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Katelyn Hastings

a year ago

The people here are pretty nice and the prices are decent. I appreciate how late they're open. They definitely do seem to suggest the most expensive treatments (like new, expensive heartworm medicine) when cheaper ones are available. The nurse that was there was so old I thought my dog was going to break her as she tried to hold him down on the table for shots. It's an alright place. Not my main vet, but good for vaccines and late night appointments when I can't make my schedule work with my regular vet

Cynthia Brock

a year ago

The staff and Dr. Javad are a caring nuturing group of people. They care to give your animal is Way beyond Dr javid has one of my favorite vet's in the Spring/Houston area.

Wes Goodwin

a year ago

Expensive after hours. $125 to see our cat which was having an allergic reaction. Would not treat with Benadryl without bloodwork.

k D

a year ago

They are just money hungry I was told 1500 for a splint or 4000 for surgery I. hose the heater option of course but I still end up paying over 4000 for just the splint and my dog has to go back every 3 weeks 4 to 600 more dollars a visit its highway robbery all the 400 to 600 is to rewrap his foot every time he needs it changed it's sad how ppl take advantage of you because your animal is apart of your family so they know you will do what you have too to pay the. Cost to keep your animal alive and well. Just sad!!! Ppl!!!

Carlos Niehoff

a year ago

I just listen to the lady argue on the phone with my wife the reviews are true this place is a horrible terrible customer service uncompassionate unprofessional workers do not take your pet here money hungry individuals they could not even give us a price of an exam they were guessing

b N

a year ago

If I can give this place zero stars I would I called to inquire about a visit from the get the lady was rude and snobby The lady on the phone proceeded to argue with me when I was just trying to ask questions and became agitated this causes clients that are calling to get upset as well this is not something somebody with a sick animals should have to go through

Dustin Johnston

2 years ago

My 12lbs dog got attacked by a neighbors Pittbull and they were open 7 days a week, took great care of my dog and after 2 surgeries he is on the mend.

Lindsay Lupton

2 years ago

I'd previously posted a raving review about this place. While my comments about kindness and cleanliness were still true, unfortunately they gravely misdiagnosed my bunny and she almost died. Luckily, I got a second opinion from an amazing facility that literally saved her life. Had I continued with Abbotts treatment regimen she would have been dead in another 24-48 hours. I was repeatedly told she had an ear infection, when it was infact an agressive abcess. I would not recommend this place for rabbits or exotics as it's now VERY clear the vet we encountered had no idea what he was looking at after 3 visits, when it took my new vet 6 minutes to diagnose.... Save yourself the stress, money, and potential heartbreak. LOOK ELSEWHERE.

M Page

2 years ago

YOUR PET WILL DIE HERE. After surgery and 3 botched stitchings, I was informed by another vet that my dog had a serious infection preventing him from healing. Abbott Clinic saw my dog 4 times and had no clue, and blamed us for not taking care of the wounds. STAY AWAY from here. My dog is now dead. Also, they leave critical care pets overnight with no assistance at all. PLEASE, go to a competent vet for non-routine services. This place is a death wish.

Sandra Kos

2 years ago

This clinic constantly helps our organization, Houston Beagle Rescue, and they are always so accommodating and successful at dealing with the multiple issues of abandoned dogs that often need extra care. I am very surprised at these negative reviews because it is not at all consistent with our experiences at this clinic.

Tim Martin

2 years ago

We called to make an appointment to get our dog's teeth cleaned. We brought our dog in for his appointment 2 days later. We were quoted a price of $221. We left but received a call within 10 minutes that we needed to show proof that he was fully vaccinated. I printed out his records and brought them back. Everything was good. After 5 hours I called to see how he was doing. I was told he was great, and just waiting on doctor to come back to release him. We were called 2 hours later he was ready. When we went to pick him up, we were told the bill was $385 ($20 was for his nail clipping). We were shocked about the $140+ plus addition to the original quote. It was explained that because of his age (being over 7) that he needed blood work before getting anesthesia. We understand that needed to be done but why was this never discussed with us. There was numerous opportunities to tell us this. To make matters even worse we were told if we had done the procedure on a Wednesday there would have been a discount. We are thankful that our dog's cleaning and clipping went well but very unhappy and disappointed about the poor customer service. Somebody should have contacted us before any additional services that require more money!

