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Noemi Zapata

2 years ago

Excellent. Very organized, protected and quick. Took my dog in for nail clip.

Epc P

2 years ago

The staff is friendly, helpful , the doctors all know my 4 pets by name (I’ve been taking them here for 10 years) And I can say with certainty these people really care about my pets. I love how helpful they are and how gentle they are with them. I’ve always had a very easy and fast service, check in -check out all Questions answered . Doctors are very thorough and the nurses are amazing , I absolutely recommend you bring your fur babies to Altas Palmas.

Amando Manguchei

2 years ago

Its a good place to go because the prices are more than other places

Karen Brantley

2 years ago

I only left a 1 star because you have to leave something. I drove there because my dog was sick , but they were not willing to even try to help the only thing they would tell us was go to the emergency hospital which we were told would start at $1,000.00.

i Martinez

2 years ago

Don't take your babies to this clinic! This clinic does not post its billing charges. FYI, each office visit is $52. for 30 minutes. If it goes beyond 30 minutes, the visit is $75... How are customers supposed to know this? And, by the way, this time includes your intake with the technician who writes down the reason for your visit, weighing in, and documenting medications, etc. In all fairness, service charges should be posted, otherwise, it all seems arbitrary..and what happens when they decide to increase prices? Will the customer again be left in the dark?? This does not seem like a fair, ethical practice. The pandemic has been hard on all businesses in the valley, which is reflected in the vet services that are being up-charged, and the medicine, at the vets office, which is now going at 3x the regular cost. Wow! But none of this is ethical. They care about the almighty $$$. Yes, they should get paid for their services; however, the customer should Not be sledge hammered with additional costs at their sole discretion, and do a: "Surprise! We are now charging you $$$" So, Please don't be naive in believing that they care about your pet, or any pet. The only one who has ever been nice and respectful to me and my babies was the 1 female technician that we met today. Otherwise, that place is a cold and indifferent, and detached from the reality that most people can't afford a $600+ bill every month --- even though the tests, lab work, and X-rays are less than 1 month old! But yet they want to do them again! And, each of my 2 dogs just needed 1 prescription filled--That's it! They were happy, jumping and active in the vet's office. They weren't brought in on stretchers or severely ill . Altas Palmas shares the same "Surprise-This is your bill!" philosophy as another vet clinic in Harlingen that is toxic .. and that's probably because they share the same doctors! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! It's all rigged. Update: Altas Palmas, you are Not transparent in your billing, otherwise extra charges would be posted, plus I was 10 minutes under the unknown 30 min per visit per dog rule. So, by the same logic, shouldn't I be reimbursed for the 10 minutes that allowed your business to move along and overcharge someone else? And I will not subject myself to being demeaned and spoken down to again as I was on 9-18-21. The time issue happened because of scheduling, not my over use of the vet's time. Your male tech came in angry, raising his voice, and threatening me that he had "proof" on his computer, then loudly accused me of not wanting to pay any of my bill. Clearly, he was trying to intimidate me and make a show of it all. FYI, I paid my bill, just not the extra charges, and by the way, I was coding on computers long before that male tech was even born, so no need to treat people like they are ignorant. And his attempt at intimidating me failed. I never raised my voice as he did to me, so, No, I will Not call you. I don't need to have you "explain" what I experienced that day at your clinic, and I do Not wish to hear you backpeddling the way you treated me. The whole reason for reviews, is so people can reasonable say: "This Is So Wrong!" My review stands, and you should treat people and their pets with consideration and respect. Update 10-8-21 This vet business will not fill even 1 prescription for 1 dog. I paid for 2 dog visits so each could get 1 prescription, $120, but they will not fill even 1 prescription. Wow! Unbelievable!

Kim K.

2 years ago

Loved there caring staff and there feelings towards my loss of my previous baby girl Tia.

nancy cavaco

2 years ago

Always a great experience for my pups!

A.J. Cestero

2 years ago

Been going for decades. The vets have changed, but the service is still top notch.

William Jorn

2 years ago

Very charming and nice place to walk or meditation.

