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Christina Mahabir

a year ago

They take care of my babies so well! I've referred family and friends because they're so good!

Kathie Rutherford

2 years ago

In my opinion, this place is unsuitable for any animal. Never again. When I went, place for customers to drop off was filthy. No ac, and a baby in the next room with a fan on to keep cool, was crying. I understand the need to work when you have a child, but keep the place clean and tidy

Ashley S

2 years ago

I just attempted to drop my dog off there. I waited for 15 minutes but, there was NOBODY there. I tried calling the number but the phone was on the counter. I yelled hello. I walked to the back and then to the back of the actual building. I have used this place before with my previous dog and never had this problem. I could have walked out with every single dog there and they wouldn’t have even known. I called the emergency number posted on the door and spoke to a lady who seemed very nonchalant about the fact that people’s pets were left unattended and the door left unlocked. As I was speaking to her the lady who was supposed to be there pulls up in her vehicle and strolls inside like nothing. I took my pup back home. I will never return to this place.

Benny Romero

2 years ago

Excellent service very impressed with the people that helped us and took care of our pet (standard schnauzer mix)Canelo.

Rosie Cantu

2 years ago


Dolores Hernandez

2 years ago

We picked up a Rescue Dog from Harris County Shelter. I didn't want to bring my new fur baby home dirty. Oh I was very pleased! The staff awesome. The price very reasonable. Don't forget the shot records for your fur baby!!!!

Sarah Garcia

3 years ago

We took our service dog there to have a full service appointment and they did fantastic! They were so friendly and attentive. Our fur baby was super happy when we picked him up! Thanks for taking care of Hunter for us!!!!

Orquidea Montes

3 years ago

Love this place for my furry babies friendly customer service, reasonable pricing different styles upon request my furry babies came out smelling good and well groomed. Thank you

Matt Adamson

3 years ago

They took such good care of our shepherd husky mix! We used them previously when we had a bichon, too! Very caring, highly recommend!

keto guy

3 years ago

This place is awesome. It serves as a pet grooming facility and a pet daycare. You can't beat the prices or the service

Jim Fisher

3 years ago

First time I took my dog Olive for a cut and bath. Very pleased with the quality of the cut.

Jared Bassett

3 years ago

Great service and my dog looks great! Good prices too

Ginny Vasquez

3 years ago

We take our two dogs and our cat to get their nails clipped. They do a very nice job.

Barbara Spade

3 years ago

My dog laid in a kennel dying and nobody called me until 4:00 pm. It has been almost a year and it still hurts so much. They never even called to say they were sorry.

Aguacatero de oficio martinez

3 years ago

Friendly pet grooming business Great customer service

Cecilia Maya

4 years ago

They had very good service

Crissy Mosley

4 years ago

OMG took my daughters puppy and she got the cutest puppy cut

John McKay

4 years ago

My dog was sick, throwing up, and had bad diarrhea after going there. He will never go back.


4 years ago

I should have read the reviews before having my two dogs groomed here, our 2 year old pup was okay but was extremely thirsty and showed signs of exhaustion, but unfortunately our 8 year old lab got it worse. His tail was bleeding, dehydrated, peed everywhere right when we walked him outside the facility, threw up everywhere once he got home, not only did we waste money to get our dogs "groomed" but we spent more money for a vet visit, we should have gone to the groomer to show them paperwork to let them understand something terrible is going on in their business but the owner seems clueless when we voiced our concern. Also, they smelled as if they got sprayed down with dry shampoo which my husband witnessed with our lab as he picked him up, they did not look like anything was done to them, and we've had them groomed many times before elsewhere so we know how they are supposed to look after a groom, and they are both indoor dogs so occasionally we like to give them a detailed groom, to pamper them. This place is not worth the headache, I will certainly be going back to our original groomee which is no more than a mile from Animal Bath House. Please do not take your dogs here, I truly wished I read up on this place, they definitely need a lot of changes to be done for the safety of the dogs, they have absolutely no voice and know telling what else was done to them while there.


