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2 years ago

They have failed to tell me that the dog I had adopted last month was sick. I had called about him and they told me he was perfectly fine. As soon as we got the dog home, he was throwing up and having unusual bowl movements the whole month we had him. We tried everything. Changing food to sensitive, removing things, etc. Nothing worked. Unfortunately, it got way to expensive to care for him and we had to return him to the shelter. They tried turning the blame to me that I caused the issues. Apparently this isn’t the first time they have had sick pets be adopted without notifying people. These poor animals need a better situation.

Evelyn Favorite

2 years ago

We were blessed to find Lovebug and add her to our family. She is the sweetest baby girl and very intelligent. Thank you for helping us with the adoption. She is truly priceless and we love her so much.

Shy Frazier

2 years ago

Very nice shelter. You can tell the animals are well taken care of and are loved, but they still need you to come by and help them find their furever home!

Julie Carpenter

2 years ago

Very nice facility, clean and spacious. Staff was friendly.

Christopher Kupferle

2 years ago

Rude staffing and lack of care for the animals at this shelter. We recently adopted a 1 year 5 month cat. I specifically asked if the staff monitored the stools of this cat and watched for odd behavior like excessive licking or grooming. They said the cat was healthy and fine. TURNED OUT TO BE A LIE! We noticed rice like organisms in the stool and confirmed it to be TAPE WORM. How difficult is it to notice white rice like organisms in the stool of their cats or to even visually check their rear end. Not hard to lift a tail. I also called my local vet while I was present to become more educated on signs to look out for. Low and behold the staffing turned a cold shoulder and did not appreciate my curiosity on educated myself on adopting a cat. Very tempted to return this cat so the shelter can cover the vet bill instead of myself dropping $500 to get 1 cat healthy again. They do not not have an onsite vet. Its clear they are not attentive to animal behavior, health of their animals, and lack general overall well beings for their animals. I even called a local ER animal hospital and they even said Grapevine Animal Shelter is known for providing infected animals to local Pet Stores for adoption. DO NOT ADOPT HERE!!!

valeria orozco

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I went in July looking for a puppy. We ended up meeting with Mallie and I fell in love with her instantly so we took her home within the hour. BEST DECISION EVER. Her new name is Sugar and she is the sweetest, funniest dog. Sugar is now 8 months old and has been the best addition to our little family.

Michael Peeks

2 years ago

Great staff in a new facility. Great place to adopt a pet!

Molly Hale

2 years ago

What a wonderful shelter! It was clean, spacious, animals were not stressed! Christina, Tom, and Elaine were so helpful and friendly. They knew what dogs were there, info about the dogs. Wonderful experience and we got a great dog to bring home. Highly recommend this shelter to anyone who needs a pet.

Rita Miller Dorris

2 years ago

Thank you for our beautiful Luci!! She is a treasure and fits right into our family. We appreciate you.

Wendy Wasiunec

2 years ago

Came here looking to adopt a dog. Our first time here. I love how the dogs are not in metal cages. They are in stalls, little rooms, enough space for them to move around. Four stars because, when they brought the doggies outside in an area where we can view them to see their temperaments; the area was in full sun, no trees or shade area for comfort. I say this because this a brand new building and one would think with the prior building, they would of accommodated for this.


2 years ago

So clean people were so nice

Bing Brown

2 years ago

Very caring nice people that work here. We got our new little kitty here and they were wonderful and lots of support

Lauren Wollin-Ramirez

2 years ago

Beautiful new facility. My son had his birthday party here and they had a great time. Please adopt, support them and help save lives :)

Susan Jackson

2 years ago

Beautiful new facility. Dropped off 6-7 week old feral kittens rescued from apartment complex. Staff was very nice.

Dan Perkins

2 years ago

Very nice and helpful staff.

Shelley Clem

2 years ago

Very disappointed in the staff service. Our 17+ year old dog got out and someone was nice enough to bring him to Grapevine Animal Services to make sure he didn't get hurt. I called at 4:45 p.m. and found out that they had him. They told me they closed at 5 but if I could there by 5pm, we could get him. We got to Grapevine Animal Services office at 5:02pm, opened the door and a very rude man yelled at my mom from across the room that they were closed we can just come back tomorrow at 11am. Our dog is very old, can barely walk and is not in good health and we were worried that this might be too much for him. The man did not ask if he was on any medication, if he was on a special diet or anything about his health he just told us he would be fine. It felt very inconsiderate and he could have been much nicer, not used a rude tone, explained why they could not give us out dog at that time and made our experience much better. Very, very disappointed in the service. We went back the next day to get him and the staff was much nicer and explained that they needed to microchip and fill out a bunch of paperwork before we could get him. It would have been nice to have that explained the first time.

the house

2 years ago

very nice NEW B... lot of room 4 the cat's n dog's ????

