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a year ago

This Shelter is very particular in what dogs they accept. We arrived today to find out they are closed to walk ins, the lady on the phone gave us a ton of attitude, and on top of all of this they would not let my mother use the bathroom. Extremely unprofessional.. Let me explain my answer since the shelter responded. They act as a private school shelter for dogs. Sure I imagine you can name a few examples of a dog who had no one else but you. But most dogs that come from the streets have something as simple as heart worms. Not exactly making you better than other shelters. But really what helped you receive a complete 1 star review is the lack of kindness from your organization which I noticed you did not mention. Because of COVID you aren’t allowing people who want to adopt walk in? Interesting thought process for a shelter. We visited plenty of other places who safely allowed us in the same day. Finally, not allowing a mother who really needs to use the bathroom in is just ridiculous. We were willing to wait outside but the lack of respect is just sad. You want to be a 5 star shelter? Own up to your review instead of excusing it.

Heidi Hogue-Komm

a year ago

I found online as I have a kitten and still do that needs a home. We have been taking these fur babies to the vet since 3 weeks old. The female kitten whom I'm trying to find a home is fixed. I did the online questionnaire. I did get a reply back, however I do not live in a conventional house, it's a warehouse and stated so. I did get a reply back and after going back and forth, we determined that any foster has to be kept inside. She is a beautiful kitten. He mother adopted us as a kitten she is ferrell, it took me 7 months, the morning she went into labor to let me touch her. As I been trying all this time. Mama kitty will only let me pet her and I do treat all my cats once a month. Lost with a kitten in Pasadena, TX. (We did get mama fixed finally)

Yoana Morales

a year ago

My wife waited for a week to receive a specific cat. They call her today and keep her on the phone with questions that are somewhat distasteful and at the end tell her that the cat has been give to another family. I would not waste my time with these people.

Tiffany Williams

a year ago

I was able to use the pet food bank this previous August & everything was fine. Today I call to set up an appointment & the lady says that they won’t be able to help me because I was rude & “laughed” last time saying “I won’t need these services again”, which is absolutely not true and I definitely remember telling the lady thank you for her help last time . I don’t like being lied on so I won’t go back.

Lawanna Pigott

a year ago

My Daughter works here! Very good shelter for cats & other small mammals!

Kierra Pickens

a year ago

I went here today to see about the process of pet adoption and before I could get to the door someone came out and told me there were no pets available to see and the my were backed up on applications. Just thought it was a little weird and unprofessional that I couldn’t come inside to get more information.


a year ago

They've been helping me with their pet food pantry for a while now. All you have to do is give paperwork of each pet you own and they place that on file and you can receive 3 months of pet food at once then are eligible to come back when the three months are done by appointment. This is to only ensure that pets don't get abandoned or surrendered and kept in their home. They also need donations all the time for this, so help when and if you can. I've been able to keep all my animals after my separation and the pandemic cause of this and I live 38 mins away from this place.

PM Fontenot

2 years ago

I contacted them because I need to find a home for 3 little tuxedo cats, I have quite a few cats myself already and I cannot keep them because I cannot afford it financially. I was told from Friends of life to contact other rescue organizations or bring them to the shelter downtown to Barc. That is the most horrible shelter in Houston I would never bring an animal there, I'm very disappointed and disgusted.


2 years ago

Friends For Life is the shelter with a heart AND a brain. Run by human beings not bureaucrats, they are all about keeping animals out of the shelter system in the first place by connecting the community with resources and practical solutions. Empowering the community to problem-solve through sustainable programs backed up by science, FFL is changing animal sheltering as we know it. This is not your grandma’s animal shelter. If you want to support animal welfare efforts in Houston, but have grown weary of the depressing traditional model, this is the organization for you.

Cassandra Sanchez

2 years ago

I just went for curbside pickup for pet food assistance, the lady gave me a bad vibe at first then before she left she decided to make a comment “nice car” and made a face. Almost like saying oh you have a nice car but you’re getting donations for your pets, like that honestly made feel really upset I cried as soon as I pulled out because she doesn’t know me or what I’m going through at at the moment. I rarely ask for help and when I do I get this treatment. Never going back.

celina thomas

2 years ago

Please be beware of this so called Adoption Center as they are running a place that is not for the welfare of the pets but their altered Ego and scam. They think some volunteers and so called employees know every thing and in their mind they have this know all attitude and say they are doing it for the welfare of the pet. People stay away from this crooks running this agency and who ever has been put to distress should file a legal complaint on these people to not do this kind of unprofessional dirty tricks to any one after charging high price compared to other Adoption Centers they should be shut down completely as they are not looking at the welfare of pets but theirs.

