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Kate Fowler

a year ago

Our regular vet was booked up for days and we needed our pup's broken dew claw looked at ASAP. Corner Vet saw her same day and also had a plan of action for her care: antibiotics and pain meds went home with us and they scheduled to clip her severely broken claw under anesthesia the next day. Thank you so much for Taking care of our Susan!

Isabel De La Rosa

a year ago

Dr A and her team are the best.

Katherine Parada

a year ago

I can't stay enough positive things about this place!! Took my little one on a whim and haven't gone anywhere else sense. They are very friendly and professional. There was a time I called multiple times not realizing they were near closing, and they didn't pick up, but called back after as soon as they could (AFTER CLOSE) and knew who I was and asked how they could help. I was very impressed because most places would just say sorry we're closed - very few would go out of their way to call back and make sure they knew who they were calling back beforehand. If you're thinking of bringing your little one ... this is your sign. Do it, you won't regret it!

Connie Velez

a year ago

Took care of my dog

Kyndall Barkley

a year ago

They discriminate against Bully Breeds and only in it for the money!

K Platt

2 years ago

My senior cat, Minnie, passed away last summer at the age of 17. I took her to The Corner Vet when I saw her take a turn for the worse. When she passed, they handled her cremation and were very kind throughout the process. I had Minnie since she was born and was terribly distraught upon arrival (she passed on the car ride to vet). But the staff was comforting and went above and beyond to handle the situation. I was also referred to them by Friends for Life, which is a rescue group I support wholeheartedly.

soen sheppard

2 years ago

I will never return to see this group. The process is poor and for being late they charged me $25. The staff although not rude was certainly not helpful and uncaring. The doctor seems to only be concerned with selling products. They are extremely expensive and I hope you choose to avoid this group.

Sharon Sawallisch

2 years ago

The Dr. is very caring and listens to any problem i have with my dog. The prices i have been charged seem fair,

Zach SW

2 years ago

They hooked my cat up

Ashley R Evetts

2 years ago

I absolutely adore everything about each employee that Andy and I come into contact with. Y’all are the best vet we’ve ever had. Efficient, good listeners, you explain/teach well, and most of all are patient. Thank you ALL for everything to do to assist us.

Ashley Shook

2 years ago

This vet is terrible about communication during these COVID times. I have an older dog with severe anxiety to the point where she will have diarrhea for a few days afterwards if she is left at a vet without me. I made an appointment online for her rabies vaccine and check up, specifically requesting to be present at the appointment and no drop off. I show up for the appointment (which I received both email and text reminders for) and they say the office is closed due to the vet contracting COVID. Someone "should" have called me. I did not receive any communication about this and wasted my time coming to an appointment that did not happen. I rescheduled the appointment with the receptionist specifically saying I would not do drop off and I had to be present for the appointment due to her anxiety. I come to my appointment and stand outside in the August heat with my mask on and waiting to be let in. The receptionist on the phone puts me on hold for 10 minutes to "check in." Then she asks about which vehicle I'm in and I tell her I am standing outside the door waiting. She says they are only doing drop offs and I explain that I will not do drop off... AGAIN. She puts me on hold for another 5 minutes asking the vet who then comes back and says they can only do drop offs as they are limiting indoor contact due to COVID. I ask if it is possible to be seen outside for her appointment. She places me on hold for another 5 minutes and comes back on the line to tell me sorry it's against their policy and they will not do that. I explain that I am going to have to find another vet that will allow me to be present with my dog during an appointment and she said they will forward my records when I find a new vet. I am extremely disappointed in this vet clinic and the way they have handled communication with appointments during COVID times as well as not being flexible with in person appointments.

Mike Rakieski

2 years ago

We switched over to the Corner Vet a few years ago and have had a great experience every visit! Dr. Ahlquist and staff do an excellent job addressing concerns and answering any and all questions. I really appreciate the care options provided to us for our dog without being guilted into the most expensive option like our previous vet would do. Thanks again for all the great care you provide!


2 years ago

The veterinarian here did a very good job. My dog has allergies to the skin and sees a veterinarian at this time every year. At other hospitals, it took time for the drug to be prescribed and effective. However, the vet here prescribed shampoo and medicine, which worked for the day. My dog stopped scratching his skin. However, veterinary expenses are high medical costs every time, so it would be even better if my "Care Credit "credit card could be used.

Megan Ennis

2 years ago

I always have a good experience. They take care of my dog, Leroy. The pricing is good, and they have good availability. One time he was having problems with his ears, and they were able to move the schedule around to for him in

Dekia Worthy Garcia

2 years ago

They did an amazing job with my older dog and I love how they have changed their procedures to make sure that we all stay safe in these very trying times. The vet was so friendly and helpful!

Kurasa Stone

2 years ago

Kind and pleasant staff helped identify what was wrong with my dog, and went over a number of ways to take care of her. The services where cheap, but the quality was outstanding. After going through the treatment recommended, my little pup is now back to full health. I cant thank the friendly doctor and staff enough, and I will definatly be back anytime I require a vet.


