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The Jacks

a year ago

My newest baby needs some socialization and this is the ticket I’m hoping. They really seem to care and that’s very important to me. Update: they’re the best - come here for boarding, socialization or nail clipping!

Li He

a year ago

This is the third daycare I took my small dog to, and i like it most. They have a livestream. You can see how your dog is doing. The staff seems to really love the dogs there. The staff gives plenty of love to the dogs. The dogs are separated by energy level but not size. At first i was worried since my dog is less than 10 lbs, but it seems like all the big dogs play nice there. And it seems like it has helped with her confidence around bigger dogs. They require the canine influenza shot, which gives me the peace of mind (some places don’t require it). And most importantly, since they separate by temperament, my dog loves it there. She used to go to another place that separate by size only and you could see her get bored out of her mind because the other toy dogs don’t want to chase and wrestle her.

Cara Crumbliss

2 years ago

High level summary for those who like the Cliffs Notes version: Staff indifferent to dogs, contract threatens you with $10,000 fine if you post a review that might hurt their business (hence the lack of negative reviews!), and the contract generally shows their failure to appropriately take responsibility for the care they provide your pets. Full review: This makes me sad to post a negative review- I was so excited about this place when I read reviews and saw the facility. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't great. From the moment I walked in, it just felt icky - no one greeted my dogs or acted like they cared for dogs at all. While doing paperwork, I saw other dogs come in and all were treated with similar indifference.... Then I read the contract and felt even more icky. They take no responsibility for the care they provide your dogs - even requiring you to pay for any damage done to their facility while your dog is in their care!? How can I keep my puppy from chewing up a baseboard or something while in your care??? I'm not opposed to taking responsibility for my dog, but this feels wrong. The final straw was the clause in the contract preventing you from posting to social media or public reviews if the comment might hurt their business. They make you agree to pay $10,000 if you post something that could hurt their business.....This feels wrong on so many levels - how can I trust the reviews I've read if I now know negative comments have been suppressed?? Also, what are they scared of? Are they commonly providing service that results in negative commentary from dog owners? I attempted to discuss my concerns with the contract language but was unsuccessful in getting the manager to have a substantive conversation & was just told (essentially) to sign the contract or the dogs can't play... How about put your focus on providing the best service and having an open mind to hearing feedback when/ if you don't meet customers' expectations? Instead it's a threat of a potentially unlawful defamation lawsuit!? I refused to sign the contract and got out of there. No fancy pool is enough to leave my babies with a company that made it clear through their contract language that they don't take appropriate responsibility for the services they provide.

Maria Hamzo-Saliba

2 years ago

We boarded our dog here while we were on vacation. He had a wonderful time and was so well taken care of. The facility is very clean, everyone there is so friendly, and I loved being able to login and watch what he was doing every once in a while. I highly recommend camp run-a-mutt and will definitely be returning.

Guy Robertson

2 years ago

Great facilities, great pricing and great staff! Both locations are well maintained and operated. I never had to worry when my dog is there for day care or overnight care. The people are awesome and know how to handle dogs. Five stars

Beverly Marshall

2 years ago

Our dog, Cartiae, LOVES it there!! We are so happy we found this place because of the cage free environment and the HUGH plus factor is their webcam where you can look in on your pups! The place is clean, friendly staff and you can tell they all love our fur babies! Highly recommend!

