lady I've ever met. I was checked in quickly and immediately brought back to a room. Krista, the vet tech is the main reason why I'll be coming back. She was wonderful with my dogs (who are extremely difficult patients) and she was personable with me. I love how she went over pricing and answered all my questions about my pets without making me feel like I was rushed! This girl was by far the best vet tech I've ever had. Highly impressed with her work and the efficiency of this clinic. We will definitely be back.

Ariz Karim

2 years ago

This clinic misdiagnosed what was wrong with my cat; I actually ended up diagnosing her correctly myself. I paid about $500 for tests she did not need, and then they didn't do all that was needed to be done to make sure that she was healing properly so I have to take her to a different vet any way. They've cost me a lot for service that amounted to a conflation of symptoms to what they've seen before instead of properly evaluating my cat on a case by case basis. I trusted this vet to properly diagnose and treat my cat and they failed me in both aspects and cost me a tremendous amount of money in the process. Very disheartened.

Martin Sanchez

2 years ago

Friendly Affordable and Quick I will recommend to all my family and friends.

Ann DeVries

2 years ago

The girl at the desk was rude and condescending. You are not allowed to be in the room with your pet. After the exam I received no report from the vet only the receptionist. Do not take your pet there. It’s also not affordable. I will never go there again.

Kathy R.

2 years ago

Brought our new puppy here because as new owners we didn't know of any other vets and this one was cheap. However, it really shows. They are crazy busy due to their small size and cheap prices. The 2 times we went we were hustled out of there and any questions we had for the vet were met with rushed disregard. We felt like we were annoying her! Also when you call them you reach some sort of call center where the people know nothing. I had an emergency and asked if they had xray machine in office (because I doubted that they did) but she assured me that they DID do xrays. When I asked the vet & vet tech for an xray they LAUGHED and said they didn't have an xray. Also trying to get his medical records has been a nightmare the communication between their call center and their offices seems to be broken, I've called a total of 6 times over 2 week span and I'm still waiting. All I received via email was a PDF showing the records of my phone calls for his records! Bad bad bad experiences. Rather pay more and get treated better than just another number in an assembly line!

Tasnim Hussain

2 years ago

Careful when you go here the $35 that they market is technically a base price to get your pet seen. You most definitely won’t be leaving with less than $150 spent.

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