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Andrea Houdek

a year ago

I've tried calling several times but the voicemail is full. I'm looking for a second opinion on my sick bird. Please clear your VM!

Alan Duncan

2 years ago

These people really care about your pets. Dr. Harwell has many years of experience and is very knowledgeable.

Suzzala Stalcup

2 years ago

Dr Harwell is by far the best vet around. I highly recommend him and his staff!

Ed Berthelot

2 years ago

Great Service Dr.Gary was great.

Phillip Guerrero

2 years ago

Dr. Harwell is an excellent veterinarian and he and his staff are always very helpful. Very attentive and interested in my dogs health.


2 years ago

Love this Dr. The lady vet is so caring and so is the other vet they took such good care of both fur babies till the end

Lupe Casas

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, thank you Dr. Crum ????


2 years ago

Lady who answered phone said the Vet isn't taking any appointments. Very unprofessional way of doing business. Said they are to busy.

V Arevalo

2 years ago

A wonderful and helpful animal clinic that is a good price range and extremely helpful, they make sure to address your concerns instead of just trying to get you out the door. While you cannot walk in with your pet inside the clinic due to the pandemic, they make sure to send you pictures of everything they do with your pet such as give medicine and weight them. He will also step out and discuss your pet's levels, what may be wrong and how to fix it. I must have had about a million questions and he took the time to answer each one of them! His delightfully helpful nurse also offered many helpful tips on how to get my bird to eat more vegetables and gave me many helpful pamphlets to ensure my bird lives a healthy long life! Even after the visit, I also got a call back a few days later just so they could check up on my pet's health and if the medicine had worked!!! Very caring I will definitely be back if I have any other concerns with my pet bird and have made sure to recommend Dr. Harwell's clinic to all of my friends!

Rhonda Robbins

3 years ago

They only had curbside service due to pandemic. This worried us at first. They took our Blue front Amazon in her cage from the car. We were not allowed to leave our car and enter the building. This was our first time visiting Dr. Harwell. After examining our baby Dr.Harwell came out to our car and let us know all that he had found in our birds exam. All questions were asked and answered. Everything was explained very well. They seemed very caring and knowledgeable. Great vet, will definitely be back! Wish he wasn't retiring!!

Abi. Malu

3 years ago

I called to get an appointment for my sick lovebird the lady told me the clinic was closed on November 2 but later said she was going to call Dr. Harwell and was going to call back. They gave me an appointment on the day they were closed I can clearly see the love they have for animals. Well to make the story short my sick lovebird was taken into the clinic to test him, later Dr. Harwell came out and explain everything gave me medicine, and send me pictures of the correct way to give my little sick birdie his medicine. He also gave me some important papers of how sunlight is beneficial to birds, and the proper diet for birds. I am very thankful for the super great treatment and service they provided. Dr. Harwell, and his assistant deserve more than 5 stars ⭐️, I will never forget what they did for my birdie Andy. Millions of thanks!!

Alicia Anthony

3 years ago

My name is Alicia Anthony. I live in Lake Charles, LA where Hurricane Laura hit. I had to send my mother’s Shih Tzu, Cash to Houston along with our little dog Bella which is a Lassa Poo. The little one’s could not take the heat here with no A/C. Well, Cash got very sick so my former husband took him to the emergency hospital. They said his kidney’s were failing and told us it would cost $2k for hIm to stay there and be MONITORED. I almost stroked! I asked him to let me talk with them, so I talk to the receptionist Barbara. I explained our situation and said I didn’t have that kind of money, was there some way to reduce the cost and she said, we are a corporation and that is our price. I said surely you can talk with someone above at that level to help us. Then she said there is no one to talk to. I said to her, you just told me you were a corporation. So, my former husband took Cash and I was going to come get him(mind you, Cash is extremely sick), I am in Lake Charles dealing with a lot of damage and debris to my home and my mom’s home. They didn’t even X-ray him. Then when they took him to my daughter’s home he started urinating blood. So they rushed him back there, THEN they said $2k a NIGHT. Remember she told me $2k for a week. So they left him, they didn’t feel they had a choice. So my former husband Picked him up the next morning, took him to a vet (which by the way they said to do, but he is still VERY SICK). The other vet said his kidney’s were NOT failing, they didn’t read the report correctly. He had also been bit by another dog. This EXPENSIVE HOSPITAL did NOT even X-RAY him. He is coming home in a few days and I will take him to Denham Springs where my brother is staying. But we needed financial help because of our situation in Lake Charles, but they didn’t give a damn about that or give a damn about Cash. SO IF I WERE YOU AND YOU ARE READING, THIS DO NOT TAKE YOUR BELOVED PETS TO THIS PLACE. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PET. Alicia Anthony Lake Charles, LA