2 years ago

I have nothing but great things to say about the Corner Vet. They always go above and beyond to take care of my little chihuahua, axel. We thought he might be ill and they managed to squeeze him in for a last minute check up right away. The level of professionalism is 12/10! The front desk staff are always super kind and helpful. Dr. Ahlquist always answers our questions and explains what may be causing a problem and the best route to takle it. We love our corner vet and highly recommend them.

Jessica Lemcke

2 years ago

I made an appointment on Friday and got scheduled with our new dog Morgan by Saturday. Very responsive and quick.

Michael McLeod

2 years ago

Overpriced and not the best customer service. I took my two dogs to this vet when I moved to the area. The first visit per dog was about $300 for regular shots and flea medicine, which is typical. When I came back for a “6 month” they wanted $300 again which is way higher than any other vet I’ve gone to for a full year of regular services. Both were fully up to date on 3 year shots already, keep in mind. On top of that, they have a reflective window so you have no idea what goes on inside because they’ve been “curbside” for over a year. To just keep my dogs up to date and healthy, this place was quite overpriced. Can’t imagine how much it might cost if one of my pups needed true vet care! I’ve been a dog owner for 7 years now and never seen such an overpriced clinic.

Natalie Ramirez

2 years ago

Audrey at the front desk is sooo sweet and responsive. She also looks out for the clients. Recently had a run in with a floater vet that had a poor bedside manner with an aggressive tone. Audrey personally apologized to us for this experience and made sure that we didn't have to deal with another vet like that ever again. So thankful for her looking out for us!

Peter Tarr

2 years ago

Absolutely terrible. I hope ownership or management reads this. We're long standing customers. I called on Sunday the 11th and left a message requesting an appointment. I also filled out the online form doing the same. Monday passed and I didn't get a call or an email back. Nothing. I tried on Tuesday and no one responded. So I got through Wednesday morning (moments ago) the receptionist answers and asks to place me on hold. I'm on hold for 2 minutes then it hangs up. OK, maybe a one off. I call back, I hear the phone pick up on her end then it hangs up. OK - maybe an oddity. I wait 3-4 minutes. I call back and say 'I'm calling back, seems like we got cut off somehow, I just need to book an appointment'. Her response? "Oh..yea, ok." Puts me on hold. Then HANGS UP! So I call again, the same receptionist (female, don't know her name) answers and I say "Hi again, this is my fourth call. I'm not sure what's happening but I keep getting put on hold then hung up on. I just need to make an appointment for our pup". Her response? "Oh, OK, let me see". Its the SAME receptionist, she knows I've now called several times, she's SPOKEN to me and knows the call got cut off. Whatever the reason, there's no "Oh yea, I'm sorry - I don't know what's going on, let me help you". Just an "Oh, OK". She then tells me there's nothing for a week (that's fine). Extremely unprofessional and unreliable. I should have gotten a call back after leaving both a voicemail and form submission from Sunday (its Wednesday) requesting an appointment ASAP. But this just goes way over the top. If this is how they deal with simple requests then forget them going anywhere NEAR my Pup.

Macall Morton

2 years ago

Great customer service and reasonably priced for the most part.

Sheretha Perkins

2 years ago

They are awesome to the patients and take great care of them

Chloe Locascio

2 years ago

I brought my cat in that was in critical condition after a botched surgery from another facility. They were very informing and concerned of his condition once he was assessed and referred me to another facility that could provide more critical care to my cat in his time of immediate need. I am forever thankful for their quality of care and compassion throughout the difficult process. I HIGHLY recommend The Corner Vet at Houston Heights and will continue to bring my animals here in the future.

Chanel Q

2 years ago

I would NOT recommend bringing your pup here. They are rude and incompentent.

Elizabeth Grunder

2 years ago

My dog is typically not very well behaved at the vet, but the staff really focused on his comfort. I could tell my dog really liked them. They also communicated his health issues very well and figured out a great treatment plan for him. My boy left the vet immediately feeling better. The staff was very professional and put my pups needs first. I am new to Houston, but this will definitely be our primary vet. Thanks again for the great service!!

Jedi AC

2 years ago

Corner Vet has such professional, kind and friendly staff. They truly go above and beyond in caring for your fur baby. I highly recommend them!

Susie Wormser

3 years ago

Being with a rescue I have used the Corner Vet a lot!!! They are always reliable, have good availability, are honest and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!

Sharon Van Zandt

3 years ago

Waffles and I are very happy to have found the Corner Vet-Heights. The doctor and her staff made both of us feel very comfortable. We will definitely be back.

Shelby Parker

3 years ago

Seriously unimpressed. Left by ourselves in the room with no indication of what was happening. we went into the lobby and had to fish for answers on what was happening. Felt they could have been more considerate of my time and the fact that my cat was stressing out and we needed to leave. Not sure what the issue was because we were the only ones there. Service is fine but unimpressed and they should of been more attentive.

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