Ronnie Proctor

2 years ago

They're kind of rude, but they did help me some pet food

Rachael Read (Kanradakiwi)

2 years ago

A good place with a decent selection

Mady “Cherry_Cola”

2 years ago

An amazing organization to adopt pets from and can help with any info you need for your pet

Chang Xie

2 years ago

Very quick and easy adoption process. Love the kitten adopted here, very socialized and sweet. Would recommend adopting from here.

Haley Jones

2 years ago

The shelter will deny you before reading your application.

David Nathan

2 years ago

Adopted 2 kitties. The experience was exceptional. Great matching of pet (pets in our case) to their Forever Home.

Jatona Harvey

2 years ago

U must make a appointment online before take your pet to them. Then you must wait til they contact you within 3 to 5 business days to see if your pet is eligible to be dropped off at the shelter

Emily Perez

2 years ago

I use to volunteer here and all they did is have me do laundry which I mean I don’t mind . But one of the managers I believe , I didn’t know exactly who she was , she was rude towards me for no reason. That’s one of the reason I stopped volunteering at this place.

James Hayes

2 years ago

My wife and I adopted 3 terrific cats in 2020 named Peter, Godiva, and Moira. Im not big on curbside service, but we feel FFL have handled everything well based on our experience. If we adopt another pet in the near future we will definitely be back.

Sonia Garcia

2 years ago

The waitress was nice and helpful but it wasn't busy there and it took forever for some wings to come out. We had four orders and two came out hot and the other two orders came out cold. ????

Stancie Chamberlain

2 years ago

Always so friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to be associated with them. Today we brought our new cat ???? Cardi home. Letting her ease into her new home.

Melissa S

2 years ago

FFL is not your typical rescue - they rescue animals that are more at risk of euthanasia which means they may need special care. They can also afford to keep an animal longer and if they feel the need to do so? That animal is still being cared for. They do not necessarily rescue these from the community, but from other high-risk shelters. They also have a food bank if you are on hard times and need help feeding your pet. They would rather your pet stay with you than take it like other shelters in our area. I found a sweet cat which was FELV+. I could not keep the cat for fear of my other cats becoming infected. If I brought this cat to a shelter they would send it to the county and have it euthanized, but I knew FFL had a special area just for these cats where they provide long term care. After contacting they told me I would have to foster until space was available in their FELV area (since their shelter isn't a tardis and FELV is contagious) - they hoped this would be 6-12 months. Luckily I do have a spare room in my home and decided to foster this kitty separately. He did pass away due to his illness before FFL could take him, but I was happy to make his short life a good one. I'm okay that they couldn't take him right away since I don't know that living at their facility would have changed the outcome based on my vet's observations. Luckily I realize I'm not owed anything by this shelter or any other.

Diver Down

2 years ago

Like everybody right now we're all having financial difficulty I needed some help with dog food these people jump Right in and took care of it.

Iris Etchevarren Acquarone

2 years ago

As far as 2021 a comment below about them helping out when you find abandoned kittens on the street IS NOT TRUE. I found 4 abandoned kittens in a parking lot a few days ago, I’m still trying to get some shelter to have them. This is one of the shelters that DID NOT HELP AT ALL. If anything, they send you to animal control, which kills animals if needing space.

Tyler Jones

2 years ago

Always a wonderful place with lots of resources to help with lost and stray animals.

Megan Michelle

2 years ago

EDIT: in reply to owner response: ok? And the employee should have taken the time to explain that to customers? I work in retail, the way she treated us was a huge no no. Came to get info about booking an appointment. The middle aged woman slammed the door in our face mid sentence while asking about the appointment because it was closer to closing time. Will be adopting elsewhere. Unprofessional & RUDE.

Ms. Crow

2 years ago

This place is a scam!!! Do not donate or support!!! I would give NO stars. These people would not help save a dog by pulling him from BARC. Transportation was arranged, adopter was waiting and ready and they would not help. Over and over, "No ma'am, we cannot help you". It was that they WILL NOT HELP. They should be CLOSED PERMANENTLY. USELESS!!!!

Shilen Patel

2 years ago

Great shelter! They really help make sure you get a pet that is a good fit for you and the animal.

Julia Dry

2 years ago

I adopted my sweet pup from Friends for Life about 3 years ago. She is the BEST dog I’ve ever met. I couldn’t have picked a better dog. The staff is so kind and genuinely cares about everyone’s best interests.

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