Trey Sharpe

2 years ago

Not a bad place, seem a bit pricey but I don't normally go there. Asked for a simple service it was provided they weren't able to do after over priced shoes but none the less the boarding of my dog was successful. The boarding fee was 15$ a day but with required shots it jumped up to 286$ for the 3 day boarding.

Teresa Worley

2 years ago

Friendly staff and professional service! I recommend!!

Shane Boyd

2 years ago

Dr. didn't diagnose our dog correctly. Had to take her to an emergency clinic and she ended up passing away. You should refund your fees.

Charles Davis

2 years ago

Love this vet. Brought my sick Chameleon in today and he's already showing wonderful improvement.

Alex Tsoukalas

2 years ago

Would NOT recommend taking your dog here. The doctor tried to over charge me. Said they needed to SEDATE my dog OVER NIGHT... for an ear infection… tied a string around my dogs mouth (acting as some sort of muzzle) during his “appointment”… and the assistants had no idea what they were doing. My dog struggles with ear infections yearly.. and typically an ear cytology is performed, and tests are done to determine the severity of the infection. This doctor just looked in his ear, basically scolded me because it was infected, didn’t do any tests to determine what kind of medicine to prescribe… and just said he needed multiple shots and whatever else… and that it was going to be around $400 for everything. Got a second opinion at VCA… ear cytology and proper tests done, appropriate medicine given… $200. And NO sedation needed.

Lucila Alcarese

2 years ago

Friendly and thorough. Pet was taken care of promptly.

hannah abigail

2 years ago

Terrible veterinarian clinic!!!! Mean staff, inferior vet, and disgusting office. They are forceful with your pets, the tech helps down/ restrained my 4 month old kitten with more force than necessary even when the vet wasn’t in the room and she wasn’t being examined. I had to literally grab her from this tech, saying I’ll hold her while we wait ( which she got irritated when and immediately left the room). The vet either didn’t look at my pets vaccination record or didn’t know what the brand name was because he told me she wasn’t vaccinated for this virus and that’s why she was sick. I had to look up this vaccination and tell him this covers her for that virus… he didn’t want to spend more than one minute in the room and clearly got irritated when I asked why he was prescribing treatment she literally had 6 days ago ( an antibiotic shot and pills) when she has a virus and any other bacterial super infections over the virus would be taken care of with the first shot ( which lasts two weeks , not one day like he told me). Incompetent! I am more than willing to pay for whatever my sick pet needs and he used fear tactics to get me to say yes to the entire bill “this is my treatment plan, you can take it or not. But this other vet may have missed something and wouldn’t you want to know if they did” literally ran the same stool sample I got 6 days ago and the same antibiotic she got 6 days ago, with no explaination why except they “may have missed it”. That’s not proper medical care. The clinic room itself was disgusting, with stains on the walls and floors with a ripped/torn stained towel for the exam table. Please be advised not to go here !!!!

Richard Haase

2 years ago

Arrived as scheduled at 5:30 with a very ill cat. Waited for 3 hours in the waiting room only to learn that the veterinarian went home early and wishes for us to board the cat overnight so he can care for her in the morning. Absolutely unacceptable.