Demi K.

3 years ago

I rescue animals so I’ve been to plenty of vets and Dr. Harwell is the best out there. I’ve been taking my own pets and my rescued pets to him since I’ve moved to the area five years ago, but I wished I had known him longer than that. The first couple of years I felt the need to see other vets at times for other opinions, but Dr. Harwell’s diagnoses were so consistently accurate in every case that I fully trust him now. I truly feel blessed knowing his clinic is in my area.

James Wiggins Jr.

3 years ago

The absolute best in animal care hands down

Lou Ann Robertson

3 years ago

Dr. Harwell is very competent and caring. His staff are as well. So friendly and personable. Very affordable too. Can't ask for more from my vet.

Mayra Nelman

3 years ago

Incredible knowledgable staff that is also super friendly and professional. Highly recommend the clinic.

Vanessa Castro

4 years ago

Dr Harwell is veterinarian extraordinaire! Kind, gentle, knowledgeable and thorough. My "baby" would not be with me now if not for him!

Tyra Gilbert

4 years ago

We've been taking our bird to Dr Harwell for over 20 years and he has always taken very good care of him.


4 years ago

I took my two small birds to Dr.Harwell. Dr.Harwell and his wife are very good caring people who love animals they listened to my concerns and took care of my two birds! He is also reasonable on pricing!

Mindy Krajefska

4 years ago

Dr. Harwell is amazing we have been going to him for years with all our rescues Birds, exotic, Dogs and cats. He goes over and beyond to help all animals. We love him to death hand down best vet ever. We drive an hour and a half to go to him. ❤

John Galbreath

4 years ago

Dr. Harwell is a genius

Jill Donaho

4 years ago

One of the few places that is knowledgable about parrots and other exotics. Kind and thoughtful staff.

Debby Collins

4 years ago

Dr. Harwell is a very kind and knowledgeable vet. I trust in his many years of experience to offer the best advice for my pet's care and well being.

Andrea Neal

4 years ago

My dog went for his yearly shots


4 years ago

The best veterinarian found out my iguana was actually a girl ! Dr.Hardwell is so knowledgeable he is truly amazing I can’t say It enough !!! ❤️

Donna Williams

5 years ago

My sweet dog of 12 years had to be put down. Dr. Harwell was kind, caring, gentle, and compassionate. He helped let me know exactly what was wrong with my dog and gave me choices. I like him better than previous vet experiences elsewhere. Most places seem like they just want your money and give you a long list of all that is wrong. This place is more affordable. Glad I found him. As long as he is in business, he will get mine from now on.

Laneisha Cleveland

5 years ago

Amazing practice for your small animal and exotic pet needs. No walk-ins, make sure to call and schedule an appointment ahead of time. You could get in same day.

No Connection

5 years ago

Dr. Harwell is without a doubt the best Bird doctor and most caring of all - there should be a hundred stars

Paulina Torres

5 years ago

The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming,Dr.harwell toke care of my pet iguanas arm at a very reasonable price and the atmosphere is very homely.Would definitely recommend.

Rispy G

5 years ago

The only vet I trust with my birds.

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