Chris Hove

2 years ago

Great new facility, very helpful staff! Consider a donation to help them out!

Alice Anderson

2 years ago

One of my family members is interested in one of the dogs at Grapevine. As the person interested lives 9 hrs away, she asked if after filling out the adoption paperwork and getting approved, if they could/would hold the dog to give her time to get there and pick her up, and was told no. She offered to pay for her upon approval and then come get her and again was told no. I understand if she hadn't offered to pay upfront, so they basically had a guarantee that she would travel to get the dog. If she wasn't serious about getting the dog..why would she be willing to drive 9hrs for it? She asked about her setting up a transport again was told no. Then asked about a transfer to another shelter that was closer for her to adopt from, again was told no. My understanding is that this is a kill shelter, and then I wondered if they're really in finding a good home for the animals. Maybe in general they do alright. But in this case they are totally not willing to work anything out for this adoption. I guess bottom line who would want to drive 9hrs on a "maybe" the dog would still be there. She's not looking for any special treatment, just some compassion and understanding for the dogs sake.

Wayne Taylor

2 years ago

Brand new, very modern and hi-tech. Very clean with super staff

•Rocky Horre•

4 years ago

Now that I have been here twice to get cats it’s insane how they just sit in a metal cage with food and like maybe 1 toy and they look so misriable but I do love my cats!

Denise Young

4 years ago

Rude staff. The two men working there are quite arrogant and belittling. “No sir, I don’t live in Grapevine, I live in a neighboring city!” Sad, because I was looking to adopt and spoil another pet. I will do business at another shelter.

Wendy Rurak

5 years ago

It's an ok place BUT.... I found a dog I really liked through their website, called & he was still there... Awesome, so happy! I drove an hour & a half in a hellacious storm on a Saturday to adopt him. The sweet lady that helped me was a volunteer & was just precious. Wished I could remember her name because she was just as sweet as pie. The adoption process was fast & easy. The dog was a surrender so he came with history, which was greatly appreciated. They said he was vet checked etc. I don't feel like he was checked thoroughly though.... Got him home & he was the perfect dog, exactly what I was searching for. I fell in love. The next day he died. No warning, no ailments noticed. Ate, drank, acted completely normal. I was in complete shock. So Monday I called the shelter to let them know what happened. The lady that I spoke with was different than the sweet lady I had encountered on Saturday. I explained to her what happened & her response was, Im sorry to hear that but I can't help you then told me to have a nice day & hung up the phone. Wow... Really? Even though I only had the dog a day, I was very attached to him & was hoping for a little compassion from her or something. Maybe give me credit towards another animal or refund my fee. Ask me something about what happened... I mean just something! Truthfully, I was not really wanting or expecting a refund or anything really, just wanted them to know I adopted a dog apparently on his death bed. Thought maybe they'd want to look into it. Please don't tell me your sorry to hear that then have a nice day. I wanted a little compassion, some condolence because it was a bit devastating. This place seemed nice, adoption fee is reasonable, didn't smell bad, had little treats in the meet/greet room but in a situation like this, the staff needs to trained to be more sympathetic & compassionate towards their consumer. I would take whatever animal you adopt from a shelter & go immediately to your private vet for a thorough wellness check cause you cannot trust what they say, unfortunately. We had an appt for monday am but sadly didn't make it. Good luck

Melanie Ferrusca

5 years ago

I reported a situation of abuse I think may be going on with an animal. They said they would send someone out, I had to call back the next day only to find out they never went, again the next day same thing happened after that too. No one ever went and then the lady tired to question and prove theirs no reason to go because they were short staff or too busy. I don't believe these people care or do anything to actually help these animals. So sad!

Lisa van Gelderen

5 years ago

We got this beautifully sweet dog from Grapevine Animal Shelter and she has been so happy and gracious towards us that Robbert and I provided a home for her. Thank you Georgine, a volunteer that brought us all together. Her name was Mango in the shelter but her name now is Bouffie.she swims, and loves the lake and getting to know other dogs.

Christie Cohagan

5 years ago

Do you have any meduimshort haired service dogs? Y'all are doing a wonderful job!!My Doctor believes I need one for anxiety, health issues and bad nightmares ! Can you let me know ? Thank You !!! ????

spark lps

6 years ago

This place takes care of a lot of animals, i was there with the teen rec camp summer 2017 and i met a beautiful young dog named sally, then we where leaving i donated $2 that's all I had in my purse, i wanted to give 200 million. plus my mom used to say "if your gonna say something mean don't say it at all"


6 years ago

I did not like this place at all, the lady i talked to was super rude and did not care about this poor lost puppy

Sandy Vanderhoff

7 years ago

Great care and concern for the fur babies

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