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Cynthia Owens

2 years ago

Very experienced and caring vet and staff. Going there since 2007. Highly recommend. Last week outside cat was attached and now back doing well.

Lol sos

2 years ago

Very pleasant experience. Informative...and caring. It's evident they love cats ????.

Mary Smith

2 years ago

Vet only handles cats, which is great! Quick service and accessible location. Our kitties were pleased with the service.

Victoria Briscoe

2 years ago

Dr. Rigoni is Great! I like that there are only cats, as it helps with the stress levels.

RiRi Tex

2 years ago

Great fur baby Dr that rainy cares.

Rebecca Brockman

2 years ago

Very nice staff! They were great with my cats, and you can tell they genuinely care!

Jennifer Machala

2 years ago

Dr. Rigoni is the most caring cat vet I have ever seen or could ever imagine. We drive from I 10 west past Beltway 8 to I 45 south almost to NRG stadium and it is so worth it. She is really wonderful and shockingly affordable. I am Jennifer's mom. If I could, I would give her 10 out of 5 stars!!

Tyler Mauk

2 years ago

Amazing service. In and out with appointment and very affordable

Adam Clark

2 years ago

Down to earth and reasonable prices with a specialization for feline cat issues

Debra Allison

2 years ago

Dr. Rigoni is the best cat Dr. out there.

Alex Busch

2 years ago

By far the best vets I've ever been to. They care and they're extremely talented and it really really shows.

Candis Zimmerman

2 years ago

You will not find a better authority on the care of cats. I drive 45min one way to see this vet.

Roger Altamirano

2 years ago

I brought in my cat this morning to get him neutered, couple hours after thry called saying that he has died due to the anesthesia. The vet said that he "looked healthy" and that she was surprised he had a complication. After she opened my cat to see what went wrong, she saw his heart was a bit bigger than normal and thats what cause him do die after recieving the anesthesia. How the f#%$ would you look an animal and say he is pretty much Healthy without running further tests?. She also mentioned that it was common for cats to have heart problems. If i would have been aware of that from the beginning, i have pay extra to run test just in case. When i arrived to pick him up, the vet seem defensive while explaining what happen. Please STAY AWAY from this fake veterinarian if you love your cats. I also got inside the room where they keep thr cats in the cages while being treated and i saw a freaking washer machine in the same room next to a pile of bottles on a shelf that looke like some sore of chemicals. I blame this onmyself for not being more careful about doing my research about this vet. In the spam of 2 months there are at least 5 comments about owners either losing their loves ones or beings mistreated.

Jaiy Nance

2 years ago

My cat was at death's door when we brought her in. Another vet had misdiagnosed her and All Cats absolutely saved her life. They were kind, but definitely no nonsense. They did not sugar coat it, but I appreciated the honesty and bluntness of the potential outcomes. They went above and beyond in helping me take care of her and checking in to make sure she was recovering.

Wild Lotus

2 years ago

!! DO NOT SPAY/NEUTER CATS HERE !! First off the receptionist were rude. I left my 2 cats here before i went off to work in the morning. i was told i would NOT be called when they are ready to be picked up and to just show up between 3-5pm? later that day i received a phone call from the “vet” saying one of the my cats had some complications. she was bleeding internally and had to go back into surgery to correct a MISTAKE he did. I was unaware of the pregnancy between one of my cats. they go ahead and proceed with the surgery without informing you of this because they get a lot more money from you when they spay a pregnant cat! I believe my cat was possibly pretty far along in her pregnancy for her to experience such a complicated surgery. A vet should be aware of these things and not continue with surgery if they know it will put the cats life in danger. When i arrived to the clinic the vet seemed annoyed at having to explain to me that the surgery did not go well as if it’s something he just did not want to deal with. he said everything with no sympathy, as the ladies at the front desk continued to crack jokes. i even heard heard one say “here we go again” as if this happens often. They did not provide me with extended help like other spaying and neutering vets would do so if such complications happened on their watch. I received My cat in in critical condition her temperature was below average she was shivering in their cold office even with a heating pad. Although the nurse who handled my 2 cats at the end of all this was the only one there who i felt honestly cared, it was not enough to change my mind about this place. !! PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE !! And be aware of FAKE 5 star reviews !!

Almaz Dair

2 years ago

Outstanding place, friendly staff, and helped us with a great level of care. Our cat had her ears infected and 'All Cats' helped us take care of it very efficiently. Prior to our visit here we went to another clinic where doctors did not exam our cat's ears, gave her steroid shots, prescribed strange meds, and said it was ear mites. Nothing helped and turns out it was not ear mites. Now our cat is feeling much much better, all thanks to 'All Cats!'