Jennifer Vuu

2 years ago

I have an Australian Shepherd puppy who is super high energy and I thought I could manage her while I worked from home; I was very wrong. She also had a bad case of Isolation Anxiety and hated to be left alone. That's when I started looking into day cares. I found camp run-a-mutt from a simple google search and it was the highly rated amongst others. I debated for about a month because I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never taken any other dogs to daycare but I'm so glad I decided to try it out. My pup is so happy there. She knows when it's day care time -- every tues/thurs she will sit by the back door waiting for me to take her. I love that I can watch her on the cameras. Sometimes I share the video feed with my parents in florida and they LOVE it. They'll send me screen shots of her being goofy there. She comes back home and instantly sleeps -- it's awesome! I also don't know if daycare was a contributing factor (I suspect it did play a part) but she is completely fine being left alone now. I don't have to worry about her if I do step out. Sending her here has been one of the best decisions I've made and I'm sure she's glad too. If you made it through this lengthy review and resonate with some of my initial concerns, I want to lastly mention the staff. They are incredible. Professional, friendly, responsive, accommodating, caring...the list can go on but I figured those are the most important when looking for a daycare for your fur baby. I would call myself an overprotective dog mom, and the staff here answered all my questions and addressed any concerns I had. Honestly, I look forward to going to drop/pick up my pup too because the staff is so great. My pup loves everyone there and she comes back to me the same way I left her. I do recommend this place whenever someone asks me where I take my pup. I've only been going since early this year but I'm definitely sticking to it. I haven't used the overnight boarding yet, but I plan to. I don't have any doubts that my pup won't even notice I'm gone.

Sarah Heinecke

2 years ago

Camp run a mutt is wonderful!!!! Thankful we found this place for our pup!!! I love that he is socialized and taken well care of when we are out of town!!! Our little guy comes home tired after playing too which is nice!!! I know he had lots of fun playing and even swimming!!

Shawn Wharton

2 years ago

Rose loves going to camp Run-A-Mutt. Lost of friends to play with, enjoying the pool and everything is nice and clean. Staff is super friendly and adore the dogs.

Tiffany C

2 years ago

Camp Run a Mutt owners and the staff are amazing and they love on my dog like she is there own. I recommend them to everyone I know!!

Traci Owens

2 years ago

My dog, Clifford, loves staying here. I have never had a problem. The staff is very professional. I would definitely recommend.

Patricio Trevino

2 years ago

Highly professional service. Our dog has a condition so we were hesitant to leave her alone. The team took care of her meds and our dog was never left alone.

Simpson Pham

2 years ago

I highly recommend this place for both doggy daycare and overnight boarding. The staff and owners are very friendly and welcoming. This place has exceeded our expectations because they care for all dogs as if they are their own. We definitely trust them with our loved ones. We just left our dogs here for 10 nights and everything went well.

Nidia Alberto

2 years ago

I've been very pleased with their facilities and it's a plus that they have cameras to check on your pup throughout the day. They are very attentive to my dogs needs and care. Hammy and Blue love going to "School". Just hearing the words " let's get ready to go to school" they get so excited.

Ashtyn Baldas

2 years ago

After moving into town it was really important to us that we find a place that we can trust and that is also fairly priced to take our pups. This place is it! As soon as you walk in the door, our pups are greeted by name and taken off to play with all their friends. Sully loves the water features, while Emmie loves socializing and getting pets from the staff. They come home worn out and happy! The staff is caring and kind - I really can't ask for more!

Natasha Kalaouze

2 years ago

Camp Run-A-Mutt is the best!! Our dog loves it SO much and comes back every day exhausted from playing with her friends! All the staff really love the dogs and do a great job of making it a fun atmosphere. We have been taking our dog there for the past 2 years for boarding and doggy day camp, and I don’t have one bad thing to say about them. 100% recommend it for all dog owners. Another thing that I liked is that they are cage free and have outdoor space for the dogs to play. That is not something I found at other day camps/boarding places when I was first trying to find a place. They also have a livestream where you can watch your pup!

Elizabeth Martin

2 years ago

Camp Run-a-Mutt is incredible, the service, the people, the location, it's all great. We've been taking our beagle there for two years for daycare and boarding. He's never had a bad experience, and he gets so excited when he sees Susan, or any of the other of the other camp counsellors, it's clear how much they love him and how happy he is with them. Susan will always go the extra mile to make sure that he is comfortable and happy. This is the only place I would ever consider taking our dog for daycare or boarding.

Nicole Elliott

2 years ago

I'd be lost without Camp Run-A-Mutt! My new puppy loves going and is a totally new dog after being there all day. I appreciate that their pack-experience offers her socialization and the team is there all know her by name and treat her like family. She loves going and I especially appreciate the web cams that let me check in on her any time. Two paws up!

andrea brown

2 years ago

Poppa was treated so well while be boarded for 6 days. The camp staff was very patient with my daily phone calls for updates on Poppa. I was out of state and a bit nervous but the staff was awesome. Poppa did not have tear stained eyes and he looked very happy when I picked him up.