Jennifer Ortega

2 years ago

PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE ! I brought a spray cat and her 4 kittens in to be examined. The mama cat has not been doing well. She is sick and this was an emergency! They kept me waiting in the examination room for 3 HOURS! And guess what? They didn't do anything to help her ! Nothing! The doctor left and the staff asked me to leave the mamma cat there overnight! I couldn't keep her away from her kittens! No way! I ended leaving with no help for the sick mamma cat. I cried as I left. I missed my grandfather birthday dinner to take care of the sick cat and all for nothing. SMH

Melissa Valencia

2 years ago

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL. I had took my 2 month old puppy here 3 times and all of those experiences kept leading to the worst. The first time I called around 3pm to let them know my dog looks like he was feeling super sick and I didn’t know what was wrong with him. I took him to the vet a few hours later due to the fact that they take “appointments only” and the closest appointment they had that day was 7pm. I took him in, and the first thing was that they charged me the check in fee. They told me I was suppose to get charged $59.50 but because I came in after 6pm, they charged me $80! I was never told that over the phone, but paid the fee anyway. they brought him in the room about 20 minutes later. With examination and tests that they did with the dog, they charged me another $350+ !! I paid it , of course, due to the fact I was scared of what was wrong with my puppy. He then was told he had hookworms. I then went back a week later with an appointment, because he still had hookworms, and when I went in, they didn’t have me in the system for an appointment! They had me waiting for 45 min- 1 hour in the lobby due to the fact that I “didn’t make an appointment”!! That was really ridiculous of them to forget to schedule me. Oh, and the 3rd visit ? They gave him the rabies shot without letting me know and charged me for it . Thank you Abbott clinic for letting me know how much you care about our pets . VCA Countryside Animal Hospital is MUCH better and charge around the same price you guys do with BETTER service.


2 years ago

A good friend of mine went to his clinic as her rabbit was found unresponsive, limp, and barely breathing. She went all the way here as the website says they’re open til 9, only for her to get there 3 MINUTES AFTER 8 for them to tell her they will not accept patients. Even though this bunny was in very critical condition they still wouldn’t help. She died in the car 5 minutes after they sent her to a different hospital. DO NOT COME HERE FOR ANY EMERGENCY WHATSOEVER! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PETS!!

Michaela Roberts

2 years ago

Had a friend come to this clinic 3 minutes after 8 pm begging for them to see her small pet rabbit it wasn't responsive and its limbs were limp I had to listen as she was told that this clinic wasn't able to take any animals after 8. Let me remind you, she got there 3 MINUTES AFTER 8 and they couldn't help her. No where on their website does it say anything about not accepting pets after 8 pm but it does however state that during appointment times emergency cases take priority. Her rabbit died in my friend's car only a couple minutes after they were turned away. How dare you be an animal clinic and not save an animal? How dare you be so cold hearted? How dare you sit there and let a pet die? My friend told them that money didn't matter, but apparently 3 minutes did.

Elysia Shanks

2 years ago

While the staff was polite, I felt emotionally and financially taken advantage of. It should not cost $382 to euthanize a very sick pet rat. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Beth Celendrial

2 years ago

They charged me 1500 dollars to tell me that my dog ate something bad.

Byron Taylor

2 years ago

They couldn't help my dog but they were nice

Dr. S Castilow

2 years ago

I have a new kitten first time mom.. I called this place and told the front desk my kitten was sneezing with a nose bleed. It was 15 minutes before 8pm.. We arrived at 8:03 the front desk lady who I had spoken with told me they couldn't see him because they stop seeing animals at 8.

xSgt Tank311x

2 years ago

Great friendly staff and they ALWAYS put the health and safety for all of our pets first! Very decently priced and will always give u options for the care for ur animals...def 5 stars!

Brazen Spirituality

2 years ago

Going to Blue Pearl on 249 for after hours care from now on! This vet is open weekends so we brought our injured pup there on a Saturday. But to get an Xray they required him to be sedated and to keep him over night because they had sedated him, and with the presedation labs and some pain meds and dewormer our total bill was about a GRAND. FOR AN INJURED TOE. Never again! I had them send his records to my vet so we can follow up there.


2 years ago

Very understanding staff, Help us with a turtle we found in the middle lane that had been damaged, Were the only emergency animal Hosp. Open till 8:00, Highly Recommended

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