Honey Bee

2 years ago

I don’t know how to feel about this place. One of the cats I brought here got super ill and lost all of his hair right after I brought him here for a checkup. Not sure if it was a reaction to the flea preventative or something more serious. One of my TNR cats received such a hurried ear clipping that a string of her skin is still hanging off like two months later. I can’t get it off without hurting her but it’s so awkward and just hanging on like a loose thread.

valeria alvarez

2 years ago

A business that declaws cats shouldn't exist. Disgusting practice that bad owners do. You should be ashamed.

Tara Kitty

2 years ago

The Vet who works here is just like monkey who doesn't know what she's doing. I don't know where she graduated from, it must be barely graduated after 20 years delayed. Better go to SNAP in Durham Dr, it's a low cost spay/neuter place, it's a routine procedure for them to spay/neuter cats. BUT NOT for the vet in All Cats Clinic, she managed to screw up a minor surgery.

Jie Zhang

2 years ago

It's hard to imagine that I lost my favorite cat here. Our whole family was in grief. It was completely unexpected that a small sterilization operation would have caused our family member cat to leave the world. On the morning of April 2, 2021, our lively, cute and healthy cat died in just 2 days after being sent to this pet hospital on Friday, April 2, 2021. Due to their surgery, the cat had hemorrhage. They even said our The cat's physique is not good. How could the cat die if it wasn't because you couldn't stop the bleeding after the operation. This veterinary hospital does not assume any responsibility, and also charges surgical fees and cremation fees. What should I do with this behavior? A living life is so easily deprived by them. Our cute cat will never come back to us. What should we do? ? ? ? ? ? Does the pet hospital really need to take any responsibility? Can they easily deprive our beloved relatives of the lives of our lives without any guilt, and can still earn money from the dead with peace of mind? Our dear cat left us at 9pm on April 3rd, 2021. We did not receive a call from the veterinary hospital saying that the cat was dead until 12pm on April 4th, 2021 when we were ready to go out to pick him up. , Can anyone rest assured to go to such an irresponsible veterinary hospital? They did not provide any surgical certificates and documents, and did not have any guilt or distress. We ask to condemn this veterinary hospital! In just 2 days, a lovely and lively life has become a cold corpse in a garbage bag. We cannot accept, cannot accept, cannot accept, cannot accept! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Mike Smith

2 years ago

Very unprofessional! If you really love your cat, please don't bring them here! I thought that a good review could be trusted, but in the end I lost my beloved cat! Maybe general care and tidying are ok, but for professional surgery I suggest you think twice!


2 years ago

Just don’t even waste your time here... all the reviews r similar for a reason.. the only reason I’m giving 1 star is because there is no options for 0 stars.. My friends cat died here and they tried to hide from us the true reason of his death and when my friend commented on Facebook they delete the post and comments....

Sydnee Spruiell

3 years ago

All Cats is a great, relatively low-cost vet clinic. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about what your cats need. When my kitty was having some horrible bladder issues that led to him being given fluids and catheterized for like 5 days, they helped us out and gave him treatment at a fraction of the price that other clinics would have charged. We always count on All Cats to take care of our kitties!


3 years ago

This place is a bit of a drive from where we are, but I wouldn't take our cats anywhere else. The staff are very nice and Dr Rigoni exceptional in her level of care.

elisabeth krimian

3 years ago

Please don’t give your business to vets that offer declaw services. See the below review. Declawing is cruel and unnecessary. Any vet should know this. Clearly this one either cares more about money than the health and well being of cats, or maybe he missed the memo.

meagan danielle

3 years ago

I had a an absolutely amazing experience at this clinic ! Friendly, fast, professional service ! They were able to help me even on a busy day! And the clinic is so cute with all the cat decorations. I will definitely make this my forever clinic. Thank you ladies !

Zola Cater

3 years ago

Dr. Cynthia Rigoni is a first rate veterinarian. She is loving and kind and knows her cats

Lunicorn S

3 years ago

I love this place. After taking my cats to several vets all over town I’m glad I’ve found this place. It’s a 30 mile drive for me but totally worth it. Dr Rigony is the best cat dr. Staff is great. Affordable prices too.

Hayden Miller

3 years ago

Dr Ragoni is the best. Vet techs and front desk know how to treat moms and kitties.

Sean Curtis

3 years ago

Very satisfied with both kittens spay and neutering.

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