Erika Werner

3 years ago

Mine and my boyfriend’s dogs, Quinn and Sam, love staying at camp run a mutt in energy corridor! They have stayed for prolonged periods ~7-10 days over holidays as well as day care when we had longer days at work, or more recently, when we moved houses. Both dogs adjusted well to the routine and loved spending time with the handlers who took time to get to know them both. Camp run a mutt has a system that works well to introduce the dogs to “the pack” allowing for lots of play time, and social interaction. We also love that we can check in on the mutt cams! Quinny & Sambo will be back! ????

Katrina Hopps

3 years ago

My dog, Buster, absolutely LOVES this place! The staff is super friendly and so good to all the dogs. It's a GREAT environment! All the dogs are lovingly cared for and have so much fun, I highly recommend Camp Run-A-Mutt!

Jenna M

3 years ago

So happy to finally have a true doggy daycare in the Energy Corridor! For years our only option was St. Francis (they crate the dogs for half the day) or finding someone through (which I was never totally comfortable with). And we are especially excited to find one we can trust and whose employees and owners are so knowledgeable about dogs. Some doggy daycares have hours that are impossible; theirs are reasonable for people who work full time and sometimes have to work late. I love that we can check in to see the pups on camera throughout the day having a blast. On top of that they are very thorough when going through their rules and with assessing your pup’s temperament, all with the purpose of ensuring all the pups have fun safely. We have not done boarding yet but I love that they have careless boarding; we usually take our dogs with us everywhere but if we ever needed to board, I’d do it here. Finally, the owners are very good to the rescue community; we’ve taken both of our foster dogs to daycare and it helps so much with socialization. Anytime I take our dogs anywhere I always have a pang of guilt but I never do with Camp Run A Mutt; can’t recommend them enough!

Y. T.

3 years ago

We all love CRAM. I have a JRT and a mixed one, they both love coming here. The owners and the staff are wonderful - truly pet lovers. We also foster dogs and they had let our fosters to spend the day. (after a tempt test and all vaccines records of course). Keep doing an excellent job!

Glen Haubold

3 years ago

The staff treated our dogs so well, especially little Pepper who wasn't sure about the whole experience. Now, Izzy, Sugar and Pepper bark to go back and won't leave. With us being in Houston while I have treatments at MD Anderson, the camp has literally saved all our sanity.

Heikki Bergman

3 years ago

Brought our three dogs for the training session, and was impressed on how it was handled. Our dogs are small, so the first new one in to the meeting room, (where I could not be present, but saw it on the webcam) was a small one. they sniffed around and our oldest kept his distance, but did not bark. then little by little more dogs, and increasing sizes came in one at the time. Our two younger ones thought it was cool, the older one a bit uncomfortable, so he had a pee, kept his distance, but showed no signs of aggressiveness. And slowly they were all mingling. So our dogs passed the social behaviour test.

jason pleasants

3 years ago

Visited about 4 other boarding facilities in the area before deciding on Camp Run a Mutt. Glad we did! During our week long vacation, our two 50+ lb dogs had a great time and were well cared for.

Jason Thomas

3 years ago

Jefferson, my Weim loves coming to Camp Run-A-Mutt when I have to work in Houston. He can’t wait until his next stay.

Joelle Paulson

3 years ago

Our dog loves going to daycare here. The staff are very nice, and I love that this is a cage-free facility. The outdoor play areas are also great — especially the splash pond (my dog loves water). Five star quality all around.

John-Sara Hunter

3 years ago

Have two large dogs and both enjoy their weekly outing to the day care. They are watched and they come home tired and a tired dog is a good dog (and happy)

John VanNatta

3 years ago

By far the best doggy day care and boarding outfit in the Houston area (along with their Galleria location). Can’t say enough great things about the staff and the setup, our dogs are always excited to go.

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