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Ziyi Li

2 years ago

I used BVC for a while as it is close to my home. I tried both their vet and boarding services. I like the professionalism and the care from the vet and the staff. The thing I don't like is the surprise bills every time I used their service. For cat neuter operation, I called and they told me the price is around $220. So I dropped our cat in and filled the forms. After the operation, the total price is $410+. I understand that I requested microchip to be added when filling the form and some accidents happened during the surgery, but I don't like the fact that they didn't tell me the price of microchip and the potential extra costs before the surgery. For dog boarding, I had a very bad experience. When I called, they told me the price is $37 dollar per day. We board our dog there and the bill came back for $107 for just ONE night. They did an extra fecal test without telling me (cost $48) and charged $21 for giving two small pills to my dog. They never tell me the price of administering medication before. When I called and argued that I already provided medicine records including the fecal test, they refund the $48, which is good. Still, $21 for giving 2 pills? The lady on the line told me that, you can choose other cheaper boarding places you want instead of theirs. Sure, I will definitely do that. My suggestion: They provide good services. Just be mindful of the extra charges. The estimate you get before the surgery/treatment tend to be much smaller than the final price. Boarding an animal that need medicine administration with them is too expensive. They charge $10.5 per dose, PetSmart only charge $2 per dose. Image you have a dog that need one pill per meal, BVC will charge $42 for two days while PetSmart (as a comparison) only charge $8.

Carla Martinez

2 years ago

Dr. Tippet and Dr. Frank and the staff always gave my dog and guinea pigs the best care ❤ My wonderful dog Fluff was always happy to come to the vet❣ Thank you to Dr. Tippet, and all best wishes on your well-earned retirement ????

Jennifer Griego

2 years ago

We have a Malinois Mya who is a very nervous dog, she has anxiety but is not aggressive in anyway. The staff always take the time she needs and go at her pace, her most recent visit was with Dr. Tippit and she was fantastic in giving me some more ideas of things to try at home to help with the anxiety along with what we were already doing. She even tried to do Mya’s exam outside to see if she did better that way. Everyone has been great to us over the years and when we had our sweet Cavalier Ginger they took the best care of her and Dr. Alexander was there with us when we had to say goodbye to our precious girl.

Adrian Venegas

2 years ago

I called in the morning because my dog had been injured. The staff made time to accommodate him and went out of their way to make sure he was properly treated. Can't ask for better service and communication!

Yaron Pacht

2 years ago

Very professional and easy to deal with. They handled my dog with care. It was a pleasure to be there.

Neda Dodig

2 years ago

On our dogs sudden ingestion of a grape, we scrambled to call our vet and get her in for an induced vomiting procedure. However to our dismay, our regular vet couldn’t take her, and suggested we try our luck at a pet emergency hospital. Knowing of the long lines and wait times, we instead found Southampton Vet Clinic and called them with no prior involvement with the clinic. They said we could come at once, and would do the procedure without any paperwork or advanced planning that would be required at our local hospital. It was the end of the day and they were closing soon, but they did not hesitate to help us out and within 2 minutes of arriving she was being treated. Kind staff and amazing doctors made her experience amazing, and we are now using this vet long term. Could tell they cared about our dog. Would highly recommend!

Hen Sley

2 years ago

Bissonnet Southampton Vet is great man all the staff are so nice and my boys are getting such good treatment it makes me smile thinking about it

Caroline Seneca

2 years ago

My dog has seen every vet here and they are all so wonderful! The techs and front desk staff have always been great as well. Pricing wise, it is a little steep if you need any kind of care other than a wellness visit, but this is the only vet I’ve used here and I think the prices are probably comparable to other places around town.

Olivia Kelley

2 years ago

This place is amazing! Go here! Great people, good services and worth your time.

Joni Ryman

2 years ago

I have loved going to Bissonnet-Southampton vet!!!! They are always available and I feel so confident when ever I have to take my dog Birdie.

Dana McDonald (Rebel Dietitian)

2 years ago

Bissonnet Southampton Vet has been “Lucky’s” vet for 10 years and we couldn’t be happier. This is a fantastic practice with a great team. Dr Doroughty is a sweetheart and she did an excellent job cleaning Lucky’s teeth recently! Nothing but grins here. :))

Ale Montes

3 years ago

Bisonnet SH is fantastic. When there is an emergency, they are responsive, helpful and did a fantastic job with my yorkie. She was very sick but they nursed her back to health and I’ve been a loyal customer since. All of the vets are absolutely kind and wonderful and everyone who works there is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend

H Traveler

3 years ago

There are so many wonderful things about this office. I bring my airedale here and everyone is so sweet to him even when he gets a little lively! Everyone here is professional and thorough. They treated my pup with kindness and gentleness. I recommend this clinic and staff constantly. I trust them with my fuzzy pup and they never disappoint. Five stars for everyone and five stars to Dr. Dority who I spoke with today. Thanks you guys, keep up the good work!