Missy Duran

2 years ago

Our favorite place ❤ ???? ????

Evelyn Requena

2 years ago

I have been taking my two Chihuahuas, Missy and Mia to Altas Palms for 5 years and the first time my little Baby has a problem that scared me (a nose bleed) they can't see her. I am a senior and when you are old your pets are everything to you. She is my precious baby. I am very concerned and worried. I am taking her to another Vet on Monday. They where referred to me and I hope they are better.

Edward Rodriguez

2 years ago

Top notch service. On time, courteous, considerate,reasonable.

roberto saldana

2 years ago

Need a appointment no walk-ins and 75 dollars office visit. PLEASE CALL First!!!

Susie V

2 years ago

Altas Palmas did an amazing job by helping me to be able to bring my 7yr old chihuahua to Hawaii and avoid the rabies quarantine. I arrived to Oahu with her without any complications

Lin Fink

2 years ago

After using Altas Palmus for over 2 years with our 4 dogs, we will be changing vets. We went into today with 2 of our bigger dogs for shots and yearly checkup and was surprised by the pushy service and then the surprising $900 plus bill we shockingly recieved at the end. That was more than triple of what it was last year. Our old vetenarians retired along with their great service and were replaced with the current vets. Not happy, not coming back. Stay away!

Jose Gutierrez

2 years ago

Best animal clinic I know .treat animals if they were there own. Friendly people.great place

Ricardo Vasquez

2 years ago

Good service and knowledgeable people.

Eva Martinez

2 years ago

The Altas Palmas staff is very friendly and care for your furry love.

Mari Moody

2 years ago

My appointment was at 2 pm, was taken in within 5 minutes. The technician and vet were very nice and helpful.


2 years ago

Very professional and affordable clinic that goes beyond the call of duty for your animal

The Romero oh’s

2 years ago

Wait times a bit longer than expected otherwise great service

Flora Rodriguez

2 years ago

They are always great with my two babies (Chihuahuas), they take great care of them.

jamie Parchman

2 years ago

Though I haven't used them much since covid since they won't let owners go in, I have nothing but, praise for them. They are always welcoming in an emergency, professional, and the staff is outstanding. They are a little pricier than other vets but, I find their professionalism, experience and love for my babies make it worth it. I'd give them 6 stars if I could.


2 years ago

My first time coming here. Even though I couldn't go in with my doggie, Pupper Potts (her brother was named Tony Bark- for you Marvel fans) they were amazing over the phone and those that came out to pick up my dog were very nice and very gentle with my pup. I observed all the other "patients" were treated the same way. Absolutely loved the experience.

Andie Morgan

2 years ago

Recently moved to area and needed a new vet for my pets. Was referred to Atlas Palmas by a trusted friend. From the first phone call, I knew I was on the right path. I waited a whole 5 minutes for the techs to come to the car to take my dogs inside!!! Less than an hour later, BOTH my dogs were examined and I was updated on the complete process. This was their annual full workup with all vaccinations and preventive treatments. The vet even came out to my car to explain everything. She is amazing, to say the least. Everyone on the staff was incredibly professional, friendly and helpful.This was the most positive experience I have ever had! Anywhere! EVER!

Nancy Cavaco

2 years ago

Scheduling our dogs for next availability. Nice staff and very busy.

Nancy Laurel

2 years ago

Great. Friendly clinic! Kinda expensive but better than some other animals clinics!

Olga Perez

2 years ago

Excellent service. People are very polite and helpful.

Sara B

2 years ago

They gave my cat the most expensive haircut ever! LOL $15 for a shave behind the ear. I have been here twice (same cat), and they have been so professional and very thorough examining my cat and explaining. Yes they are pricey, but that's what you get into when you are a pet owner. I will continue coming here, probably with same cat since he's always getting into trouble. I included a before and after picture. 5 days apart, and he's doing so much better! Thank you! Btw Dr treated him with an antibiotic, she didn't just give him a haircut Lol!

Barb Juergens

2 years ago

I couldn’t get an appointment. My vet left!

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