4 years ago

PLEASE READ! Took my 2 large dogs for a grooming, 1 was a simple bath, the other was a bath and small trim. Made a reservation and was told drop off was between 7a-9a. Arrived at 6:50am and waited until 7:10 before someone actually opened the store. Not an issue. Anyways, dropped the dogs off and went on my way. Fast forward 8 hours to 3pm and still no word on the dogs. After an unanswered phone call, I went ahead and decided to go down to Animal Bath House. I arrive to find my dogs still in the exact kennels I dropped them off in. One of which is acting extremely anxious and is standing in his own diarrhea. My heart sank at this point and my blood began to boil. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I managed to keep my cool while the girl up front told me it just happened before I got there, but that it had also been happening ALL day. At this point I am contemplating grabbing both my dogs and bouncing. I couldn't believe I didn't get a single phone call to inform me one of my dogs wasn't doing so good. Anyways, the girl up front chases my dog around with a spray bottle of soapless shampoo and a hand towel, attempting to clean his diarrhea off him. A few sprays later and he's deemed "clean". By now I really didn't know what to do so asked the status of my other dog and was told the groomer was getting to her if 8.5 hours to trim some high spots of hair wasn't long enough. I began to question why it took so long as was told drop off is early so that bathers could stay caught up and the groomer doesn't arrive until 11. So again, why drop off my dogs 4 hours early when all they are getting is a simple bath and trim? If you're still reading, I'll wrap it quickly. The dogs made it home, the trim job was pathetic, and the other dog was acting extremely strange. He came home and chugged a gallon of water and proceeded to throw it up 30 seconds later. So not only were my dogs kenneled for at least 8 hours, I very seriously doubt they were given any water or bathroom breaks. To make matters worse, one of the dogs had an 1.5 inch scrape on his nose and had beaten his tail to a bloody mess in the kennel. I'm ashamed I didn't catch it while I was there. This same dog threw up 3 days in a row and just wasn't acting right....a $240 vet bill later and I think we are finally getting back on track. All in all, this place is a joke and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Someone's dog is going to die if these conditions continue. Other reviews have pointed out it took 10 hours and their pets returned extremely dehydrated and acting strange. I confronted the owner a few days later and she was oblivious. She insisted on addressing some dogs get diarrhea but wouldn't answer anything about me not being called or why it took nearly 9 hours for 2 baths.

Lindsey LaRue Hadfield

4 years ago

5/20/19 update. Bath and cut took 12 hours! It does not seem like my dog was let out to use the bathroom the entire time. She had peed on herself. She was very thirsty and hungry. I bought a groupon for a bath and cut and was still charged extra. Not getting another chance this time! Update: when i took in my dog for the rescheduled appointment, i was offered the "groupon rate" and apologies. I felt that this staff person was more apologetic and understanding of the situation and i appreciated the extra effort. The cut turned out good and was done quickly. Original review: Unorganized! I called a week ago to schedule an appointment. I show up to drop off my dog for said appointment and they have no record of it. They can't even accommodate my dog. Had to reschedule at my time's expense. No offer of reduced fees or anything.

Lora Clack

4 years ago

I just had the most piss poor service ever. When your grooming service and pricing is inconsistent the last thing you should want to do is screw it up even more with horrible customer service. I won’t be back, nor will anyone I referred.

Luai Murad

4 years ago

Took my dog for a grooming session and was very impressed with the service and staff will be visiting again for sure. Thank you Animal Bath House.

Marie Hansell

4 years ago

I just picked up my Toy French Poodle and I am SO disappointed! He looks horrible and these people have NO idea how to groom a French Poodle. I have spoken to them and specifically asked whether they know how to groom a Poodle. They did not pay any attention to my instructions. Do not waste your time an money if you have a French Poodle. ????????

Nancy Burghardt

4 years ago

Been taking my dog to them for about 10 years and absolutely great service! Recently I took them out cat to help with shedding and asked for a Lion cut. They did a phenomenal job! He was even relaxed when we picked him up ????????

Nickkie Darby

4 years ago

Couldn't get the work done due to my dog. But the owner is very nice.

peter mcclung

4 years ago

A good job on the grooming BUT I don't really know or trust what happened to my dog one day who left with anxiety and some fearful looking semi-snarls at the workers when I walked him out to the front. Upon picking him up, they told me to go inside to look at and get my dog from the kennel. They said he almost bit the groomer and also had blood discharge from his mouth. He has been there multiple times in the past with no problems. He has also been to other groomers and was always complimented that he is the most sweetest dog to groom. My dog is really gentle (with people and animals) and very large, a Great Pyrenees. I immediately brought him to the vet after I left the groomers, who examined his mouth with no physical problems. The vet said that they think something happened at the groomers which provoked his snarls and the bleeding may be from him trying to bite through the cage to escape due to fear/anxiety. This place used to belong to another owner when it was messier on the inside but the people I trusted...until a new owner bought them out and renovated the inside and in came the new people.

Zinnia Lynn

4 years ago

Did a great job with new puppy. I liked the place, but needs more staff. There's just one person running the show up front.

Shar F

5 years ago

I love Animal Bath House!!! They did a terrific job on my Sheltie and the staff is very nice! Highly recommended ❤

chrystal Jilek

5 years ago

Every time I took my dog she ended up having hotspot

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