Allie Judge

3 years ago

They’ve always taken great care of my cat, and it’s been super easy to communicate with them.

Julissa Cornejo

3 years ago

First visit today, I’m glad i chose this veterinary for my Simba. I will be making them our lifetime veterinarian ????

Courtney Smith

3 years ago

Great, professional staff and thorough care. Very safe with curbside for drop off and pick up.

no1s fool

3 years ago

Highly recommend this vet clinic. They accomdated a same day appt when schedules were full. They were caring and took time to explain and talk with me about concerns over my dog's wound. Found the cost reasonable. They just called to follow up on how my dog is feeling the day after appt. I'm a convert and will definitely go to this vet from now on. ????

Adam Myers

3 years ago

Positives: Dr. Taylor, our primary veterinarian who works there one day a week, is fabulous and took great care of our dog and treated us well. There were multiple technicians who were knowledgeable and friendly. Negatives: The management and receptionist staff are unprofessional, and we experienced multiple poor experiences because of poor communication. They wrote false, non-objective, and unnecessary information in our pet’s medical record about us as owners that likely impacted our care at this facility and could negatively affect us with future providers. As soon as our dog’s medical problem became complicated, they referred us to another clinic and told us we were not welcome back. They will not give you an itemized bill before charging your card. We ultimately had to remove our card from file so that we could see what we were being charged for before we paid the bill. Do not take your pet here. Our poor dog has had an ongoing UTI because they failed to perform a urine culture we brought her in to get, then prescribed antibiotics, only to have us bring her back the next day to get the culture done. We were told she would need to see a specialist and that they would no longer care for our dog. The culture at this clinic came back negative, but we had another done two weeks later at a specialist that came back positive. The UTI we were bringing her in for progressed to involvement of her right kidney. I attribute this to mismanagement by Dr. Tippet and this vet clinic who was more concerned about educating me on why the recurrent infection wasn’t their fault than helping my dog get better. I never alleged that the UTI coming back was their fault in the first place; I just wanted my dog to be healthy and was worried about it affecting her kidneys. Instead they refused to care for my pet further and because of their failure to perform the culture that was clearly indicated on our visit over the holiday my poor dog has had an ongoing UTI for over a month that now involves one of her kidneys. I have included two attachments supporting this negative review. The first shows where a receptionist documented that I said I "would put them on blast" if I didn't receive a call back that day. She failed to document how after our dogs spay procedure the take home instructions said to have the e-collar on at all times, but we weren't given one and told that they didn't have any that fit my dog. When we returned the next day for a laser procedure and they suddenly had one, I justifiably called and asked to talk to a manager because I had been up all night making sure my dog didn't get at her incision when they could have given us the collar the day before. And as you can see from my profile, "putting people on blast" isn't something I normally do. The second shows a note from Dr. Tippit where she recommends we get the urine culture we came in for initially and then falsely claims that I refused the procedure that was the entire reason for my visit. She also claims that I said their prices were too expensive and that we weren't ever coming back. All of these are false claims that she put in our dog's medical record. Now we have to worry about a stigma at any vet we take these records to because rather than portraying us as concerned pet owners, we are made out to be demanding and hard to please.

Alina Palomino

3 years ago

The team here is so sweet and caring, they made my lizard feel like a superstar. I may just need to switch over my dog to this vet too! Highly recommend.

Bobby Povey

3 years ago

Great Vet, friendly staff and easy to work with, always take great care of our pup

Carolyn Luedke

3 years ago

Very caring, excellent veterinary care.

Clara Hoag

3 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this vet clinic! The vets and technicians are all generous with their time, responsive to my questions, and very sweet to my little puppy. They are honest about what my pup needs (and what he doesn’t need); they are very knowledgeable; and I love that they have a mobile app. I see Dr Desai - she is wonderful! I highly recommend Bissonnet Southampton Vet Clinic for your puppy! (Or really for any pet!)

Cynthia Gallmon

3 years ago

Everyone at Bissonnet Southampton veterinary clinic are supper nice and care about your pets health and happiest and my dogs seem to love going to visit there too.

Jane Linder

3 years ago

I like the doctors. They take my dog's health seriously.


3 years ago

Bonnie has been going here for the past 5 years and service has always been great with both the techs and vets!

Joey Garza

3 years ago

Best veterinary practice in town. All the vets are amazing. They take the time to explain things and they’re very patient if you don’t understand the terminology. I highly recommend this veterinary practice to anyone.

Kaitlin Dubroca

3 years ago

Amazing service even with these uncertain (Covid) times. We were provided amazing curbside service! We were able to get seen quickly in a time of need with a sick pup. Thank you to the staff and doctors at Bissonnet Southampton Vet! Excellent service and experience!

Kelsea Noel

3 years ago

I love the staff , very friendly and helping .

Kiki Bacon

3 years ago

The doctors are kind and they also offer curbside service...woo-hoo!


3 years ago

BSVC always handle our pets with care! The staff are all great.

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